25. feb.. 2021
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Tfue or Ninja?! Who is better? Well today we attempt to figure it out with a kill race... whoever gets more points is totally the "better" player, we hope you enjoy!
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  • His beter🧏🏼‍♂️

    Isa De ligtIsa De ligtDag siden
  • Lol

    Pijus PrakapasPijus PrakapasDag siden
  • True wins as always

    lakesha baileylakesha bailey5 dager siden
  • Sheesh

    Raze VynxRaze Vynx7 dager siden

    Hello GuysHello Guys11 dager siden
  • i don’t understand why he didn’t finish Jesse off at 7:59

    Jacob BlanchardJacob Blanchard16 dager siden
  • this is who is better Jessie or Jordan

    Patrycja Laszewicz BartnikPatrycja Laszewicz Bartnik17 dager siden
  • jordan ruim rouba de 1 8 pulo pra 34 vagabundo ;-;

  • pq ele de 10 pontos pulo pra 15 injustooooooooooo

  • 2:98 that was a travis scott

  • x2twins buildfighting *in a public match*

    Schemar DortSchemar Dort27 dager siden
  • why are all of names of the people they killed are just player and then a number

    Trey BarronTrey Barron29 dager siden
  • The jagged dirt intrinsically risk because reading resultspreviously suffer since a sore peony. literate, reminiscent mandolin

    Miliya RaniMiliya RaniMåned siden
  • Tfue is better

    Jada LoweryJada LoweryMåned siden
  • My Birthday was on the 24th of Feb!

    Kalysta LundKalysta LundMåned siden
  • מי אישראל פה

    המזכיר של Notrkiz המלךהמזכיר של Notrkiz המלךMåned siden
  • the biggest clickbait

  • I thought Travis Scott was an icon but he didn't count it

    William ChillzWilliam ChillzMåned siden
  • The best x2twins

    Khaled 2xgamerKhaled 2xgamerMåned siden
  • And you aspire me to play fortnite and be a sweet

    Sammi Linton PritchardSammi Linton PritchardMåned siden
  • Hi I'm byougamerfort that's my NOtown channel name

    byougamerfortbyougamerfortMåned siden
  • Yo 2x twins keeps this game alive

    Looffyy_frostyLooffyy_frostyMåned siden
  • i just bought your skin

  • if he got 12 kills plus bonus point. video 12+5+16 real life 12+5=17

    Maxs Effect5Maxs Effect5Måned siden
  • Next mongraal vs benjyfish

    Aleksi MalinenAleksi MalinenMåned siden
  • What is this CLICKBAIT”

    SlowedSlowedMåned siden
  • 1:24 Did he just say "Mister" Aura? Ummmmmmmm

    ExtremegamerzExtremegamerzMåned siden
  • how aren't they just not getting a bounty on each other?

  • do mongraal vs clix

    Hugo De vosHugo De vosMåned siden
  • I got a new challenge laclan just gold weapons ninja just blue weapons

    Dime AngelovDime AngelovMåned siden
  • So what the real tfue and ninja are not there

    ArsenistillplaysArsenistillplaysMåned siden
  • Breh vs bruh ok that’s funny

    E NE NMåned siden
  • mister aura????

    Chris ChamberlainChris ChamberlainMåned siden
  • You didn't see that second person ?!? 6:35

    RavenAder1RavenAder1Måned siden
  • Yeah but who wants to watch a terrible builder that gets shouted at by his son when trying to play???

    Matt BaldwinMatt BaldwinMåned siden
  • I think you might wanna stop clicbating, you are losing my time.

    Flo29_Flo29_Måned siden
  • Tfue is definitely better

    Daniel SandersDaniel SandersMåned siden
  • They would have to be 2 good skins tho😳

    Darkened KoNoDarkened KoNoMåned siden
  • Why TFUE have 34points he have 16 kills wtf

    Wiktor KurzejWiktor KurzejMåned siden
  • biggest cap title I've ever seen in my life

    That BoyThat BoyMåned siden
  • does anyone play fortnite

    Caidan WisemanCaidan WisemanMåned siden
  • how about, when you are doing real people vs other make sure your keybinds, or at least build keybinds exact same as theirs, to add some more spice to the video! :)

    fred :0fred :0Måned siden
  • guys want make a sky base 1v1 you guys are insane

    Kara CutterKara CutterMåned siden
  • hi

    Michael BoylanMichael BoylanMåned siden
  • chose mave from battle pass and you can kill only battle pass people

    Veljko VaragicVeljko VaragicMåned siden
  • I always use there support a cheater code

    gost Sladergost SladerMåned siden
  • The NINJA is my favorite skin I use it all the time

    Aksel ScottAksel ScottMåned siden
  • The skillful pillow accidentally check because hole postsurgically examine upon a old gold. holistic, instinctive buzzard

    Blah GlitterBlah GlitterMåned siden
  • my bandanna is getting super long - Jesse 2021

    AlmightEE GamingAlmightEE GamingMåned siden
  • i would vote for ninja if he did not look like a middle school art teacher

    Zachary GrayZachary GrayMåned siden
  • I have soft aim and the twins have better aim lol

    Z3z 0_0Z3z 0_0Måned siden
  • i was the sapphire condor !!!!!!!!!!!

    Dharrshan Prakash PrakashDharrshan Prakash PrakashMåned siden
  • make fresh vs lazarbeam

    yatharrth mongiayatharrth mongiaMåned siden
  • Add a public comment...

    jj9kxok Remyjj9kxok RemyMåned siden
  • Jesee killed a grefg

    Erjola TahirajErjola TahirajMåned siden
  • You should do thunder pump with dragon fort shotguns . Like this up is u agree

    bbdean 13bbdean 13Måned siden
  • In my opinon SypherPK VS Kriszhadvice

    Montage MakRRMontage MakRRMåned siden
  • Bro I am srry but litterally everytime I see one of these types of videos jordan wins there I remember there was a video like this then jesse won but jordan made some dum reason then he won apperantly somehow like bruh

    zaxboyguy Playzzaxboyguy PlayzMåned siden
  • Ninja is my favorite against Tfue

    Reinaldo Cruz, Jr.Reinaldo Cruz, Jr.Måned siden
  • King craig

    999 WRLD999 WRLDMåned siden
  • First

    Stijn HuiskenStijn HuiskenMåned siden
  • Mancake vs Deadfire

    E EvvE EvvMåned siden
  • How do you guys always join the same game?

    Memelord 616Memelord 616Måned siden
  • 3:11 200 iq

    Memelord 616Memelord 616Måned siden
  • Tfue is goat ninja not lol

    Montage GoatMontage GoatMåned siden
    • True

      Montage GoatMontage GoatMåned siden
  • Imagine watching the whole video for the ending of it to be them saying oh this video didn’t really matter it’s our scuffed version 😂

    OntarioMualOntarioMualMåned siden
  • Cant call this clickbate but also cant call this ninja vs tfue

    Fariduddin KhanFariduddin KhanMåned siden
  • What do u mean by mr.aura

    dushant punjabidushant punjabiMåned siden
  • Mr aura 🤣

    Charlie RiceCharlie RiceMåned siden
  • there vids are cool

    Mushroom 2K21Mushroom 2K21Måned siden
  • Whenever my day is bad and imsad i watch you guys and my day just becomes better

  • So Jordan. The tac was going to chunk you down?😂

    Landon HuotLandon HuotMåned siden
  • things that will never happen jesse and jordan meet eachoter mid game

    Rayhan Hesseling | LLNRayhan Hesseling | LLNMåned siden
  • imagine ninja and tfue yelling at eachoter in the comments

    Rayhan Hesseling | LLNRayhan Hesseling | LLNMåned siden
  • If you pay gold to upgrade you are still using the weapons

    lol Klevilol KleviMåned siden
  • They have to

    Jordan SalvadorJordan SalvadorMåned siden
  • Just wanted to say hi for you guys

    KeoshaKeoshaMåned siden
  • 4:40. UM LEVEL WHAT??? how

    Lucas WebsterLucas WebsterMåned siden

    abel olsonabel olsonMåned siden
  • POV: u haven’t watched ninja in a while and you’re about to go watch him

    kboyZee is better than you at fortnitekboyZee is better than you at fortniteMåned siden
  • i hacve not even see this yet but team tfueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    HustCrafty YTHustCrafty YTMåned siden
  • these challenges would be 10x better if they used there binds for the challenge

    skateboyskateboyMåned siden
  • X2Twins if ya go in team rumble and only use harpoons they are so good trust me I did it before

    lil VX 297lil VX 297Måned siden
  • Wear the normal Jonseycskin

    OG_Shortz27 !OG_Shortz27 !Måned siden
  • you guys are not tfue or ninja wow you guys are still a kid

    Rensdyr10Rensdyr10Måned siden
    • true

      Rensdyr10Rensdyr10Måned siden
  • Tfue ftw

    VanZVanZMåned siden
  • Bro 😂 haw he wen

    GUILD tizallGUILD tizallMåned siden
  • Imagine if Tfue or Ninja comment....

    Red NightRed NightMåned siden
  • Can someone pls tell me what editing app do they use

    Kehan KrugerKehan KrugerMåned siden

    Zack WhitmanZack WhitmanMåned siden
  • How many subs can i get from writing a comment currently im at 154

    Xetty ay лолXetty ay лолMåned siden
  • can I be in one your vids i am a big fan I sub and like on every vid and I am a person who looks up to both of you

    Ben ThorpeBen ThorpeMåned siden
  • Ninja is washed

    AlfyrisAlfyrisMåned siden
  • Team Tfue

    AlfyrisAlfyrisMåned siden
  • You should do predator vs xenomorpg

    Jack FieldJack FieldMåned siden
  • The prickly uganda anatomically fold because router phongsaly enter towards a irritating cactus. supreme, alike oil

    Bella Yo MaMaBella Yo MaMaMåned siden
  • remembr when x2twins where soft aiming

    FusionFusionMåned siden
  • Do you guys ever die in Fortnite???

    Grass CityGrass CityMåned siden
  • do Bugha vs Clix

    Fraser MunroFraser MunroMåned siden
  • HI

    Jaylen CurryJaylen CurryMåned siden