The 7 DUMBEST Trump Statements

24. april. 2020
3 611 040 Ganger

Trump can’t go an hour without making a stupid comment. Ana Kasparian and Cenk Uygur discuss on The Young Turks. Keep Hope (and TYT) Alive:
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"The British company that makes Lysol, and other disinfectants, released a public statement imploring consumers NOT to administer their disinfectant products in the human body. The remarkable statement comes hours after President Donald Trump curiously suggested some medically questionable remedies to the deadly Covid-19 contagion behind the coronavirus pandemic."
Hosts: Ana Kasparian, Cenk Uygur
Cast: Ana Kasparian, Cenk Uygur
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  • And they want to bring him back. My God, what an idiot. Biden may be flawed, but at least he's humanoid.

    Craig FishcakeCraig Fishcake2 timer siden
  • Liberalism is just as much a mental disorder as Trumpism.

    Sincerely SarcasticSincerely Sarcastic7 timer siden
  • The dumbest statements ever told are from Trump supporters, hands down they are the dumbest!

    The BossThe Boss11 timer siden
  • I just tuned in to see Bidens's dumbest statements. There's much more than 7.

    Buck MurdockBuck Murdock16 timer siden
  • Trump lives in his own little world. He's out of his damn mind. Trump needs to learn to never pass up the opportunity to just shut up.

    Lisa Renee BatistaLisa Renee Batista17 timer siden
  • Come on. The president of the united states goes down as the dumbist, the stupidest person in the world. I'm not surprised though because in high school he paid this smart kid to take his s.a.t's. Trump is so beyond stupid

    Joan HoustonJoan Houston17 timer siden
  • Anna used to be smokin. Liberalism is second only to meth when it comes to what it does to the human face over time.

    Jay DeanJay Dean20 timer siden
    • she is still attractive; i don't know what you mean

      Roger KinnardRoger Kinnard8 timer siden
  • What has he said was smart

  • A brainless lump of coal can never be anything else but that. Why are we spending time and effort on just one?

    Wilma KayWilma KayDag siden
  • You do realize he's speaking in gematria, right? Jokes on you, Young Turks. As always.

    Matt GMatt GDag siden
    • Please explain

      Alan RobbAlan Robb16 timer siden

    Linda ArmijoLinda ArmijoDag siden
    • In what way are they idiots?

      23Wolgan23Wolgan6 timer siden
    • you make a point; slow joe versus dementia don

      Roger KinnardRoger Kinnard8 timer siden
    • You IQ must be around 35. That’s high for you.

      helmutlivehelmutlive12 timer siden
    • It’s quotes. Also using all caps puts you in the category of psychotic moron.

      helmutlivehelmutlive12 timer siden
    • Trumpian moron! Did you ever go to school?

      helmutlivehelmutlive12 timer siden
  • He's an idiot but these two aren't any better with their "reporting".

    Nate RandallNate Randall2 dager siden
  • What about the statement about a child is born in the ninth month and this is wrong and we must change it

    Lawrence CarterLawrence Carter2 dager siden
  • I really don't like seeing the inside of her nostrils. Can someone change this?

    Bill BBill B2 dager siden
  • This is the most dummiest show ever if you have to pick on someone or TV show to get ratings and are not clever enough to promote a show with more intelligence then this TV show is a big joke ha ha I think trump has a funny personality and who are these people to make fun of anyone or anything . what about Biden has he said anything funny Sure he has come on man peace out

    Paul RamirezPaul Ramirez2 dager siden
  • “Person woman man camera tv” - Donald trump How was he president?

    Mirabelle LynchMirabelle Lynch2 dager siden
  • really - just says everything about the education system in the usa ' and about about the 75 M that voted for him

    christoffer pedersenchristoffer pedersen2 dager siden
  • really, only 7?

    randall st. johnrandall st. john3 dager siden
  • Who thought giving this arsehole the special briefcase was a good idea, he is a complete danger to the USA and the world, and the people who committed treason for this self absorbed clown should be sterilised to protect the gene pool

    Kevin DunneKevin Dunne3 dager siden
  • And 74 million people voted for this imbicle, there's a lot of idiotic people in the US.

    jd2616jd26163 dager siden
  • They only found 7

    Daniel AhlertDaniel Ahlert3 dager siden
  • I understand finding it depressing....but so funny at the same time. My 'favorite'? 'can you put bleach in there? I bet it would do a real number on the lungs' 😂 I also live 'its real wet- from the standpoint of water' 😂😂😂

    Cindy GatesCindy Gates4 dager siden
  • supine protoplasmic invertebrate jelly

    Hattie HaggittHattie Haggitt4 dager siden
  • how many hundreds of hours of listening to the most corrupt loser asshole did you have to listen to and categorize to come up with 7 most stupid things the OBESE one said - that is a crap ton of work

    Anon MouseAnon Mouse4 dager siden
  • Evidently you demented liberals havent listened to joe biden...the best part is Trump lives rent free in your head every day...enjoy!!...: P

    george leichtgeorge leicht4 dager siden
    • @spdvalente you're as stupid as trump get an education

      Brad DouglasBrad Douglas3 dager siden
    • nice " what about" try

      spdvalentespdvalente3 dager siden
  • Bet you guy's had a very hard time picking one out of so many that came out this idiots face.

    bingus bingusbingus bingus4 dager siden
  • My favourite was sweeping and cleaning the forest floor. especially when the Finns had some fun with it, posting photos of them vacuuming the forest.

    Lynne McNabLynne McNab4 dager siden
  • Ana's laff at the end 😂😂😂😂😂 sounds like she can't catch her breath

    Fujin StoneFujin Stone4 dager siden
  • How? Just how? I mean... this guy was a world leader. No wonder the UN General Assembly laughed at him...

    jelybebygaming 2jelybebygaming 24 dager siden
  • I think it w1ould be funny if the Lariat of Truth got turned on DJT. He would have to tell the truth about everything! That would ble funny!

    Ann HarigAnn Harig4 dager siden
  • Only 7 dumb things he said??

    Greg HarrisGreg Harris4 dager siden
  • Must have been tough to find the 7 most foolish. So many choices, it!

    Roy ErnstRoy Ernst4 dager siden
  • How does anyone narrow them down to just the 7 ?

    RockinProfessorRockinProfessor5 dager siden
  • I'm surprised he didn't recommend bracelets like Wonder Woman has to deflect bullets for our military. I mean hey they already have the invisible plane, why not the bracelets too.

    Tony GriffinTony Griffin5 dager siden
  • Who's calling who dumb. Donald Trump wonder of wonders actually did what he said he would do in spite of incredible opposition esp from you superior, haughty and proud media know alls yet you guys give him absolutely no credit and you hate him with a demonic passion because he refuses to kow tow to you and calls you for what you are purveyors of false news. Be warned 70,000,000 Americans agree with him.

    Denis SutherlandDenis Sutherland5 dager siden
    • What happened to the wall and the Mexicans paying for it !

      blissy1blissy1Dag siden
    • Get a brain

      Alistair MarshAlistair Marsh5 dager siden
    • WHY? The man is a GOD DARN MORON!

      Lillian Foley-TierneyLillian Foley-Tierney5 dager siden
  • This blog is genius! Keep up the great work!!!

    matt sweatmatt sweat5 dager siden
  • This guy emphasizes "too dumb to live" in its finest.

    Patrick BautistaPatrick Bautista5 dager siden
  • I thought Ana was choking when she started laughing

    Aditya KPAditya KP5 dager siden
  • Jesus wept & they sold His saline.

    Barbara GuestBarbara Guest6 dager siden
  • Trump is a genius.

    Jack AssJack Ass6 dager siden
    • No he's not; he's a M O R O N! Say it like him with his sneering little(like his brain) mouth. And you're a Jack ass.

      Ear Damage HistoryEar Damage History2 dager siden
  • You couldn’t see wonder woman’s plane either,you only saw her floating,just sayin

    Chris RowlChris Rowl6 dager siden
  • How could you pick only 7?

    Legend of Korra gets undeserved hate FIGHT MELegend of Korra gets undeserved hate FIGHT ME6 dager siden
  • The righteous nylon cranially owe because man preclinically thaw except a hurt range. unnatural, waiting gym

    Jisoo NguyenJisoo Nguyen6 dager siden
  • Bleach

    James CiampaJames Ciampa6 dager siden
  • Donald Trump the moron!

    Katie ChanKatie Chan6 dager siden
  • Ana is gorgeous!!!!!

    Doe JohnDoe John7 dager siden
  • Darn, Ana Kasparian is hot.

    Vic InvestaVic Investa7 dager siden
  • 'Braggadious' idiot! Thank God that orange buffoon's gone! How he avoided that impeachment is beyond me.

    zeusman lordzeusman lord7 dager siden
    • @Bumpy Boss If there's any justice in the world the ONLY place Agent Orange will be in 2024 is behind bars with the rest of his criminal spawn!

      zeusman lordzeusman lord2 dager siden
    • @Bumpy Boss keep drinking that Jonestown koolaid cultist

      black6turboblack6turbo7 dager siden
    • lmfao. trump 2024

      Bumpy BossBumpy Boss7 dager siden
  • Whatever or whoever he touches dies. Clean coal? Dumb ass? His supporters refuse to act intelligent for fear of offending "supper brain". You know he's smart because he says so. My God! The way he was born, raised, and lived will be the way he will leave this world. Amen.

    Tree BookerTree Booker7 dager siden
    • Read a book that described him as the anti-Midas: everything he touches turns to sh*t.

      unemployicusunemployicus7 dager siden
  • Covfefe for everybody!

    gotkeithgotkeith7 dager siden
  • Trump 2024

    John SosaJohn Sosa8 dager siden
    • Keep drinking that Jonestown koolaid cultist

      black6turboblack6turbo7 dager siden
    • You’re just as stupid as he is. trump is a Loser!!!!

      Doe JohnDoe John7 dager siden
  • Remember..he IS a delusional psychopath who ultimately INCITES a “deadly “riotous attack, against the White House and is thereby now complicit, in the deaths of five people! How smart can he be???

    Jean LuneyJean Luney8 dager siden
  • Nuking a hurricane is metal ngl.

    RedRed8 dager siden
  • Trump is eager, stupid, and overrated all at the same time. Which is a bad combo, expecially against society.

    Golden BoyGolden Boy8 dager siden
  • And his kids are on the side lines yelling nailed it daddy could stand there with your mouth agape in total Awe of this nebbish and his ignorant ...yea daddy you nailed it...

    Michael LavertyMichael Laverty8 dager siden
  • The man has no IQ.. NO BRAIN.. NO BALLS AND SIMPLY IGNORANT.....

    xXKaedenProGamerXxxXKaedenProGamerXx8 dager siden
  • trump 2024

    bill Poolerbill Pooler8 dager siden
    • Keep drinking that Jonestown koolaid cultist 🐑👌

      black6turboblack6turbo7 dager siden

    Dhanushkodi VaradharajanDhanushkodi Varadharajan8 dager siden

    Dhanushkodi VaradharajanDhanushkodi Varadharajan8 dager siden
  • when you're all miserable under biden's leadership, don't come crying to the republicans. just remember, you caused all of this because "orange man bad."

    aubsaubs9 dager siden
    • @Golden Boy two things i know of that biden has done, ONE, raised gas prices, TWO, trump got insulin down to 20 dollars and now biden has gotten it back up to thousands of dollars. diabetics need insulin to SURVIVE and trump had it down to 20 DOLLARS. within the first few days, biden has raised it to THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS!

      aubsaubs8 dager siden
    • I have no regrets, Infact I’m so satisfied. I’m in relief. We’re not going to come crying to dumbasses with half the brains, and mental compacity. Trump is a socio-path, you should know better.

      Golden BoyGolden Boy8 dager siden
  • %100 pure grade A dumbass 😂😂

    Justin ArealJustin Areal9 dager siden
  • Sounds like wonder woman about to ask for a plane back.

    HolidayplaysHolidayplays9 dager siden
  • Aa

    Elizabeth JonesElizabeth Jones9 dager siden
  • Scary thing is that 40% of yanks totally agree with everything he says??? 🤔🤔🙄

    Matt ArthurMatt Arthur9 dager siden
  • 1-apparently there was a scientist in the 1950s that came up with that theory. 2-clean coal is actually more efficient. 3-he obviously meant it’s not visible on the radar loool 4-you can hear the people in the background laughing about the windmill comment...Do they honestly believe he’s this stupid? 5-yes cleaning your lungs is insane and dumb.

    Alexander MAlexander M9 dager siden
  • I truly can't believe people elected him to be the leader of this country

    Lightning GamingLightning Gaming9 dager siden
  • TRUMP ...the stupidest man on the planet ..cant even put a sentence together and people followed him like he was God ...moron is a great description of TRUMP ...Im just gad the asshole is out of office..

    Tim SearsTim Sears9 dager siden
  • What a moron..😆 🤣

    Ron OliverRon Oliver10 dager siden
  • This needs to be updated. Loads of new stupidity.

    IrisIris10 dager siden
  • Comedy gold... or orange?

    Dara OmerDara Omer11 dager siden
  • God Bless America

    Rizky AgungRizky Agung11 dager siden
  • Hilarious

    Russ WittRuss Witt11 dager siden
  • I didn't think I would ever say this....but he is dumber than a bucket of hammers. Invisible aircraft, oh yeah who has not seen those.....oh wait nobody has because you can't see them!!!!! In fact, we have not been able to use them, and the military is really pissed...... because the pilots can't find them!!!!!!

    Nancy VeronicaNancy Veronica11 dager siden
    • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣👍🏻

      BlackbessBlackbess9 dager siden
  • And now he's been acquitted of inciting the riot that stormed the Capitol on Jan 6th even though people died. He's not laughable anymore.

    Feeber IzerFeeber Izer11 dager siden
  • D Trump screwed all his supporting rioters (and the ones that died) at the capitol hill raid by denying he incited anything to them, yet it was clear they where acting under his words. -- Once his reputation is in danger, he will drop you so quick, you wont see it coming -- -- Trump supporters are IDIOTS who dont do enough research about him, he's just another Walter mitty --

    Jacob JonesJacob Jones11 dager siden
    • @riikerman that is litterally what you republicans sound like when you try to call out voterfraud. Except, your truth is total bullshit.

      Golden BoyGolden Boy8 dager siden
    • "We choose truth over facts!"---Joe Biden

      riikermanriikerman11 dager siden
  • D Trump screwed all his supporting rioters at the capitol hill raid by denying he incited anything to them, yet it was clear they where acting under his words. -- Once his reputation is in danger, he will drop you so quick, you wont see it coming -- -- Trump supporters are IDIOTS who dont do enough research about him, he's just another Walter mitty --

    Jacob JonesJacob Jones11 dager siden
  • “If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit.” - W.C.Fields

    Dorian PhilotheatesDorian Philotheates12 dager siden
  • Wot bout I fell in love with Kim Jong il

    Henry AirconceptsHenry Airconcepts12 dager siden
  • super dumb

    dianne boyerdianne boyer12 dager siden
  • COVFEFE. Colussion. Windmills cause cancer. Bleach... and ANYTHING CORONAVIRUS-19. The big water; ocean water. Look, we know he is an idiot. What makes everything worse is that morons believe in him. The entire world stiĺl laughs at us.

    diane ridleydiane ridley12 dager siden

    boco halalboco halal13 dager siden
  • any intelligent person would know they meant radar - LOL

    Mooncat222Mooncat22213 dager siden
  • stupidest most corrupt president ever

    razkev raznoffrazkev raznoff13 dager siden
  • Lysol

    Alejandro GomezAlejandro Gomez14 dager siden
  • Basically saying to inject bleech

    Hans de VreughtHans de Vreught14 dager siden
    • Apparently his wife never gave him a lesson in household chemicals. Not that he would listen, he never listened to his advisers! Nobody is that stupid, I'm sorry.

      Nancy VeronicaNancy Veronica11 dager siden

    Jim DunnJim Dunn14 dager siden
  • It would really be funny but it is honestly so sad.Again,how many of you voted for him??

    dodich81dodich8114 dager siden
  • The watery plot successively snore because produce temporally notice given a screeching bronze. jaded, imported sharon

    Robert MathewRobert Mathew14 dager siden
  • Haha hahahaha hahaha!!!!!! Aaaaaaaaa!!!!hahahaha hahaha!!! Aaaaaahahahahahaaa! Idiot!!!!!_ he makes Americans look bad!!!! Aaaahahaha

    Thra PhanThra Phan14 dager siden
  • Lmfao

    Javier ZapataJavier Zapata14 dager siden
  • He put the Capital S in Stupid.

    Ray WebbRay Webb14 dager siden
    • @rob pineault You are obviously as stupid as tRump.....

      RockinProfessorRockinProfessor5 dager siden
    • obama worse

      rob pineaultrob pineault14 dager siden
  • Can you imagine that this Brain influenced people to stage an attempted coup?

    Spiffy SpiceSpiffy Spice15 dager siden
  • "Kill all the birds"

    Natalie LandNatalie Land15 dager siden
  • YOU! ===Maoist communist propaganda from a bunch of Democrat neo-nazi Ku Klux Klan leftist sewer rats!

    hotspur666hotspur66615 dager siden
    • "Q" Klux Klan ?

      RockinProfessorRockinProfessor5 dager siden
  • Bless when exactly did he have his lobotomy?

    Denise HeanueDenise Heanue15 dager siden
    • Lobotomies alter behavior. They make aggresive persons more docile. There is little effect on intelligence. Well, perhaps it might make him smarter?

      diane ridleydiane ridley12 dager siden
  • He’s a rambling old man talking to himself when everyone has wandered off

    Annette Elliott-DunnAnnette Elliott-Dunn15 dager siden
  • I've read he doesn't drink alcohol. What would be going this idiot's mind if he was drunk. Omg.

    Al MachadoAl Machado16 dager siden
    • The thing is..after you listen to his BS, you want a drink. If he was drinking I would be willing to bet he would just pass out! Nothing to work with!

      Nancy VeronicaNancy Veronica11 dager siden
  • "52 states." Oh right that was Obama.

    Don RobertsDon Roberts16 dager siden
    • You know this is only the 7 dumbest things Trump said. Trump literally has thousands.

      Phil HPhil H16 dager siden
  • It's not what he has said. It's what he thinks. He thinks he looks good. I wo

    Sherri TannerSherri Tanner16 dager siden
  • You can't hear it but, you can see it. I used to see it all the time in Missouri. I would see a big shadow go over my truck.

    Sherri TannerSherri Tanner16 dager siden