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11. april. 2021
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The Battle of Crecy, King Edward III’s crushing English victory over the French on 26th August 1346. Longbows had a pivotal role in the battle.
Narration from the Real Crusades History, check his channel! :)
Mods: Medieval Kingdoms 1212 AD
Reworked Animations
Aztec HD Graphics
Attila Flora HD
RSG Battle Camera (also my own settings)
Music: Soundtracks from Total War Titles; Medieval 2 Total War - Thrones of Britannia, Rome 2 Total War.
"Please note this is an unofficial video and is not endorsed by SEGA or the Creative Assembly in any way. For more information on Total War, please visit"

  • If the video is restricted again (as it was in my Varna video) I will have to delete and reupload it. This is my first video with narration, I hope you like it! I wonder what you think about it! My future videos' format will take shape according to your comments! Huge thanks to Real Crusades History for the narration! :) For those who wants to support me on Patreon; ​ ( I really don't want to make anyone feel obligated to give me anything, but It'll greatly improve the quality of the graphics)

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    • The Narration is so much better, we love it! It's a must have for all future videos

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    • @Globalization, Global Problems! They weren't stupid soldiers. Resources were so scarce, you had to belong somewhere otherwise you would be dead. Also , it's a fact of life males love to fight and are expendable.A single man can theoretically fertilize numerous women, so even if lots of males die in battle, there will always be sufficient remaining to carry on the bloodline. The males have to provide for and protect females and their offspring , at least in humans. The men need to protect and promote their genes the only way possible ie via the females in their tribe,. clan, grouping, country whatever. It always was and always will be. Why do you think sports like football are so popular? Its expressing natural instincts for males to compete assert their collective grouping's survival and express themselves.

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    • Why exactly was this restricted? Historical animation isn’t ok with our leftist,fascist overlords?

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    • My mothers ancestors fought at the Battle of Crecy 1346 and was knighted on the Battlefield.

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    • @Globalization, Global Problems! Holy shit, never have I ever heard so stupid a question before.. Clearly you cannot be a day more than 13 years old. Yes I don't give a damn ill pick on little kids too, especially when day ask stupid questions.

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  • Great graphics, next to no detail. Very disappointing. It is Cliff Notes lite on content. Way below the standard on NOtown for militaria.

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  • one of the reasons the English archer were so effective against the french knights wasnt just because of the fortifications they made previous to the battle or because their arrow could penetrate plate armour(there is no evidence of high quality armour being penerated) but because despite the knight being in full plate their horses were mostly unarmored, making the knight fall strongly to the ground and face a muddy terrain due to the rain from the previous day.

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  • .......and 80-some years later.........Welsh bowmen defeat French cavalry Agincourt.....

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  • Hey man your TW cinematics are defintely the best on YT. Could you tell me if theres a way to remove the cursor in Rome II and also how you get such good camera movement for example 5:21. Thanks for any help!

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  • Where was the umpire? It should have been 'rain stops play' and get the covers on! This whole battle was irresponsible...

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  • Is this real footage? When were movie cameras even invented? 1100 AD?

    cowboysfan782008cowboysfan7820086 timer siden
  • Filmed live on the day

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  • Wow. That was really well done. Kudos to you. better than most movies. Thank you for sharing.

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  • Phillip the Sixth was a bum. Phillip the Second, now that’s a king I can get behind

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  • Hope to God you don’t have to to take a poop when you have your armour on

    M CM C11 timer siden

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  • i can only say; "Wowwww", marvelous!

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  • A shame they wasted so many soldiers fighting each other when the enemy of humanity could have been the target.

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  • MY family records (Cressey) indicate the French outnumbered us English by roughly 3 to one. The amount of men on the English side were roughly 12,000 split into 3. Bishop of Durham lead one flank, The Earl of Northumberland with Edward the Third and Edward of Woodstock (along WITH MY GGGGGGGG Grandfather) took up the third (you may also notice this was the same amount of men and divisions the English used when sieging Caen. You also missed out some CRUCIAL details. The Genoa crossbow's were damaged as the strings were literally made from twisted cat-gut, which expanded in the rain. The English archers strings meanwhile were made from Twisted Hemp. Well done on getting the Oriflamme mentioned and indeed this is sooth as it is mentioned in my family's records. Edward of Woodstock was on the right Flank, along with my ggggggggg grandfather Sir Hugh Cressy (later spelled as Cressey) and Edward of Woodstock And Sir Hugh Cressey (AND his three named Esquires) battled back to back against the hated French, EDward the Third refused to reinforce that flank and both my ancestor and Edward of Woodstock BOTH won their spurs that day and the king embraces his son after the battle. Other CRUCIAL details were missed out that the French were FOOLISH enough to charge upwards along stake-lined hill which blunted much of the mounted night's attack. The English then SHOT at the horses leaving stranded French nights floundering in the quagmire. At this some of the archers unstrung their bows and attacked the knights who were still on their backs unable to get up and they used long knives to stab through the chinks in the French knights armour and killed them on the spot. The Black prince is an INCORRECT TERM! The Black Prince is a 16th century term as is the word (Longbow) NOT A 14TH CENTURY TERM. The Prince was known as Edward of Woodstock. Let the boy win his spurs is perfectly accurate, well done on that. Also something that was not mentioned GUNPOWDER, GUNS AND cannon was first used there (Ribalds and Gonnes) it was the first European war where guns were first used (they were too primitive at the time to sway the battle but they were there!). Now im going to give you a REAL treat, im going to show here the SCRAPS of what we have left of the POEM that my Ancestor Sir Hugh Du Cressy (Cressey) of Hodsock wrote. Please be aware It is only part of the FIRST HAND ACCOUNTS of the battle, translated from Norman French and I have taken the liberty to add a modern turn of phrase upon the lines. What is interesting is that my ancestor who WAS IN the battle attempted to see things from out of the eyes of BOTH SIDES of the battle! Hard rain pounding upon our backs, war bow in hand and strings thrumming, sending out angry wasps, from cloth-ridden sacks. Death clouds looming, the silence is booming, sending our downpour, into their horses backs. The crimson Oriflamme has flown for our blood it is was shown, and we spit our answer, by death’s wind-blown. twelve thousand of the ‘Hellequin’ ,loosing fury from upon the hill. The pride of France mowed down, With equines floundering, horses screaming shrill. Down, down ride them down flow over the crossbow men of Genoa, that has lost us the battle of the day Treasonous weapons and cowardly minds, we shall make the failed-ones pay. Edward of Woodstock, the man we hate, For honour and glory, the flower of France, the hated English archers, we cannot leave to chance. For a Silhouette of shadow, towards which we cannot relate. Come on lads, the French are here, fools attacking up a hill, Oh what glory to be had, with broad head and bodkin, shaped like the tip of a spear. Stakes lined up slope French horse charging-halted, breath steaming, eyes lost sight of hope. Shoot swiftly swift as lighting attacks, armoured knights splash down, swarm over the French aim for the lightly defended cracks. No time for ransom, no time for honour, we have little time for all of it, fighting in the mud, spilled bowels and the pile in the screaming pit. The left-flank is wavering which me must strengthen and hold, Back to back the scion of Edward and the son of Cressey hold. Repulsed the French but not on their own, a real legend-forever told. Both won their spurs in the field that day, like the king-father embracing his son The prince was aged just seventeen, a homage to Saint George, and a blood-thirsty god they do pray. What did we the French, hope to achieve? When a thundering rain of arrows, steals the air we breathe. We raise our heads with sunken smiles, fallen victim and prey, to the English War Bow' wiles. As our life thoughts, drift into the sky, our ego's brought us to this, no reason why. We met the English face to face, only for us to lie down and meet this sad disgrace. At last freedom's night, brings the boom of a gun, our last sighs greet the moon, and not the lost sun. For the last time we count to ten, only for the English archer, to twist the knife in then...................... Finally from my family vaults we have a short poem written just DAYS after the above battle , to his beloved wife (my ggggggggg grandmother Katherine! This also a touching poem reflects the state of his mind after the initial days of coursing and drinking, the shock has set in. Please bare in mind my ancestor was still "kicking the French arse and was heading towards Caen, when he wrote this The Waking Knight Mine keen eye spies a place, a beauty that is unfound. In the darkest of corners, I see her pale mien, gazing at this unworthy man. Mine is the world of blood and tears Thine is the world of beauty and grace. In the fields of death, and in the realms of fire. I stride forth to reach thine presence, just as the gilded rays of our Lord, plays his light upon thou's face. Dost prithee to ask of thee a boon? to shine the light of peace upon mine wretched soul! What a coincidence that a Cressey has seen this! :)

    Christopher Cressey Sony Xperia ChannelChristopher Cressey Sony Xperia Channel16 timer siden
  • Nearly every war in the history of mankind has costed common people the lives of their sons but only benefited the ruling class. The only war I know of that actually benefited the common people is WW2. Every soldier in the allied forces fought for his people and land. If they hadn't we would all be speaking German.

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  • Actually my direct ancestor SUr Hugh Du cressey of Hodsock was in that name? Christopher Cressey and yes unlike the AMERICAN Cressey's im from the original line..Born raised and live in Yorkshire UK

    Christopher Cressey Sony Xperia ChannelChristopher Cressey Sony Xperia Channel16 timer siden
  • If you want to improve on future videos, perhaps add some context? Like, any at all. For example- take a look at the Crecy video made by Kings and Generals channel. I'm not saying copy theirs. Your strength is obviously battle visuals, but if you really want to create compelling content then there needs to be some attendant information. Weapons, battle tactics, social factors, politics... something. anything. There's just hardly any information in this video. Battle sequences alone will, in my estimation, always fall short because they are necessarily highly conjectural regardless of which sources are used. The level of detail accuracy would need to improve by multiple factors of ten which seems unlikely, or otherwise to create a far more detailed personal historical interpretation (eg, storyboarding for every figure in the frame instead of leaving it to a computer model.)

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  • Really engaging film, great job! Thank you...

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  • I remember This battle !! I was the spitfire pilot with no underpants on that day. 🍑

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  • I'm surprised those knights on horses didn't have front shield to temporarily protect them from arrows until they reach enemy positions. Once within the reach of enemy, they could throw away the shields and attack with full force. Archers would be useless, since they couldn't shoot enemy that's mixed with their troops at that stage. This way they those knights with horses were really sitting (running) ducks for archers that decimated them.

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  • Dragon on 4:34?

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  • English is the language of propaganda so the English.

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  • This was amazing 👏... do more please

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  • Great Job! Loved the vid. Subscribed. Please don't do jerky cam. it's so overdone

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  • I'm Welsh and the English never acknowledge the devastating power of the Medevil welsh longbowmen

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  • i'm curious, how do you make it look like an actual battle? I mean, the units tangled up inbetween one another,? The lastest Total war games, is just a bunch of units grinding against one another, more or less stacking behind one-another. Waiting for those infront dying, while they just rub against them.

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  • I can only imagine how those knights hated the longbow.

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  • These videos are 100000000% better with the narration, it really adds life to the videos. Keep up the narration! Great work Nedim!

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  • Shouldn't there be something about the terrain and discipline. Isent this the battle were the French knight acted all disdainfully and took matters into own hands.

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  • Now that's pretty special 🏅🎖🏅

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  • This is one of the best videos I have gotten to watch!!!!!!!! Great job very well done.......thank you

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  • Beautifully made and narrated!

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  • That is some badass blind guy...Think about that a moment...

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  • seen the movie

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  • 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  • The 100 years War was similar in a way to the Vietnam War ...the English lost in the end because the public got fed up with an expensive war that went on so long they no longer could see the point of it - high taxation, high body count, an exchequer constantly running out of became, for the English, a very unpopular war - sound familiar? Just my humble opinion, I'm no historian, just interested in history (in a broad sense)

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  • "Heinrich - your reign of terror must end." - "You fool. You know as well as I, I cannot be destroyed." " A prison, then..." Oops sorry wrong subject.

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  • That was brilliant. The longbow was a devastating weapon in its time.

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  • Toho bohdá nebude, aby český král z boje utíkal!

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  • i'm back with a new account told ya you'll have a lot of subscribers

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  • Scores of men (and perhaps some women too) lost their lives fighting on the name of politicians that remained watching from the distance.... not much has changed until today and not much changed before that either. Great work you put here together. Thanks for telling this story

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  • We have a history of ultimate hack and slashery (English)

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  • Gentlemen in England now abed will think themselves accursed and hold Their manhoods cheap while any speaks that fought with us upon St Swithin's Day....!!

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  • Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse ; it starts raining !

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  • "Philip was injured and had his horse killed twice." That's a persistant horse!

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    • As I came to your comment ,he said that line.

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  • This was epic!

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    • Thanks a lot! :)

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  • This is.....AWESOME!!!!

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    • Thanks a lot! :)

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  • Bloody Frogs...

    Christopher NewmanChristopher NewmanDag siden

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  • At 3:35 - Genoese crossbowmen with pennants and vests bearing the cross of St George? St George is the patron Saint of Georgia (Caucasus) maybe of Genoa, too?

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  • For anyone interested in the religious aspect of Crecy just look at Genesis 48 in which Jacob-Israel passes GOD's birthright onto Ephrain. Ephraim became the nation of nations - is British Empire.

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  • where are the dead buried?

    michael phalenmichael phalenDag siden
  • The Knights Charge reminds me of Japanese Banzai charge against a machine gun

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  • Most of the knights and army knew they were going to die, so HOW were they paid? are they forced into the army??

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  • “When you fight the English, you fight date itself.” Napoleon Bonaparte

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    • @Emilly Yelen 😂 who knows?...maybe only fate

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    • @Dark Matter so it was your fate to make that mistake...

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    • @Emilly Yelen Thanks but no thanks...I’m happily married. (That should have said “fate” of course)

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    • date?!

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  • the french killed their own mercenaries after making them advance alone first.....brutal.. dont wanna pay them huh//// mercenaries picked the wrong side

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  • And what about Orléans, Patay, Formigny or Castillon ? Those battles finally kicked the ass of the englishs out of France....

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  • What a load of bollocks !

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  • Brexit

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  • Would've been realistic if this video portrayed the English as all bucktoothed. Everyone knows even to this day they don't have dentists over there.

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  • Yes sir they cut those mercenaries down so that wouldn't have to pay them......smh that cold blooded

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  • I can't believe I just watched an entire video game/ cartoon, by a author /narrator who offered an utterly insignificant amount of dialog &information...that f'ing SUCKED... Back to the drawing board..PLEASE..OMG that sucked...

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  • Due to the longbow Edward III's outnumbered army won the day! I recommend Bernard Cornwell's The Grail Trilogy for its accuracy in historical fiction.

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  • Not every participant in battles of the Medieval era wore gleaming, pristine armour with brightly coloured accoutrements. Let's have a little dirt & mud, rust & staining. At Agincourt, most of the archers were semi-naked and shoeless; their clothes rotted from incessant rain during the campaign, and their shoes having fallen apart. AND there was no common 'uniform' for the archers; they came in their own gear. In any case, the battle scenes are nonsense. Where are the "pits" dug by the English ? Why was the first charge of the French not met with the volleys of arrows that met the 2nd charge ? There was no real 'melee' at Crecy: the English lines held.

    Baskerville22Baskerville222 dager siden
    • @Nedim Can Incebay My reference to the "pits" in my first Comment was not intended as, "there were no pits", but rather, that I saw no French horses crashing to the ground due to the pits.

      Baskerville22Baskerville22Dag siden
    • @Nedim Can Incebay Thanks for the reply

      Baskerville22Baskerville222 dager siden
    • Yes, they did not. It was very expensive but in Crecy, the Knights were the backbone of the French army, I specifically tried to show them. For the archers, this is how the modders decided to make their models. They do research for that and the game engine simply doesn't allow them to add this ''rotting'' effect. You can see the pits at 2:36, actually, you can see it at any aerial shot. I don't know whether you watched the same video as me but at 6:56 or 7:18 you can clearly see the volleys of arrows, I don't have control over the number of arrows during the scene but there is no difference between the first and second charge.. Also, as you said, there was no ''real'' melee at Crecy, but there was a short and fierce fight between the French Knights and Blind King of Bohemia that managed to get through the English line. That's where the Blind King John died and Edward won his spurs. Thanks for the comment.

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  • I was routing for Edward

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  • Thousands died, but not all right away. In an account of the battle of the Alamo the Mexicans bayonetted to death the wounded Texans. The wounded Mexicans were picked up and taken to a local church and other places of refuge where most of them slowly died of their wounds. The writer of the account said the bayoneted Texans were luckier than the suffering Mexicans.

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  • Amazing job...thanks for sharing!!!

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    • Thanks a lot! :)

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  • so many commercials through this video totally ruin any interest of learning about this battle.

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    • Agree. NOtown must be desperately needing some cash.

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  • The battle lasted after dawn. It was not fought at daylight. The English Archers had to stay alert for possible new attacks in the morning. Only at daybreak Edward knew he won.

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  • Bro I make historical videos just like you however I don't have the visuals like u make for your videos. Can I use your visuals on my videos??

    • Bro right now I just can't spend making these videos. I wish he could grant me permission to use his visuals

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    • If you wanted to make your own videos with this game its called Total War, there's a few different eras to play with in the franchise

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  • Did I see a knight getting punched off his horse? Amidst some of those rough close quarters scenes, that really made me laugh! So thank you! I just wish I could remember the time code.

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  • these simulations suck

    Steven WilliamsSteven Williams2 dager siden
    • Thanks for the comment. :)

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  • Fantastic production I really enjoyed that.

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    • Thank you!Q :)

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  • I bet the English laughed pretty hard when the French killed their own crossbow men.

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  • By the way: John the blind was the count of Luxembourg and he is buried there in the Altmünster Abbey. A national hero, just like our late Grand Duke Jean, who fought in Normandy with the Irish Guards. RIP both of you!

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  • How poignant, jersey v france fishermmen 😜

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  • Phil had his horse killed twice? what the same horse?

    Damians UnderpantsDamians Underpants2 dager siden
  • It was the viking and Danish attacks on England that made the English think in terms of tactics and weapons that played a major roll in the victory.

    Andrew LambertAndrew Lambert2 dager siden
  • King Edward must have had a lot of balls that fight with his men

    Leroy SancjezLeroy Sancjez2 dager siden
  • He had his horse killed twice during the battle? That's some freaking badass horse!

    Laurie MooreLaurie Moore2 dager siden
    • Zombie horses are unstoppable...

      Sir Oswald FortitudeSir Oswald Fortitude5 timer siden
  • Crécy wasn't "decisive", it decided nothing. You could argue that Castillon was decisive, in that it ensured the end of the English presence on the Continent.

    Norman StewartNorman Stewart2 dager siden
  • This is mental. Wow

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  • Kardesim bu isi cok iyi yapiyosun allah nazarlardan korusun

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  • 4:09 wait so English shoot English? What is going on lol? Damn epic video as always man!

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  • Thanks for the upload. The English fathers and sons used to practice archery as a sport. A good archer could let loose a dozen arrows a minute.

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  • Abi 100.000 abone olmuşsun tebrikler.

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    • Çok teşekkür ederim. :)

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  • England. :)

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  • How can a horse die twice?

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  • Philip had his horse killed twice?

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  • Bro Keep posting more Love you Post

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  • 12:18 - «...had his horse killed twice during the battle...» Was it the same horse?

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  • Sure, Crecy was a decisive battle. After all, England lost the 100-year war and France won it. :)))

    Dirk GonthierDirk Gonthier3 dager siden
  • I have no idea of medevial heraldic but how can it be that the French as well as the English king wear lilies on their clothes? How were they able to distinguish friends and foes in close combat?

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  • I'm curious. Did the men who fought on foot try to wound the horses before they went after the men on them? Or wasn't it the politically correct thing to do?

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  • very good video

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  • us english decimated and pillaged france for 100 us years habahahah

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  • L’ Anglais un.La Belle France null.

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  • England vs France in medieval times!?? There's a shocker. Did the french ever win any of these battles? Oh well, they still have better bread. 🥖🥐

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