The BUNKER CHEST *ONLY* Challenge in Fortnite!

5. april. 2021
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Bunker chests only challenge in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 6 gameplay with Typical Gamer!
Music by Epidemic Sound:

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  • 😲😲😲

    Denise DunlevyDenise Dunlevy2 timer siden
  • every time i watch one of your videos i get better at fortnite

    Indigenous_playzIndigenous_playz2 timer siden
  • me

    Indigenous_playzIndigenous_playz2 timer siden
  • I did your code today

    Aiden warnerAiden warner2 timer siden
  • I loked near by tha burger skins araound his hous and then there was nothing 😔😡

    Inga IngaInga Inga2 timer siden
  • every single player was a bot

    Ardevis PjetriArdevis Pjetri4 timer siden
  • aimbot Exe activated 8:16

    Ziphozonke NgubaneZiphozonke Ngubane6 timer siden
  • U R insane

    ItsVisionItsVision8 timer siden
  • Hi Andre! Hru?

    harmony rodriguezharmony rodriguez10 timer siden
  • You're so cool 😎

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    Rico RaelRico Rael11 timer siden
  • He’s a lie er

    Max DMax D13 timer siden
  • Yeah lol😂

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  • The sub button turns gray for me

    lucka puckalucka pucka14 timer siden
  • Hb

    M WynsmaM Wynsma14 timer siden
  • Gray

    Kimberely BellKimberely Bell15 timer siden
  • Only 100% of the Legendary chest have good guns And like 41% of them got nerfed

    Jessica LarsonJessica Larson16 timer siden
  • W

    Alec ScaffAlec Scaff16 timer siden
  • My bro tg

    TTV Voids6958TTV Voids695816 timer siden
  • my changed blue what did yours change when you liked your own vide.

    NoCap.Lâi 3NoCap.Lâi 318 timer siden
    • I meant say vid oops sorry huge fan and I also love your vids man

      NoCap.Lâi 3NoCap.Lâi 318 timer siden
  • Anyone catch that high pitch did you know at the beginning of the video

    JayJay19 timer siden
  • Gray

    Karin SmitKarin Smit20 timer siden
  • I am a big fan

    RF GamersRF Gamers20 timer siden
  • Tg: here goes nothing Game: you failed brother 🥺🥺

    Betty LawrenceBetty Lawrence20 timer siden
  • omg i used cars used your code

    kai pullkai pull21 time siden
  • Black

    Caolan ReevesCaolan Reeves23 timer siden
  • There is one at pleasant park

    Anthony WaiteAnthony Waite23 timer siden
  • Has anyone noticed that this video has 666 dislikes

    Nicholas ConteroNicholas ConteroDag siden
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    Emma Cool clipsEmma Cool clipsDag siden
  • tg when he went though the bush he killed someone

    bradley smithbradley smithDag siden
  • Each odd number has a "e" in it try it

    Inverted MangoInverted MangoDag siden
  • That was such an epic win!!!! 🎊🎉

    Caroline BaronCaroline BaronDag siden
  • Tifijfudjddududuiddudidjdidkkdfkkffkfkfkkffkdjdjxjxjjdkfkdfififkfkcjgkgkfkfjfjdhxgxgxhxuxyxujfkf Fa

    Stephanie PoundStephanie PoundDag siden
  • Tomato did this to

    LokiLokiDag siden
  • Ha ha You broke your tactical Shotgun

    Monster Gaming squadMonster Gaming squadDag siden
  • Nice

    bugabugaDag siden
  • Hey TG

    Zaire GodfreyZaire GodfreyDag siden
  • The capricious barge anaerobically disarm because rose anatomically rinse aboard a panicky sock. soggy, bawdy kick

    Danis beydenDanis beydenDag siden
  • My Like Button turned the color Blue

    Lorie SageLorie SageDag siden
  • Just dig down

    Abdi HassanAbdi HassanDag siden
  • One bunker chest is at the shark

    Abdi HassanAbdi HassanDag siden
  • Hello brother, excuse me, I photographed and used it for my clip. I excelled at making it, brother. Thank you 🌹😬

    Libord ليبوردLibord ليبوردDag siden
  • jfjturiurtuuriit

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  • Well not me but I wish

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    Dameski06Dameski06Dag siden
  • I did the bunker only chest and won with 14 kills

  • gg

    Eli DevoterEli DevoterDag siden
  • Tg: I got to help the raptor and wolf out Me: You KILLED them🤔

    Joel LopezJoel LopezDag siden
  • I have

    Yaniri BeltreYaniri BeltreDag siden
  • Oops guy

    XDgamerXDgamerDag siden
  • Did anyone notice that there was abguvin the bush that he eliminated BC that is funny:)

    XDgamerXDgamerDag siden

    Carter BonhamCarter BonhamDag siden
  • You help me win my first game of fortnite ever

    tkrhodes1tkrhodes1Dag siden
  • Brilliant as always..makes it look so easy

    Matthew PillingMatthew PillingDag siden
  • My button turn gray

    Ricky MccroryRicky MccroryDag siden
  • Mine turned blue

    Squirtle GamingSquirtle GamingDag siden
  • You got a lot of sub

    Todd PrestonTodd PrestonDag siden
  • U should do a car challenge omly

    Santiago PonceSantiago PonceDag siden
  • You look good you good am dead

    Amelia W PondsAmelia W PondsDag siden
  • Blue

    Pokémon ChanelPokémon ChanelDag siden
  • i was tarana in the vivio

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  • im from canada and i love u

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  • Straight facts

    Default ToyDefault ToyDag siden
  • Your the goat I swear

    Cory WaldronCory WaldronDag siden
  • I’ve been watching you since you had at 100 K

    Nathan BartlettNathan BartlettDag siden
  • u literally r the best fortnite player

    Noah MNoah MDag siden
  • Imagine the sub button turnning red.... What a world! Lol

    AWGamingAWGamingDag siden
  • Use code typical gamer

    FrogoFrogoDag siden
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    GL JeffersonGL JeffersonDag siden
  • He clapped me in his video

    frances sanabriafrances sanabriaDag siden
  • I love his voice

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    allison measorallison measor2 dager siden
  • it changed to grey color

    MajorMajor2 dager siden
  • the subscwibe butun turnd bwack

    Lisa Jayne KondovaLisa Jayne Kondova2 dager siden
  • Aim bot 🤖 sike

    Zion HolmesZion Holmes2 dager siden
  • W2hy didn't he hit them with the big chest he failed the challenge

    BFC RøxxBFC Røxx2 dager siden
  • Controller player typical gamer you don’t miss a shot!!!

    Christian MazzeoChristian Mazzeo2 dager siden
  • Who plays Fortnite anymore

    A KA K2 dager siden
  • When he said "did you know that I upload every day" The did high pitched and it sounded really funny and he deserves his very own icon skin

    Emilio QEmilio Q2 dager siden
    • That is so true

      Jack RevillJack RevillDag siden
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  • Bro

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  • B you cracked

    Lewis PiggottLewis Piggott2 dager siden
  • 0:20 the best voicecrack everrrrrrrrrrr

    marmar marmarmar mar2 dager siden
  • I never knew that you could get a car from a bunker chest?

    elfadni nazarelfadni nazar2 dager siden
  • It changes to yoerpol

    Matt 123Matt 1232 dager siden
  • My color was red (joke)

    justdaanjustdaan2 dager siden
  • TG how are yoy so good.

    Magic PrinceMagic Prince2 dager siden

    christabel taylorchristabel taylor2 dager siden
  • Literally was doing this challenge for my youtube channel for 1 week and still cannot get the W

    IgniteRaptorIgniteRaptor2 dager siden
  • It changed gray

    Jason WavroJason Wavro2 dager siden
  • i also subsribed

    Cole GottesmanCole Gottesman2 dager siden
  • i used your code

    Cole GottesmanCole Gottesman2 dager siden
  • Exploding tomato did this video idea first

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  • Typical gamer I us your code in the fortnite shop I subscribe and like your video you are a god

    Donall TeagueDonall Teague2 dager siden