the CLOSEST battle I've ever had in Bloons TD Battles

20. april. 2021
33 133 Ganger

the CLOSEST battle I've ever had in Bloons TD Battles
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  • he face palmed cuz he kept saying hi earlier and u didnt reply lol

    manar Hmanar H5 dager siden
  • So glad to see your vids again bro, I used to do it everyday las year but then for studies and work was difficult, nowadays I have more time and enjoy so much watching your vids. Good vibes bro.

    Leandro CortezLeandro Cortez8 dager siden
  • god gaming chair

    CooNoo_23CooNoo_2313 dager siden
  • Your dartling did rubbish because u had a 0-3 not a 2-3 so it was much slower

    KRONOS MelonKRONOS Melon14 dager siden
  • rap battle asian

    k zk z17 dager siden
  • 13:46 yes, you did made the strat not the spike factory if I am not wrong

    BrandonBrandon17 dager siden
  • Boltrix just saying boat mortar is a much better strat than boat wiz now Most pro players would laugh at u going in water hazard or smthing bat wiz

    KRONOS MelonKRONOS Melon17 dager siden
  • See now this is a good thumbnail

    Thorin Oaken ShieldThorin Oaken Shield17 dager siden
  • When he had the hydro rockets up he didn’t have faster shooting or focused firing that’s why it didn’t go in like he wanted 😂

    Jordan LuczakJordan Luczak17 dager siden
  • Btdb2

    guffytrooperguffytrooper17 dager siden
  • That guy placed the cobra at the bottom to call your bluff into not sending him a BFB as he might have the misdirect

    Cameron McNeillCameron McNeill17 dager siden
  • it was cod zombies

    Don't NegDon't Neg18 dager siden
  • Hey Boltrix, the reason you had trouble in the second match is because black bloons are immune to explosives. Rocket turret supported by base darting would have helped.

    Jask SinghJask Singh18 dager siden
    • And cuz he forgot to upgrade it fully, look at how slow its firing.

      Turkeyswag47Turkeyswag4711 dager siden
  • Intro was too rich... win a game with 250 eco and no banana farms

    Colin CraigColin Craig18 dager siden
  • Iam big fan but you made a lot of mistakes when u go engi spike you should antistall and with dartling allways antistall

    《MVP- -TRAP》《MVP- -TRAP》18 dager siden
  • Omg please upgrade to a 1-4 spike storm before using it, it actually increases the damage by a whole lot

    Aurora EschatonAurora Eschaton18 dager siden
  • btd6

    Benjamin RBenjamin R18 dager siden
  • Dude you get hyped like a little kid

    z Venqz Venq18 dager siden
  • Clutchhhhh.

    AlukianAlukian18 dager siden
  • Intro was too simple use a hard challenge. Please keep doing the challenges.

    Xianz2.0Xianz2.018 dager siden
  • Lol cobra on sml

    grebzigrebzi18 dager siden
  • When you said he had 0 medallions I was like Bru

    SSxCleanshotSSxCleanshot18 dager siden
  • Glad to hear you’re doing okay and everything is good I’ve just been re watching your videos while you were absent.

    greatnamedubbz -greatnamedubbz -18 dager siden
  • Please stop using hydro rocket pods

    MalumeMalume18 dager siden
  • I’m a new player playing for 5 meds and run into you.. yeah this game is so much fun.. play for more meds 🙁🙁

    Cody Goin CrazyCody Goin Crazy18 dager siden
  • Yesssirrrr you’re back playing btd battles!

    AlanAlan18 dager siden
  • boitbolboit

    no yesno yes18 dager siden

    Sky Master0ytSky Master0yt18 dager siden
  • Anser: you talked about cod zombies in your last video

    Ste Murphy 2007Ste Murphy 200718 dager siden
  • Boltrix the last game u need to buy the 1-4 spac not 0-4 it’s much badder

    Mikkel OvergaardMikkel Overgaard18 dager siden
  • Are you thinking of playing btd battles 2 when it comes out?

    Donald BairdDonald Baird18 dager siden
  • Answer: you talked about COD Zombies in the last video

    nathalie Martinnathalie Martin18 dager siden
  • Boltrix i have a good strat that i made it sounds trash but can defend really well village glue dart Its good trust me!

    Mr FloresMr Flores18 dager siden
  • you talked about COD Zombies in the last video

  • Answer: cod zombies :)

    WRLD MatrixxWRLD Matrixx18 dager siden
  • Tip for dartling gunner: For bloons: Use left side. Right side costs like 7000 and can barely defend against grouped blues. For moabs: Use right side. Does a lot of damage to ceramics and moabs but sucks ass against bloons.

    First LastFirst Last18 dager siden
  • sub is good for the new map because of reactor spot

    First LastFirst Last18 dager siden
  • Am pro

    Arda KarabelArda Karabel18 dager siden
  • I literally just played you and this pops up

    Happy.Person !Happy.Person !18 dager siden
  • ur my fav youtuber :D

    Marco BodtMarco Bodt18 dager siden
  • "Ned Flanzer" The panzer of Ned Flanders

    Kidincred GamezKidincred Gamez18 dager siden
  • Mad clutch mr boltrix

    Odin GageOdin Gage18 dager siden
  • Nice!

    Melon BTDMelon BTD18 dager siden
  • 4:55 my favorite part in this vid LoL

    WiktorDrab YTWiktorDrab YT18 dager siden
  • Intro was too "aggresive" beat someone without sending a single bloon.

    Watchdog WizzyWatchdog Wizzy18 dager siden
  • So glad to have you back keep it up!!!! 💯

    Corey FoolCorey Fool18 dager siden
  • Let’s play some cc when vortex storm boss is out!

    HydroHydro18 dager siden
  • Those were impressive games. My attempts would have turned out much differently 😭😜

    Juicy lolly PlaysJuicy lolly Plays18 dager siden
  • What happened to the ‘good vibes and we shall indeed win!’

    Family SortinosFamily Sortinos18 dager siden
  • Asian is sooooooo much better than boltrix omg!

    Rahul ChakrabortyRahul Chakraborty18 dager siden
  • Btw make sure to go for the 1-4 spike storm, does a lot more damage than the 0-4!

    Monkey LordMonkey Lord18 dager siden
  • That thumbnail 🥵

    Monkey LordMonkey Lord18 dager siden
    • LOL

      Ricardo MillonarioRicardo Millonario14 dager siden
    • Lol... Super spicy. :D

      AlukianAlukian18 dager siden
  • The fact that you didn't buy tier 2 on the left on your hydra rockets made me uncomfortable. Well at least you won :D

    Pepe LaughPepe Laugh18 dager siden
  • Ucannot pop black or zebra bloons with rockets lol

    Foot of FireFoot of Fire18 dager siden
  • Bruh u needed faster barrel spin ya noob. Much love tho good vid

    Spencer CameraSpencer Camera18 dager siden
  • Hey boltrix you should do a video where you have to go an eco stragegy but only can inefficient ecoing. Love your vids.

    ElvinElvin18 dager siden
  • 2 dislikes

    Jaylen Tries 4Jaylen Tries 418 dager siden
  • Yooo whasaap guys

    דוד מגןדוד מגן18 dager siden
  • Can you please do the dr evil challenge it’s literally impossible

    luke schwenkluke schwenk18 dager siden
  • Boltrix really thinks we forgot: “I’ll gluestorm on your dad”

    PlacPlac18 dager siden
    • Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding, Ding Ding Ding

      Eli WhitingerEli Whitinger18 dager siden
    • Boltrix sus 😬

      DanyalDanyal18 dager siden
  • Intro was too ‘poor’, give away medallions :”””D

    SámuràiSámurài18 dager siden
  • Game was too close to loosing🧐, win a match without out leaking one live

    MFP ElixirMFP Elixir18 dager siden
  • The rainbow balloon btw love u blotrix

    Alan YekAlan Yek18 dager siden
  • It’s Ned FLAN DERS

    Matthew KelseyMatthew Kelsey18 dager siden
  • Hydro rocket isn't that good for bloons. Use the the 4, 2 dartling

    Roman CamargoRoman Camargo19 dager siden
  • I forgot bolt still uploaded

    MistwrathMistwrath19 dager siden
  • Hey boltrix, what are your thoughts on btd battles 2?

    Gerson BercianGerson Bercian19 dager siden
  • The person Ned Flanderz has seen too many simpson episodes.

    PizzabeatsPizzabeats19 dager siden
  • Uhhhh wtf

    Mr. CooperMr. Cooper19 dager siden
  • Whenever he gets hyped in the video I get hyped too so funny bro keep up the content

    Arturo HerreraArturo Herrera19 dager siden
  • why do you always say bangar in every video

    rey kokrey kok19 dager siden
  • Boltrix add cc pls

    Markenever DaiMarkenever Dai19 dager siden
  • Im sorry boltrix but it hurts watching you play that last game

    SupremacyBTDSupremacyBTD19 dager siden
  • One thing I noticed is if you get the bigger bundles before spike storming, the spike storm is much more effective

    R LakhaniR Lakhani19 dager siden
  • He forgot to upgrade the left side for the hydro rocket pods. that's why it was struggling

    Oliver CaoOliver Cao19 dager siden
    • facts the whole time I was watching I was like brooo upgrade the left side

      Aaron MarshAaron Marsh18 dager siden
  • been binging you vids, this is my first video watching that was released in the same day I watched

    OplimaryOplimary19 dager siden
  • i feel bad for the first guy i would've let him win lmao he had 0 medallions

    Krishaan SinghKrishaan Singh19 dager siden
  • Intro wasnt dangerous enough Win with only 1 life remaining.

    Nerdy Dot DomNerdy Dot Dom19 dager siden
  • you didnt have faster firing on that rocket pod lmfao :D :D :D it was firing so damn slowely man

    spokiee2000spokiee200019 dager siden
  • "we shall did win"

    Trollman 9Trollman 919 dager siden
  • Hi

    The Sheikh ShowThe Sheikh Show19 dager siden
  • Remember when he did daily challenges from the comments?

    DingerDinger19 dager siden
  • Bruh i cant believe bolty would just steal all of his first opponents medallions like dat

    Cookies:DCookies:D19 dager siden
    • @Cookies:D i guess thats true but i feel like anything from about round 14-19 are considered mid. Pretty much after that r13 rush i feel u start building for mid to late game

      jacob gallantjacob gallant18 dager siden
    • jacob gallant pods has better pierce so it is better against all outs like regen rainbows. The laser is better against cerams though, but idk if r18 cerams are considered mid game

      Cookies:DCookies:D18 dager siden
    • Boltrix from my experience i know its more expensive but the lazer does way more damage mid game rounds then the rocket pods. Pls like so he can see thiz

      jacob gallantjacob gallant18 dager siden
    • YAHBOIANT important info

      Cookies:DCookies:D18 dager siden
    • @Boltrix how much does your mom charge for micro lessons?

      YAHBOIANTYAHBOIANT18 dager siden
  • Answer: Apes vs helium

    Stephen ZhaoStephen Zhao19 dager siden
  • Lazer canon is way better than the rockets, specially dealing with bloons

    uDropperuDropper19 dager siden
  • laser canon way better for bloon rushes use instead of hydra:)

    Innes AdamsInnes Adams19 dager siden
  • Intro was too “uninteresting” for every 10 lives lost, eat a roasted cricket (or any bug)

    Ethan ScrewedEthan Screwed19 dager siden
  • Blot sounds like dream

    Sukhmani BalSukhmani Bal19 dager siden
  • intro was too "EASY" win a battle using the worst btd strat there is.

    Barry B. BensonBarry B. Benson19 dager siden
    • you like jazz?

      SoulKeeperSoulKeeper18 dager siden
  • Used to watch so long ago but I quit the game

    VixsVixs19 dager siden
  • Omg that was so close at the end. Also are you going to do another professor vid?

    Jay PeeJay Pee19 dager siden
  • This guys like ratios are nuts

    aqaq19 dager siden
  • Answer : dartling

    M7MED ALQM7MED ALQ19 dager siden
  • Lesssss goooooo

    SmilesSmiles19 dager siden
  • love the editing on this video

    lembarkiilembarkii19 dager siden
  • Answer:Cod Zombies

    Dana DelleDana Delle19 dager siden
  • Answer: COD Zombies?

    CriticityCriticity19 dager siden
  • Laser cannons better no offebse

    francis sanchezfrancis sanchez19 dager siden
  • And the answer is: Apes vs Helium

    Kory NWFKory NWF19 dager siden
  • u should upgrade to a 3-2 dartling it’s better for round 13 rush

    WildcatsalWildcatsal19 dager siden
    • Right. a 2-3 dartling gunner can barely defend against grouped blues. Its garbage for anything that isnt a ceramic or moab.

      First LastFirst Last18 dager siden