THE END IS HERE! The Forest With Talia, Ellum & VizuaLizah

1. mars. 2021
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  • Simon: that was an up north thing. Also Simon: doesn’t know the plural of deer🙈 private school doesn’t teach intellect my friends

    CrimsonVixen94 XCrimsonVixen94 X4 dager siden
  • I can’t wait to get my sanity back and watch Josh’ playthrough instead. (Yes I mean zerkaa)

    CrimsonVixen94 XCrimsonVixen94 X4 dager siden
  • Talia mar drank (dababy) ALL THIS TIME IT WAS TALIA AND JJ :0 (jk)

    Weird MysteriesWeird Mysteries9 dager siden
  • It annoys me that the didn't to the key card

    Connor KerrConnor Kerr22 dager siden
  • The overconfident land electronically wash because war cosmetically roll including a harmonious tadpole. unbecoming, watery blouse

    Davinder SainiDavinder Saini22 dager siden
  • The real g in the series tho is the lighter 🔥🔥

    Lorna DrapezasagunLorna Drapezasagun23 dager siden
  • Timmy got vietnam flashbacks

    Tóki HarleyssonTóki Harleysson28 dager siden
  • Talias character in that suit looks like Yuri in MW3

    Daniel PlayStationDaniel PlayStationMåned siden
    • At 45:00

      Daniel PlayStationDaniel PlayStationMåned siden
  • 46:43 pause it 9n that time u see viz flying

    Weird MysteriesWeird MysteriesMåned siden
  • si the red person who took Timmy was another parent?

    Oshri DasaOshri DasaMåned siden
  • Guys, Simon didn’t die or knock once, madd

    LorcanzoLorcanzoMåned siden
  • It's been one hell of a ride

    Denim tDenim tMåned siden
  • Simon: names the channel miniminterclips Also simon: post a 2 hour video

    Aryaan IslamAryaan IslamMåned siden
    • It's not a shorts channel he already has one called MiniminterShorts.

      Kent VigilanteKent VigilanteMåned siden
  • 46:48

    Oshri DasaOshri DasaMåned siden
  • Pleaaase don't scream and shout over cutscenes 😔

    Toby Leigh BartholomewToby Leigh BartholomewMåned siden
  • .

    JonoooJonoooMåned siden
  • Here is the clip of viz going flying from the cowman if anyone else was curious

    wyattwyattMåned siden
  • so sad to see this series end, enjoyed it so much! hopefully you four will play the sequel together :)

    Cerys BurrowsCerys BurrowsMåned siden
  • Miniminter clips has 2hour videos...makes sense

    The Real Trending PageThe Real Trending PageMåned siden
  • Tha's a really shitty ending for such a great game

    Manny HeffleyManny HeffleyMåned siden
  • Simon is a control freak

    Tommy Egan GamesTommy Egan GamesMåned siden
  • Trevor

    Elizabeth HanniganElizabeth HanniganMåned siden
  • 1:42:21 as soon as Talia saw it she sat on it ...hmmmmm

    Neki TamoNeki TamoMåned siden
  • They should play ark

    ロロロロMåned siden
  • 1:33:18

    Wini ZahaWini ZahaMåned siden
  • 1:30:14

    Wini ZahaWini ZahaMåned siden
  • 1:20:00

    Wini ZahaWini ZahaMåned siden
  • 1:11:35

    Wini ZahaWini ZahaMåned siden
  • 1:08:45

    Wini ZahaWini ZahaMåned siden
  • 1:03:12

    Wini ZahaWini ZahaMåned siden
  • 1:03:12

    Wini ZahaWini ZahaMåned siden
  • 54:38

    Wini ZahaWini ZahaMåned siden
  • 51:30

    Wini ZahaWini ZahaMåned siden
  • 48:39

    Wini ZahaWini ZahaMåned siden
  • 45:38

    Wini ZahaWini ZahaMåned siden
  • 44:12

    Wini ZahaWini ZahaMåned siden
  • 40:00

    Wini ZahaWini ZahaMåned siden
  • 36:00

    Wini ZahaWini ZahaMåned siden
  • 27:46

    Wini ZahaWini ZahaMåned siden
  • 17:04

    Wini ZahaWini ZahaMåned siden
  • They need to all react to the story explained

    DaRkSHADOW0601DaRkSHADOW0601Måned siden
  • simon with the ad-libs when shooting the arrows hahahaha

    Sai Chao LeeSai Chao LeeMåned siden
  • Decent vid til the end when ya'll talk over the ending haha

    Samwise LemonSamwise LemonMåned siden
  • Will this be the last time Simon and friends say “Corvette Corvette”, will the church of Corvette ever stand again? Find out next time on Corvette Corvette!!

    Hunter MacKenzieHunter MacKenzieMåned siden
  • They worried about the cold so much, I lived in the snow for 30 days before even getting a warm suit lmao

    Joel TeerJoel TeerMåned siden

    Dany boyDany boyMåned siden
  • Go back on the save and do the emergency shutdown. That will let you keep playing the game, collect everything, fight new mutants etc

    Martin HoplandMartin HoplandMåned siden
  • The most underrated group, please do another game like ark together, something similar would be amazing

    The Craziest FoolThe Craziest FoolMåned siden
  • When the next season starts they better play this. Most exciting gaming series I've seen from the mandem. Corvette, corvette!

    FlickzComps シFlickzComps シMåned siden
  • I wish they could keep doing this

    Ninja sheepNinja sheepMåned siden
  • i can't wait for the forest 2 with you guys, thank you for this series simon!!!! amazing

    Emma HaagEmma HaagMåned siden
  • Being a big fan of Simon and then saying he doesn't like your name 😭 My name is Kevin

    Kevin KDBKevin KDBMåned siden
  • Maybe if u guys listened to the cut scene you wouldnt be asking what is happening in the end

    Dylan LDylan LMåned siden
  • no one realised that its a cycle, everytime a plane crashes it brings samples for the people before them and it just keeps goin unless its shutdown of course

    BO55 ABUBO55 ABUMåned siden
  • It was better with only ethan

    RollyomRollyomMåned siden
  • To quote HARRY "It was a stupid baby anyway".LOL

    Abhinav AsAbhinav AsMåned siden
  • This is a backstory to The Forest, I really think Simon to react to it along with Ellum, Viz and Talia. I found it answered may of my questions along with theirs. I hope you find this video helpful Simon. Xx

    Tashvi BaxiTashvi BaxiMåned siden
  • Did they go to the boat

    Ali AlshariefAli AlshariefMåned siden
  • if you don’t get the story (this is from what i understand, and some of it is probably wrong) : megan was injured somehow and wheelchair bound. her father was basically a mad scientist and was performing tests on people to try to come up with a way to make megan walk again. during his experiments on people, they became mutants. megan was on a tour of the lab with her father one day and one of the mutants broke out of their inclosure and killed megan (this is showed in one of the cassette tapes that you watch in game). then megan’s dad came up with a way to bring her back to life by taking an overflying plane down and sacrificing a kid that was on the plane, aka timmy. the red dude that took timmy at the beginning is megan’s dad. but megan’s dad’s technology to bring megan back was all fucked up, and megan ended up turning mutant and killing her dad. this shows also at the end in the shower cutscene how timmy is alive but he’s slowly turning mutant too (this also is showed when he has a seizure type thing at the talk show. megan did the seizure thing right before she went all berserk on simon, viz, josh, and talia). the idea is that if you take down a plane to save timmy, you are keeping the cycle going and killing more kids. so imagine just like megan’s dad taking timmy at the beginning, it’s timmy’s dad taking either kevin, thomas, or sally at the end so he can sacrifice them for timmy. it doesn’t show this but it’s implied. such a good game and good play through this was!! cant wait for sons of the forest.

    ana bananaana bananaMåned siden
  • Wow thats a long clip

    Ashwath VimalAshwath VimalMåned siden
  • 1:26:12 Final Boss Fight

    pheonixflame59pheonixflame59Måned siden
  • I would Love To See KSI Play this

    Jr_ Antrax333Jr_ Antrax333Måned siden
  • Only og’s remember his series with behz on this game

    Eduardo ValdezEduardo ValdezMåned siden
  • Join vik in valheim

    Coop GCoop GMåned siden
  • Simon make your next play through ark and ask vik for pointers if necessary

    Lee SabeyLee SabeyMåned siden
  • anyone have the clip where ellum got yeeted?????

    Zeph Beatz ProductionZeph Beatz ProductionMåned siden
  • So another episode and find out the other ending

    Ewan GrantEwan GrantMåned siden
  • So I need another series like this one with Talia, Ellum and Viz asap

    Alex EdwardsAlex EdwardsMåned siden
  • I wish they used their key card on the yacht 🛥 sad to c the series end I loved getting off school and logging on yt for the vids 😢

    CiaranB3CiaranB3Måned siden
  • Yo...i didnt know this game was this mad,its a HORROR MOVIE BRO,im legit scared, im 20 and like crying

  • I can’t lie the Megan boss was so predictable but funny asf to watch them fight

    Dante NicastroDante NicastroMåned siden
  • You guys need to play ark if you enjoyed this

    Umar IlyasUmar IlyasMåned siden
  • Play little nightmares 2 like so he can see this

    Bob ChalrieBob ChalrieMåned siden
  • Make this a sdmn series

    Yoni SchecterYoni SchecterMåned siden
  • ethans fuuuuumin

    AfroUzumaki44AfroUzumaki44Måned siden
  • 1:15 Just boys being boys...

    William SahlinWilliam SahlinMåned siden
  • Now play ark

    Garrison for the winGarrison for the winMåned siden
  • We need the 4 of them to do Sons of The Forest when it comes out, no one else, just them. This series was so funny and I'd be gutted if it wasn't them that played the sequel together

    Stephen BurkeStephen BurkeMåned siden
  • can't wait till the sons of the forest

    JayJayMåned siden
  • Please simon play viking with them

    money makersmoney makersMåned siden
  • Every one tell him in twith to play viking

    money makersmoney makersMåned siden
  • Simon please play viking with them like vikk he play this game in vikk star hd

    money makersmoney makersMåned siden
  • Please every one tell simon to play viking like vik with talia viz and elem

    money makersmoney makersMåned siden
  • This was one of the best gaming series I’ve watched on NOtown hopefully this group does more 🙏🏻

    conor kirkmanconor kirkmanMåned siden
  • they didnt find all the gun pieces and use the keycard for the boat/yacht?

    J SJ SMåned siden
  • NOOOOO more ep pls

    chassycychassycyMåned siden
  • Simon had one bar left why tf didn't he make another armor

    Manny HeffleyManny HeffleyMåned siden
  • Viz’s character looks like a bad version of pablo escobar

    LouLouMåned siden
  • this same squad should play ark survival evolved, similar game concept but with dinos lads

    BoloNBoloNMåned siden
  • Loved This Series!

  • GUYS you should play 7 days to die omg you would find it sooo good

    JDavey FilmsJDavey FilmsMåned siden
  • Pls play The Forest 2 it is called The Sons of the Forest

    Marina StanleyMarina StanleyMåned siden
  • Aye 22 on trending for gaming

    Isla McMillanIsla McMillanMåned siden
  • as soon as Talia said he just crotched cammed i completely bursted out laughing 🤣🤣

    George David NobleGeorge David NobleMåned siden
  • When the sons of the forest is out I hope he makes a series

    Podge LohanPodge LohanMåned siden
  • im unsubbing u chose the bad ending RIP Timmy

    Xd chronixXd chronixMåned siden
  • TIME FOR SONS OF THE FOREST!!! Is it out yet though?


    Incognito :3Incognito :3Måned siden
  • TIMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Tom FlanaganTom FlanaganMåned siden
  • You guys should go back and do the other option at the end

    Aidanosh07Aidanosh07Måned siden