The Main Character of Dream SMP

28. feb.. 2021
6 780 914 Ganger

technoblade tries to cope with the realization that he is a side character

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"The Happiest Days" by J.F. Gloss

  • The ranbom meme is. The ranboo mom

    Combat PlaysCombat Plays3 minutter siden
  • No one: .... Technoblade: Superman’s parents died and then he got new one’s and then THEY died, so he’s like double orphan😂

    Julian de FeberJulian de Feber29 minutter siden
  • Now your 7m only took a month

    Grizzlybear2470Grizzlybear247035 minutter siden
  • 7 miiillllll yooo

    wolf playzzwolf playzzTime siden
  • I thought dream was main character of the SMP

    JayJayTime siden
  • Nice blood god destroyed the loser lmanberg

    Ethics2k21 OfficialEthics2k21 OfficialTime siden
  • Techno is the master roshi and ranboo is goku he will learn instant transmission

    Energy ExoticEnergy Exotic2 timer siden
  • Eyyyyy 7Mil

    Potatertwot -Potatertwot -2 timer siden
  • How did Ranboo do that

    RyNo GuyRyNo Guy4 timer siden
  • Speaking of 7mil

    Liz webLiz web4 timer siden
  • My cousin like your videos

    EvensonHomeEvensonHome4 timer siden
  • Wait but why can he do this? lol

    RadarRadar4 timer siden
  • Ranboo is Batman and techno is robin this is so sad

    Foxy ProductionsFoxy Productions5 timer siden
  • Pog 7m subs

    The OIFThe OIF6 timer siden
  • The new show called Ranboo

    EisathebossEisatheboss6 timer siden
  • Kakashi does die

    Deidara XtobiDeidara Xtobi6 timer siden
  • 2:49 wait ranboo is an orphan

    Madara UchihaMadara Uchiha6 timer siden
  • Uncle Ben died Naruto parents died Super man lost everyone Techno is next

    Ray On60hzRay On60hz6 timer siden
  • Congrats on 7 mil techno

    Eric CEric C7 timer siden
  • Just wait till the ghast part kicks in during the final battle and he flies while throwing fireballs

    Lisa ChaffinLisa Chaffin7 timer siden
  • 6.9 mil subs now! So close!

    Natalya NikolaevNatalya Nikolaev8 timer siden
  • 7:54 marie antwanet: not bad kid

    Jacob ChavezJacob Chavez10 timer siden
  • If Ranboo is the main character, then Technoblade is the Mushu or the Genie of the SMP

    Aimiah NatsukiAimiah Natsuki10 timer siden
  • He’s at 6.99 million any second

    Super Wolfy LifeSuper Wolfy Life11 timer siden
  • 6.99mil

    W. HadesW. Hades12 timer siden
  • 7 million sub is today

    Masih AhmadiMasih Ahmadi12 timer siden
  • Technoblade: we can hit 7 million tomorrow *1 Month later* 6.99M Technoblade: *Bruh*

    Sean CaroenSean Caroen12 timer siden
  • Techno is like the charecter with no super powers but is so powerful that he pretty much has powers

    mixing bowlmixing bowl12 timer siden
  • He’s actually right on the cusp of 7 mil now.

    Adam SpeidelAdam Speidel14 timer siden
  • The whole video Technoblade:ohhhhhh. Ohhhhhh nooooo.

    JackalJackal14 timer siden
  • I feel like the main are Tommy and Tubbo and Dream.

    TreasureHunter LTreasureHunter L15 timer siden
  • "Right on the cusp of 7 million subscribers" *looks at subscriber count below video* 6.99 million subscribers...

    SonicCraftSonicCraft15 timer siden
  • 7 mil pogchamp _sun tzu art of 7 million

    khilesh thosarekhilesh thosare16 timer siden
  • I just wanna say, tommy was a main character too, and wilbur was his sensei. Think about that.

    Nick BrophyNick Brophy16 timer siden
  • He actually is on the cusp of 7 mil subscribers how’d he know!??!

    Malt ShakeMalt Shake18 timer siden
  • Dude one punch man was strong at the beginning

    Vinay DeshpandeVinay Deshpande20 timer siden
  • My good boy technoblade

    Technoblade DjdjTechnoblade Djdj20 timer siden
  • becom the rivel

    Seyed Abdul kaderSeyed Abdul kader21 time siden
  • Ranboo:*exists* Technoblade: MAIN CHARACTER FROM THE GODS

    Dragon_Gamer089Dragon_Gamer08921 time siden
  • 10:33, Technoblade-Sensei showing Ramboo how to walk on walls 😂

    William AndanuWilliam AndanuDag siden
  • Bro when he said "I want superpowers" I legit yelled "YoU Do THe PoWEr oF pOTatOEs"

    orangeistiredorangeistiredDag siden
  • Tommyinnit has more subs than you

    Silver SkySilver SkyDag siden

    Zabeeda HamidZabeeda HamidDag siden
  • Dream is probably the main character. Change my mind.

    Alston GamingAlston GamingDag siden

    Zach BuraglioZach BuraglioDag siden
  • hahahhahah verry nice vid spec at the end with the enchantent golden apple

    Casper de KruiffCasper de KruiffDag siden

    Pro OdermoniconPro OdermoniconDag siden
  • 0:42 this is the reason why i love techno

    FerbFerbDag siden

    Alister AlykykeAlister AlykykeDag siden
  • what if techno is the main character and even he does not know

    bragemasterbragemasterDag siden
  • didnt even know this vid came out

    nexyZnexyZDag siden
  • Can Ranboo beak bedrock and if he can try to make armor out of it.

    Semmybigboy UltrabigboySemmybigboy UltrabigboyDag siden
  • He got 1mil in a month

    chłopczykchłopczykDag siden
  • he wasnt joking when he said his views isn't going up or down

    micro 11micro 11Dag siden

    Death. Storm.Death. Storm.Dag siden
  • Don’t worry Techno, you’re the one Rambo aspires to be. That just means you’ll become the villain later.

    NathanTheManNathanTheManDag siden
  • Jiraya.............

    5_Asher P6_5 XD5_Asher P6_5 XDDag siden
  • love you techno blade!!!

    slothboss 2000slothboss 2000Dag siden

    Yobel Briel GarciaYobel Briel GarciaDag siden
  • I feel like sad-ist is gonna make an animation about this

    memi X memememi X memeDag siden
  • It was jiraya That died

    Quito VargasQuito Vargas2 dager siden

    HenryHMGHenryHMG2 dager siden
  • Wait if techno is a pig, does that’s mean that they can eventually evolve and be man slaughtering beasts

    PLASMA RizePLASMA Rize2 dager siden
  • they make me so happy

    Valeria CamargoValeria Camargo2 dager siden
  • The reason Technoblade is so strong is because he makes the main characters orphans... and he survives

    THE 1NTR0VERTTHE 1NTR0VERT2 dager siden

    obama_gachaobama_gacha2 dager siden
  • POG Spawners Ranboo has silk touch on his hand

    Dae WonDae Won2 dager siden
  • What about Goku?

    Ollie Dog SquadOllie Dog Squad2 dager siden
  • Wait is he not a main character cause he picked teh block up

    •MushrooM••MushrooM•2 dager siden
  • Bruh get bedrock lol

    Echo OMDAsEcho OMDAs2 dager siden
  • why do I feel like later ranboo will be able to kill mobs with his hands and they drop spawn eggs

    BedwarsChaosBedwarsChaos2 dager siden
  • Dream is better then techno

    koolSAM64koolSAM642 dager siden
  • Which Ranboo stream was this from if it's from the streams.

    Collin KennedyCollin Kennedy2 dager siden
  • Techno: omg I am so rich I had to drop gold blocks to pick it up. Also Techno: has a singular piece of dirt in his hotbar.

    James EatonJames Eaton2 dager siden
  • 696 Million subs

    ιѕѕυєιѕѕυє2 dager siden
  • Teacher : Today we’ll be learning about Orphan squared

    Eden FaEden Fa2 dager siden
  • 7 mil is so close-------

    robloxbruvrobloxbruv2 dager siden
  • naruto

    Fusion_uchihaFusion_uchiha2 dager siden
  • 7:45 these men solved world hunger

    Palmtree DudePalmtree Dude2 dager siden
  • 3:30 *Yes. Yes he did* BUT THEN HE CAME BACK TO LIFE!!

    Elizabeth HaynesElizabeth Haynes2 dager siden
  • I legit died when he said "orphan squared" Lmao

    Taylor pakvisTaylor pakvis2 dager siden
  • William Zeppeli. Oh no he died. Yep technoblade always dies

    not Dionot Dio2 dager siden
  • Joseph Joestar was the mentor character in part 3 of Jojo an didn't die. Well he did. But..... He came back

    not Dionot Dio2 dager siden
  • “We’re at the cup of 7 Million, we’re inches away” Me: ah yes yes, 6.08 million is close to 7 million yes yes

    Mr. Tyler The TherapistMr. Tyler The Therapist2 dager siden
    • @Elixtron good point

      Mr. Tyler The TherapistMr. Tyler The Therapist2 dager siden
    • But if you relate that to his current subscriber count then....

      ElixtronElixtron2 dager siden
  • turns out marie antoinette had the right idea all along

    Ryan JingRyan Jing2 dager siden
  • Technoblade: “I’m so used to being a wanted criminal so then I just got rid of the country that had a bounty on me” Modern problems require Modern solutions

    Sean LouieSean Louie2 dager siden
  • Hi DAVE

    Cammison HayesCammison Hayes2 dager siden
    • Let's not do this shit

      Stan techno bladeStan techno bladeDag siden
  • Villian : say your last words Person : but I am the main character Villian : “understandable have a great day

    angry boi1324angry boi13242 dager siden
  • Techno to 7 mil!

    Jim CorJim Cor2 dager siden
  • Techno jiriya died

    Shriyansh ReddyShriyansh Reddy2 dager siden
  • Techno: I have no powers Also Techno: Chat I never die

    RainX18RainX182 dager siden
  • Kakashi did die in the pain arc, just saying

    Denham LeesonDenham Leeson2 dager siden
  • @ranboo

    zeeadzeead2 dager siden
  • @ranboo

    zeeadzeead2 dager siden
  • The egg did the egg grow a lot

    Ken CabreraKen Cabrera2 dager siden
  • steaveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Orange_FoxOrange_Fox2 dager siden
  • What about bedrock

    Mr SnapDragonMr SnapDragon2 dager siden
    • It's not even breakable lol

      TroubleMakeR YTTroubleMakeR YT20 timer siden
  • Kakashi died in baruto

    Bryson Tomas MartinezBryson Tomas Martinez2 dager siden
    • Boruto

      Bryson Tomas MartinezBryson Tomas Martinez2 dager siden
  • techo dont feel so bad ur super power is that u cant die i mean u survived an execution who can do that

    RCQRRCQR3 dager siden
  • I love to know that I came back to this video on the day where it has 6,666,756 views

    IIssadIIssad3 dager siden