the MOST SATISFYING Videos On The Internet

6. april. 2021
363 864 Ganger

today Socksfor1 reacts to the MOST SATISFYING Videos On The Internet
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  • It’s bleach

    Mr. Gamebro gamerMr. Gamebro gamer49 minutter siden
  • Susfor1

    renextrurenextruTime siden
  • chick a filla

    נטלי נאמןנטלי נאמןTime siden
  • That moment when you 100% agree with TBH in this video.

    The Teal BunnyThe Teal Bunny2 timer siden
  • wait a minute did socks dont know bubble tea?

    Lionel FerdiantoLionel Ferdianto2 timer siden
  • 4:07 Idk what is the fruit name in english but in Romania we call that fruit Pomelo

  • 1:11 there is vitamin c in the water its basic science

    ContentContent3 timer siden
  • You laff are chicken filla😡

    ammarammar5 timer siden
  • 4:16 tose are pomelos

    hot potatohot potato5 timer siden
  • Socks, is my bday and I’m having a cake soooo........I’m sorry for u

    louise Grisleylouise Grisley6 timer siden
  • 9:36 is it wet or dry

    Sharon HoweSharon Howe6 timer siden
  • That's a lens It's just eye colour

    rainbow heart amirirainbow heart amiri7 timer siden
  • That's a lens It's just eye colour

    rainbow heart amirirainbow heart amiri7 timer siden
  • XD laff made me laugh XD Sock you have amazimg friends that made me laugh Meow

    TopHat_Cat Plushie_StarTopHat_Cat Plushie_Star7 timer siden
  • Hi socks

    CharlesCharles8 timer siden
  • Dude its like 10:00 PM I should be sleepy

    Dragon WoodsDragon Woods8 timer siden
  • How about unsatisfying videos

    iviivi8 timer siden
  • 4:04 WTF DID LAFF SAY!? 😂

    Nickay30Nickay308 timer siden
  • Laff ad socks were clueless

    Audrina McNallyAudrina McNally8 timer siden
  • barber customer:wats your name barber man:g customer again: i like ya cut g

    jessica manajerojessica manajero8 timer siden
  • I lavo the avatar meme and tha chick a filla hahahahah

    Arlhet SerapennArlhet Serapenn9 timer siden
  • no its saw dust

    Phoenix The GamerPhoenix The Gamer9 timer siden
  • Crabby boi is relatable as

    Gaming With MemerGaming With Memer9 timer siden
  • video is exactly 10 minutes long *SATISFYING*

    LaglessLagless9 timer siden
  • 4:04 is dragon fruit

    Sle3py n1ghtmareSle3py n1ghtmare10 timer siden
  • Socks: Chic Laff: Chic Socks: Fil Laff: Fil Socks: A Laff: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Socks: Now put them together Laff: Chick A Filla

    Jaden BoodooJaden Boodoo10 timer siden
  • I love avatar last airbender best anime ever seen in my life and srry don’t know his name anyway lobster guy 3:04 look at the frickn kid in the back he’s fire bending 😂😂😂😂👌 gotti Edit 1: ok I found reds name it’s tbh

    Hexic KhanHexic Khan10 timer siden
  • cant anyone practice corean chopstick like you eat the food lol in the america theres 000.00025% who use chopstick lol im still 8 i can use it

    Tip TipTip Tip10 timer siden
  • For me the thumnail looks like socksfor1 is travis scott

    Thelily CarThelily Car10 timer siden
  • 8:54

    The BirdThe Bird11 timer siden
  • 8:55

    The BirdThe Bird11 timer siden
  • 8:33

    The BirdThe Bird11 timer siden
  • It's called boba

    Cheryl DaughertyCheryl Daugherty11 timer siden
  • Guys pause the video at 4:23 It says "you know hat I'm tlaking about"

    Zarina LagunayZarina Lagunay11 timer siden
  • They make huge even planes

    Tony HiltonTony Hilton11 timer siden
  • Check out flight test

    Tony HiltonTony Hilton11 timer siden
  • thar is blech is the woter

    Bryson HaggartBryson Haggart11 timer siden
  • The golden coin chocolate is called “gelt”

  • Socks:man I wish I had Chinese food right now Me who’s actually asian:YOU TRY TO DEAL WITH CHINESE FOOD 24/27

    XtremefireblastXtremefireblast12 timer siden
  • It’s called compound TBH

    ReVEn ASHERReVEn ASHER12 timer siden
  • It’s reverse 1:05

    DogeeecraftDogeeecraft13 timer siden
  • Brian say cool Stewie cool Brian say whip Stewie whip Brian say cool whip Stewie cool hwhip Socks say chick Laff chick Socks say fill Laff fill Socks say a Laff aaaaaaaaa Socks say chick fill a Laff chick a filla

    Tommy JohnsonTommy Johnson13 timer siden
  • Those yellow fruit where pumeloe

    Jay GomezJay Gomez14 timer siden
  • when u play with a robot

    Riley SlemonsRiley Slemons14 timer siden
  • The clear liquid was bleach

    Ethan PoopyEthan Poopy14 timer siden
  • socks for one more like socks for none

    0p Game3R0p Game3R14 timer siden
  • I believe in chick a filla

    Landon Robinson - EVE StudentLandon Robinson - EVE Student14 timer siden
  • From now on I will call "Chick-fil-A" Chick A Filla

    Estela CastillejoEstela Castillejo15 timer siden
  • "Chick-a-fila"- Laffen Gas

    Rhea BhatiaRhea Bhatia15 timer siden

    Calco and BanBans Awesome WorldCalco and BanBans Awesome World15 timer siden
  • i heard about it but i forgot

    Bob NepalBob Nepal16 timer siden
  • Socks and Tbh talking about jumping in all those boxes and then theres laff quiet like mouse most likely thinking what are they talking about

    crystalgalaxy_18crystalgalaxy_1816 timer siden
  • 1:19 There is a chimical reaction between the two liquids, so the atoms of the lighter one consumes the other. The dark one is consumed by the light one during that reaction, that's why it seems to disappear. Usually it is used to determinate the concentration in specific atoms of an unknown liquid. (Sorry if my english and scientific terms are bad im french)

    NarskoNarsko16 timer siden
  • socks nobody else probably found this out but the tennis racket in the background and blue slime was used for the (not pre-made) thumb-nail

    skippit nowskippit now16 timer siden
  • Am I the only one who ate play doe when I was a 2 or 3 year old🤣🤣😂

    J.C U.T.VJ.C U.T.V16 timer siden
  • Golden coin choco=gelt if u guys didn’t know that

    Woof PackWoof Pack16 timer siden
  • invisible ink

    Maren GoodrichMaren Goodrich17 timer siden
  • One time i ordered a grilled cheese at a resteraunt. i had to wait a while and when they served it i picked upp my bread. it had no cheese. so im like wheres the cheese? and theyre like oh HAHAHAHA

    Rachel HoltRachel Holt17 timer siden
  • Bill Nye the Russian spy

    Virak VongVirak Vong17 timer siden
  • With no snack

    Florence BushFlorence Bush17 timer siden
  • I love Bill 9s viotos

    Marcella YonkoskyMarcella Yonkosky17 timer siden
  • chik a fla

    max boyernmax boyern18 timer siden
  • yoooooooo 2:25 yooooooooooooooo brooooooooooooooo

    Elizabeth ScarboroughElizabeth Scarborough18 timer siden

    Kaithe lieKaithe lie19 timer siden
  • I love that TBH is getting so hyped up over the fact that Socks has never tried boba tea. I do agree with TBH though, boba tea is really good.

    Taylor HurtTaylor Hurt19 timer siden
  • The video was supposed to be satisfying but instead you just listen to socks screaming-

    Riley ScheidRiley Scheid20 timer siden
  • chick a filla

    ILoveYou!ILoveYou!20 timer siden
  • Bet u wont pin me

    H BombH Bomb20 timer siden
  • Lol so why did I actually fall asleep 😂😂

    Brooklyn JacksonBrooklyn Jackson20 timer siden
  • The video with the dice is playing in reverse and it is someone blowing sand onto the dice

    supernancynoodlesupernancynoodle20 timer siden
  • The most satisfying part is that the video's exactly 10 minutes

    FreeRealEstateFreeRealEstate21 time siden
  • satisfied? more like sad im in pain

    marcelmarcel21 time siden
  • its bleach

    Mario CervantesMario Cervantes21 time siden
  • 5:55 (I need to go now so don’t mind me)

    Toby GrantToby Grant22 timer siden
  • Why do you stretch your videos to 10 minutes to get money?

    Impact - Brawl Stars & And moreImpact - Brawl Stars & And more22 timer siden
  • chic a filla

    Liam JonesLiam Jones22 timer siden
  • Did anyone hear the friends reference?

    Creeper KnightCreeper Knight23 timer siden
  • chick fill aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Armani RamirezArmani Ramirez23 timer siden
  • 1:05, it is basically a solvent going into a solution or something like that

    Ragnarok 15,000Ragnarok 15,00023 timer siden
  • and lets go tbh bubble tea rocks

    SalmonYTSalmonYTDag siden
  • bill nye went to jail for assault

    SalmonYTSalmonYTDag siden
  • 8:59 an Indonesian food kind off

    Igniter 112Igniter 112Dag siden
  • 1:08 thats Hydrogen Peroxide

    Igniter 112Igniter 112Dag siden
    • Nerd alert

      Igniter 112Igniter 112Dag siden
  • Actually i was sleepy when i clicked this video

    Marius Grae GianganMarius Grae GianganDag siden
  • Socks: “Oh their making Sponge Bob and Patrick! Oh wait no their not.” Me: “Stupid” (Not to be mean I love you Socks). :)

    Reece MariaReece MariaDag siden
  • Its boba not bubble

    victor bernaconivictor bernaconiDag siden
  • Alternate title: no more boring science on internet

  • Plot twist 1:32 : no I take one by one

  • He forgot his snack again

    HyperSmilezHyperSmilezDag siden
  • Blaza :i jave ONE golden coin Tb: i have a chocolate coin Me: sorry blaza tb wins (Sorry abt my spelling j cant type good)

    lily-grace cunningtonlily-grace cunningtonDag siden
  • When did socks make his hair curly

    Cruz SimpsonCruz SimpsonDag siden
  • Dude cut ur hair xD

    Vanessa MartinVanessa MartinDag siden
  • Its called boba 🧋

    Bunny girl CcBunny girl CcDag siden

    Susan BowersSusan BowersDag siden
  • Hey socks i got 2 more thing that r satifying #1subscribing #2 how the vid is 10:00 min omgg can we plssss talk abut that

    Violet FelixViolet FelixDag siden

    A single HouseA single HouseDag siden
  • 4:13 they aren’t coconuts I don’t know how to call them it’s in nerderlands or china can buy it it’s can be white or red when u eat it inside u need use an knife and make peaces of The hide then with ur hand u see white then and in middel an hole then do peaces apart

    Robot HuRobot HuDag siden
  • I going to be hungry im lucky i not "puasa" bc im live in MALAYSIA and im Islamic

    i live in MALAYSIAi live in MALAYSIADag siden
  • It’s an acid

    Jace PalmerJace PalmerDag siden
  • can u play xenoves

    Alfred AllenAlfred AllenDag siden