7. april. 2021
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SEASON 3 in Rocket League is here and with it is the BIGGEST Trade Up UPDATE in the HISTORY of the game! Leave a like if you enjoyed and are excited for more! #PixelArmy #Roadto900k
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  • He didn’t realise the sb atomizer

    Charlie AugusciakCharlie Augusciak11 minutter siden
  • Is it just me or does the trade up take FOREVER sometimes?

    Leon KuballaLeon Kuballa31 minutt siden
  • please can i have one? ;-;

    bomy manbomy man38 minutter siden
  • You have luck

    la street du 53la street du 5347 minutter siden
  • 26:12 Bro just traded up my dream goal expolosion 🙄🤚

    Aiden TodAiden TodTime siden
  • Bro you are the best I am sud and I use your code are you able to help me out so I could get my first black market I do not have any items to trade up

  • Me just watching pixel react to opening things for a half an hour... My mom: What does that even do for you? Me: ....... ITs InTEresting

    It’s MaxxIt’s MaxxTime siden
  • Didnt you get any good item from the vrare to import??

    Philippe LouisPhilippe LouisTime siden
  • I did one trade up and got toon no colour no cert lets goo

    HeatedHeatedTime siden
  • My first trade I got black standard

    Zoom365Zoom365Time siden

    Hei du 123Hei du 1232 timer siden
  • idk know what's happening but the new trading menu doesn't work for me it says error all the time i have alot of items to trade in pls tell me how to do it

    ahmed elsherbiniahmed elsherbini2 timer siden
  • He is so lucky, and the best thing I can get is a banner

    Terri KearnesTerri Kearnes2 timer siden
  • Who else is on PS4 and it glitches

    lIlIlIlIlIlxlIlIlIlIlIlx3 timer siden
    • Yeah same. It fucking takes forever sometimes

      Leon KuballaLeon Kuballa29 minutter siden
  • Am i the only one just getting sad from this vid ? I cant even get 1 bm

    BOB The builderBOB The builder3 timer siden
  • At 15:30 Black market start

    J MaJ Ma3 timer siden
  • Yo could I have some wheels please 😁😂

    CM_05CM_053 timer siden

    Gabriel FerreiraGabriel Ferreira3 timer siden
  • Me: imanige he gets tw draco He: gets it Me: OmG hOw !!!

    Clutch is the bestClutch is the best3 timer siden
  • hey mate may i take one exotic out off those 400 ?

    Melvin Te RietMelvin Te Riet3 timer siden
    • XD

      Melvin Te RietMelvin Te Riet3 timer siden
  • Pixel is my First youtuber when I was a kid now my Dream is gonna be pixel

    Khum KhumaKhum Khuma4 timer siden
  • me poor:

    Okki NeriOkki Neri4 timer siden
  • Bro pls gift me on animus gp plss

    Alfio MaciAlfio Maci4 timer siden
  • Does any1 got a gravity bomb they wanna trade?

    DARK_EliteDARK_Elite5 timer siden
  • I‘m literally FREAKING out that you traded up crimson draco and butterfly blueprints omgggg

    Johannes E.Johannes E.5 timer siden
  • Can I have the orange mainframe?😅

    Big FronkBig Fronk5 timer siden
  • can you gift me an dissolver?

    Marco LolivaMarco Loliva5 timer siden
  • Hey you should do more giveaways maybe for the lesser items like painted exotics :D luv the videos ❤️

    Rick SanchezRick Sanchez5 timer siden
  • Me with 3 exotic and 1 bm 🥲

    Ben KonejungBen Konejung6 timer siden
  • How does he get excited for what he gets when he already have everything in the game

    asap4evrasap4evr6 timer siden
  • i wich i have youre luck

    Bilboyolol LolBilboyolol Lol7 timer siden
  • Hes got 22 fennecs, me with 1 painted octane

    Jeremy WilsonJeremy Wilson7 timer siden
  • He always says world record , so is he beating his own record? Pretty impressive

    Jeremy WilsonJeremy Wilson7 timer siden
  • maan....I bought the rocket pass without pixelarmy in item shop =(((

    LuciLuci8 timer siden
  • Mate ur so lucky I got grey dracos and one tradeup later I got grey standard 😂😂

    Jaydon XDJaydon XD8 timer siden
  • Cobalt mainframe looks titanium white depending on what colors u use on ur car

    Pei Shin LuPei Shin Lu8 timer siden
  • You're a true one

    Finley SullivanFinley Sullivan8 timer siden
  • Did he just miss a titanium white k2? 13:04😳

    Zoro One three five seven sixZoro One three five seven six8 timer siden
  • I’m sad from just looking at the stuff he gets because I’ve been scammed 39 times

    Usha Rani RamUsha Rani Ram9 timer siden
  • I got white nergal and white new bm decal with striker and still white on first try

    Matthew BredingMatthew Breding9 timer siden
  • It is hurting me each I watch him trade up 5 painted exotics worth around 500 each and getting a trash black market.

    Yo MamaYo Mama10 timer siden
  • :me when I see this BRUH😒😑

    Dusty SavardDusty Savard11 timer siden
  • Bro if you have any left can I please get a titanium white creeper please

    Christian GartmanChristian Gartman11 timer siden
  • yo i got my friend tw interstellar bp

    gabriel amayagabriel amaya11 timer siden
  • Damn im soooo mad at myself just before the update I traded crated exotics for like 50 creds before the update

    Zohar CaboZohar Cabo11 timer siden
  • Am I lucky, I did one exotic trade up and got a painted mainframe (burnt sienna)

    DonnaGamingDonnaGaming11 timer siden
  • bro plesse give me some wheels lmao i wanna trade up sooo bad

    Alec AtevensAlec Atevens12 timer siden
  • Omg finally we can trade up creates

    slx ghostxslx ghostx12 timer siden
    • What it is? Is it drops?

      Жан МурсалимЖан Мурсалим10 timer siden
  • Is there anybody that stopped playing and Gott the alpha boost I know it’s super expensive but just lemme know if u stop playing and I wanna ask if u could give me the alpha boost I’m on pc :)

    aetycllaetycll12 timer siden
  • Hey pickapixel I'll probably won't win the titanium white octane or apex wheels can u trade me 1000 credits for the rocket pass If u read this I'll appreciate it and by the way keep the great work love ur vids hope u get to a 1mil subs

    Shadowofthegames 05Shadowofthegames 0512 timer siden
  • Everyone loves the update but now all prices are gonna drop

    Nub tub JoeNub tub Joe13 timer siden
  • 7:36 ooooh the crimson lobos (there default lol)

    Hdhshjsjsjsh SahshshdhsHdhshjsjsjsh Sahshshdhs13 timer siden
  • 10:39 i know he did not just-

    629xr2629xr214 timer siden
  • You can get 100 black markets right now and ur happy I can’t get any black markets and I only have 3 black markets and I am really happy😔😃

    yassin hishamyassin hisham14 timer siden
  • Quick question if you do 5 titanium white excotics what would ya get.

    Harrison OwenHarrison Owen15 timer siden
  • Id love to win but what r the ods

    lil.4rnielil.4rnie15 timer siden
  • Did you traded blue dominus?

    Cristian VăduvaCristian Văduva15 timer siden
  • 15:44 for black markets

    TTV LIFTTTV LIFT15 timer siden
  • 13:04 just casually skips over tw k2

    waffleegg69waffleegg6915 timer siden
  • Am I lucky or what, I traded a 100 credit item for items worth 70k credits in total

    Kevin BuckleyKevin Buckley16 timer siden
  • I got white hypnotics today 😀😀😀😀😀 @pickapixel

    Russell Brown IVRussell Brown IV16 timer siden
  • Am I the only one who can’t trade up crate items

    Matt McInnesMatt McInnes16 timer siden
    • Yes Bro it really works but not anymore...

      Luis _2907Luis _290715 timer siden
  • Pickapixel: I dont think anyone will have as many trade ups as me... John sandman has entered the chat

    Aiden GoingsAiden Goings16 timer siden
  • I'm going back to get a new titanium white octane's

    JasonJason16 timer siden
  • Me slowly crying as he trades is the titanium white bodies

    Oliver BeardsallOliver Beardsall16 timer siden
  • Hello 👋 it is a person I found on tiktok that I think can be famous one day how can I help that person get fame

    Hyper KenjiHyper Kenji16 timer siden
  • Mate ar u British like me 👍

    Romeo De jesusRomeo De jesus16 timer siden
  • 15:40 the start of bm trade ups

    TinkllyTinklly16 timer siden
    • Do you wana trade with me

      just pressurejust pressure16 timer siden
  • Nice vic

    Weex MarekWeex Marek17 timer siden
  • Hey guys , i cant trade yet, i think its bugged or something, does anyone have the Same problem ?

    joao alvesjoao alves17 timer siden
  • I got a tw duelling dragons striker

    Kai O'NeillKai O'Neill17 timer siden
  • i got a labasasdrenth from this then i saw your video ;(

  • Bruh he has 22 fennecs

    TheReal MNSpiessTheReal MNSpiess17 timer siden
  • Ok... So my friend told me you have been trying to get tellekenisis or idk name that is painted... I did ONE trade and got it but unpainted...

    TheReal MNSpiessTheReal MNSpiess17 timer siden
  • Plot twist: pixel broke rocket league trade-ups

    Vincent RuschmanVincent Ruschman17 timer siden
  • You can get a hell Fire Painted

    trudie jonestrudie jones17 timer siden
  • you made so many creds off of crated items lmao

    12912917 timer siden
  • U got so much stuff dang

    ch Syncsch Syncs17 timer siden
  • You skipped tw k2

    Corrine DaviesCorrine Davies18 timer siden
  • Me *watching Him Trade in all these items* "im going to do this too i want to get some bm" Also Me having no items :(

  • please can we trade 1 black marketet :) for free *_* :)

    Felix KeimesFelix Keimes18 timer siden
  • I got hades bomb lime certifices in first

    Patrik BaričevićPatrik Baričević18 timer siden
  • i looked at the official rocket league update page and it says you're not allowed to trade-in crate items... when i try to trade up my crate items they don't even show up in the core items menu, so why can pixel do this?

    goobrVODSgoobrVODS18 timer siden
    • @xReznr oh my b. thanks!

      goobrVODSgoobrVODS58 minutter siden
    • If you pay attention he only trades up Golden eggs, golden gifts, and golden lanterns Exotics. You can't trade up say a Champions Crate 3 exotic because you're not allowed.

      xReznrxReznr17 timer siden
  • I got my first bm because of this update :)

    lucimmalucimma18 timer siden
  • 10:58 why I see 2 differents wheels ?

    Its JeKamaIts JeKama18 timer siden
    • It was a transition.

      xReznrxReznr17 timer siden

    Cutie PieCutie Pie18 timer siden
  • You can get a painted hades bomb from the new trade up system i got a riser today!

    Frost_AshzxxFrost_Ashzxx18 timer siden
  • "Aww, just another dueling dragons!" Me: cries

    TnT GamingTnT Gaming18 timer siden
    • I've never heard him say that

      SecretNoob40 YTSecretNoob40 YT4 timer siden
  • i would love to do my trade ups but it soft locks my game every time i try to accept the trade up, anyone else got this problem?

    ItsBreeeZeyItsBreeeZey18 timer siden
  • Could I have a free black market :)

    FeverFNFeverFN19 timer siden
  • the market... the market is going to brake after this.

    SharkBuble YTSharkBuble YT19 timer siden
  • i already got a lime paladin, tw mantis and some pink wheels from 3 trade-ins

    Lauri VirtalaLauri Virtala19 timer siden
  • My first trade up in season three was exotic hypnotic saffron am I luck or not

    Eric NjolaiEric Njolai19 timer siden
  • Y have a import crate what y have a Wheel rare

    Pepijn KooiPepijn Kooi19 timer siden
  • Is the righteos gale boost good Import Titanium white

    Game Tube911Game Tube91119 timer siden
  • imagine red party time ooooooh

    AtueAtue19 timer siden
  • Happy belated birthday

    QuACKDzQuACKDz19 timer siden
  • Guys some how I logged on rocket league and got a white hand heart? anyone know why?

    Thomas ArdernThomas Ardern19 timer siden
  • If only I could trade up without having to wait 5 minutes for each one to process😅

    Locke FNLocke FN19 timer siden
  • I did one trade up and got dueling dragons

    Jays LemonJays Lemon19 timer siden