The President Gets Evicted From The White House - The President Show

23. okt.. 2018
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After getting evicted from the White House in 2021, Donald Trump (Anthony Atamanuik) continues to act like a big shot on his reality show “VanderTrump Rules.”

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The losers dominating late-night are in for a rude awakening when the smartest, handsomest, most winning-est president of all time enters the fray to address the nation. The President Show brings television back to the people - by putting a plutocratic billionaire behind the desk.
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  • It get really weird after the T man end the presidency.

    Chantal DixonChantal Dixon4 dager siden
  • LOL Trump even helped CC get views.

    Mr. WhiteMr. White6 dager siden
  • Not even clever TRUMP + America = Success

    Thomas WilliamThomas William8 dager siden
  • American comedy isn't funny

    RichRich10 dager siden
  • Trump 2024

    Sleepy JoeSleepy Joe10 dager siden
  • He sounds like BEATLE JUICE XD

    Coffee CatCoffee Cat11 dager siden
  • This is very stupid. So far its not even close

    KillsocialmediaKillsocialmedia12 dager siden
  • The next will be even better!!!

    farmboysdieselfarmboysdiesel13 dager siden
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Crisanto SalazarCrisanto Salazar14 dager siden
  • 2024 will be a very special year

    Drachna LordetzalaDrachna Lordetzala14 dager siden
  • Whoa a truck 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    clodagh IRE&UKclodagh IRE&UK15 dager siden
  • "I'm being evicted like a South African farmer!" I snorted coffee into my living brain.

    Joshua OlsenJoshua Olsen16 dager siden
  • Oh?😳Trump?

    Yangon YangonYangon Yangon18 dager siden
  • Hm, now why did this show up in my recommended feed all of a sudden?

    TheBigHTheBigH19 dager siden
  • This is kinda sad

    Abie PratamaAbie Pratama20 dager siden
  • trump: aftermath.

    「Salo」「Salo」21 dag siden
  • Orange Genocide

    Ron VorpeRon Vorpe22 dager siden
  • 3 years later after this sketch... 1. Joe Biden is elected as the 46th President and Kalama Harris as the Vice President after the 2020 Election results were counted. 2. Biden & Harris supporters celebrate with cheers and dance in the streets (while wearing)😷. The Trump Supporters on the other hand were angry and demand a recount. 3. January 6, 2021. Trump told his supporters to gather at the White House and march to the US Capitol where they stormed it, leaving 5 dead and 140 injured. The Capitol was fortified after the riot. 4. Joe Biden is Inaugurated as the 46th President and takes the oath of Office as Trump leaves in defeat. 5. February 9th. The second impeachment trial of Donald Trump.

    DipperBronyPinesDipperBronyPines23 dager siden
  • BITE ME. This was and is a travesty of justice. Not funny at all

    Transplanted TexTransplanted Tex24 dager siden
  • 0:36 haha 😂 🤣💀

    Michael ToledoMichael Toledo24 dager siden
  • This has aged well

    SCP-173 wants to Snap your neckSCP-173 wants to Snap your neck24 dager siden
  • *make fun of the only guy who stood up to the Illuminati. This host of this video will love America when it turns into North Korea.*

    Radio 4MenRadio 4Men25 dager siden
  • Wishful thinking or propanganda. Wake up!

    Mike JamiesonMike Jamieson26 dager siden
  • To be that happy to be in the truck hilarious

    Teddy FlowersTeddy Flowers26 dager siden
  • Simpsons didn't predict this Comedy central did

    Paul SmithPaul Smith27 dager siden
  • sad

    Dustie MurrayDustie Murray28 dager siden
  • WHY THE HELL would you post such a thing on the official WHITEHOUSE youtube page!!!?? WOW!!! you can't get much more disrespectful than CRAP like this!!! where are all the mocks about other presidents? Fair is fair, or are you just making a strong effort to show us all what your true colors are... WOW!!! SHAME on you guys, so sad to see this clip here...

    Steve FossumSteve Fossum29 dager siden
  • Humor will conquer all. I'm a Trump supporter but I thoroughly enjoyed this. Thank you.

    Alycat PublishingAlycat PublishingMåned siden
  • Possibly the worst trump impression

    daedralord1daedralord1Måned siden
  • Good Trnmp

    visitor eVisavisitor eVisaMåned siden
  • Hahahahaha😄

    Lorraine KaaiLorraine KaaiMåned siden
  • I’m traumatized yall

    Lovely ChelsLovely ChelsMåned siden
  • WOW! This is 2 years old. I'm so happy 😊

    Salvatore VitielloSalvatore VitielloMåned siden
  • And september 11 2021.

    Margaret OctaviaMargaret OctaviaMåned siden
  • The wrong thing is melania(for now) and the 46th president is another person from biden

    Margaret OctaviaMargaret OctaviaMåned siden
  • This is 40 percent accurate(for now)

    Margaret OctaviaMargaret OctaviaMåned siden
  • I feel like Jeff Bezos will buy trump tower at some point.

    Zora IdealeZora IdealeMåned siden
  • Tump love presedent

    Loloy AlsonadoLoloy AlsonadoMåned siden
  • "Where's the nuclear football? Give me the nuclear football!"

    Jesse BillerJesse BillerMåned siden
  • Trump saving America Trump is the best

    David CentillionDavid CentillionMåned siden
  • You could literally run exactly the same sketch but with Biden instead of Trump......only chane you'd have to do is put Biden on gurney as he's wheeled off the care home

    Jon TeeHeeJon TeeHeeMåned siden
  • Lol don bad faced jerk ?

    Jordan SharpeJordan SharpeMåned siden
  • This is funny because Biden is the one about to be outed (written 1/29/21)

    GodzScrtAgntGodzScrtAgntMåned siden
  • Love is eternal and the God gifted love to baby Trump in a massive form, so he began to eve teasing when he was just of six years old. He used to cut pinching on the back of little Lucy a student of nursery. One day he approached to Lucy, my love, I will marry you and then embraced her tightly and kissed. He continued eve teasing even senior girls and habitually gave them winks. He recited poems twinkle twinkle little girl how I wonder what you are. I can jump from the moon, if you say oh my Trumpy I love you. Romanticism showed him a way to the white house where he did many mistakes as an arrogant racist. Laws are ready to keep him inside the jail.

    mohammed burhanuddinmohammed burhanuddinMåned siden
  • Damn.

    I Am ToastI Am ToastMåned siden
  • _"I'm being evicted like a South African farmer!"_ That's something Trump would've actually said. (0:36)

    Alan MorrisAlan MorrisMåned siden
    • This shit was pure comedy tho his mannerisms were exact

      Jordan SharpeJordan SharpeMåned siden
    • @Plane Facts It's no laughing matter.

      Alan MorrisAlan MorrisMåned siden
    • It’s no laughing matter that though. Both now and under apartheid for the wealthy blacks that had farms. Even today the wealthy blacks who know how to farm correctly (like with white farmers there too) are being evicted from their farms and is given to those who don’t know to farm correctly and the land becomes degraded and harvests fail

      Plane FactsPlane FactsMåned siden

    Noobish Dirt The Object Thingy Vegas Logo EditorNoobish Dirt The Object Thingy Vegas Logo EditorMåned siden
  • Lol 😂

    Eddie melzEddie melzMåned siden
  • Secret service had to move the desk away

    Alexii JAlexii JMåned siden
  • Chump no no no ha ha ha ha ha ha ok

    Zoo siab thoj channelZoo siab thoj channelMåned siden
  • To say that this "aged like fine wine" is such an understatement.

    Jacob MillerJacob MillerMåned siden
    • Good analogy

      Jordan SharpeJordan SharpeMåned siden
  • Trump wait come back

    Kris KalliecharanKris KalliecharanMåned siden
  • Where will Donald, Ivanka, and Don Jr. be on 9/11/21? #NeverForget this video when the date arrives.

    justin castillojustin castilloMåned siden
  • Nice joke

    UNITY!UNITY!Måned siden
  • this man has predicted the future

  • Who’s watching this in 2021

  • :” nooo


    Barabara OtchereBarabara OtchereMåned siden
  • This is where trump got the idea not to concede

    Zora IdealeZora IdealeMåned siden
    • 💀✌🏼

      ellvvellvvMåned siden
  • This guy is funny as hell but i think Alec Baldwin is funnier

    DemZDemZMåned siden
  • 🤣

    Muhammad RuzdhanMuhammad RuzdhanMåned siden
  • This was made two years ago? Damn, this was spot on!

    VylkeerVylkeerMåned siden
  • How did they know

    NancieNancieMåned siden
  • ...And that's how the TRUMPOCALYPSE presidency came to an end.... He welcomes beautifully in Florida.

    Chantal DixonChantal DixonMåned siden
  • Oh no

    DonaId TrumpDonaId TrumpMåned siden
  • "Me too, what about me?!" "This is white genocide" lol

    Jackson adamsJackson adamsMåned siden
  • Nobody wants to buy his s***** property he should just retire and buy a McDonald's and KFC and be happy of course no money will made because he will eat all the profits

    aaMåned siden
  • I'm sad that what happened yesterday did not exactly happen like in this video.

    Kent BrendenKent BrendenMåned siden
  • Two many words with more than two syllables. Very unrealistic

    Mike WazowskiMike WazowskiMåned siden
  • The fact that he was wearing the exact same thing predicted here makes this even more funny

    Lil Chopstixz 21Lil Chopstixz 21Måned siden
  • The only part of this that didn’t age correctly was Trump being dragged with that desk. In reality Trump left on Air Force One serval hours before Biden took office to fly to Florida to go to his resort.

    Plane FactsPlane FactsMåned siden
  • Lol accurate from yesterday 😂😂😂😂😂 👏👏👏😂

    • What do you mean? He didn't even do that yesterday lol😂. He went away without any arguing or anything. I watched the live stream yesterday

      Mohammed Ali the gMohammed Ali the gMåned siden
  • This aged like fine wine

    JlfreedomJlfreedomMåned siden
  • Writer is better than fake astrologers

    anuj shrivastavaanuj shrivastavaMåned siden
  • 😂😂😂

    Daniel Rodolfo GOMILA GUTIERREZDaniel Rodolfo GOMILA GUTIERREZMåned siden
  • trump is a bad person a racist version of a rotten annoying orange

    Fyre DreilFyre DreilMåned siden
  • Mdrr 😂😂😂la légende dit que je suis encore en train de rire

    Lilou GuilielmoLilou GuilielmoMåned siden
  • Gonna miss him, im not done messing with him

    Legend21forLegend21forMåned siden
  • 0:38 "I'm being evicted like a South African farmer." Sadly South Africans barely get any news coverage and when they do it's just a joke. South African farmers are being murdered every single week, not evicted. Quite disgusting how Comedy Central made a joke out of this.

    Becca BørnsBecca BørnsMåned siden
  • Good Riddance 0:36

    Cassidy InkuraCassidy InkuraMåned siden
  • Reality:Trump leaves the White House by himself and went into a helicopter. Me expecting him to be dragged out:My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.

    Elijah Ling Zhao ZhongElijah Ling Zhao ZhongMåned siden
    • Barking dogs seldom bite.

      CK YauCK YauMåned siden
  • Why is it always comedy to predict the future

    Frost CompanyFrost CompanyMåned siden
  • Uhh well he left the White House all right...

    WildFan 112WildFan 112Måned siden
  • They literally predicted the future including the divorce 😂😂

    RayRayMåned siden
  • Who else is watching this on inauguration day 2021?

    Kendall M. DescalziKendall M. DescalziMåned siden
  • Unfortunately, this didn’t happen. But it’s pretty accurate anyways, with this comments.

    Mr_Seasons GamingMr_Seasons GamingMåned siden
    • @Spicystachegamer328 420 💋🍒💋Hopefully.🤞🏼💋🍒💋🤞🏼

      Purple FlowersPurple FlowersMåned siden
    • He's still impeached you know might even get convicted

      Spicystachegamer328 420Spicystachegamer328 420Måned siden
  • Just wondering, who else came here after the inauguration of Joe Biden? 😂

    reactivat3dreactivat3dMåned siden

    Haily VangooHaily VangooMåned siden
  • 46 president Joe Biden

    Everett CarterEverett CarterMåned siden

    eliza oconnelleliza oconnellMåned siden
    • It wasn't but the ignorant like to believe it did. This is what is accurate:

      Ron ErnieRon Ernie28 dager siden
  • 2:33

    ChowderChowderMåned siden
  • 2:32

    ChowderChowderMåned siden
  • Is this a prediction of what will come to Trump after he leaves office?

    EdgarEdgarMåned siden
    • @Plane Facts Maybe you're right

      EdgarEdgarMåned siden
    • Yes. Trump is very likely to go back to TV which will keep his supporters happy

      Plane FactsPlane FactsMåned siden
  • who is watching this on 1/20/21

  • *After 4 agonizing years, we finally kicked Trump’s ass out the White House.*

    some dude with a YouTube channelsome dude with a YouTube channelMåned siden
  • I am extremely saddened this isn't what happened ...... :(

    dontlookatenderdontlookatenderMåned siden
    • @anuj shrivastava not even near lol

      Mohammed Ali the gMohammed Ali the gMåned siden
    • It was near

      anuj shrivastavaanuj shrivastavaMåned siden
  • Bye bye dumbass 🤣🤣

    Train & Elevatorfan8150Train & Elevatorfan8150Måned siden
  • Who are all watching this on the inauguration day ?

    Bharathi ABharathi AMåned siden
    • me

      DanishRailroadNerd2006 Railway content & moreDanishRailroadNerd2006 Railway content & moreMåned siden
  • 2:30

    ChowderChowderMåned siden
  • 2:22

    ChowderChowderMåned siden