THE Shadowlands Guide To Leveling and Endgame Preparation

16. nov.. 2020
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In this Shadowlands guide I give tips on leveling and a guide to endgame preparation that takes place in the first 15 days of the expansion.
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  • You've got corrections to add, don't you? Have at it, friends! *ANOTHER BIG EDIT* Torghast layers are gated per week (which is good or bad news who knows lol) TLDR it'll take 4 weeks for Torghast layers to fully unlock *BIG EDIT* The annotations at 15:50 are switched around, sorry about that! Not too worried you'll make a mistake because there're multiple verifications to make sure you want to commit to Threads of Fate leveling =)

    SoulSoBreezySoulSoBreezy2 måneder siden
    • If you just do nothing but main quest and ignore side and bonus objectives you will run into problems before you are finished half of bastion. The WM bonus may negate this but if you are running WM off you need to finish at least some sidequests or bonus objectives to keep up with the level requirements for quests.

      MakathranMakathranMåned siden
    • Didnt mention running full M0's first 2 weeks?

      Jeremy PointsJeremy Points2 måneder siden
    • I would recommend setting your hearthstone to your Covenant Sanctum. You can use your other teleports/stones to get to Org/SW and then Oribos fairly quickly. Tthere is no quick way to your sanctum until you get to very high renown besides hearthing. Just like garrisons, you spend more time in your sanctum then you do in the capital city, so it is the priority.

      Lactose Intolerant GamingLactose Intolerant Gaming2 måneder siden
    • @Wakajce Also, with Dalaran hearth and Garrison Heart(particular with L3 garrison) you can get to the capital fast enough, so you never need to have the regular hearth set to the capital.

      Michael SMichael S2 måneder siden
    • Your added descriptor boxes for the Threads of Fate choice @ 15:50 are flip/flopped, left vs right.

      digmoddigmod2 måneder siden
  • im brand new and dont know what half these words mean D:

    Quinn BeasleyQuinn BeasleyMåned siden
  • Man I started with war mode and had an endless chain of sub rogues 2 shotting me :/ screw that crap pve hero mode activate

    Jimbo The ImpalerJimbo The ImpalerMåned siden
  • You said a week? Bro some of us work a lot and don’t have time to play like that 😂

    Christopher AndradeChristopher Andrade2 måneder siden
  • Aggressive sharting is what I heard.

    Instructor YazoInstructor Yazo2 måneder siden
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    Василь ЗаячукВасиль Заячук2 måneder siden
  • why do u say that dungeons are useless, when the first player reached 60th (in 3 hours) was the one who only did dungeons

    Iam LandeIam Lande2 måneder siden
  • Did the renown cap change to 3 for week one? I got renown 2 from the intro... I got renown 3 from depositing 1k anima... and I got the tutorial to go rescue souls, but no second quest to rescue souls for renown...

    Jason EllingerJason Ellinger2 måneder siden
  • It seems that the max Renown level for this week is 3, unless they do a in-the-middle-of-the-week kind of weekly quest. This changes for example the earlier belief of upgrading your honor gear to ilvl 184 on week 2, as it will not be happening then.

    K AK A2 måneder siden
  • I seriously may pick back up just to start over at level 1 as an Orc Shammy. That WoW bug is biting again!

    OrcFaceDreamerOrcFaceDreamer2 måneder siden
    • Do it! Do it! Do it!

      RezzunubRezzunub2 måneder siden
  • Is there a way to come back to Bastian if I teleport out to Any old city like Dalaran

    Zephyrine StarZephyrine Star2 måneder siden
    • portal room

      SoulSoBreezySoulSoBreezy2 måneder siden
  • I saw no one while leveling 2 characters lmao did they add layers or something. I felt like was playing a single player game.

    BradBrad2 måneder siden
  • First 15 days if you have no life...

    Aboleo80Aboleo802 måneder siden
  • Thank you soul

    Rob USMCRob USMC2 måneder siden
  • all the nerds are gonna be burned out in a trash game again. pathetic

    Vance HinesVance Hines2 måneder siden
  • I always struggle to know which ones are the campaign quests xD

    Luke hartleyLuke hartley2 måneder siden
  • Does anyone know if the zones scale up? My plan was to only do story quests till I'm all done then going back to zones to do the side quests so I don't end up doing the story quests post 60=

    Frank PlaneFrank Plane2 måneder siden
    • @SoulSoBreezy got it. Thank you!

      Frank PlaneFrank Plane2 måneder siden
    • They don't scale up until you hit 60, then everything scales to 60

      SoulSoBreezySoulSoBreezy2 måneder siden
  • Alot to take in. Possibly the most interesting guide I have viewed. Obviously this is going to be a rush to power in the 1st two weeks. At least I can follow something now. Thanks

    puka tsvpuka tsv2 måneder siden
  • 1 Note Torghast will not have every difficulty open it's only gonna have like the first 3 then the second week it increases to 5 or 6 then Mythic opens the rest.

    PolarizedPolarized2 måneder siden
  • Do you recommend do torghast with team?

    S S JS S J2 måneder siden
  • 15 days? after 7 days - 50 % will cancel sub already lol

    Mis GotfrydMis Gotfryd2 måneder siden
  • You need to update this for the latest info about torghast only having 3 layers available week 1 otherwise people might be confused and think they've done something wrong. Also should add a note about most things being disabled at opening till first reset so people know they're not missing out if they're not 60 on day 1.

    Trix465Trix4652 måneder siden
    • That was already updated

      SoulSoBreezySoulSoBreezy2 måneder siden
  • I'm making a new account. Wil I be able to just jump into shadowlands? I've played previous expansions .

    WhatSuppWhatSupp2 måneder siden
    • Depends on if you get the heroic version of shadowlands that comes bundled with a level 50 boost, then yes

      SoulSoBreezySoulSoBreezy2 måneder siden
  • So hyped for this. Lotta grinds to do but its nice u can onoy do x amount a week. Keeps ppl with full time jobs from falling too far behind the hardcore grinders

    Fifth HorsemanFifth Horseman2 måneder siden
  • Well guys better have wm off

    HeymynamesaidanHeymynamesaidan2 måneder siden
  • So i just started playing after the update will i be pushed to shadowlands questline? right now they have me doing the BFA content

    AlmightyUrfAlmightyUrf2 måneder siden
  • This is so much to try and process and remember 😣

    SpidersFaceSpidersFace2 måneder siden
    • Much better than what BfA had! The to-do list is basically half the size of that shit show of an expansion

      DaggerRotMGDaggerRotMGMåned siden
    • Try playing the piano

      Electro SpotElectro SpotMåned siden
  • Great guide. Gave lots of helpful info and am going to bookmark and also share with my friends in Discord. FYI though: I started right before MoP and launch date for that was Sep 25, 2012. Does feel like more than 15 years ago sometimes though. :D

    Ophy JenkinsOphy Jenkins2 måneder siden
  • Great guide thanks very much.

    Steve KimberleySteve Kimberley2 måneder siden
  • Why in the world would you like to spend your whole time in dungeons when you are in the GODAMN SHADOWLANDS?!?!

    Here is an apple.Here is an apple.2 måneder siden
  • Great video...thanks

    Perry SmithPerry Smith2 måneder siden
  • You can now only push to layer 3 in the first week in torgast ^^

    Reverend ChilliReverend Chilli2 måneder siden
  • Save yourself time and by carrying the cape from your main cities rep vendor. My Org tele cape has saved me lots of time in the past.

    Donovan FletcherDonovan Fletcher2 måneder siden
    • There are 3 tele capes for og at the guild vendor ^^

      Yoshi 161Yoshi 1612 måneder siden
  • I give the try hards a week before quitting world of Warcraft for good the end game is near

    YoshiYoshi2 måneder siden
    • Actually that starts two weeks in when season 1 starts

      SoulSoBreezySoulSoBreezy2 måneder siden
  • maybe im just a casual noob but this whole video makes me think one thing: GOGOGOGOGOGOGOGO

    bamjam1bamjam12 måneder siden
  • As of 11/19, only the first 3 layers of Torghast will be available at launch of SL.

    PjStarTVPjStarTV2 måneder siden
    • what a shame, in the beta torghast seemed way too easy up until around layer 6ish

      VesonoVesono2 måneder siden
  • Thanks for the great guide!

    Daan MarreeDaan Marree2 måneder siden
  • wat about legion? we were kinda together aswell

    Mateus SousaMateus Sousa2 måneder siden
  • Rank 7 in week one, I know he said maybe but thats huge for the PvP community? are we sure?

    NikoKarmaNikoKarma2 måneder siden
  • Great video, but honestly I just feel overwhelmed by all the new systems & stuff. Not sure this is fun enough to sink days into.

    Emily SoanesEmily Soanes2 måneder siden
    • @SoulSoBreezy Thank you, thats a very good point & has chilled me out ahead of launch.

      Emily SoanesEmily Soanes2 måneder siden
    • I noticed that this is harder to talk about than it is to just do. IMO they've done a really good job easing players into these different layers. The way I or anyone else would present has been very abridged

      SoulSoBreezySoulSoBreezy2 måneder siden
  • Clear. Concise. Easy-to-follow. 10/10

    V4RJV4RJ2 måneder siden
  • What I got from this is "Don't have fun."

    press heartpress heart2 måneder siden
  • Can you do the Torghast Difficulty Unlocks as a group?

    SCBSCB2 måneder siden
    • Yes

      SoulSoBreezySoulSoBreezy2 måneder siden
  • Well in WOD everyone was starting leveling in the same zone... Gonna be fun...

    Bogdan DovgopolBogdan Dovgopol2 måneder siden
    • But this time alliance and horde will share the same leveling experience as in MOP. (Zone to Zone). This will be going back to the Cata roots where we quest in the same zones with almost the same hubs.

      MajorDOTMajorDOT2 måneder siden
  • Can't wait to level all ten of my 50's. WOOOOOOO

    GavinMercerGavinMercer2 måneder siden
  • Holy shit bro when i heard you talking about war mode and running away i lost all respect for you, so i alt tab and what do i see? Alliance, of course you are the care bear faction, I said to myself this guy is a giant pussy and i wont listen to advice from a coward... FOR THE HORDE, WM4LYFE!!!

    Paul MastersPaul Masters2 måneder siden
  • 4086919326

    Isaac KramerIsaac Kramer2 måneder siden
  • What's blurred out at 14:32?

    Philip KennyPhilip Kenny2 måneder siden
  • The game isnt even out yet...people already minmaxing the shit out of it.

    AetherbeastAetherbeast2 måneder siden
    • @Lq Rock I was only speaking for myself (hence the imo), and therefore making no judgements on how other people lead their lives or play the game. Don't take this personally. it's how I experience it, nothing more, nothing less.

      m. w.m. w.2 måneder siden
    • @m. w. yeah i meant no hate to casual or more simple players at all, it prob was my poor english that failed me there. I just meant there is a part of the game that requires more time, more commitment and more of a hardcore gaming rather than just having fun in the game with visuals and stuff. Anyway, even tho it's very time consuming, it still doesn't mean that those people won't have any real life going on for them, specially since its quarantine times now and people are kinda forced to stay at their homes, so it's probably not very nice to say something like "I make my progress irl, I have a career".

      Lq RockLq Rock2 måneder siden
    • Playing the game is different for everyone, and nobody decides that for another person. That aside: I make my progress irl, I have a career and play WoW because I love the game and gaming in general. I like raiding and M+ but only playing for the sake of progress imo is only substituting a rl job. But to each his own. It's a free world. I love transmogs too, cause if I fail, I better look good doing it :p

      m. w.m. w.2 måneder siden
    • @Lq Rock So farming Tmogs or Mounts isn't playing the game? Ridiculous comment lmao

      Mxsic ™Mxsic ™2 måneder siden
    • that's what you do when you don't give a shit about tmogs and mounts and shit and actually wanna do end game content, push high keys, do progress raiding or in another word, playing the game!

      Lq RockLq Rock2 måneder siden
  • Stupid question but where is the portal to the new zones? Is it in north rend?

    Jonathan RJonathan R2 måneder siden
    • After the unlock, portal room

      SoulSoBreezySoulSoBreezy2 måneder siden
  • not going to play this expac way to much BS. Best of luck to all hope you have a grand experience.

    Richard RobertsRichard Roberts2 måneder siden
  • To my fellow Alliance, lets turn WM OFF this 23 of November and show the Horde ,how boring it can be when blizzard choses favoritism.

    infernus luxinfernus lux2 måneder siden
    • They turn it on for 10% exp bonus not to kill.

      Dan PhillipsDan Phillips2 måneder siden
  • Wow, that was actually really good and accurate. Good job. I've been playing SL since day 1 of alpha and I've been going insane because of how much nonsense and badly written guides content creators are putting forward, but this was spot on for the most parts.

    WeirdVikingWeirdViking2 måneder siden
    • Holler if I missed anything (apart from the treads of fate mismatch) =D

      SoulSoBreezySoulSoBreezy2 måneder siden
  • Or! Take your time and don’t rush through the content then complain about the lack of content.

    Michael FosterMichael Foster2 måneder siden
    • Or! Imagine that there are thousands of different ways to play and enjoy this game, and everyone has their own one. But for quite some people, this includes minmaxing the shit out of stuff and being optimal with their time spent, e.g. to push CE asap. These people are not the ones that will complain about a lack of content.

      GuffinGuffin2 måneder siden
  • A huge shout out to Soul for answering almost every question in this thread. Having read the entire comment section I’ve seen all the things that Soul has taken the time to answer in the comments.

    Ardent DfenderArdent Dfender2 måneder siden
  • Am I the only one annoyed about the fact that I need to complete the story before playing end game? I just do not care, why it has to be forced?

    Ernestas BaltinasErnestas Baltinas2 måneder siden
    • I get it. In this case we're standing in front of the line blizzard draws where they decide "this is how we want it." I do appreciate the compromise that after the first playthrough you never have to do the leveling campaign ever again if you don't want to.

      SoulSoBreezySoulSoBreezy2 måneder siden
  • Shadowlands seems needlessly complicated....I miss reps and interesting spec trees with glyphs....oh well everything else looks good.

    Mario MarquesMario Marques2 måneder siden
  • Soooo do we know what we will need to accomplish eventually to be able to fly?

    Heather MontgomeryHeather Montgomery2 måneder siden
    • Not with 100% certainty, but maxing out your renown once supposedly equates to the pathfinder achievement. No word on when flying will actually unlock.

      SoulSoBreezySoulSoBreezy2 måneder siden
    • It’s tied to having selected a Covenant. Gaining Renoun with that covenant to some high level. Max Renoun is lvl 40 which will take many weeks to get to.

      Ardent DfenderArdent Dfender2 måneder siden
  • The only concern I have is , Are we really gona be able to log in?

    JimmyhndrxJimmyhndrx2 måneder siden
    • BFA lunch was smooth for me

      hashem AlFaourihashem AlFaouri2 måneder siden
    • I tend to log on well before launch and that's worked out for me so far

      SoulSoBreezySoulSoBreezy2 måneder siden
  • "warmode on until it gets tough". Switching to alliance then?

    cloudstrife2131cloudstrife21312 måneder siden
  • I'm going to try and get both Baer and Protadin up to date week one, but we'll see how much time all this takes and how much time I have available to play. Still not sure what covenants I'll choose for them, though it feels like Kyrian paladin and Venthyr druid. Excellent guide - I'll favorite it and keep it available if I forget anything.

    BobMerlinxBobMerlinx2 måneder siden
  • The madman actually blurred out spoilers. What a champ

    wardzerwardzer2 måneder siden
  • Lol you sound like Mr. Mobile

    Charlie GCharlie G2 måneder siden
  • Appreciate my man

    Mark PadillaMark Padilla2 måneder siden
  • See you all in FF 14 in a few weeks.

    Fenril7Fenril72 måneder siden
  • OR, just enjoy the game FFS....

    G MG M2 måneder siden
  • The game just failed before launch. This doesn't even sound fun.....

    Bigsnowie Mad ReachBigsnowie Mad Reach2 måneder siden
  • TLDR! LOL!

    Stephen KistenmacherStephen Kistenmacher2 måneder siden
  • wonderfully presented but it still feels so overwhelming trying to make sure all my chars are doing the mandatory content

    lendiallendial2 måneder siden
  • Bob. Bob was missed 😕

    ByrdmaanByrdmaan2 måneder siden
  • Awesome video! Definitely some good advice for getting all set up the first couple of weeks of Shadowlands

    JakintoJakinto2 måneder siden
  • One question: Is it even possible to clear all 8 layers in the first week?

    MagCynicMagCynic2 måneder siden
    • Yes

      SoulSoBreezySoulSoBreezy2 måneder siden
  • Thank you! I was hoping to find something like this. Shadowlands will be my first time hitting an expansion right away with the plan to raid so this is super helpful

    Eric BurnettEric Burnett2 måneder siden
  • I fully anticipate not being able to log-in after work on Monday. In fact, I don't anticipate being able to play until late Tuesday evening after the reset.

    MagCynicMagCynic2 måneder siden
  • My body is ready to get trashed in Torghast lol

    Irena SłomaIrena Słoma2 måneder siden
  • The xpack is not even out yet and people talking about end game stuff lol whats sad is how people complain about not having much to do and how the game is not fun yet people rush the content and take all the fun out the game by making it a job then get burnt out and don't come back till some major update opening new stuff repeat sadly this style of doing things keeps us in a endless loop of poor quality mmorpg only this time we pushed the company's to this because they will go were the money does.

    kittenpunk02 cootermagnumkittenpunk02 cootermagnum2 måneder siden
  • So is it better to get main to max level then tackle alts vs. leveling them together?

    Chun HChun H2 måneder siden
    • Imo, yes. Having that first main leveled to unlock threads of fate gives you flexibility on your alts. You can of course level normally too.

      SoulSoBreezySoulSoBreezy2 måneder siden
  • A different suggestion from breezes, do all the side quests in the zone for the covenent you are going to pick, extra rep and quests areas unlocked will help you do the covenent campaign at 60 easier.

    UngfaceUngface2 måneder siden
  • Really good guide! Keeping this one on my bookmarks for launch day :) Two question: Is there a really general ilvl you'd recommend for your first Maw run? I'll be either Arcane or Frost mage. I know there are tonnes of factors that come into it but just a ball-park figure. Do you know of a link to what the best legendaries are, or would I find this on a class guide like Icy Veins? Cheers :)

    Steffan EvansSteffan Evans2 måneder siden
    • At low levels its possible with what you have at max level. But the worse your gear is the more dependent you are on good anima powers

      SoulSoBreezySoulSoBreezy2 måneder siden
  • Aggressive Sharding - what happens to me when I eat Taco Bell

    C MelC Mel2 måneder siden
    • @Artem Koropotkin Baby fuckin muuuuuusic. Listen to my baby fuckin music

      Steven BonnellSteven BonnellMåned siden
    • Sounds like a little bit of pain haha

      Artem KoropotkinArtem KoropotkinMåned siden
    • Hahahahahahahahaha, hahahahahaha, That's Aggressive *SHARTING* not Sharding!!!! Hahahahahahahahahahah, Hahahahahahahahaha

      Steven BonnellSteven Bonnell2 måneder siden
  • Quick question in order to obtain soul ash from torghast u need to have found a legendary recipe first right ?

    Castie XCastie X2 måneder siden
    • No

      SoulSoBreezySoulSoBreezy2 måneder siden
  • And here i was thinking wow is a game for our enjoyment. Nope week 1 you have to do this and that week 2 you have to do this and that. Hello Blizzard!!!!! i allready have a day job.

    Eric vd SteenEric vd Steen2 måneder siden
    • @Eric vd Steen I think you misunderstood his last statement, he legit said IF you want to prep do this, if not then do your own thing.

      CorroborateCorroborate2 måneder siden
    • @SoulSoBreezy ok you are totally not getting the point of this being a game for our enjoyment and not a second job. take care and be good.

      Eric vd SteenEric vd Steen2 måneder siden
    • You're speaking as if wanting to play the game for enjoyment is not allowed or something. If you want to prepare, this is what you need to do. If you want to chill, chill.

      SoulSoBreezySoulSoBreezy2 måneder siden
    • @SoulSoBreezy Last i checked your video literally says: Week 2 preparation REQUIRED.... and then a bunch of stuff. The whole video is full of stuff u either need to do for prep or for renown or for reputation or for whatever. So yes that sounds like a second job to me.

      Eric vd SteenEric vd Steen2 måneder siden
    • Last I checked the title of this video isn't "what you must do in shadowlands or else." Relax.

      SoulSoBreezySoulSoBreezy2 måneder siden
  • PRO TIP FOR WARMODE: If things get bad while leveling and you want to opt out, you CAN opt OUT at ANY REST ZONE. (you can only opt in from cap cities.)

    Kravin GaimsKravin Gaims2 måneder siden
    • @MajorDOT yeah that’s true. It involves a different style of play as you said and it’s pretty great when there are others around to dish some additional damage. Some specs are better equipped than others to handle 4 mobs and yes it is easier to play a tank spec and be efficient than a dps.

      Leo SalonenLeo Salonen2 måneder siden
    • @oct2119960 yeah boi

      Leo SalonenLeo Salonen2 måneder siden
    • @goathaslocks I disagree due to being able to sustain yourself with death strike victory rush in larger packs.

      Leo SalonenLeo Salonen2 måneder siden
    • @Leo Salonen Tanks have low DPS, true. But you most likely wont die if no nasty elite mob is around. Second, you get to tag most of the mobs, so no need to wait for spawn. Yeah AoE is capped at 5 but it doesnt stop you to tag more. Mainly because: Third, there is always a DPS around to get the tagshare of the mobs. Soo, if I can level as a tank, I will always do so unless DPS spec has some 2second kill rotation.

      Oguzhan KurtaranOguzhan Kurtaran2 måneder siden
    • @Leo Salonen blood dk is faster than any other dk spec, you literally have no idead about what you are talking about.

      goathaslocksgoathaslocks2 måneder siden
  • Can you gather when you start the quest line

    Allen MaringAllen Maring2 måneder siden
    • Yes, you can pick up professions after the intro

      SoulSoBreezySoulSoBreezy2 måneder siden
  • Awesome guide, I like your angle and some details you add that other guides don't offer. Good job and thank you for making this!

    Odin SonOdin Son2 måneder siden
  • Is it better to run your main through everything first, or to run an alt through first so your main can work on the fate system instead?

    ElsaElsa2 måneder siden
    • Thats not a bad approach to make

      SoulSoBreezySoulSoBreezy2 måneder siden
    • Whichever character cares the most about gaining rep should do the main storyline

      Lactose Intolerant GamingLactose Intolerant Gaming2 måneder siden
  • Great video man! I am wondering, is the renown catchup relative to the game launch or to the point you hit max level?

    Filip LazovFilip Lazov2 måneder siden
    • Game launch

      SoulSoBreezySoulSoBreezy2 måneder siden
  • If you're the person who needs to watch these videos, you don't need to prep or min-max launch. Just enjoy the game and the novelty of it. If you want to learn something, just play more.

    ChansonChanson2 måneder siden
  • How long does it take to level an alt 50-60 with the other leveling method? (Bonus objectives and world quests). Wondering if i should level one up on day 1/2 or later

    XinergyXinergy2 måneder siden
    • If you're going to rep up with those alts just do threads of fate unless you're really into giving your alts that story experience.

      SoulSoBreezySoulSoBreezy2 måneder siden
    • I've seen estimates from beta of 4-6 hours for alts, but these are high end players so results will vary.

      Lactose Intolerant GamingLactose Intolerant Gaming2 måneder siden
  • As usual there will be server charshes and huge queues so no need to rush...

    jack craftjack craft2 måneder siden
    • @Dontlagmebro that doesn't happen with retail anymore

      hmmmk khmmmk k2 måneder siden
    • Yup. My friends want to take off Monday and Tuesday but I had to convince to wait an extra day. Would suck to waste a day off just to sit in que and fight the loading screen boss.

      DontlagmebroDontlagmebro2 måneder siden
    • Legion and BFA launch were smooth as silk for me, not sure what you're talking about

      Jeroen VerschaeveJeroen Verschaeve2 måneder siden
  • I’ve been looking up videos on How the shadowlands systems work and What exactly you Should do in the first weeks. This vid is the best One by far

    WralerWraler2 måneder siden
  • could of mentioned venari and gem slots

    KaanaKaana2 måneder siden
    • I agree you won't see the benefit in the first 15 but the maw has a daily lockout so there's benefit to getting venari's rep up so you can get sockets when you want them

      KaanaKaana2 måneder siden
    • Could have but then I'd say to not do it in your first 15

      SoulSoBreezySoulSoBreezy2 måneder siden
  • You can deactivate war mode at any rest location. You only need to be in Origrimmar to enable it.

    mmontague98mmontague982 måneder siden
    • @Bvp Q As if war mode is going to be an option for Alliance. It'll be you vs 40 Horde, you'll never survive long enough to get a quest done.

      XiuhtecXiuhtec2 måneder siden
    • you say origrimmar ok but what about stormwind?

      Bvp QBvp Q2 måneder siden
  • Seems like a lot to do in week 1 :o

    james nicolsonjames nicolson2 måneder siden
  • What about mythic zeroes. I'm doing them first night soon as they unlock I'm not a pussy

    Matt DredgeMatt Dredge2 måneder siden
  • I'm a bit disheartened to be reminded that leveling in a new WoW expansion is less about enjoying a new story arc and more about racing towards endgame in a competitive (borderline hostile) environment. The idea of "falling behind" is honestly garbage design in my opinion. I shouldn't feel stressed/pressured into playing the game. I should feel incentivized/excited to do so because it's fun and has a good story that I wanna finish. After Shadowbringers came out in FFXIV, I took three entire months to enjoy the story at a crazy slow pace, milking every single moment of it while leveling multiple jobs. Then, I was able to jump straight into raiding without any penalty, because there was no time-gated system I had to beat before being "endgame ready." Honestly, I was excited for Shadowlands because it looked like a very high fantasy expansion. But I'm reconsidering my decision to purchase _because_ of all these youtube guides that I've been seeing (no offense to any WoW content creator -- you guys are doing a wonderful job, but the game might not be meant for someone like me, after all).

    Geek WarsGeek Wars2 måneder siden
    • play the way you love ! but just know, if you want to clean raid as early it's possible, for get big stuff, you must optimise the way you play. You can read quest instead auto pick, but just know some players want to be strong asap !

      Mary CrowleyMary Crowley2 måneder siden
    • I skipped the first half of BFA and came back to multiple "catch up" mechanisms. Procrastination has always paid off in this game, the longer you wait the easier it is. If you want a relaxed experience dont login the first month, let the server clear out and go at your own pace. However for me I LOVE the shared MMO experience of a full zone making kills super fast with 5 people tagging mobs. and having extra adds cleared out etc. Solo in a zone is fun but harder in my opinion

      C MelC Mel2 måneder siden
    • No reason to rush if being bleeding edge is not your goal. The game is made so you don’t need to worry about things like that if you choose not to. It is the direction Blizz went with in this expansion.

      JGCJGC2 måneder siden
    • If you aren’t a world first raider you can definitely take your time I always do and still get ahead of the curve and mythic keystone achievement in a season. I don’t do mythic raiding though. If you want to be pushing that when it comes then you do have to put a lot more time in.

      Noob GamerNoob Gamer2 måneder siden
    • Don't worry. There's no reason to stress racing unless you're playing 3+ characters at CE.. Relax, enjoy the new zones and story.

      GibbsatronGibbsatron2 måneder siden
  • Fantastic video. Thx

    Rob WestRob West2 måneder siden
  • if the alt lvling-system actually works at launch; do you have to to just reach 60 with your 1 char or you have to pick a covenant in order to unlock that lvling path?

    fdsa288fdsa2882 måneder siden
    • Unfortunately I don't have a clean account to test that, but it's not a big thing to check out when sl goes live

      SoulSoBreezySoulSoBreezy2 måneder siden
  • can you learn gathering professions before oribos

    Josh BedfordJosh Bedford2 måneder siden
    • Not sl profs no

      SoulSoBreezySoulSoBreezy2 måneder siden
  • To me it seems a second job. I plan with first char to take it easy and explore all zones without rushing. In the end it is a game, not a seond job 😊

    MMarco76MMarco762 måneder siden
    • save us the purist bullshit. People don't want to do it this way, but if we want a spot in raids and mythics on a dps toon? Yes, you absolutely have to keep up to some degree if you want to experience the whole game. Keep spouting this shit about "its not a job" all you want. If you ever wanna do the multiplayer part of this game, you either perform or you dont get to participate and if you don't participate, fine, but don't act like "not rushing" is some virtue or something. You're intentionally blocking yourself from parts of the game.

      Jory MayerJory Mayer2 måneder siden
    • It gets faster after week 1 at least stuff like torghast it’s definitely nothing on the level of BFA thanks to caps

      Noob GamerNoob Gamer2 måneder siden