THE SUICIDE SQUAD Trailer (2021) Suicide Squad 2 Movie

26. mars. 2021
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THE SUICIDE SQUAD Trailer (2021) Suicide Squad 2 Movie
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  • i really like the first suicide squad but this looks shit

    HazzameadowshHazzameadowsh8 minutter siden
  • Harley!!!!!😁

    Angel D.Angel D.14 minutter siden
  • Margot deserves her own Harley Quinn series!!!!

    Amy DoddAmy Dodd17 minutter siden
  • Whos the guy weating a toilet seat? I can't seem to see him.

    D.E. CruzD.E. Cruz33 minutter siden

    IsabelaIsabela51 minutt siden
  • I'm excited

    Dan DanDan Dan55 minutter siden
  • I like the shark when eat them. Bahaha

    septady danielseptady daniel55 minutter siden
  • No Will Smith? Jeda still got his head fucked up.

    Micah HayesMicah Hayes58 minutter siden
  • Tbh this looks like a child’s movie besides 2:18 but knowing me I would only see it cause of Harley but I don’t really see the point of this or why they made this movie, it doesn’t look interesting more of just....what even is this

    BTS. ARMYBTS. ARMYTime siden
  • i saw peter and i smiled

    mi 4thmi 4thTime siden
  • Where’s the rest of the original suicide squad

    Antonietta RigaAntonietta RigaTime siden
  • is dat pete davidson?

    Raleston RaimondRaleston RaimondTime siden
  • having pete davidson in it absolutely ruins this movie. not gonna watch it

    NxrielNxrielTime siden
  • Let me say *welcome back harley 🥳🥳*

    ttintinnanattintinnanaTime siden
  • you can not tell me that's Harley this is bullshit

    NnamelessNnamelessTime siden
  • 2:18 wtf

    Charles officialCharles officialTime siden
  • Harley Quinn before drugs: 0:32 after drugs : 0:52

    Glsa AGlsa ATime siden
  • Practically a Disney movie at this point

    Wh1teboardWh1teboard2 timer siden
    • Uhh lol 2:18 don’t see like Disney

      BTS. ARMYBTS. ARMYTime siden
  • Was it me, Or we all saw john cena

    Viperψ父Viperψ父2 timer siden
  • dört gözle bekliyorum filmi

    Halime AvcıHalime Avcı2 timer siden
  • I am going to watch it bcs of Pete :)

    Amna MilićAmna Milić2 timer siden
  • Heimdall using the Bifrost to jump into another Universe!

    Sumedh PatilSumedh Patil2 timer siden
  • just from the trailer i can say this looks disapointed -.-

    Paula PaulinaPaula Paulina2 timer siden
  • Ew

    TaeVliciousTaeVlicious2 timer siden
  • Where's Joker 😢

    Leo PussyLeo Pussy2 timer siden
  • Pete davidson

    Cedric RamosCedric Ramos2 timer siden
  • didnt someone cry that the cast is to white?

    KingOrgasmusFragDeineMutterKingOrgasmusFragDeineMutter2 timer siden
  • annalise keating whachu doing here !

    taahataaha2 timer siden
  • PETE???????

    Maggie BetancourtMaggie Betancourt2 timer siden
  • Missing 'Joker'

    Harshit DaukiyaHarshit Daukiya2 timer siden
  • Why isn't Doom in here?

    Jacob Jonathan F. MallinsonJacob Jonathan F. Mallinson2 timer siden
  • looks bad

    Chance MckenzieChance Mckenzie3 timer siden
  • This short trailer is more entertaining then the whole last Suicide Squad movie... Well done James Gunn, well done :D

    RF6051RF60513 timer siden
  • It's more exciting and enjoyable the first suicide squad than this one

    Aprile DayawonAprile Dayawon3 timer siden
  • Where is joker ,this is not enjoying without joker

    Aprile DayawonAprile Dayawon3 timer siden
  • Only margot robbie can be harley QUINN!

    ayakaayaka3 timer siden
  • I love Pete Davidson!!!♥️♥️♥️🌟🌟🌟😜😜😜😎😎😎

    Николия ВасилеваНиколия Василева3 timer siden
  • This shit sucks where is the joker and will smith

    Verify TayVerify Tay4 timer siden
  • Why do I hear John Cena's voice??

    Lurz NongbriLurz Nongbri4 timer siden
  • shite

    who upwho up4 timer siden
  • They got some serious A-Game actors in this. I mean, Idris Elba? This better be good

    cordelia carstairscordelia carstairs4 timer siden
  • Yondu not blue anymore

    Lufias SamadLufias Samad4 timer siden
  • Bat anjan si Ez mil

    Loe WatashineLoe Watashine4 timer siden
  • Trailer: Sucks

    Zobair AhmedZobair Ahmed4 timer siden
  • I cannot wait for this

    Audrey WillowAudrey Willow5 timer siden
  • Harley is back

    Jade WestJade West5 timer siden
  • "We're all gonna die" ""I hope so""

    just fjust f5 timer siden

    MarionetteGamezMarionetteGamez5 timer siden
  • Is this for real

    ComiXtik GamingComiXtik Gaming6 timer siden
  • Its name and Imdb rating will have something in common : *2.0*

    Mandolin MagnetoMandolin Magneto6 timer siden
  • john cena😳

    TENSIONTENSION6 timer siden
  • i love the trailer

    HaloHalo6 timer siden
  • where is JOKER

    Ömer YağızÖmer Yağız6 timer siden
  • 1:03 anyone see this references sarvant as yondu?

    Fiona DConradFiona DConrad6 timer siden
  • I want jared thooo

    germany germanygermany germany6 timer siden
  • now I know what hair color I'm gonna use

    unpopular existenceunpopular existence6 timer siden
  • plz- Margot Robbie is soo good as Harley Quinn and is ahhh

    Cvazquezy OnTwitterCvazquezy OnTwitter6 timer siden
  • wtf is pete doing here ?!😂

    Akee PriyavirajAkee Priyaviraj7 timer siden
  • I’m mostly hype because off the shark in background

    Bacon10Bacon107 timer siden
  • Don’t ya just hate the fact thatI won’t be able to go in the theater bc it’s rated R🥲 it breaks my heart😔

    Japanime_limelightJapanime_limelight7 timer siden
  • harley... LMFAO. She needed no one ot save her I LOVE IT ALREADY

    JennaJenna7 timer siden
  • I saw Pete Davidson. Automatically a great movie.

    _ TubTalk __ TubTalk _7 timer siden
  • Me patiently waiting for deadshot to come out 🧍‍♀️

    Patricia mae JaimePatricia mae Jaime7 timer siden
  • so they're going for ALL the fun for this one. im excited.

    Hanna StanleyHanna Stanley7 timer siden
  • Her expressions when she said "What you guys doing?"

    Umar EjazUmar Ejaz7 timer siden
  • H A N D

    Mistha MagoMistha Mago8 timer siden

    Charlotte YuCharlotte Yu8 timer siden
  • I want the last gang + joker

    Spring BlinkSpring Blink8 timer siden
  • Where's ivy :)

    Deena AzizeeDeena Azizee8 timer siden
  • So. Excited.

    Yogeek MelinaYogeek Melina8 timer siden
  • I don't know why lot of peoples Don't like sucide squad 1 but I kinda think that movie is fire 🔥

    arun tentacionarun tentacion8 timer siden
  • I'm excited to see Pete in this!!

    • @Alex Weiner 🙂💦

    • for like 5 minutes until he gets killed off

      Alex WeinerAlex Weiner8 timer siden
  • bro where's puddin

    Harsh RajHarsh Raj8 timer siden

    bambisubzbambisubz9 timer siden
  • Someone tell me why patrick the starfish is here😭😭😭

    Han SeolHan Seol9 timer siden
  • No joker again

    Hoover J ArtistHoover J Artist9 timer siden
  • This looks shit

    Hoover J ArtistHoover J Artist9 timer siden
  • Omg yass shes bAck!

    Shimmery SummerShimmery Summer9 timer siden

    pharma zonepharma zone9 timer siden
  • Welp this was disappointing but I'm still going to watch 😏

    Brittany AndriaBrittany Andria10 timer siden
  • :O King shark is a shark!

    King SharkKing Shark10 timer siden
  • احسه اسمج من اللي قبل😴✌️

    St DfSt Df10 timer siden
  • Well was gunna watch this, but after seeing the trailer. Omg Pete Davison... ughhh what an annoying talentless peice of trash. Why even put to amazing actors like ( Margot Robbie and Idris Elba) with D actors in this movie. Looks gawd awful

    Ty MTy M10 timer siden
  • Doesn't look so nice compared to part 1

    Nicole DenoNicole Deno10 timer siden
  • where's the joker😣

    aelitamastersaelitamasters10 timer siden
  • Omg I love Harley🥺🥺🥰

    Blesssin BarbieBlesssin Barbie10 timer siden
  • King Shark is a shark.

    Erik NorthErik North10 timer siden
  • God loves you

    Lillianna DuffLillianna Duff11 timer siden
  • this movie looks like shit

    ryan gryan g11 timer siden
  • WOW. This is bad.

    ShawnShawn11 timer siden
  • we have to admit the shark is pretty lame. might not watch just because of that XD

    EDIT MODEEDIT MODE11 timer siden
  • This looks so much better than the first Suicide Squad ngl

    My Poppy, EveMy Poppy, Eve11 timer siden
  • why did they put her in a dress her other outfits were sooooo much more badass •_•

    Moon PersonMoon Person11 timer siden
  • King shark looked so satisfied after he pointed out his hand. I love him already

    Important_ManImportant_Man11 timer siden
  • 0:35

    wapardito uwuwapardito uwu11 timer siden
  • is this... not a joke...?

    yuthurabanchezyuthurabanchez11 timer siden
  • this looks like low-budget but very good cgi kick-ass i kinda like it?

    sandwitchsandwitch11 timer siden
  • 1:21 OMG how did they get the invisible man into suicide squad??

    sandwitchsandwitch11 timer siden
  • omggg pete?!

    Willow WilsonWillow Wilson11 timer siden

    monster truckmonster truck12 timer siden