The True meaning of DRAMA- Sailing Uma [Step 263]

24. april. 2021
160 811 Ganger

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  • Wonderful video and drone work, really a pleasant feeling watching your videos...

    John JamiesonJohn Jamieson6 timer siden
  • Amazing🏞 sightseeing👍

    Cristina Lexy Reef TankCristina Lexy Reef Tank9 timer siden
  • best skillshare ad ever ...

    tegge1000tegge100011 timer siden
  • Thanks for sharing your adventures. I have been disabled for about 4 years...and my previous healthy life was full of adventures but now I travel with you much better than being stuck home alone👍😁

    John CichonJohn Cichon12 timer siden
  • Awesome editing again guys.....

    MrNineholes1MrNineholes115 timer siden
  • So good !!

    Jeff MayJeff May17 timer siden
  • I have no desire to cruise Norway in the winter on a small boat, but I'm so glad you are doing it and sharing with your followers.

    James NewsomeJames Newsome18 timer siden
  • BTW. you guys purchased the boat for $3,000 back along. I’d like to make ye an offer of $6,000 now. Just think of it as 100% profit on the boat. An offer you cannot resist. I’ll even collect her 😂😂😂😂😂

    Kieran O' LearyKieran O' Leary23 timer siden
  • Finally folks, I have caught up with your steps. What a fantastic journey it was for me. I’m guessing it was possibly a better journey for you guys 😎 I’m upset that I don’t have videos on demand and now have to wait until once weekly. (Time to go back and view the other channels for the last few months now). Not really looking forward to that, as they’ve all gone a bit “look at us, we’re fantastic, we have big boats and kids”. Keep it honest and decent Dan and Kika. Come to Ireland soon 🇮🇪 please.

    Kieran O' LearyKieran O' Leary23 timer siden
  • Say No to Dolmio's 😂

    The Sailing KiwiThe Sailing KiwiDag siden
  • I am not a big fan of the channel but from what I see you guys are the most badass "real sailors" on the internet.

    Dennis BurnsDennis BurnsDag siden
    • Thanks?

      Sailing UmaSailing Uma14 timer siden
  • That passage in the rock is such an interesting formation. It looks so man made and yet it cannot be. Do you have any information on how it was formed? Simply beautiful drone footage even if the drone was trying to kill itself. I see it now Dan tosses big chunk of rock off to the side of Kika to scare the crap out of her ... maybe he did ... maybe not ... An amazing adventure for sure. Did I mention the drone footage - oh my yeah baby the drone footage - awesome!!!! Your SkillShare commercial was clever as usual as well. Thanks for sharing. Cheers!

    David CDavid CDag siden
    • Thanks David. Best we know, is that the hole was formed during the iceage. Glaciers just carved out the softer rock in the middle.

      Sailing UmaSailing UmaDag siden
  • Give us real news sometime! Covid the travelling time good and not so good! Love you anyways

    Dianne.muriel RobidouxDianne.muriel RobidouxDag siden
  • The only good thing that came out of COVID was the increase in grocery delivery services. I'd be having the Coop Mega deliver the cases of beer & wine so I wouldn't have to lug them to the doc. LOL After all, those look like some cold nights watching the Northern Lights.

    Jeff ChristensenJeff ChristensenDag siden
  • Anyone else suffering from Uma withdrawal?

    LindiLindi2 dager siden
  • We are enjoying binge watching your adventures. How do we boost your base and help you gain recognition from the large streaming media companies? Your story - from the beginning - is so much more interesting than the current content on Netflix, Hulu, etc.

    Linda MillerLinda Miller2 dager siden
  • Hello guys, thanks for the beautiful landscapes and smiles! I'm rather new to your channel, and I am intrigued by your choice of electric motoring. How do you charge batteries? Is your propeller acting like a generator when under sails? When you charge at the dock, is it just like any other boat plugging in for domestic 220v electricity? Meaning you don't need to pay extra charges for "refuelling"? Can I find somewhere details of your electric installation and power banks? Thanks, and keep on making us enjoy the arctic, it's such a refreshing change from all the bikini-videos!

    spoutnik81spoutnik812 dager siden
    • In the tropics we can easily get all the power we need from our solar panels. Up north here in the winter, we need to charge up at marinas every week or so. Yes, we get some power from our prop while sailing. Hopefully more soon. Stay tuned.

      Sailing UmaSailing Uma2 dager siden
  • Your drone footage early in this video is incredible. Kudos!

    Lee SLee S2 dager siden
  • Have you considered attaching dingy launching/pulling wheels to save the dingy bottom or make it easy to pull.

    John ScarboroughJohn Scarborough2 dager siden
    • Not really. Our tender with motor is light enough we can easily pull it up on a beach without needing wheels.

      Sailing UmaSailing Uma2 dager siden
  • Not cool. Watching your video and all of a sudden you set a 60 second timer on my Siri. Lol. Loved the Torghatten, should have also hiked to the top. Very cool.

    The Digital ProjectThe Digital Project3 dager siden
  • When's the next upload coming?!?!? I'm in withdrawal

    Alex Karoff - HungerAlex Karoff - Hunger3 dager siden
  • I love hiking in the snow with my dog. Its so wonderful.

    Noel AdamsNoel Adams3 dager siden
  • Hello, have you considered spearfishing? I have seen you did that in the tropical area's but Norway has some of the best spearfishing. Hope you take some time to explore underwater aswell

    Rob MusRob Mus3 dager siden
  • Your ferry is the coastal express route, it goes all the way from Bergen to the russian border. Lots of tourists use it as a cruise ship but its also key transport infrastructure for the locals!

    Bjørn Otto VasbottenBjørn Otto Vasbotten3 dager siden
  • Great stuff. Your resolution is amazing on my 4k screen.

    Gary CrossGary Cross3 dager siden
  • I loveeeeeee everything you do!! You deserve a reality tv series. Please god give them a reality tv series. Pleasssssssse god.

    Michael RadermanMichael Raderman3 dager siden
  • No video for this week uh? Does it has to do with Covid19?

    Tekaai KaewanitiTekaai Kaewaniti3 dager siden
  • Seriously you guys are some of the best cinematographers on NOtown. Doesn’t hurt you manage to find wonderful backdrops.

    Scott DonaldsonScott Donaldson3 dager siden
  • Skillshare or just skillfull, your video’s really are amazing to watch. Really amazing! Well done you both!

    Sailing Wind RoseSailing Wind Rose4 dager siden
  • I love your channel.. but hate the snow.. come back to the warmth so I can enjoy your channel more 😅😅😅❤️❤️❤️

    Sailing SpyridonSailing Spyridon4 dager siden
  • Sorry guys you have become to commercial, I’m out!

    Sv Wind songSv Wind song4 dager siden
    • ✌️

      Sailing UmaSailing Uma3 dager siden
  • just dont eat the yellow snow lol!

    Eric LoquillanoEric Loquillano4 dager siden
  • Love these adventures! It’s hard to say what the best bit was: Kika tasting snow (for the first time?), the gorgeous view from the cave, or the impressive acting skills :)

    Travelling SunglassesTravelling Sunglasses4 dager siden
  • I See You're Still Freezing Your Ass Off! ❄☃️❄☃️❄ Please Sail South! 🏝⛵⚓ Yes!... 😎👍 You May Call Me Chilly Willie... 🌞🏝🐧🏝🌞 Blessings James 🍍🍌🥥🌈

    James HarrisJames Harris4 dager siden
  • Awesome video, guys! I live my sailing journey through you two.

    Software JournalSoftware Journal4 dager siden
  • I agree 1000% with all the comments of amazing video created, but I still love Dan asking, "What's your comfort level?" Respect and love for his lady, always.

    Schooner KivaSchooner Kiva4 dager siden
  • Noice! Toight!

    Matthew David StephensMatthew David Stephens5 dager siden
  • Beautiful! I had been thinking the drone work must be really tiring, but in this I see how skilled you have become, sort of easy. Then you show the drone crashes and I just laugh! A small sense of how hard you work for these. Thank you!

    Patrick GoffPatrick Goff5 dager siden
  • Awesome footage guys!

    Edward TilleyEdward Tilley5 dager siden
  • i so would've screamed my lungs out while walking through the tunnel. especially when homegirl was at the bottom. wonderful hike y'all

    SpinkeySpinkey5 dager siden
  • Hi, I really enjoy your videos, and I am just curious what is the time line from filming to uploading

    Cory StilesCory Stiles5 dager siden
    • It usually takes around 4 weeks to film, edit, upload early on Patreon, then publish on YT.

      Sailing UmaSailing Uma5 dager siden
  • Loved the video and the video editing bit, very funny. Norway looks amazing what a fun day.

    Myron ColeMyron Cole6 dager siden
  • I wonder what a musical instrument would sound there in that "cave'.

    PassinThruPassinThru6 dager siden
  • Saw you lose that Crete cap at the tie up… 👀 18:15 😉

    Tom PhillipsTom Phillips6 dager siden
  • I am sad. :( For now I have caught up on all your adventures and must wait. The bingeing was great while it lasted. :)

    chricton Jchricton J6 dager siden
  • I love watching your videos. You folks are living a beautiful life full of love.

    ALAN FRANKALAN FRANK6 dager siden
  • Thanks Kika and Dan. Enjoyable.

    John WrightJohn Wright6 dager siden
  • Don't eat yellow snow ! Beautiful country ! Great video ! Peace !

    Karl SchmittKarl Schmitt6 dager siden
  • looked as if you two were going to face down the bunny rabbit from monty pythons holy grail

    Grady HarperGrady Harper7 dager siden
  • You don’t ever discuss the sea life you encounter. I would enjoy seeing film of the sea life out in the middle of nowhere, if it surfaces. Or, just tell us that you saw a whale that day. Did you see puffins as you crossed the Atlantic?

    Jennifer PeoplesJennifer Peoples7 dager siden
    • Yeah, we show it if we see it. But we haven't seen much out here yet.

      Sailing UmaSailing Uma6 dager siden
  • This step makes me sad. For the past 8 months or so I have been marathoning all the episodes with my wife, but now we're caught up. Which means now we have to wait for new videos. Guess it's time to watch the backlog in the vault.

    VimiewVimiew7 dager siden
  • Hi there. We understand you had some nice canvas work done in the Hampton VA area. We’re looking for a good canvas worker in that area. Would you please share the name of the one you used? We’d appreciate the input. We’ve lived aboard our Endeavor 38 for 25 yrs and have seen many come and go.

    • Step178. We have the links in the video description

      Sailing UmaSailing Uma7 dager siden
  • Watching you guys sail is the next best thing to going sailing. Sat at my desk here, feeling very relaxed!

    David CusworthDavid Cusworth7 dager siden
  • I will have to say, out of all the sailing channels, you two are a couple of the smartest, God bless

    GT500 2016GT500 20167 dager siden
  • Got to love the Karver top down continuous furler, I've got the same one on my Stadt 34'

    jonno Rousseaujonno Rousseau7 dager siden
  • What did you guys ever decide to do with your toilet setup did you go composting I I know there you made a pipe that would hold like two flushes back in the day did you ever do a composting toilet what did you guys end up doing?

    Michael's PAMichael's PA8 dager siden
  • GEORGOUS place thanks for sharing

    Frank RiceFrank Rice8 dager siden
  • You guys are dope. Life through your lens seems pretty kule.👍🏾

    Vee GeeVee Gee8 dager siden
  • Kika, what about your own washing machine: see

    Christoph VaagtChristoph Vaagt8 dager siden
  • You know, you guys made a lot of really great videos, but I still think the Haiti Hurricane videos, starting with Step 54, are the best. Please stay real, and not fake (like the La Vagabonde people).

    mrnickbig1mrnickbig18 dager siden
  • Oh yah, that hike, and the groceries on the same day ? Wow, what a day, you'll sleep tonight !

    californiakayaker N6GRGcaliforniakayaker N6GRG8 dager siden
  • Those are some impressive editing chops, very cool. I loved that cool mountain cave!

    J BJ B8 dager siden
  • Love editing skills. Also love time given to actually see the sights you encounter. Like someone else suggested interviewing people and visiting shops is fun too. Thank you for sharing.

    Yvonne KneeshawYvonne Kneeshaw8 dager siden
  • And the cleat cap has gone😀 You are mega-wonder. Kika and snow ooo yeah👍👍. Greetings from a rush (lake) sailor from Poland. We love you👍✌😀

    Gana- czeGana- cze9 dager siden
  • And the cleat cap has gone😀 You are mega-wonder. Kika and snow ooo yeah👍👍. Greetings from a rush (lake) sailor from Poland. We love you👍✌😀

    Gana- czeGana- cze9 dager siden
  • You two might really want to consider a Torqeedo electric outboard motor, eh?!

    Alex AbbottAlex Abbott9 dager siden
    • @Sailing Uma I'm really curious due to your commitment to electric propulsion on Uma that you wouldn't see and take advantage of the benefits of no gas on board, not carbon output, etc. I guess the battery weight for the larger motor is a hassle, though. I have a 23' wooden boat with a 20 hp torqeedo that works great, driving that big a boat at 12 knots! Interesting.

      Alex AbbottAlex Abbott7 dager siden
    • We've had one for the past 3 years. Didn't really use it much, so we gave it to our neighbours in Trondheim. The problem is that power has to come from somewhere. And it's terribly slow. We use our dinghy to explore and often go 2-10nm on it in a trip.

      Sailing UmaSailing Uma8 dager siden
  • Don't eat the yellow snow tho!

    Schmidt LudwigSchmidt Ludwig9 dager siden
  • I love the locations your shooting at right now ! It can be just as nice north of the equator and away from tropical islands !

    Sailing PuffinSailing Puffin9 dager siden
  • Love the view during your sail in the rain, the skies were spectacular.💜

    Victory WonVictory Won9 dager siden
  • Really great episode!! I was a little concerned for you guys when this episode was late but it turns out all is well, thanks for sharing your adventure with us, Cheers!!!

    BDJ MBDJ M9 dager siden
  • KIKI, I ALWAYS skip skillshare ad's on all channels. BUT YOU MADE ME WATCH this one, HUGE RESPECT for your editing skills and also for you both sticking out the winter in Norway . You have the MOST INTERISTING CONTENT on NOtown for the last 8 months for sure , and now with your subs skyrockiting the rest of NOtown also believes this .THANK YOU FOR YOUR HARD WORK. CHEERS Steve h.

    1sheinz1sheinz9 dager siden
  • Aloha 🗻 [Reposting disappeared comment, perhaps bcs I included news link] STUNNING DRONE footage 💋 just when I thought it wasn't possible to show us better! PLS share your thoughts/solutions abt a suprising news report I saw abt all of the abandoned boats in FL...and apparently throughout the world! Mahalo 🌬⛵

    armaofgod1armaofgod19 dager siden
  • Very creative, you young people are all about the tech these days. I loved the little skit with the laptop. We enjoy you're adventures. Take care and stay safe.

    Edward CasselEdward Cassel9 dager siden
  • Editing is really good

    Adrian GomezAdrian Gomez9 dager siden
  • Like the video's, but I skip the skillshare section...sorry

    Rob NewmanRob Newman9 dager siden
    • It’s all good :) We are certainly not expecting everyone to like everything we do.

      Sailing UmaSailing Uma9 dager siden
  • That tiny You in Your laptop's screen is like that old microsoft office paperclip that used to be popping up out of a sudden ;D

    Karol PtakKarol Ptak9 dager siden
    • 🤣🤣🤣 I do remember that paper clip!

      Sailing UmaSailing Uma9 dager siden
  • not Stavanger Dude it is from Bergen-Kirkenes and eat snow is not good you get ground/worms in your stomach happy trip in a lovely contry

    Alf GjelsvikAlf Gjelsvik9 dager siden
  • What a great pleasure to see it with captions and Nice to see the funny sides!

    Anthony MullinsAnthony Mullins9 dager siden
  • The commercial was PRICELESS!!!! 🎥 🎭 🎦 🎥 🎭 🎦 🎥 🎭 🎦 🎥 🎭 🎦

    Regional SkyGirlRegional SkyGirl9 dager siden
  • Hurtigruten is going all the way from Bergen to Kirkenes, close to the Russian boarder. Dan you are not quite updated . I recomend the trip

    Bror Martin HanssenBror Martin Hanssen9 dager siden
  • Will you guys be traveling to any other locations than Norway??

    Ronald WILLIAMSRonald WILLIAMS9 dager siden
    • Um...Yes. Of course. We'd been to 25 countries so far and don't plan on stopping anytime soon.

      Sailing UmaSailing Uma9 dager siden
  • How did you get to have a conversation with yourself on your computer, any information would be grateful.

    Ronald WILLIAMSRonald WILLIAMS9 dager siden
  • if the academy awards had a Sailing channel category, Uma would be blindly the winner. No hesitation what so ever...!

    kamal derkaouikamal derkaoui9 dager siden
  • Your peerless video editing and general production values are mind boggling.

    GulfcoastbeemerGulfcoastbeemer9 dager siden
  • Wow, I grew up in Velfjord not far from there, a fjord to the north. In Hommelstø. My family lives there in Brønnøysund, I lived there from 2010 - 15 after some time in India.

    Nils Eldor AlterskjærNils Eldor Alterskjær9 dager siden
  • What would they do if someone took the dinghy? The water is ice cold. The boat is way too far away from the shore to swim. If there's no other boats in the vicinity....they're screwed. I know....there's always a boat around somewhere. Hopefully.

    S WillamsS Willams9 dager siden
    • It's Norway, arguably one of the safest countries in the world. We're really not worried about it. If a dingy or boat was stolen it would make national news.

      Sailing UmaSailing Uma9 dager siden
  • Nice. Is the propeller too fat or small for good regen or are you simply fully relying on shore power?

    G11713G117139 dager siden
  • Buy and Hold DOGECOIN 🚀🚀

    PIZZA RATPIZZA RAT9 dager siden
  • I had to chuckle, when Kika was hesitant of eating the white snow. Girl, you have been drinking and cooking rainwater collected from your sails for years! Just so long as the snow is white and not yellow oh, you will be okay

    Thomas CeurvorstThomas Ceurvorst9 dager siden
  • Thanks for bringing me along for the fantastic winter mountain walk. . Love watching Kika's 1st snow hike adventure.

    keebearfullkeebearfull9 dager siden
  • For many years my family sailed the Chesapeake Bay. From the southern bay up to the C+D canal. Also did some ocean racing. Racing on the bay was a challenge. Variable winds and tides were a normal thing. I stumbled on your channel and was pleasantly surprised that young people of today enjoy sailing and rebuilding their boat. Thanks 👍 Fair Winds and Safe Skies to you kids! 😄

    Scott 65Scott 659 dager siden
  • amazing scenery. Look up ZRd 12v dc gensets . very compact and run differently to a normal genset as they are 12v dc, not Ac

    Nigel HANigel HA9 dager siden
  • Love watching these folks! Sail On!!!

    Bill DoeBill Doe9 dager siden
  • what kind of boat and how big is UMA

    John PoirierJohn Poirier9 dager siden
    • 1972 pearson 36.

      Sailing UmaSailing Uma9 dager siden
  • your ad read was great..a lot of work but you nailed it

    Travis CurrierTravis Currier9 dager siden
  • that hollow sound in the cave

    mike veldboermike veldboer9 dager siden
    • so eerie

      Sailing AvocetSailing Avocet9 dager siden
  • The marina called and wants their plastic end cap back 18:11. ;-)

    Brad GreeneBrad Greene9 dager siden
  • Did anyone else notice the end cap come off the dock cleat? lol.... Love your videos.

    Cliff OlsonCliff Olson10 dager siden
  • How high are you sailing north?

    Sailing JiggersSailing Jiggers10 dager siden
    • As far as we can.

      Sailing UmaSailing Uma9 dager siden
  • we have an important rule about eating snow in not try the yellow snow

    steffen NYLENNAsteffen NYLENNA10 dager siden