26. jan.. 2021
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FIFA 21 Ultimate Team
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  • Is it the case that you can now pack all toty or only the defenders atm?

    Colonel H. StinkmeanerColonel H. StinkmeanerMåned siden
  • The disrespect for messi is unreal

    abdallah qatarnehabdallah qatarnehMåned siden
  • I packed Toby Ramos and walker in my double 83 sbc

    IceGIceGMåned siden
  • Are all toty in packs now or just defenders??

    EddieD1012EddieD1012Måned siden
  • When does the entire toty team get released into packs? And when does the promo end?

    Tommy CTommy CMåned siden
  • Is full team in packs Friday ?

    Darragh NolanDarragh NolanMåned siden
  • Does he ever play the game???

    imthtguy33ximthtguy33xMåned siden
  • Arnold good in the cm position?

    Max Van Den BergMax Van Den BergMåned siden
  • Wack a dead eye on Davies and play him up front

    viper4326viper4326Måned siden
  • Looks like the TOTY cb’s won’t be on the market.

    h a mh a mMåned siden
  • Clever from EA with the 12th man vote as most people will pick Messi as he can be used in friendlies. Plus he deserved to be in the 11 anyway

    Lee HackettLee HackettMåned siden
  • TAA deserves no more than 25 defending max

    64 Ahmed64 AhmedMåned siden
  • why is it strange that son is there? just asking :)

    Oliman45Oliman45Måned siden
  • Even if I packed a toty the gameplay is still crap, what’s the point, it’s just another promotion for everyone to buy packs

    Kern3llKern3llMåned siden
  • You should team up with vizeh on his recent video!!!!!

    Rigo GonzalezRigo GonzalezMåned siden
  • Second fifa in a row where the milestone section just makes me wonder why they bothered with it. They don't add anywhere near enough to it.

    Jake DriverJake DriverMåned siden
  • Can someone explain something. I cant found answer. Are they now in packs all toty players or just defenders?? If cant, when they will be, and to which date???

    Mr AdislicMr AdislicMåned siden
  • Love the channel nep but would like to know if you do squad battles and if you have got top 200 and if you have any tip, if you could a video about that would be cool. Keep up the good work

    Joe KyteJoe KyteMåned siden
  • Now that I think about it, yes EA have done the toty ratings dirty but I mean we did have a pandemic that caused no football to be played for a few months so kinda makes sense? I mean I may be waffling here but just my personal opinion

    Harry JohnsonHarry JohnsonMåned siden
  • This year toty promo is dead. Ea be treating this promo like it’s some otw promo.

    Rayzzeerr FireRayzzeerr FireMåned siden
  • Yeah so.... I just packed that Nuer in the 84+ pick defender and I’m buzzing 😂 I hardly open packs (I’m f2p) and I don’t grind packs and stuff. I just got extremely lucky. I was so confused. Didn’t realise he was even in packs

    ElliottElliottMåned siden
  • Nepenthez: Opens Lightning rounds and 45k packs, Me: Gets TOTY ramos out of a gold upgrade pack

    The FlameThe FlameMåned siden
  • Bro your nearly at 2 million

    Jack HopkinsJack HopkinsMåned siden
  • Its just sad really really sad 😥

    ben Thompsonben ThompsonMåned siden
  • i would love toty son so i voted son but most people will just pick messi because hes the highest rated please prove me wrong

    England 1 Iceland 2England 1 Iceland 2Måned siden
  • Omg I packed two of the TOTY player's in the same 100k pack . It was Kimmich and Bruno while the defenders was out in packs tho.

    Kaka JoonKaka JoonMåned siden
  • I popped open an 84+ pick pack and I got the toughest but easiest decision possible, TOTY Ramos or gold mbappe, I was so sad that I had to choose, you cant turn down a TOTY

    Sean McDonaldSean McDonaldMåned siden
  • Thiago deserves it 100% more than son and messi. , it’s just facts

    Brandon MasonBrandon MasonMåned siden
    • Nooe

      Yonathan AbrahamYonathan AbrahamMåned siden
    • He didn't do much in the last 4 months of the year

      ben Thompsonben ThompsonMåned siden
  • Does anyone know when the TOTY defenders are out of packs??

    AstracydeAstracydeMåned siden
  • I got vvd 🎊

    Jessica HernandezJessica HernandezMåned siden
    • Same on the web app

      Yonathan AbrahamYonathan AbrahamMåned siden
  • other than finishing, you could play him at striker 😂😂

    RyanRyanMåned siden
  • Chocoholic milk makes pain go away :(((

    Joshua CassidyJoshua CassidyMåned siden
  • I got Trent untradable so I moved tavernier to centre back with stones so my back line cracked

    Frankie ManderFrankie ManderMåned siden
    • I got vvd pl pack

      Yonathan AbrahamYonathan AbrahamMåned siden
  • Ramos looks crazy, his dribbling is unbelievable, same as Alfonso I really want him, VVD not great and Trent boring. Overall a bit meh 😒

    J1 •J1 •Måned siden
  • I wish Son would win but I really don’t see him beating out Messi

    Jacoby GamesJacoby GamesMåned siden
  • Stop complaining about ratings.. it's dumb

    Ruben PachecoRuben PachecoMåned siden
  • When you packing 1 Nep you've packed all the defenders this year afterall 😂 contents been great as always 👍

    Ryan WaiteRyan WaiteMåned siden
  • you just know you will come up against idiots in champs with a TOTY davies card with a shadow applied smh

    Christian LambertChristian LambertMåned siden
  • Boateng Davies and neur them 3 at the back for a start would be insane 😬

    Ryan WaiteRyan WaiteMåned siden
  • Has anyone packed a TOTY yet??

    jesus garciajesus garciaMåned siden
  • They have fixed silver objectives

    Taktic121Taktic121Måned siden
  • No 99s this year what a joke

    .firestorm.firestormMåned siden
  • How tf is son in the voting

    Wes BuckWes BuckMåned siden
  • Heeyyy craig douglas.....ooooo.....ahhhh

    Harry PrestHarry PrestMåned siden
  • all team of the year should be rated 99

    DTF 1325DTF 1325Måned siden
  • Just pack Bruno today FFS 😂 ea piss take

    Taktic121Taktic121Måned siden
  • We had this boateng last year another waste of a player

    Thomas KennedyThomas KennedyMåned siden
  • EA is making TOT(season) the highest stats so the stats are progressively higher chronologically just like a rpg. Breaks from tradition, but normalizes the game.

    r nr nMåned siden
  • That team of the years players aren't that crazy like previous year but I still would love to pull one 😂😂

    pedro torrespedro torresMåned siden
  • Vote son for the bants

    Danny BattmanDanny BattmanMåned siden
  • Vote Heung-Min Son!

    FeFeMåned siden
  • Son deserves it more than messi from an arsenal fan

    Gabriel Martinelli 2Gabriel Martinelli 2Måned siden
    • @Harrison I have fucking martinelli as my profile pic, and my name. Of course I’m a fucking arsenal fan. It’s not that difficult to understand.

      Gabriel Martinelli 2Gabriel Martinelli 2Måned siden
    • @Harrison Bruv, look at my fucking profile pic.

      Gabriel Martinelli 2Gabriel Martinelli 2Måned siden
  • Opened over 100 bundesliga upgrade packs and got 6 walkouts and 2 of them was UCL. Neuer or Davies would fit in my team but the chances of getting one of these after putting in hours and hours on end in the game is non existent.

    BrokenConceptBrokenConceptMåned siden
  • messi will win

    Stipe DžajaStipe DžajaMåned siden
  • I got vvd 😁

    Ali KoumayhaAli KoumayhaMåned siden
  • Boateng was so easy to craft. I build up 20 of the premium bundesliga league upgrade packs. Opened all them then built more of the sbcs with what i got. Overall got around 45 packs and was able to build him with all them players i packed

    chris dufortchris dufortMåned siden
  • It’s sad the goat aka Messi ain’t get a team of the year

    Daniel DavydovDaniel DavydovMåned siden
    • He will get 12 man surley

      charlie boothcharlie boothMåned siden
  • Son deserves it more than Messi

    Erik VErik VMåned siden
  • Messi 12th man

    Daniel DavydovDaniel DavydovMåned siden
  • Messi has more fans than son

    ana blandana blandMåned siden
  • "The defenders are not outrageous" 🙃

    Connor RConnor RMåned siden
  • Neymar going down 🤦‍♂️

    RookieRookieMåned siden
  • son is not even good in this fifa, in terms of ut and reality - just pick messi

    StStan01StStan01Måned siden
    • @Xex Flxmez skills over weak foot, are you drunk? xDD

      StStan01StStan01Måned siden
    • @StStan01 rashford has 5 star skills so of course he would be more, people prefer skills to weak foot ‘ChECkMaTe’

      Xex FlxmezXex FlxmezMåned siden
    • @Xex Flxmez and what? that is your argument? xD rashford 85 cost more than son 87, checkmate

      StStan01StStan01Måned siden
    • @StStan01 Messi is the highest rated gold rare player but still is less then Neymar and mbappe 😂😂

      Xex FlxmezXex FlxmezMåned siden
    • @Xex Flxmez yes, he is sooo good that his price is 26k ;x messi needs only pace and stam to be meta

      StStan01StStan01Måned siden
  • I voted for messi just bc I could then use his loan for the suarez challenges and future icon swaps...

    Henri MesmanHenri MesmanMåned siden
  • Davis is sick, put a deadeye and you have 90+ stats all over the face of the card

    Trrofif ÄråekeTrrofif ÄråekeMåned siden
  • Have the Toty kits come out??

    rogelio ASAProgelio ASAPMåned siden
    • They were there yesterday

      SamisAgaSamisAgaMåned siden
  • Out of curiosity how much on average do you spend on fifa points? You probably spend the least out of say the top 10 content creatures 🤷‍♂️

    Sean MansonSean MansonMåned siden
  • imagine not voting messi lol. son and thiago can get other fun cards later on but messi deserved instead of mbappe anyway

    Ali HussainiAli HussainiMåned siden
    • @Brandon Redfern he literally scored a lucky goal and one banger ok but neymar played better that match then haaland

      Katwijk 071Katwijk 071Måned siden
    • @Katwijk 071 also neymar scored 3 goals in the cl last season 😂 ,so sym

      Brandon RedfernBrandon RedfernMåned siden
    • @Katwijk 071 tired from single handedly destroying them in the first leg

      Brandon RedfernBrandon RedfernMåned siden
    • @Brandon Redfern were was he the second game against psg lol

      Katwijk 071Katwijk 071Måned siden
    • @Katwijk 071 yes like liverpool and psg

      Brandon RedfernBrandon RedfernMåned siden
  • Lol he thinks Son will win...

    RobFut 99RobFut 99Måned siden
  • no one : absolutely no one : Nep: consider how expensive ribery is : let’s compare their stats boateng doesn’t have 5* 5* but has better defending so he’s got better value

    Lloyd ThomasLloyd ThomasMåned siden
  • Vote Heung Min Son 12th man

    Nicolas StaufferNicolas StaufferMåned siden
  • Toty these year is bullshit

    abdou hamamocheabdou hamamocheMåned siden
  • Where is the cheeky Keylor Navas?

    Q2Pgamer- Fifa Guide, Tutorials & PredictionsQ2Pgamer- Fifa Guide, Tutorials & PredictionsMåned siden
  • based on actual real life playing, son would win it as well...

    Karl LaounKarl LaounMåned siden
  • Lets admit it, none of us do an sbc without first checking what Nepz thoughts are on it.

    Cristofer GarciaCristofer GarciaMåned siden
  • I'm an Arsenal fan that loves Son, I think he's a fantastic player, also I believe that Mbappe could amount to the heights Messi and Ronaldo have, but the fact they could get TOTYs over Messi is astonishing. Messi outplayed everyone bar Lewa and Kimmich last year and people are disrespecting him so much. And the fact that people vote purely on fifa is awful, I'm fully gonna stop playing if Son gets one, even though his POTM is in my team. Him and Mbappe simply don't deserve it.

    AL2AL2Måned siden
  • Son is never gonna win that voting😂 why would people take son over messi:D

    Otto LiukkonenOtto LiukkonenMåned siden
    • Because people are literally premier league simps they don't care about anything else, f ing saddos

      Fabio VitoFabio VitoMåned siden
    • It shoulda been a 0 contract player, no way i aint keeping a messi for the year, regardless of whether thiago deserves it more or son will be more fun, im never packing them so f u guys and your fun i want finessi 😂

      Eoin ArthursEoin ArthursMåned siden
  • MESSI FOR 12th MAN!!!

    Its TheDIts TheDMåned siden
  • I got market banned for accidentally buying an inform hakimi for 200k when trying to bid 🤙💪

    liam lustedliam lustedMåned siden
  • Ea literally knew people woud vote neymar so they made sure everyone votes messi I’m not saying he doesn’t deserve it but neymar had an overall better year tbh

    Afghan WolfAfghan WolfMåned siden
    • @Afghan Wolf with no disrespect to Ligue un, psg winning the league is no surprise. He did well to assist them to the final but at the end of the day they didn’t win. It’s not like they were a team like Croatia who we’re carried by Modric to the wc final. I’m no “Messi fanboy,” if you’re going by the name and profile photo I made this when I was like 12 so yeah.

      Blaugrana loverBlaugrana loverMåned siden
    • @Blaugrana lover ik u would so no cuz u r a messi fanboy any one of u would but neymar reached ucl final top assists in legue 1 and top 5 top scores he also won his ligue title Whereas messi was just top scorer and assists in his ligue

      Afghan WolfAfghan WolfMåned siden
    • No sir, just no.

      Blaugrana loverBlaugrana loverMåned siden
  • Vote son. Messi don’t deserve anything. Son has the weak foot and he’ll have better stats than messi. 👍🏼

    53y4R T0khi53y4R T0khiMåned siden
  • Vote son

    ludacrisbellludacrisbellMåned siden
  • “Stamina isn’t as important on CB”? Okay pal, you tell that to yourself when Ronaldo is running in behind in the 85 min 👍🏻

    YEETYEETMåned siden
    • @One 2. I mean if we look past stam, he’s got 73 acceleration, so by the time he does decide to run it’ll be a goal

      YEETYEETMåned siden
    • CB will be knackered only if you are constant pressure all game, if you are not then CB are fine till about 115th minute if you go Extra Time lol

      One 2.One 2.Måned siden
    • @Hasan Mušinbegović That’s fair man, depends on a lot of things I guess, formation, game play style, tactics etc 🤝

      YEETYEETMåned siden
    • @YEET Well, go to Nepenthez 2 channel and open some RTG videos. He played Kounde for like 150 games-ish.. He has 76 stam. Open as much episodes as you want and fast forward to final whistle and see his remaining stam after 90 minutes and you'll see what i mean..

      Hasan MušinbegovićHasan MušinbegovićMåned siden
    • @Hasan Mušinbegović Also, completely missed the point of what I said. If your defender has 75 stam, he’s going to be tired towards the end of the game. So yeah, maybe you can say it to yourself when Ronaldo is running in behind to score an 85 min winner against you with his 84 stam

      YEETYEETMåned siden
  • Vote Messi. Love him or hate him he is one of thee greatest

    Just JJust JMåned siden
    • It’s so boring though just make the game fun and vote son or Thiago

      Xex FlxmezXex FlxmezMåned siden
    • He is the greatest imo shoulda been in starting 11 with mbappe 12 man

      charlie boothcharlie boothMåned siden
    • Lol he was tbh

      Vidya NobleVidya NobleMåned siden
  • Team of the Year? more like team of the last weeks with those ratings...

    Tug PenguinTug PenguinMåned siden
  • Full team isn't in until Friday. Ive only just noticed. Im fuming

    Kai Marston-YimKai Marston-YimMåned siden
    • Archit Shankar idk but in the 12th man vote it says to add to the pool of items on Friday

      Kai Marston-YimKai Marston-YimMåned siden
    • Isn’t it Thursday?

      Archit ShankarArchit ShankarMåned siden
  • Only 6 days for the Boateng? Dude fuck that and fuck this completely shit game man.

    hydrotyler3737hydrotyler3737Måned siden
  • Will there be the full toty in Packs after defensive players?

    Lennard DellLennard DellMåned siden
  • “Nick Pope will still do as good as Neuer” the epitome of this game lol

    DenariHDDenariHDMåned siden
    • Omg tm 😂😂😂

      Sakib MiahSakib MiahMåned siden
  • Guys I packed prime Ryan giggs when should I sell him?

    • @Kaka Joon not really I might sell on Thursday prices usually go uo

      SHOX TUBESHOX TUBEMåned siden
    • Is anyone even buying him 🤔 hahhahahahahah

      Kaka JoonKaka JoonMåned siden
  • If anyone is going to vote for son or Thiago I'll come for you I bought the game to use toty messi 😂

    15_Joseph Alan15_Joseph AlanMåned siden
  • They saving the high ratings for some other bullshit promo to keep us buying packs. Money bleeders

    marcus11394marcus11394Måned siden
  • Am I the only one who thinks everyone could've gone up by one overall

    Rusty Dusty NailRusty Dusty NailMåned siden
  • The fact nep hasn’t packed a TOTY , and I got mbappe in double 83+ att !!! Literally spent £20 quid all year omg what is EA doing ?? Review: the most broken card I have ever had the privilege of using 😂😂

    StePopeMusic 91StePopeMusic 91Måned siden
  • Anyone else agree that this the WORST TOTY that fifa has seen in about 6 years no 99s thats a joke!!! Like if u Agree

    Madeleine DavisMadeleine DavisMåned siden
  • i packed de bruyne from 25k prem pack and i dont wanna be ungratefull but his card should be so much better its so disrespectfull

    Hayden MackayHayden MackayMåned siden
  • someone make a Davies ST video

    S BreezyS BreezyMåned siden
  • Dont worry nep the 12th man is messi because causals are more interested in him than son Like jovic vs Kent last summer

    Jacopo BucarelliJacopo BucarelliMåned siden
  • Only annoying thing about boateng is, we had the exact same card last year....

    TJ_PlaysTJ_PlaysMåned siden
  • 3:42 no way is he better than any of the TOTYs have a fucking day off😂😂

    Daniel LecoutreDaniel LecoutreMåned siden
    • Spot on. He's deluded. Not even better than gold varane probably

      Sam DeeneySam DeeneyMåned siden