Track loader repairs

1. april. 2021
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Working on a 1960's Caterpillar 955h crawler loader:
0:00 bring in garage
1:29 New top roller
4:57 Remove exhaust elbow
14:13 new seat
22:05 Install new exhaust elbow
23:45 Demonstrate bad starter
25:20 Install muffler
27:18 remove starter to get rebuilt
31:46 Demonstrate roller not turning
33:11 Engine oil change
35:35 digging in shale
45:41 Make exhaust gasket
49:10 more digging, also using a Ex100 excavator, Cat 950 wheel loader, and Takeuchi TL12 compact track loader
Ebay roller listing:

  • Maybe you need this roller/planer for your work. only a tip. Nice work you do 👍🏻

    Emil BoströmEmil Boström17 minutter siden
  • "I've gotta stop breaking stuff at some point" hahahahaha

    steve jettesteve jette38 minutter siden
  • The roller wasn't turning because the track was too tight.

    verteupverteup3 timer siden
  • Wont be long to you get that 1 million subscribers.

    Adrian BickleAdrian Bickle3 timer siden
  • It gets too silly with 16 commercials, cut out the ad Adrew camarata and you get many more viewers.

    egil rønningegil rønning4 timer siden
  • to quiet engines down i used dyna mat under the hood works great

    scotttuftsscotttufts8 timer siden
    • On a piece of equipment like that or on a car? I don't think it would work with open sides like that.

      Łukasz SmołaŁukasz Smoła5 timer siden
  • Hey Andrew, Diesel Creek has a Wheel loader he just brought and is restoring it and then his going to sale it you might want to have a look Andrew.

    F6 TyphoonF6 Typhoon8 timer siden
  • No chance gasket material will work some kind of muffler repair cloth maybe

    Rick TurnerRick Turner9 timer siden

  • I think you'd make a cool dugout guest house. Or like a big area to keep the equiptment out of the weather

    Austin KelleyAustin Kelley11 timer siden
  • Andrew let's adjust (tighten) the tracks. Way to loose :-)

    Craig SchultzCraig Schultz12 timer siden
  • $15,200 for the wheel? You S#@ting me?

    TillmanTillman13 timer siden
  • Come on mannnn it’s that time we need our fix

    cecil veleycecil veley14 timer siden
  • If I were so equipped with tools and machines, then at least I would know that even the new, fixed guide roller on the chain must rotate freely and not the one that should freeze when driving. Then, with the welding torch, the hexagon bolts do not heat the heads, but the threads of the bolts and the flange that are stuck in the turbocharger flange. It is clear that you then tear off the screw heads and the rest of the screw gets stuck in the flange. I would have installed the seal directly on the flange the first time, that would have saved the second work. If I worked like that, my boss would have fired me long ago !!

    MeisterflottMeisterflott16 timer siden
  • Truly admire your hard work ! just Be careful of getting a Hernia , I am trim and fit and had 2 Hernia Surgeries because I have to do things myself but not like you at all , you Really Work hard !

    Steven TSteven T17 timer siden
  • You have to wait for the bolt/nut to cool off and shrink back down before trying to take it out.

    gantmjgantmj19 timer siden
  • Isn't it nice to have the right equipment to use and a fur buddy around while doing some heavy tasks? 😅

    Skid Steers DirectSkid Steers Direct20 timer siden
  • Andrew it think its time to buy a dozer

    Jay SchmidtJay Schmidt21 time siden
  • I enjoyed the track loader episode, I have a track loader just like yours do not know the age or the serial number is it possible to get that from you it would make it a lot easier to order parts, thank you

    David kabbaiDavid kabbai21 time siden
  • 15,200$ you got for a warn out roller!????? you're a genius

    mikelwhitlockmikelwhitlock21 time siden
    • @Andrew Camarata Does it go back to the next highest bidder? Or do you have to list it again?

      Trend InvestorTrend Investor3 timer siden
    • Guy didnt pay.

      Andrew CamarataAndrew Camarata14 timer siden
  • WHY is moving dirt/rock so freakin hypnotic to watch

    Dave WDave W23 timer siden
  • "Some 6 yo will enjoy rolling this around".... 😂 Too funny..

    TheDirtyyoungman1TheDirtyyoungman1Dag siden
  • I cant believe that roller sold for 15.200$ LOL

    GizehGizehDag siden
    • The winning bidder refused to pay.

      Andrew CamarataAndrew Camarata14 timer siden
  • Congrats on the 1.1M views of this video!

  • Dove ti quale posto del mondo?

    Lanfranco MastrantoniLanfranco MastrantoniDag siden
  • The roller sold on eBay for $15200. He probably paid that much for the whole machine! I wish I could sell my trash like that.

    Ilya MitrofanovIlya MitrofanovDag siden
  • Not sure how that gasket is going to hold up against that turbo. That's a lot of heat.

    castellsclcastellsclDag siden
  • Enjoyed every minute of this video, thanks for posting.

    Paddy LandrevillePaddy LandrevilleDag siden
  • “ I gotta stop breaking stuff “ gets the torch out

    Josh DanielsJosh DanielsDag siden
  • Thought you might like to use this song in your drone footage some time. Flemington by Tom Day 2014

    Sarah SouthgateSarah SouthgateDag siden
  • "What are you doing, Andy? Andy? Andy? What are you doing? Andy? What are you doing? Is me standing right here helping, Andy? Andy? What are you doing?" -- The Dog

    Benmore PeakBenmore PeakDag siden
  • What if you pull that roller out 1/4 inch. When you installed it was tight up against the backing clamp

    Jim ThompsonJim ThompsonDag siden
  • What is that tapping noise all of a sudden? 41:35 That doesn't sound like an exhaust leek but maybe.. Idle wheel started spinning though;)

    3rdaxis3rdaxisDag siden
  • What kind of xterra did you have?

    Jorge NievesJorge NievesDag siden
  • The 955H gets it's day in the shop! All that is needed now is a big project along with the IH Paystar. Track Loaders ruled the jobsites in the 60's and 70's .

    1957rickster1957ricksterDag siden
  • for the roller try running the tracks loose, they looked super tight on the hill but if you have worn out pins and bushings thats not gonna help. those rollers are always super tight when new

    bosshoss69leebosshoss69leeDag siden
  • 15k for an old roller?

    GhostHostMemoriesGhostHostMemoriesDag siden
  • When you get your bucket pointed up and lifting it fills pretty quickly... It's when you push into the hillside that you cut more slowly.

    Arthur DickinsonArthur DickinsonDag siden
  • A trick a friend with a lot of experance showed me. Heat the bolt without melting it. Walk away and let it cool. It expanded than shrank and may come out with ease. This worked so many times.

    Michael vogelMichael vogelDag siden
  • You do good work my friend.

    Julian YaleJulian YaleDag siden
  • the roller on top of tracked vehicles are mostly used to help prevent de tracking and clearing of build up of mud on track.

    MitriMitriDag siden
  • Maybe a pro can answer this, but he seems to bounce around and lost traction a lot in the different machines while he's digging. Is that just because it's a difficult job or the machines are old, or is it just that someone with more experience has better control over the machine and doesn't jump it around?

    GoodguGoodguDag siden
  • Something ticking? Thanks

    DCWDCWDag siden
  • What did you do to free that roller? Thanks

    DCWDCWDag siden
    • It just started turning.

      Andrew CamarataAndrew CamarataDag siden
  • More videos of the house

    jose miguel gimenez barberajose miguel gimenez barberaDag siden
  • you should sell that slate rock lots of people will buy that.

    John ReviczkyJohn ReviczkyDag siden
  • Damn it!!!! I missed the Takeuchi video somewhere. Sweet skid steer Andrew!

    Cain MarkoCain MarkoDag siden
  • I hope you get paid for that roller, $15,200 is a nice come up!

    White Sierra DudeWhite Sierra DudeDag siden
    • @Andrew Camarata sucks, looks like the guy that bailed out at 14.8 was legit, send a 2nd chance offer to him lol

      White Sierra DudeWhite Sierra DudeDag siden
    • Yeah, we’ll see what happens

      Andrew CamarataAndrew CamarataDag siden
  • i love your vis

    Camren BrooksCamren BrooksDag siden
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    mix videosmix videosDag siden
  • Первый раз в жизни вижу как масло на заведённым двигатели ПРОВЕРЯЮТ!!!!! Я ВШОКЕ!!!!!

    Михаил АлександровичМихаил АлександровичDag siden
  • Had the same problem with starter on a tractor. Turned out it was a bad + Contact, I soldered it and its good now. Also, you need some Veidec rust-shock oil :D also about the roller I think you hammered it in 1 time too many, its grinding against the mount.

    Per JohanssonPer JohanssonDag siden
  • Screwing the next guy eh? Not even attempting to remove the 3rd bolt and maybe the misery of a 3rd bolt extraction. Going straight with the grinder wrench.

    Dugan PadrickDugan PadrickDag siden
    • Next guy? I am going to own this loader forever.

      Andrew CamarataAndrew CamarataDag siden
  • The man loves to flex all the big boy toys. You've curated quite the collection.

    M5MAGNUMM5MAGNUM2 dager siden
  • Don't you dare wear muddy or dirty seated breeches when you climb on to that new seat lol mine is also shot been putting off replacing it but should happen this year lol trying to decide on plain jane or one with armrests

    jerry daltonjerry dalton2 dager siden
  • ogląda te filmy ktoś z polski ?

    Ejek EjowiczEjek Ejowicz2 dager siden
  • Looks like a Perkins 3 cylinder if so looks like the one in my 555A ford backhoe

    jerry daltonjerry dalton2 dager siden
  • The boys don't change. They only change toys ;)

    Piasek 1980Piasek 19802 dager siden
  • Wow- 15k plus for a broken roller! That is seriously a lot of cheese ! You should start having live seminars ala Tony Robbins- filling stadiums with people and do what you do.! You obviously are very popular.

    Paul PrestoPaul Presto2 dager siden
  • Who else notices how many adds are on this channel, almost unbearable. But, good way for him to make money!

    Justin SikesJustin Sikes2 dager siden
  • Have you looked into “switch blade turbos” Cat make real good type

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  • wow good video

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  • This is BADASS

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  • 6:53 what a douche lol

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  • I have the one car cat 🐈 🐱

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  • 👍👍👍👍

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  • Andrew time to start welding some new teeth on those tracks to give them some more BITE!!!!!!

    RiggerRigger2 dager siden
  • Very good 👍Nice Working's Bulldozer Or Wheel Loader 🤔

    JCB DozerJCB Dozer2 dager siden
  • did anyone buy that genuine signed roller lol

    Brian McfaddenBrian Mcfadden2 dager siden
    • Guy isnt paying though.

      Andrew CamarataAndrew CamarataDag siden
  • Does anyone have any clue why the Ebay bidding for the signed roller is up to $15k????? I was interested but how on earth!!!

    Brian LopezBrian Lopez2 dager siden
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  • Great video 🇺🇲

    Thomas YerbeyThomas Yerbey2 dager siden
  • kind of curious why you don't have the full Milwaukee power tool line up.

    Ryan BeshearsRyan Beshears2 dager siden
  • The Big Stone with your Company on it in the driveway!

    RuneRune2 dager siden
  • You need the silver exaust paking for exaust there andrew

    paul Oakleypaul Oakley2 dager siden
  • if he was to sell his property i would pay more than asking

    Adam BrockiAdam Brocki2 dager siden
  • You should paint that green giant.

    Arturo VivaArturo Viva2 dager siden
  • Thank you for sharing your experience and skills. I picked up some great techniques along the way!

    Russ WentzRuss Wentz2 dager siden
  • Did the oil change make the yellow track holder work? Why did it just start turning? Luck?

    Kevin PrivetKevin Privet2 dager siden
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    Tyreek MunroeTyreek Munroe2 dager siden
  • The old Cat has a new lease on life... One click of the key start... Beauty... Might want to consider taking a piece of rubber and super glue it over the top of the starter and over the exposed wires... Helps some in keeping water out [dripping directly on it] and the connectors from rusting... Meaning less starter replacement...

    Scott PhillipsScott Phillips2 dager siden
  • You got ear muffs for your poor little dogs? 😜

    JimboJimbo2 dager siden
  • Usually when extracting bolts out of a housing. Yours being a turbo housing in this case. You always want to heat around were the female threads are. By heating the bolt, your expanding it inside of the hole and will break everything. Use a brazing tip and concentrate the heat around the base. You'll have much better luck! Hope this Helps

    Jamie WoodJamie Wood2 dager siden
  • 32:44 best part

    Gabriele CalzolariGabriele Calzolari2 dager siden
  • Collapsed lifter?

    Richard SanchezRichard Sanchez2 dager siden
  • Or you can take a picture of the wiring diagram and upload it to your cloud. ;)

    JimboJimbo2 dager siden
  • Cam is simply relentless. He doesn't ever go halfass on anything... He started with three things to do, kept finding a bit more here and there. Would not let it go... For a 60s CAT Crawler, he brought it back to basic perfection. That's how we need to live our lives. Cutting corner leads to unnecessary crashes.

    Giovanni GutierrezGiovanni Gutierrez2 dager siden
  • Andrew im dying to know....did you ever get into cryptos? A guy with a comp sci background, building computers, been around the internet for a while. Big toy buying spree during the biggest bull run btc has ever had. Id almost bet money you've got some cash stashed away in crypto. Honestly just curious. Cheers from canada

    Ontario-Yota-10Ontario-Yota-102 dager siden
  • surprised you don't have a big log burner in the workshop/garage area. It looks pretty cold bud.

    Down the shedDown the shed2 dager siden
  • Sounds like a leak at one of the exhaust ports between the head and manifold maybe?

    Ruaraidh WalkerRuaraidh Walker2 dager siden

    Augusto EmeryAugusto Emery2 dager siden
  • What the name of song at the end ?

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  • Serious? 15 grand for the roller? 😧👌

    Andy91Andy912 dager siden
  • So you took at 1965 CAT track loader and moved 25,000 years old rock and soil and made a video of it. No permit from the city to do that.

    Vincent RolfeVincent Rolfe2 dager siden
  • Has anyone looked at the eBay listing for that roller? O.o

    atomicdeath10atomicdeath102 dager siden
  • 15k and climbing for that old roller ??? some one bumped there head .. real hard...

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  • maybe maybe not nice one made me smile great video really enjoyed it thank you

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  • Andrew is the embodiment of, "It can't be stuck if its a liquid"

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  • Just take camera shot of wiring diagram and save?

    Mike BreidenbachMike Breidenbach2 dager siden
  • Why the hell didn't you just get a 6" piece of pipe instead of cutting the hood?

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