TRUMAnn Giving His 7 Year Old Kid NEW MARVEL ROYALTY & WARRIORS Pack! Fortnite Black Panther Bundle!

22. des.. 2020
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TRUMAnn Giving His 7 Year Old Kid Freddie The New Fortnite item Shop Bundle Marvel Royalty & Warriors Pack! 3 New Fortnite Skins With Edit Styles. My Son Gives His Reaction To The New Marvel Fortnite Skin Pack in This Video!
Unlocking The New Black Panther Skin & FREE Fortnite Emote Reward in This Video! What Does The Black Panther Look Like in Game? TRUMAnn & His Son Showcase ALL The New 3 Skins in This Video.
Black Panther, Captain Marvel & TaskMaster Bundle Added To Todays New Fortnite item Shop.
Also New Christmas Music Pack Frost Serenade & New Wrap Added To The iktem Shop Today.
New Christmas Music Only 200 V-Bucks.