Trying to Catch a 1,000 MPH Baseball - Smarter Every Day 247

12. nov.. 2020
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    SmarterEveryDaySmarterEveryDay16 dager siden
    • Try using meat or flesh to stop the bell , To see what would happen if the bell hits a human

      HowToRandom كيف تصنعHowToRandom كيف تصنع4 dager siden
    • idea: when your trying to stop a bullet, usually bullet proof glass does a good job, the bullet spents a lot of its energy on breaking the glass before getting through, its stopped before then, so just replace the glass with say a hard leather over the baseball mitt, and maybe that might stop the ball

      ThoracJunautThoracJunaut7 dager siden
    • Sadness, I'm needing a glove, and see this😥

      Abraham PerezAbraham Perez7 dager siden
    • Not using a solid steel ball is just weak.

      SakonemaSakonema10 dager siden

      Douglas ParkinsonDouglas Parkinson14 dager siden
  • 6:36 I Can See Real Pain In BoB’s Eyes 🤧 R.I.P

    TSMentBLAZE OPTSMentBLAZE OP29 minutter siden
  • Next please try with katana or sword to cut the baseball in two side!!! It's will so excited right

    Ajie PramudiaAjie Pramudia39 minutter siden
  • Video idea make a base ball glove that can handle the 1000mph baseball cannon And imma take that cannon as a lighter if i go camping

    yeas pleazyeas pleaz43 minutter siden
  • • wow you can see the trail of the ball at 1000 MPH... what super speed!! And the earth 🌍 is moving/rotating at that same speed 😳 but I feel no movement 🤯

    Jane NJane NTime siden
  • for me 6 gloove

    alfpolo29alfpolo29Time siden
  • The next video needs to be wooden baseball bats 😮🤣👍🍺

    Lee PrzytulaLee PrzytulaTime siden
  • Holy sky.... 5:05 out for out "cost to cost".....

    alfpolo29alfpolo29Time siden
  • Poor Bob not have chance to survive :)

    alfpolo29alfpolo292 timer siden
  • How high/far can you fire a ball with this?

    Speak out and remove all doubt!Speak out and remove all doubt!2 timer siden
  • Can I ask how do you even get the green light to do these things from a legal perspective?? Like do you say are we allowed to build a supersonic baseball canon and use it and your local administration is like "yep"

    Riyaa7 Alm3arkRiyaa7 Alm3ark2 timer siden
  • 6:24 what's that trail just behind the ball? I don't think that's smoke from the cannon.

    samogx86samogx862 timer siden

    Jayden DamonsJayden Damons3 timer siden
  • When you stop the video at 17:53 and 17:54 you see that the fire comes with the ball.

    Fabio AbreuFabio Abreu3 timer siden
  • No bobs were harmed in the making of this video

    Rehan UmarRehan Umar3 timer siden
  • Challenge mark rober to stop it

    Jarrad MaitreJarrad Maitre3 timer siden
  • Amazing...

    Giuliano CorrêaGiuliano Corrêa4 timer siden
  • "there's one tree in this field"

    Matías vfMatías vf4 timer siden
  • The slow motion at the beginning of the ball exploding looks like the underwater ring thingy he did a while back

    Matías vfMatías vf4 timer siden
  • What would happen if you are going to shoot the ball out of the sky?

    Leo FrancoLeo Franco4 timer siden
  • whets with the vapor around the ball after its been shot ?

    Stephen AbhangStephen Abhang5 timer siden
  • It's amazing how u can see the air pressure surrounding the ball when shot at a super high speed faster than sound

    ItzYuzuru ClipsItzYuzuru Clips5 timer siden
  • Can you also hit a balloon with gas with this cannon..

    Vikhnesh ARVikhnesh AR6 timer siden
  • Can you hit a drone with this supper sonic cannon

    Vikhnesh ARVikhnesh AR6 timer siden
  • Amazing to see the shock wave from the ball just before it hits the glove and then the dummy.

    BasicGdotBasicGdot7 timer siden
  • The fun question is: "What would a glove look like engineered to catch a 1000mph baseball."

    CraftedCrafted8 timer siden
  • This helps explain my childhood fear of catching baseballs

    joe wiltsjoe wilts8 timer siden
  • Sonic boom??

    Kieu oanh Nguyen thiKieu oanh Nguyen thi8 timer siden
  • Why not try an actual catchers mitt, that's designed for much greater impacts?

    David LescoDavid Lesco8 timer siden
  • I started crying at the end, You are such an inspiration. I hope one day to be as smart as you and an amazing husband. You give me hope in this world of darkness.

    William RosamondWilliam Rosamond8 timer siden
  • Вам бы еще Большой адронный коллайдер построить))

    Павел ЯПавел Я8 timer siden
  • WoW 6MM views. Amazing job guys. Very interesting and fresh content. Thanks

    Karim AbiadKarim Abiad8 timer siden
  • Bro the baseball was on fire when it went through the glove what do you except?

    MHF ChickenMHF Chicken8 timer siden
  • Sponsor: bikes Me: laughs in Dutch

    E&R GamesE&R Games8 timer siden
  • Thanks for your sharing

    Allez VengaAllez Venga8 timer siden
  • No one: Absolutely no one: That one pitcher in little league:

    BreadCat -BrawlStarsBreadCat -BrawlStars8 timer siden
  • 6:23 that's a 150 dollar catchers mitt wasted

    Adrian MurilloAdrian Murillo8 timer siden
  • Wait.. Steve

    Bea Spells A lot ChannelBea Spells A lot Channel9 timer siden
  • Wow Ha ha ~ Base ball gun

  • now i know i cant stop supersonic baseball with bare hand

    BALADEWABALADEWA9 timer siden
  • How many feet per second is the baseball going.

    thebentley71thebentley719 timer siden
  • Military : Hmm interesting

    HAFEEDZHAFEEDZ9 timer siden
  • Then it bursts into ur skin 😭

    Nehemiah WillisNehemiah Willis10 timer siden
  • Imagine standing in front of tht thing

    Nehemiah WillisNehemiah Willis10 timer siden
  • your second channel should be called smarter every other day

    KingCloudJumperKingCloudJumper10 timer siden
  • The ball flying through the air literally looks like a dragon ball z, super saiyan, kamehameha

    deepman tomardeepman tomar11 timer siden
  • This is awesome!

    J-uNiTJ-uNiT11 timer siden
  • So I have heard of whips creating spark with the cattail tips. I can't remember exactly why, but I could have sworn it had something to do with a supersonic slap (friction) mixed with the oils in the leather. That basket weave would be a perfect scenario to create the slap, and an oiled glove is commonplace...

    Jim MurphyJim Murphy11 timer siden
  • I know I'm super late, but if you watch the ball during the basket weave test -- you can see a small tail of fire on the ball while it is traveling to the glove!. There's actually fire well before it hits the glove.

    Anthony WilsonAnthony Wilson11 timer siden
  • I think you should build 2, protect everything but where the ball shoots out of, and have 2 balls collide, not sure if it’s gonna be like some insane dragon ball Z explosion or just something to be let down at

    Haven Benjamin MusicHaven Benjamin Music11 timer siden
  • @SmarterEveryDay "Did I see fire?" Yes, it's been on fire since the beginning. That's a blue flame around it.

    Crystal PhillipsCrystal Phillips11 timer siden
  • Fire from the leather on leather friction before the ball finally tears through the glove?

    fanny Rodriguezfanny Rodriguez12 timer siden
  • I think this super awsome!!!

    Blue BrentBlue Brent12 timer siden
  • Hm. How many Bobs could it pass through?

    Eric WoodEric Wood12 timer siden
  • Hey, do you think that fire could have been caused by the high air pressure being caught by the basket weave? possibly creating a pressure ignition like a diesel engine

    michael tennantmichael tennant12 timer siden
  • Bob took it like man didn't even flinch kept the same face!

    Ruben MedinaRuben Medina13 timer siden
  • Thats fire 🔥

    Hemanta SharmaHemanta Sharma13 timer siden
  • i always saw like 20 bikes at kmart who knew that they would sell

    yidon yangyidon yang13 timer siden
  • The flame is likely from the maxed thread used to stitch the basket weave to the glove. At extreme pressures oils/waxes can detonate.

    TheRobertthredTheRobertthred13 timer siden
  • Wow absolutely incredible! Imagine what it could do with a real projectile!!!

    Steve HensonSteve Henson13 timer siden
  • "He's probs gon' die..."

    PKD OrionPKD Orion13 timer siden
  • I love this channel

    JG HudsonJG Hudson14 timer siden
  • The sphincter effect.

  • 4:53 For impact shot.

    Alejandro FranchiniAlejandro Franchini14 timer siden
  • 11:14 *Directed by Michael Bay*

    DrewsDrews15 timer siden
  • You need to fire at a Hog carcass.... Also 2 ft thick clear acrylic.... With high speed camera behind.... Or ballistic gel and keep adding until it stops it

    Bubba AllenBubba Allen15 timer siden
  • Ok now time for faster than the speed of light

    LuckLuck15 timer siden
  • The last thing you want an engineer to say... "What have we done?"

    JoannaJoanna16 timer siden
  • 9:04 Dang Destin; you do have to be a *ick about it.

    adam bogartadam bogart16 timer siden
    • he Justin. How is your sister? long time no see

      JoannaJoanna16 timer siden
  • when you catch a ball, your arm acts like a shock, you have to be able to move the glove backwards with the ball and then slow it down

    ezde711ezde71116 timer siden
  • I can not wait to see you in space one day Destin

    gacha gracegacha grace16 timer siden
  • This is perhaps the cleanest, best pleasure I’ve seen

    K KK K16 timer siden
  • eh KAKYOIN!!!

    TroxidexTroxidex16 timer siden
  • 9:47 stage 2 is supersonic

    SpaceX lover Elon muskSpaceX lover Elon musk16 timer siden
  • 6:38 Bob double chinning lol

    Angry BirdoAngry Birdo17 timer siden
  • what happens if you DIE? - Smarter Every Day 248

    AronAron17 timer siden
  • You can actually see a faint shock vapor collar around the baseball. You normally see those on fighter jets. Unbelievable stuff!

    Nate SchnellerNate Schneller17 timer siden
  • My tae Kwon do class has a bob just like that

    Bdubs0921Bdubs092117 timer siden
  • One like = I prayer for bob

    YetiKYetiK17 timer siden
  • How about the 250mph bat with the 1000mph baseball

    Migueltravis49 4Migueltravis49 417 timer siden
  • Throwing 1000 MPH baseball on a person's head would be instant death!!!

    Mister C FMister C F17 timer siden
  • at 5m50s you can see the aie breaking away from the ball. thats awesome

    motbusmotbus18 timer siden
  • I admire Bob and his stoicism

    System SouthSystem South18 timer siden
  • dude there is literally fire around the ball

    farouk gamalfarouk gamal18 timer siden
  • he Justin. How is your sister? long time no see

    motbusmotbus18 timer siden
  • I watched the whole video I was in a trance watching that baseball go through Bob and all of those gloves. And I also love the idea of the guardian bicycles! Thank you fellas I will subscribe.

    Jeffrey MasiJeffrey Masi19 timer siden
  • What was the warp behind the ball

    Theultimateppman -Theultimateppman -19 timer siden
  • You have to make a steel ball with the same size like baseball!!!!

    Андрей КлюевАндрей Клюев19 timer siden
  • That’s crazy I always preferred a totally different style of glove

    Austin Texas LawAustin Texas Law20 timer siden
  • Oil under compression will ignite. Maybe that caused the fire?

    Chris HarperChris Harper20 timer siden
  • Knuckle ball

    Crazy KarenCrazy Karen20 timer siden
  • I wanna prank my sister with one of those by hiding it behind a door and when she opens it the baseball hits her in the head.

    Crazy KarenCrazy Karen20 timer siden
  • custom made multi-layered, basket-weave gloves? same approach for testing?

    yendor8201yendor820120 timer siden
  • 🤢🤮

    Will IAMWill IAM20 timer siden
  • Your glove is oiled. Put that pressure on it and you get fire. Think of oiling a pcp gun. There is a reason they use silicon oil. You actually can get most speed by using that property, or ruin your gun.

    Cajun VolCajun Vol21 time siden
  • I wish this guy was my science teacher

    Jermaine MorganJermaine Morgan21 time siden
  • Serious scientific research carried out by responsible adults

    Peter John AytonPeter John Ayton21 time siden
  • There fire bc the materials match very close and the friction happened so quick and hard along w air that it ignighted the leather. 😂 Smoked the $ht outta that glove.

    Davie DoodDavie Dood21 time siden
  • 4:53 Bob really got hurt

    Steve DrongowskiSteve Drongowski21 time siden
  • I would have tried a layer of metal insert inside or outside that weave to watch it punch through. 😂

    Davie DoodDavie Dood21 time siden