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My name is Alec Steele and I am a 21 year old blacksmith from Norfolk in the United Kingdom, now living in Montana in the USA! I upload a vlog from my day at the workshop almost every single day. Lots of sparks, lots of making, lots of fantastic-ness. Great to have you here following along!
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Alec Steele Blacksmith 2019

  • congrats on making a 1 dollar blade with a 499 dollar handle oO

    Patrick EigenmannPatrick Eigenmann8 timer siden
  • Sorry but thats not a chef knife thats more of a santoku knife..

    brandon 2504brandon 25043 dager siden
  • My chefs knife is a handforged japanese triple layer knife paper steel (if I am not mistaken shirogami white #2) for the edge hardened to ~67hrc All with a walnut handle 250€

    Robin HoferRobin Hofer5 dager siden
  • Do you think it would be possible to have done this with hand files and a hacksaw instead of a belt sander and an angle grinder

    Patrick OrtonPatrick Orton10 dager siden
  • 500 dollarunies nawh B like 75$

    Miztah-MurdahMiztah-MurdahMåned siden
  • 500 dollarunies nawh B like 75$

    Miztah-MurdahMiztah-MurdahMåned siden
  • One way of knowing native is good and alec isnt lying: you never see his armpits sweaty... He is a knifesmith... Think about that

    Iki's MessIki's MessMåned siden
  • Knife is knife idc

    GagaltGagaltMåned siden
  • No idea why you didn't go into the materials, micarta and m390 in a knife like that! That explains the price right there, 62roc!!!

    Adam PoseyAdam PoseyMåned siden
  • See if Gordon Ramsey would use it.

    Joshua WiseJoshua WiseMåned siden
  • I don't see how a 1dollar knife metal could ever be treated to make it worth $500

    RobertRobertMåned siden
  • This makes buying quality knives so sketchy. Do your research and don't get fleeced by some drop shipper doing crap like this.

    Here We Are HikingHere We Are HikingMåned siden
  • will almost cut open is face in the opening scene

    cape coddercape codderMåned siden
  • This video is smoke and mirrors...

    Ahmad ZakiAhmad Zaki2 måneder siden
  • I don’t think he likes his fingers

    Tommy GTommy G2 måneder siden
  • Where the 500 come from

    quinn860quinn8602 måneder siden
  • Its still same cheap material maybe worth 500ZWD not 500USD.

    Jari HeimoluotoJari Heimoluoto2 måneder siden
  • Alec: *Moves to America* Alec: *still says aluminium*

    Zanon12Zanon122 måneder siden
  • A great chef knife is a 10inch chef knife.

    1 Free XP1 Free XP2 måneder siden
  • One big advert. bye bye Alec another subscriber lost...

    Bobby Brown pantsBobby Brown pants2 måneder siden
  • B.s. video gets an automatic "Don't recommend channel". Sad, I know there is some good content, can't stay for the extra.

    Jordan BabcockJordan Babcock2 måneder siden
  • The title says turning a 1 dollar knife into a 500 dollar knife. Yet once you had finished you said the steel is shite and it’s not worth 500 and then you bring on your own high end knife and even that wasn’t 500 dollars. Where on earth is this mysterious 500 dollar knife at?

    Luke BrownLuke Brown2 måneder siden
  • Sad

    Ethan ThorntonEthan Thornton2 måneder siden
  • Brother..... you still alive ? Upload something.

    Savage HistorianSavage Historian2 måneder siden
  • Your not Alec steele

    Agnieszka PielakAgnieszka Pielak2 måneder siden
  • you actually cant the more expensive knife is gonna have a better steel under all that work its still a 1 dollar knife

    haris khanharis khan2 måneder siden
  • Sorry, but cheap steel is still cheap steel, no matter how you dress it up, and you'll never miraculously turn a dollar store knife into a $500 tool.

    Bear BearakBear Bearak2 måneder siden
  • Oof boys. This ain’t it. Love the channel, but not this trajectory

    Owen HartmannOwen Hartmann2 måneder siden
  • it's not a chef's knife it's a Santoku knife...

    Anthony CooperAnthony Cooper2 måneder siden
  • $500 knife? Lol. Hardly. Maybe $50?

    JCJC2 måneder siden
  • I seriously doubt you play Raid Shadow Legends just like I highly doubt you wear this crap you're advertising. You really ought to be straight with your viewers about this crap. Acting as if you support and actively use this stuff so they'll sponsor you when you know you don't is highly, highly deceptive. Just like how you act like you play RSL. 👎👎 We know you don't use this crap just like you don't play Raid Shadow Legends. Channels that deceive their viewers like that are trash, IMO, and are worried more about money than integrity. INTEGRITY is way more important than money. I figured you'd realize this. I won't ever sub to channels that do this. And there's quite a few of you that deceive your viewers into believing you use these products that sponsor your vids.

    JCJC2 måneder siden
  • Wait wheres Alec Well there he is

    Frog in ChairFrog in Chair2 måneder siden
  • Интересно!?

    Egor MishnknEgor Mishnkn2 måneder siden
  • I purchased a set of 4 Victorinox knives for $127. Made in Switzerland. These are commonly used by professional chefs and are a great value. No way I would pay $399 for this single knife.

    Stephen ParkerStephen Parker2 måneder siden
  • I don't believe a $1 knife can be made out of steel which holds edge when cutting air, not to mention one that can be priced at $500

    Sk0lzkiySk0lzkiy2 måneder siden
  • You guys are fixing to lose a lot of followers with this BS

    Brett WordenBrett Worden2 måneder siden
  • Nice vegetable cutting knife........

    Barry Grencavage IIBarry Grencavage II2 måneder siden
  • WTF Was that yellow spiky fruit/veg?

    AceHighJohnAceHighJohn3 måneder siden
  • I mean..itake 5$ machetes and I make my knives from that and I don't call it "Turning a 5$ Walmart machete into a 300$ BUSHCRAFT knife" (*shocking*) (gone wrong)

    KNIFEGUY1701KNIFEGUY17013 måneder siden
  • Vegan cruelty free, no vegans harmed during production!

    Johan BoggJohan Bogg3 måneder siden
  • Pro tip: changing a drop-tip knife to a sheepfoot knife changes the value from $1-$500

    Disciple of LibertyDisciple of Liberty3 måneder siden
  • you finally failed to jump the shark. good bye and good luck

    gjp627gjp6273 måneder siden
  • I love the fact you acquired a real professional to test the chef knifes out to give their input. Its an awsome 3rd party view on the craftsmanship of the product. I like seeing an outside sources opinion, especially from a source who uses products like this daily.

    Joshua MonkJoshua Monk3 måneder siden
  • Is Will a SUPERSTAARRR?!

    53prime53prime3 måneder siden
  • he has a huge knife sharpener

    Yahya ElkatebYahya Elkateb3 måneder siden
  • Reshaping a knife and selling it for 500 dollars Markiting

    Avocado47Avocado473 måneder siden
  • I live like 60 minutes from these guys

    CrazyAmericanHackerCrazyAmericanHacker3 måneder siden
  • I still prefer my dalstrong knive set! Nice looking knife that one in the video for sure!

    Ilgner MIlgner M3 måneder siden
  • I can't be the only one that sees the ridiculous amount of advertisements that seem to pop in every episode and totally fast forwards through all that nonsense lol

    I'm pretty awesomeI'm pretty awesome3 måneder siden
    • Also, I didn't realize I was watching a promo video for the new knives you guys are selling... This channel is the biggest sellout Channel ever! I love the content when all you guys were doing was making content but now it's all a business.. I get it, everyone has to eat but I mean Jesus! Does every video have to be about you guys selling something?

      I'm pretty awesomeI'm pretty awesome3 måneder siden
  • That was dirty.

    Grey ArcheonGrey Archeon3 måneder siden
  • Sorry. You actually converted a $2 knife in a $45 one. You seems to not have a clue what level of craftsmanship would command $500.

    Alessandro FilippiAlessandro Filippi3 måneder siden
  • Was this a giant add for a chefs knife?

    John KiserJohn Kiser3 måneder siden
  • $400.00 no. I'll go with my Wusthof Ikon classic for half that price.

    os2solizos2soliz3 måneder siden
  • He turned a 1$ knife in to a 50$ knife..

    ChannelChannel3 måneder siden
  • Lol, not 500$ knife kid 😅😅😅

    ChannelChannel3 måneder siden
  • Absolutely dope video!!

    Tristan ETristan E3 måneder siden
  • Will using mm there really made me happy :D

    Russell BruechertRussell Bruechert3 måneder siden
  • The $400 knife is $400 because it doesn't dull after each usage, it won't get fractures over time from flexing, and is designed for the needs of a professional chef. U can't take crappy steel, cut the end off, sharpen it and call it a $400 knife. There's more to it than just being sharp.

    Thomas AtkinsonThomas Atkinson3 måneder siden
  • So what makes this worth $400? The steel would still be just crappy quality steel, right? There was no tempering or anything else involved in this video except just cutting the end off and re-grinding the knife... I wonder if this knife would be vulnerable to bending and snapping now cos the steel is too crappy to put up with all the flexing. Also, as the chef said, the knife becomes dull after a small amount of usage. The 400 dollar knife is $400 because it doesn't dull after each cutting, it won't get fractures over time from the flexing, and it is designed to fit the needs of a professional chef.

    Thomas AtkinsonThomas Atkinson3 måneder siden
  • This channel is turning into a giant commercial. Time to unsub

    Ian MossIan Moss3 måneder siden
  • at 9.27 why does he have to muscle the knife through the pumpkin or what ever it is you can see he had to put more force like the blade had gotten dull in a spot

    sir3085ltrsir3085ltr3 måneder siden
  • Adverts on adverts on adverts and no $500 knife anywhere within this content (i use the term content sarcastically as this really isn't content)

    420 soulja420 soulja3 måneder siden
  • Lol at all the paid promotions on NOtown "I've been using it for over a year now"...yeah calling bullshit on that one 🤣

    420 soulja420 soulja3 måneder siden
  • Longest deodorant commercial I've watched.

    Hatim AbbassiHatim Abbassi3 måneder siden
  • I used to love this channel for it's information I could learn from, for the thinking processes behind the stuff and for the beautiful pieces in the end. And although I still enjoy the videos, they have lost that spirit. The new videos feel like commercials, they're too business like and not personal at all anymore and I honestly haven't learned much about blacksmithing and skills related to it recently. This channel is going down the same money machine channel path like The King of Random did and I'd be disappointed if it keeps going there.

    Jordy V.Jordy V.3 måneder siden
  • Give Austin at the Bozeman Supper Club a 2nd shoutout at the end! He earned it, I think. Gdday M8

    Cannon ByrdCannon Byrd3 måneder siden
  • 6:00 Me when I get bills in the mail

    precariousbyteprecariousbyte3 måneder siden
  • He's good at what he does, bladesmithing/Knifemaking. BUT! Sadly I don't really think his pacing works too well for videos. A lot of Will's videos feel rushed, and very rough on the edges. The pacing of the videos are usually very static and jagged, with little flow, which makes his work look very sloppy. Watching his work with the power hammer actually started giving me hints of anxiety up until the big moment. Not sure if its the editor, but I think It's more of a Will thing. I madly respect his skills, but his videos probably need a bit of a refinement.

    NC SledgeNC Sledge3 måneder siden
  • I've tackled a similar project a few times already. the key is to start with a knife that is descent quality steel to begin with. I'm not talking about ruining a 200 dollar new wusthof. But many old French or German knives can still be turned into something good if you know what you are looking at.

    Peter GoossensPeter Goossens3 måneder siden
  • As far as I am concerned Will carry’s Alec these days I can no longer stand Alec as he is only about selling everyone’s products and is not a blacksmith he has become a corporate sell out and everything I hate

    Scott McCarrollScott McCarroll3 måneder siden
  • So when do we see a real chief use this blade in a real way? I seen little to no real chopping . Just lots of long pull slicing.

    ALEXALEX3 måneder siden
  • Alex needs to study some chemistry. Deodorants don't keep you dry. Anti-perspirants keep you dry. Deodorants keep you from being odoriferous. (Keep ya from stinkin'.)

    Gwen PattonGwen Patton3 måneder siden
  • You know a smaller channel called OUTDOORS55 made this exact video a year ago? His was better btw.

    Neverhardlyever LNeverhardlyever L3 måneder siden
  • Remember when ths used to be a blacksmithing channel with one of the most talented young blacksmiths around? I'm thinking it's about time for me to unsubscribe...

    Arne SandnessArne Sandness3 måneder siden
  • I love these vids about blades. I really liked the clips where aleck talks about shop safety. How about doing one about proper cleaning and maintenance of blades once in service?

    Lt WadeLt Wade3 måneder siden
  • Wow. People are really upset about this free Internet content. Geez guys, give the kids a break. They're more successful than most of us could ever hope to be. Enjoy your free video or move onto the next one.

    R'murR'mur3 måneder siden
    • This is just fundamentally false. This is not free internet content. Unless you're an early adopter there's no such thing as free internet content. How do you think Alec affords to run two shops in two countries? The viewers of these videos drive up advertising revenue and also purchase his merchandise. We are the customer in this transaction and the customer has a right to be upset about being profited off of and receiving no value in return.

      TrappedAtWorkTrappedAtWork3 måneder siden
  • $400.00 for a knife? Sorry Alex but for that kind of price that knife better sing, dance, and cook my meals in addition to cutting up my food. I do like your videos though just the same.

    Brian FallsBrian Falls3 måneder siden
  • I was really hoping you were going to just throw the entire knife in the forge so the handle would burn-off and you could hammer the steel into a billet, then forge it into a new blade.

    Mee Hung LoweMee Hung Lowe3 måneder siden
  • I would never say that I was fooled, but...alec steele is now click baiting people. Why? His channel is fun to watch, but why click bait besides "now it's time to pay the bills". Cheers to them for finding a way to get that money, just weird to see this.

    Alexander ChavezAlexander Chavez3 måneder siden
  • thats right!! remind alec what his channel was supposed to be about GREAT WORK

    Charley EdwardsCharley Edwards3 måneder siden
  • a Heads up on where will will be would b e nice i thought we would still be in the UK still so maybe in future videos but UK or US in the title

    Mat PearsonMat Pearson3 måneder siden
  • Putting a new handle on a knife and regrinding it doesn’t change the quality of the blade. It’s still just a 1 dollar knife with a nice handle on it.

    Beanie WeenieBeanie Weenie3 måneder siden
  • I wonder exactly how long both sanding sessions by hand took you to do this project, im looking into starting next year to learn forging and would love to hear your tips where to look to start

    R_3_KR_3_K3 måneder siden
  • Kove headphones are garbage. Mine broke after 6 hours and you can’t get a response from customer service. They are a scam.

    WayneRiteWayneRite3 måneder siden
  • What a waste of nice wood. All you did was strap expensive wood to a cheap piece of steel. That doesn't make it expensive, that makes it a waste.

    Lost CosmosLost Cosmos3 måneder siden
  • Only a stupid pay 500 for that knife

    Wajma SultaniWajma Sultani3 måneder siden
  • I wish he would just start his own channel. Definitely would would go to 1.00 to 500 real quick.

    Colton EllisColton Ellis3 måneder siden
  • My question is what the heck was the yellow thing with the green innards

    Adam MckinleyAdam Mckinley3 måneder siden
  • Will are you going to post this sort of stuff on your own channel? I enjoy all the content you’ve been putting out and would hate to see it disappear when you’re moved into your own shop.

    Ben StayskalBen Stayskal3 måneder siden
  • Sexy looking blade

    Andrew MackechnieAndrew Mackechnie3 måneder siden
  • That knife is worth about 75 bucks maybe .....not 500

    Hunter PenceHunter Pence4 måneder siden
  • Some of the comments in here... I really don't understand. Alec has been (and Will too) spending so much time getting out YEARS of FREE content for us to enjoy, all of that while bulding a business and doing domething they like, and now that they're getting a bit successful with it, you guys complain they want to sell stuff ? They don't work for us ! They spent so much time learning camera work and editing to provide us enjoyable content, because they like to share, only to see these type of comments... Don't buy the knife if you don't want to ! Oh my god no one is making you! They could also have made a typicall comercial if they wanted to, because guess what, it's their channel. But instead Will took the time to make something enjoyable, ok it's not forging but the channel evolves, and so what? I see comment accusing them of becoming too money oriented or whatever, in the meantime Alec is spending thousands trying to make his UK workshop as camera ready as possible, he didn't have to do that, but he enjoys sharing his journey, and that's what the show is about. I'm bummed there are so many entitled dinguses out there who think they own other people's hard work. Rant over. Go Alec and Will, I wish you all the success and growth possible !

    Duncan VideosDuncan Videos4 måneder siden
    • @TrappedAtWork Well l respectfully disagree. It might be true in some instances, but Alex started this to share a passion. Install an adblock and don't buy any merch, the content is free to watch. Yes your time is valuable, but if you're spending it on youtube be prepared to find videos that aren't to your taste, it's how it works. This content is free for me and I don't feel like I'm in a position to demand anything, it's their channel, their business, their choices.

      Duncan VideosDuncan Videos3 måneder siden
    • I replied this elsewhere but this is just fundamentally and deeply false. This is not free internet content. There's basically no such thing as free internet content. How do you think Alec affords to run two shops in two countries? The viewers of these videos drive up advertising revenue and also purchase his merchandise. The viewers are the customer in this transaction and the customer has a right to be upset about being profited off of and receiving no value in return. A person's time is extremely valuable and many people have had it stolen from this clickbait content. Stop thinking content creators are these benevolent gods throwing a bone to us poor folk here for the "free content". This is a transaction. Demand better.

      TrappedAtWorkTrappedAtWork3 måneder siden
  • This thumbnail is misleading as hell......skip

    Cayo CostaCayo Costa4 måneder siden
  • I mean, 50 dollar knife. But that wasn't a one dollar knife to start. Just priced a dollar at a thrift store. The other 2 knives were but the only thing you could do with um is scrap um for the .00005 cents the faux-stainless is worth. Video was nice though.

    CypyCupCypyCup4 måneder siden
  • Regrinding and rehandling doesn't fix shite steel and heat treat.

    River CarsonRiver Carson4 måneder siden
  • Kinda more and more informerial channel

    donderlittichdonderlittich4 måneder siden
  • Things were good until you got to the 7:00 mark when the attempt to sell the Steele knife started. While I am fine with your channel trying to sell your product, the switch makes for borderline deceptive practice. If would be much cooler if you simply states in the title what you are going to do.

    D HD H4 måneder siden
  • Not nice man, not nice at all.

    teroonteroon4 måneder siden
  • Remember: it's only a 500 $ knife if you manage to sell it for that. Not my content, sorry.

    Darius der RoteDarius der Rote4 måneder siden
  • Y’all are being *way* too harsh on the boys and the channel. Seriously, what kind of “fans” are you? Speaking from the perspective of a general NOtown watcher, the amount of ads in videos has become so normalized that you guys should be used to it by now, or you could just not like the video and that’s that. Being way too harsh on people that are just trying to make a living with this channel isn’t really the best way the comments section should go, and the fact that they’re selling products shouldn’t be anything new, they’ve been showcasing and been excited about their work for the longest time, of course they need products to sell. Regardless of what you think of the product, this video is a pretty darn great way to advertise it (the clickbait feeds the NOtown algorithm and it’s at the very least enough to get people to watch it) Speaking as a fan of the channel for a while, I loved this video and appreciate the time and energy that they and the editors and workers put into every video to make them as top quality as they try to make, given the circumstances of the world at large. What do you expect them to do while Alec is in the UK? They have to deal with COVID, demand from their shop and customers, making the products, running a business, a new workshop, purchasing material, fixing Will’s power hammer, dealing with purchases and upkeep and bills and family and a social life, not to mention the fact that they have to keep making content for NOtown *on top* of everything else going on. With NOtown demonetization and the struggles that their side of the marketplace probably had to deal with with shipping restrictions, covid struggles and safety standards, it’s no wonder that they have to try to make as much money as they can to pay their employees and the bills of now multiple workshops. Cut them some slack, let them do their thing, and if you disliked the video, be civil in the comments and don’t make things worse for them.

    spywispywi4 måneder siden