Turning an Anvil into a "Brute-de-Forge" Machete!!!

19. des.. 2020
338 247 Ganger

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My name is Alec Steele and I am a 22 year old blacksmith from England, now living in Montana in the USA! With a great team of hardworking folks, we upload videos showcasing the projects we get up to here at the workshop. Lots of sparks, lots of making, lots of fantastic-ness. Great to have you here following along!
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Alec Steele Blacksmith 2020

  • verry nice

    CasCarsCasCars11 dager siden
  • How did I miss this episode. Well done WILL. We miss you bro

    Frankie Rzucek JrFrankie Rzucek Jr14 dager siden
  • NordNPV

    ManoManoMåned siden
  • A moment of silence for the thousands of 6 inch cutting discs used to cut off the horn....

    Dan ArsenaultDan ArsenaultMåned siden
  • How can I purchase your anvil?

    Dennis DatuDennis DatuMåned siden
  • All this time, Carmen Sandiego was using Nord VPN...

    Jason AguirreJason Aguirre2 måneder siden
  • That is one of the best tools I've ever seen, so well made!

    ira onokira onok2 måneder siden
  • I wanna buy this so bad

    setazeonsetazeon2 måneder siden

    Ako si YuriAko si Yuri2 måneder siden
  • New coolbest commercial be like

    darrell beetsdarrell beets2 måneder siden
  • That's a crazy, pointlessly huge knife, I love it! I like eating pineapple because I know it's trying to eat me back

    Steve StaleySteve Staley2 måneder siden
  • Wow wonder if those anvils No good ,to cut the horn off to make a chopper.they say the new anvils are mabe better than rhe old ones with solid steel bases. Looks lime the would have used an old Trenton or hay to make knife.

    the lewis familythe lewis family2 måneder siden
  • the only bad part was at 5:53 with those chewing noises lol

    Brent HodgesBrent Hodges3 måneder siden
  • Now why would you do that...

    Love ByströmLove Byström3 måneder siden
  • How heavy did it turn out to be? I really love the knife

    jan rinke Medendorpjan rinke Medendorp3 måneder siden
  • Love the music when hes grinding

    Griffin MurphyGriffin Murphy3 måneder siden
  • ayy alec you need to go on forged in fire i would love to see that

    Will SandersWill Sanders3 måneder siden
  • Looks fine

    Wonderful SkillsWonderful Skills3 måneder siden
  • Ohh pineapples. Really good on pizza

    Benjamin CronceBenjamin Cronce3 måneder siden
  • Hahahah! Love the anvil drop!

    Adam Schneller NolanAdam Schneller Nolan3 måneder siden
  • Can I have one of the not to standards anvils I dont care if it's perfect I'll use it

    THE PUSHTHE PUSH3 måneder siden
  • I think Will is doing all these projects, just to eat the fruits after testing 🤔

    Jannik. BöhnischJannik. Böhnisch3 måneder siden
  • Handle is like more of a crescent or pipe wrench style handle

    timothy naquintimothy naquin3 måneder siden
  • Hahahaha that droping anvil tho. You nailed it. Awesome!!

    Jacobo CastañoJacobo Castaño3 måneder siden
  • snow, soot & a nice juicy chunk of pineapple, courtesy of anvil 2.0 life is good...

    Mona BaleMona Bale3 måneder siden
  • Does anyone got fruitninja vibes when they test it

    GreninjaflashGreninjaflash3 måneder siden
  • But can you turn a blade into an Anvil is the real question

    Matthew LeonMatthew Leon3 måneder siden
  • Why are the videos getting so short? Am I wrong remembering the videos used to be much longer than this?

    nerdiusprimenerdiusprime3 måneder siden
  • I'm not complaining in anyway way whatsoever, but they said Will was leaving and instead Alec left lol. Glad to see both of our boys on the same channel still. Definitely one of my favorites. You guys are absolute artists to the max. Never stop being amazing!!!!

    matthew stricklandmatthew strickland3 måneder siden
  • Wow they saved all the crap for the end of the year

    Alessandro FilippiAlessandro Filippi3 måneder siden
  • Now I’m thinking a blacksmith pulling out this knife and then smiting someone with a falling anvil.

    My Dog & MeMy Dog & Me3 måneder siden
  • Well, if I ever buy an anvil it’s going to be from you guys, you have high standards for accepted customer goods.

    My Dog & MeMy Dog & Me3 måneder siden
  • But why you had to chop an anvil horn? Defective?

    Richard PlaysALotRichard PlaysALot3 måneder siden
  • Kove headphones are garbage. Mine broke after 6 hours and you can’t get a response from customer service. They are a scam.

    WayneRiteWayneRite3 måneder siden
  • Get rid of the shitty video editing with the music and montage. We want actual forging not shitty montages.

    Cody TaylorCody Taylor3 måneder siden
  • Man you guys are amazing content creators! You just managed to do an amazing marketing campaign of your anvils. I study marketing at media design, and can’t help but clap👏🏼 You managed to promote you product in one beautiful video!😍 not only did you do this in a natural way that, like most your videos, sucks one in, but also You illustrated how high quality your product is. Well done! I’ve learned a lot from this strategy. I will use this in my own business. Thanks!🤙🏽

    daniel falckdaniel falck3 måneder siden
  • The destroy this watermelon with an anvil had me laughing out loud.

    Kyle StubblefieldKyle Stubblefield3 måneder siden
  • what was wrong with anvil

    Bryan HolmerBryan Holmer3 måneder siden
  • Fantastic video. Short and sweet and to the point!

    Muhammad Jibril ArthurMuhammad Jibril Arthur3 måneder siden
  • Need to put that through the Forge and Fire torture to see what it can do!!

    David FiedlerDavid Fiedler3 måneder siden
  • Blade length 10-14 inches

    Dr LoqutisDr Loqutis3 måneder siden
  • That was very cool, now I want you to get a custom knife maker to come in and help you design and make a custom combat bowie. Techniques to be used forging and milling since ypu gave a new milling machine. Solid steel handle with a ring at the end and removable handles.

    Dr LoqutisDr Loqutis3 måneder siden
  • Pretty sure that's the same pallet his power hammer fell off, glad to see him get some payback for that

    BlackoblunaBlackobluna3 måneder siden
  • Great! Now I want one!!!!

    Cesar CardosoCesar Cardoso3 måneder siden
  • Anyone else miss the days when Alec was actually a maker of detailed and beautiful blades on his own channel? He's just a glorified hammer salesman with sponsorship from Raid : Shadow Legends and NordVPN now.

    Private CustardPrivate Custard3 måneder siden
  • Missed opportunity for a fruit ninja sponsorship

    anotherdrummer2anotherdrummer23 måneder siden
  • Will plays Fruit Ninja!

    Joseph GooseyJoseph Goosey3 måneder siden
  • just befote the anvil dropp I thought to myself: well duh you can destroy wathermellon by dropping anvil on it. And then you dropped the anvil :D

    CZ KosmikCZ Kosmik3 måneder siden
  • Why did I saw that coming :D

    Elias LindqvistElias Lindqvist3 måneder siden
  • Those muscles. Girls will be calling him daddy

    WoodshadowWoodshadow3 måneder siden
  • That knife is so impractical and nobody needs something like that... I'll take 3.

    Dragon Lord GamingDragon Lord Gaming3 måneder siden
  • I wish I had that horn to somehow stick to my harbor freight special anvil with its nearly useless "horn"

    Justin EaddyJustin Eaddy4 måneder siden
  • That was awesome.

    Brandon HallidayBrandon Halliday4 måneder siden
  • Too bad you can't sell the Blemmished ones.

    Harley RainvilleHarley Rainville4 måneder siden
  • Wait why is will not using his newly restored power hammer to make the knives?

    john billjohn bill4 måneder siden
  • Hey it's will!

    AlexAlex4 måneder siden
  • Ive been a subscriber since before the U.S. move but im just now realising how much I'm going to miss Will's content. Great channel keep up the good work.

    Danny RobinsonDanny Robinson4 måneder siden
  • that handle sucks man

    american outlaw crowamerican outlaw crow4 måneder siden
  • 5:11 to 5:15 I did not dee that coming XD Lol

    Ninja HombrepalitoNinja Hombrepalito4 måneder siden
  • What could you make using an entire anvil?

    Seen BeanSeen Bean4 måneder siden

    GRIM ONEGRIM ONE4 måneder siden
  • Where is will going?

    nathan o'malleynathan o'malley4 måneder siden
  • Alec I know you’re big about pushing your boundaries and honing your skills so I have a challenge for you. Make a mandalorian helmet. You can even put your own spin on it since they all had their own styles of helmets. The basic shape was the same but with a lot of variety. I haven’t seen anyone do it so I think this is a great challenge for you.

    Richard SmithRichard Smith4 måneder siden
  • "...and remember, there is no more important safety rule than to wear these, safety glasses." N. Abram

    Jeff EasterJeff Easter4 måneder siden
  • I have to say, when will said he was going to destroy the watermelon with an anvil, I had a spark of hope for an anvil drop, and I was not disappointed! Loving the content guys! Keep it up!

    Sebastian AcaciaSebastian Acacia4 måneder siden
  • Guys, I want to see you two try to duplicate the bronze sword of Goujian. Some crazy metallurgy goin on there. Could be good fun

    Shane HigginsShane Higgins4 måneder siden
  • Great crafting video. Thanks

    norscanhordesnorscanhordes4 måneder siden
  • That is so sadistic to do that. lolololol

    scoobtoober29scoobtoober294 måneder siden
  • How many cutoff wheels did that take?

    spydergs07spydergs074 måneder siden
  • I wana see a big anvils made from the hammer that broke so it can be used again

    Jonathan SoriaJonathan Soria4 måneder siden
  • Obligatory algorithm comment

    PhilipwnPhilipwn4 måneder siden
  • Ive missed hearing the sounds of the hammer n anvil

    Greg SallGreg Sall4 måneder siden
  • Forge one of the GOT swords, it ended a bit sh*te but it was good for 7 years with great swords in it. Ice might be a challenge so that one, please?

    Sadheedh UmarSadheedh Umar4 måneder siden
  • Turns out that's actually the correct way to open a pomegranate.

    rpavlik1rpavlik14 måneder siden
  • how the heck do you get watermelons in the middle of snow season 😂

    Lucas GiudiceLucas Giudice4 måneder siden
  • Hello Alex I’m 13 and vary bored and I was wondering if you could make an knife necklace tutorial?

    Treasure hunting withRidiculous MongooseTreasure hunting withRidiculous Mongoose4 måneder siden
  • Give that baby sword a mama. You should make a bigger version of this with the other part of the anvil.

    Iam ThyialIam Thyial4 måneder siden
  • Can I buy that hornless anvil?

    Brookesy FPVBrookesy FPV4 måneder siden
  • Hay will wats appening with your power hammer?

    da buda bu4 måneder siden
  • Man I love watching you guys my mom got me into blacksmithing! She passed last week! Hoping I could get one you guys to help me with a hammer in memory of her please let me know thank you soo much God bless guys! 🙏

    InsaneClown1369 FpvInsaneClown1369 Fpv4 måneder siden
  • The video editor is something else🥺🥺🥺🥺❤❤

    Oloyede JohnOloyede John4 måneder siden
  • Bit of a strange challenge could you make an oloid it's a weird shape thing that rolls really satisfyingly and a damascus one would look awesome

    Dark DreamerDark Dreamer4 måneder siden
    • Just Google oloid and you'll see what I mean

      Dark DreamerDark Dreamer4 måneder siden
  • I am using adblock. And guess what, I am happy I do, since people like you who are clickbaiting on their thumbnails haven't earned a penny of ad-revenue.

    Red CrafterRed Crafter4 måneder siden
  • The asmr of him swallowing the pineapple :o

    Kaleb BerghKaleb Bergh4 måneder siden
  • Anvil Knife: Bonus blunt damage. Scales with dexterity and strength. Requires 35 strength to wield. The Steel Smith produced this blade from a defective anvil, a huge, cumbersome knife. By happy accident, the weapon not only cuts very well, it has also retained the massive weight of the anvil it came from, and slams into foes with the power of a greathammer. If you are unable to cut your target, you will surely smash it to paste.

    Jyx The Berzer KingJyx The Berzer King4 måneder siden
  • It chops a pineapple better than KSI

    Connor EmpsonConnor Empson4 måneder siden
  • Cool!!

    Lucas LafontaineLucas Lafontaine4 måneder siden
  • Some of us oldest fans miss the real Alex Steele from your tiny little workshop who u used to be I mean we're really proud and happy that you've grown to a big business and successful but really do miss the original content of you actually out there making amazing things out of nothing before you got real big

    Shaun CelliShaun Celli4 måneder siden
    • Amen

      CleveritalianCleveritalian4 måneder siden
  • I want to learn how to forge I am around ten is there any beginner tips?

    LAM TRANLAM TRAN4 måneder siden
  • Brought to you by No you don't need this vpn.

    Robert BrooksRobert Brooks4 måneder siden
  • No Steele Co Machete to sell for $500? Huh.. weird.

    Robert BrooksRobert Brooks4 måneder siden
  • Wouldn't it be better to ship the rejected anvil to a customer willing to take a slightly dinged up one for a huge discounted price? Sounds like a win win to me. Even better would be if the anvil left the 1st customer and was shipped to the second direct. A few pics of the blemish would suffice.

    Mark MorenoMark Moreno4 måneder siden
  • Your fruit killin skills are remarkable

    Bdydrpd88Bdydrpd884 måneder siden
  • will should make his own channel,. he has really awesome content and I think it would do really well

    Connor RobertsConnor Roberts4 måneder siden
  • Wait.... Something went right the first time? But like, where's part 14 of making the anvil machete? Anyway, I can't wait to see the next part of this build!

    Spencer MeyerSpencer Meyer4 måneder siden
  • How many knifes is this channel going to make. Like ....... i have no interest in knife making.

    BibiBoshBibiBosh4 måneder siden
  • How many cutoff wheels did that take. I must know

    RockwoodsTheoryRockwoodsTheory4 måneder siden
  • You preparing, when she tells you to come over later 5:54

    Visionary chiefVisionary chief4 måneder siden
  • Solid Steele Handle Construction - sounds like the next company of Alec... 😄

    UncleManuelUncleManuel4 måneder siden
  • can you beat a sword into a plowshare?

    D GD G4 måneder siden