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  • 🤬

    Peter APeter ADag siden
  • Hi

    Peter APeter ADag siden
  • למה הרכטתם

    Lilach ShahafLilach Shahaf4 dager siden
  • Eeeeeeee

    Michelle TreiberMichelle Treiber5 dager siden
  • Eee

    Isak AlsakerIsak Alsaker8 dager siden
  • The guy in the gas station was the best and most creative 💖😎

    Aryaman JindalAryaman Jindal9 dager siden
  • It Look like custom

    The dj lamaThe dj lama9 dager siden
  • T

    Krystyn FrancoKrystyn Franco18 dager siden
  • Jordan said with the dub

    Michael ParkerMichael Parker21 dag siden
  • Is no one gonna talk about how the ammo was glitching ?

    Jane NaraineJane Naraine21 dag siden
  • How meny strim snip?!!!!

    טל לחיאניטל לחיאני28 dager siden
  • s is why we love stream snipers Contest

    BH Anttz.BH Anttz.Måned siden
  • wow! i luv flintknock s too!

    finnXoreofinnXoreoMåned siden
  • cool

    mrs omermrs omerMåned siden
  • When ur playing soccer and think that it’s a bird, and you look up and see Jessie and Jordan😂

    LightningLuuk _LightningLuuk _Måned siden
  • The gainful crown latterly cheer because hacksaw proximately damage off a tightfisted orchid. stingy, blue plate

    alia fergusonalia fergusonMåned siden
  • we can reach the 2 m com on

    Nicolò NovelliNicolò NovelliMåned siden
  • Ko so

    Chris-Malene ElgårdChris-Malene ElgårdMåned siden
  • Who else likes the way they say broken

    Henry WindHenry WindMåned siden
  • Why is every exotic on the floor why cannot this be in random matches

    KartikPlayzKartikPlayzMåned siden
  • If spending all your gold is easier then ya I’d do it

    Melissa NeshkiweMelissa NeshkiweMåned siden
  • Thos are double barrle shotys not flint knok

    will pollockwill pollockMåned siden
  • "Roses are dead" Violets are dying I'm happy outside But I'm crying inside Why will Noone will notice my videos

    IKON-RAYDYT A&G videosIKON-RAYDYT A&G videosMåned siden
  • Epic made a mistake

    Darren McGloneDarren McGloneMåned siden
  • It's these people why the flintnock got vaulted again

    Jacob PlaysJacob PlaysMåned siden
  • Yeeeeeeeeeet

    Brittany AverettBrittany AverettMåned siden
  • I gave you those

    Jennifer WoodfordJennifer WoodfordMåned siden

    gizmodaddygizmodaddyMåned siden
  • Stop eating floppers those are my fishy Brothers

    Kevin McDanielKevin McDanielMåned siden
  • I hope every one ho watching this video wins

    keybal _420keybal _420Måned siden
  • Hi I love ❤️ yous

    ayaan61 xayaan61 xMåned siden
  • There the one how made it vaulted again they cold of vaulted the jet pack instead

    Naomi NiedererNaomi NiedererMåned siden
  • Lol

    amanda murawskiamanda murawskiMåned siden
  • X2twins:Now it’s time to get the dub Me: You got the dub shotgun already

    Samantha BartschSamantha BartschMåned siden

    Life with Asia MarieLife with Asia MarieMåned siden
  • Do the air strike with this combo plss It will make great content 👌

    Abdul wasayAbdul wasayMåned siden
  • Holly shit so much simp

    MMH MMHMMH MMHMåned siden
  • can you teth me

  • Hola hablas español solo era por curiosidad

    Risma V SandiRisma V SandiMåned siden
  • I’m not happy btw

    Abdullah AlsaneaAbdullah AlsaneaMåned siden
  • Already vaulted nice!

    Abdullah AlsaneaAbdullah AlsaneaMåned siden
  • You guys have the best streamsnipers ever!

    Kym TurnerKym TurnerMåned siden
  • I feel like it’s there friends giving them the exotics. I hate to say it guys. But please stop with the click-bait.

    ShadowbombShadowbombMåned siden
  • 7:38 infinite ammo?

    Hero timeHero timeMåned siden
  • the guy who gave you the five double barrels is a bloody legend

    Pauline WoolfPauline WoolfMåned siden
  • It just got vaulted again and got replaced with the hand cannon 😱🥺

    screamer964screamer964Måned siden
  • Lets see how many subs i get from thia comment currently:27

    SRG GeneralSRG GeneralMåned siden
  • They gold:RIP IN THE PLACE

    NoodleloveMalayNoodleloveMalayMåned siden
  • gg

    Charlie BrightmoreCharlie BrightmoreMåned siden
  • Its no way that some random guys cive those exotixs to them and it shows you that they have non limited ammo

    Es päriseeEs päriseeMåned siden
  • This video is faked

    Es päriseeEs päriseeMåned siden
  • 1

    gina perezgina perezMåned siden
  • The wrong pound jointly instruct because woman shortly fetch regarding a sulky prosecution. tame, silent dance

    far amenfar amenMåned siden
  • Warzone is better

    VlonekardiVlonekardiMåned siden
  • Who still likes this game

    VlonekardiVlonekardiMåned siden
  • the guy was nice

    i8everythingi8everythingMåned siden
  • Jordan:Lets go get the dub Me looking at his invertory:U hAVe 4 DUbs

    Erkan OranErkan OranMåned siden
  • I love how jordan is still x2 cubby

    Jannette LegiraldeJannette Legiralde2 måneder siden

    JackieJackie2 måneder siden
  • 5:10 look at his ammo

    Ben KavanaghBen Kavanagh2 måneder siden
  • X2chuby

    Lena MartelLena Martel2 måneder siden
  • OMG its the flintcock i mean nock

    The Knighted DemonThe Knighted Demon2 måneder siden
  • 5:11 What was happening to the aMmO counter?

    Emad SarourEmad Sarour2 måneder siden
  • I know 😂😎

    GoblinShark MMGoblinShark MM2 måneder siden
  • bouncy bouncy oohhh such a good time

    Adam RashidAdam Rashid2 måneder siden
  • B

    Jennifer GadboisJennifer Gadbois2 måneder siden
  • Exotics only challenge in squad or duo

    Muhammed UysalMuhammed Uysal2 måneder siden
  • I can’t tell who playing

    CSO_ DAVECSO_ DAVE2 måneder siden
  • 2:14 You already have the dud...ole barrel shotgun. Jazzhands

    Bustermykingman JonesBustermykingman Jones2 måneder siden
  • I love your videos you’re the worlds best NOtown

    Alexander CalderAlexander Calder2 måneder siden
  • fortnite is officially broken...

    Finn WhitneyFinn Whitney2 måneder siden
  • You can do that for rotations

    ZaxyZaxy2 måneder siden
  • Tim messed up

    Man with no lifeMan with no life2 måneder siden
  • this would actually be a good LTM

    nanzorlolnanzorlol2 måneder siden
  • the dude thought they were teaming but somone had a little plan PEW he must think they are hackers

    lankey box big fanlankey box big fan2 måneder siden
  • At 2:10 he say all that’s left is to get the dub, but they 4 of them in his inventory 😂

    xHavocxHavoc2 måneder siden
  • you found boom sniper scuopt sniper night hawk the dub pistol trakker and mando

    Thor van westerlooThor van westerloo2 måneder siden
  • The absurd canvas conservatively pat because typhoon chronologically tie at a unequaled july. muddled, condemned offence

    Jane CalabroJane Calabro2 måneder siden
  • U can legit become an Airstrike by equipping flintknock,two dubs and two quadlaunchers

    Disploited YTDisploited YT2 måneder siden
  • what are the last songs names can you plz give me the names? plz.

    Jokūbas BalčiūnasJokūbas Balčiūnas2 måneder siden
  • 5:19 look at his ammo🤔

    Csanád ÉzsiásCsanád Ézsiás2 måneder siden
  • love the video keep it up.

    Jamie BecknellJamie Becknell2 måneder siden
  • Y’all should do all boom snipers and flame sniper

    Mavryk Mann-ThamesMavryk Mann-Thames2 måneder siden
  • Who remembers he fly and miss fender pump TikTok

    Jeremy ZhaoJeremy Zhao2 måneder siden
  • so the shogun is named The DUB and in my head when jordan said lets get the dub i was like well you guys already have 5 of them

    honestmen9honestmen92 måneder siden
  • Respect to stream snipers

    Elijus KarvelisElijus Karvelis2 måneder siden
  • I love you guy’s

    Jordan SamplesJordan Samples2 måneder siden
  • ok this is fake. prove me wrong

    Swift_NoobGamer101Swift_NoobGamer1012 måneder siden
  • Jordan: now we just need to get the dub Everyone else: realises he has 4 dub shotguns lmao

    Electric J0eElectric J0e2 måneder siden
  • Alternative title: meet the nicest stream snipers

    sharkyexe_sharkyexe_2 måneder siden
  • This Entire Video: I wAnT fIvE oF eM

    ThunderWolfGamezThunderWolfGamez2 måneder siden
  • why did he eat tiko

    __Dante____Dante__2 måneder siden
  • bruh everyone gonna be giving streamers every exotic in the game when they get the stream snipe legit ngl

    bacon teamer slayerbacon teamer slayer2 måneder siden
  • מי שרואה את זה והוא ישראלי לייק👍🏼👍🏼

    Ilay DIlay D2 måneder siden
  • What TF

    Michael BakerMichael Baker2 måneder siden
  • Dude wtf 5:14 they have infinite ammo

    KingCreeperCat 1026KingCreeperCat 10262 måneder siden
  • I love Your videos

    Familien LeongFamilien Leong2 måneder siden
  • Why x2Chubby ;c

    Dylan NavaltaDylan Navalta2 måneder siden
  • I like x2 twins

    Muhammad SyedMuhammad Syed2 måneder siden
  • Flint knock is a insane gun bruv

    Legend GamingLegend Gaming2 måneder siden