Want to see 21,000 Fireworks go off at once?

19. april. 2021
514 071 Ganger

This was not my brightest idea. But it was also my brightest idea.
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  • Does this count as violence Edit: this is a video about fireworks and there's a very obvious flashing images warning here. Feel that is clear from the title of the video but its said again here too

    RTGameRTGame20 dager siden
    • A new meaning to the light of god

      MagmaMinion 13MagmaMinion 134 dager siden
    • Nah

      Steven ReSteven Re14 dager siden
    • do it again but with propane talks

      BudDieBuzz8400 VodsBudDieBuzz8400 Vods15 dager siden
    • @Ploppy JR you right, you right

      the beefthe beef16 dager siden
    • @the beef fun fact: no he didn’t. He isn’t in a war.

      Ploppy JRPloppy JR16 dager siden
  • 3:59 why this scene look like someone a napalm into a church

    Banyu PrasetyoBanyu Prasetyo4 timer siden
  • Server ( crashes) Rtgame: it seems like the server couldn’t handle to rt style

    Styxart1Styxart16 timer siden
  • I love how the shear amount of oxygen combusting when it hits the church is deafening

    breead manbreead man7 timer siden
  • Props to the programmer for making the game extremly hard to crash.

    Rene SchmökelRene Schmökel23 timer siden
  • why yes i do wish to see that

    pighater1 1pighater1 1Dag siden
  • This is the thrid Irishman wjo filled a church with explosives

    mr. mcfightmr. mcfightDag siden
  • Pick any frame of this video and make a custom color pallet from it.

    Ribbon DucklingRibbon DucklingDag siden
  • 5:33 at this moment the house of god glowed with his glorious light.

    LemonsIsaacLemonsIsaacDag siden
  • Don't tell me you don't see it... the sky it burns 10:00

    Tristin BellTristin BellDag siden
  • Hey kids, have you ever wanted to experience the blitzkrieg? *Fills the whole town with fireworks*

    Seth BrightSeth BrightDag siden
  • ‘Local Irish Man sets off so many fireworks that he causes fallout 5’.

    PotatioBaconio PotatioBaconioPotatioBaconio PotatioBaconioDag siden
  • You turned that town into nipton from fallout new Vegas

    PotatioBaconio PotatioBaconioPotatioBaconio PotatioBaconioDag siden
  • Rt I cant believe you didnt use tim the biggest explosive in the game

    mistaken gamingmistaken gamingDag siden
  • RT: "Don't mind me, just casually recreating the Big Bang on the Fourth of July with fireworks"

    Andrew KAndrew K2 dager siden
  • Alternative title: RT sets off so many fireworks at once it obliterates the o-zone and then his computer

    ItwurdItwurd2 dager siden
  • Guys I didn’t see what the gender was can you do that again

    Turtle MasterTurtle Master3 dager siden
  • Now see if it can run Crysis Remastered

    300-I.Q. Prower300-I.Q. Prower3 dager siden
  • When the screen went to turn, I started to have flashbacks to the ending of Persona 3

    Electric GeminiElectric Gemini3 dager siden
  • RT: Have you ever seen 21,000 Fireworks go off at once? Me: No RT: WOULD YOU LIKE TO?

    HeyJarheadHeyJarhead3 dager siden
  • 9:43 a rescue team is going to see this and get shot down because of all the fireworks.

    Payton LawlessPayton Lawless4 dager siden
  • Considering that both the game, Dan's computer AND the stream survived this, the person who optimised this game deserves a medal

    DividingBy0DividingBy04 dager siden
  • Where can I find a PC like this dear god

    Rah Rizzle123Rah Rizzle1234 dager siden
  • i'm terrified of fireworks, why am i watching this

    lobslobs4 dager siden
  • God bless America

    hey um newhey um new4 dager siden
  • In reference to 4:58. Church size given the church is just a box: 1000cmx500cmx800cm=400,000,000cm^3 Firework size: 20cmx30cmx50cm=30,000cm^3 400,000,000cm/30,000cm = roughly 13,333 fireworks

    Noah CranstonNoah Cranston4 dager siden
  • This video is just a slideshow of Vietnam flashbacks

    Illegal ImmigrantIllegal Immigrant5 dager siden
  • ah yes RTGame commit arson the game

    andre sandre s5 dager siden
  • Florida man decimates town with 21,000 fireworks

    BuffyBuffy5 dager siden
  • Watch it at 2x speed

    dark 26dark 265 dager siden
  • Rip he didn't find tom

    dog with knifedog with knife5 dager siden
  • His name is tim, his boom would make you grin, find him in the pawn shop. I've said too much already.

    Piano TutorialsPiano Tutorials5 dager siden
  • Watch carefully as I turn the Fourth of July into a felony

    SyntaxSyntax6 dager siden
  • It’s like World War I in the neighborhood

    Edward Not the vampireEdward Not the vampire6 dager siden
  • So my sister was playing Country Roads when RT detonated 21k fireworks, it fit way to good

    Vorgryn ReviewsVorgryn Reviews6 dager siden
  • July 4th 1776 colorized

    Barry Bee BensonBarry Bee Benson6 dager siden
  • Hey RT, there’s an even bigger firework called “Tim”, he’s located in a abandoned building

    missingindymissingindy6 dager siden
  • "RTGame blows up a church"

    BaijiBaiji6 dager siden
  • I don't remember you being in my youtube and I thought I knew you but this is the most funkin badass video I've ever seen

    Nitro The CutieNitro The Cutie6 dager siden
    • Wait what is this game called again?

      CallumariCallumari6 dager siden
  • Rt should of called famous internet celebirty Rich Evans.

    RememberCitadelRememberCitadel6 dager siden
  • All videos from Dan that start with "Want to see-?" are incredible

    Cosmo Is ConfusedCosmo Is Confused6 dager siden
  • Hearing this man laugh makes me happy

    Cosmo Is ConfusedCosmo Is Confused6 dager siden
  • The unhinged chuckle at 2:41 when he first freezes his game....

    Zailynne1Zailynne16 dager siden
  • 9:45 my favorite part

    Meme LordMeme Lord6 dager siden
  • look in the pawn shop. you will love what you find if you revisit this game.

    Edward MackEdward Mack7 dager siden
  • Tonight on rtgame, rt declares war on the vatican and drops a nuke on a small town

    TheSacredBladeTheSacredBlade7 dager siden
  • So this was just a test run for the real life event, right?

    OranPlanOranPlan7 dager siden
  • Just wait till he finds Tim (look in the pawn shop)

    MrWhitMrWhit7 dager siden
  • at school i remember putting some kind of firework then can be triggered by stepping on it i dont know the name but in my native language its "petasan banting" in somebody's motorcycle,almost 2 boxes worth of them since i got like 5 and they last forever for me since i played it sparsely (since at school) thanks for making me remember that prank.

    Note PadNote Pad7 dager siden
  • This video should just be called: RT sets off a nuke inside his own house in the first 3 mins of the video

    Frozen FlamingfrogFrozen Flamingfrog7 dager siden
  • “We’ll know when it reaches the church” **entire world explodes** ....well I think it might have reached the church

    Jess MalloryJess Mallory7 dager siden
  • The dark souls 3 with the fireworks killed me.

    Rhys of Sneezing DragonRhys of Sneezing Dragon8 dager siden
  • lets just bring a supernova in the gas station

    DoggoDoggo8 dager siden
  • 6:16 POV you got nuked

    karla kassiakarla kassia8 dager siden
  • Luckily he turned the fire spreads setting off

    Curly WhrlyCurly Whrly8 dager siden
  • 5:29 is what your waiting for + 9:14

    Curly WhrlyCurly Whrly8 dager siden
  • POV you’re the Japanese in ww2

    UntitledgamingUntitledgaming8 dager siden
  • I want to see him use Tim

    GameBoiGameBoi8 dager siden
  • This kids eardrums must resemble pulp at this point.

    NicholasNicholas8 dager siden
  • this is america, where you yeet fireworks into a wall

    Fe4rMeMrWickYT _Fe4rMeMrWickYT _9 dager siden
  • No

    Hugh BoswellHugh Boswell9 dager siden
  • Is this like firework simulator?

    GhostsandgamesGhostsandgames9 dager siden
  • This is what I imagine how people plan gender reveal parties.

    K. O.K. O.9 dager siden
  • And nobody told him he was using the slow fuse the whole time

    Derpytron84 Rocks!Derpytron84 Rocks!10 dager siden
  • This is what Yoshikage Kira's stand would be if he was American

    Espeonage the Espeon SpyEspeonage the Espeon Spy10 dager siden
  • You were the cause of the fallout series

    Human MaleHuman Male10 dager siden
  • I don’t want to set the woooorld on fiiire

    RoseBerrySFMRoseBerrySFM10 dager siden
  • 3:45 A yes Father Hank Hill and the house of Propane

    Eden ShieldsEden Shields10 dager siden
  • you are the reason nuketowns exist

    Mercio DeComercioMercio DeComercio10 dager siden
  • It's a boy!

    DAROBASHDAROBASH10 dager siden
  • Watch Rumble Tumble Games turn his computer into a firework

    Tactical IncursionTactical Incursion11 dager siden
  • 5:33 *and so it has begun... in approximately 555 quintillions of years ago, The Big Bang started moving towards the creation of all*

    BayLord YamaBayLord Yama11 dager siden
  • Me: Scared of fireworks Also me: haha RT blows up a game with boom booms

    PinkCraft Pika GirlPinkCraft Pika Girl11 dager siden
  • Professional anti air to protect against an air raid.

  • 9:53 it hit the church.

    John BJohn B11 dager siden
  • You weren't playing a game, and you caused a wildfire in California

    Wesley MaysWesley Mays11 dager siden
  • 12:22 Live footage of a church ascending.

    Dxm2000andNinjuDxm2000andNinju11 dager siden
  • 3:07 RT: Is this a gender reveal!? Me, unconsciously counting the bangs, and reasoning the colour variety and time between bangs means multiple children: "...That mother exploded." 0_0 (Septendecuplets, just based on the bangs after the question started ^^;)

    Dxm2000andNinjuDxm2000andNinju11 dager siden
  • Total amount of fireworks are equivalent to a gender reveal party

    lil wedgelil wedge11 dager siden
  • All I see is a white light -RTGame

    Yeetus_maheetusYeetus_maheetus11 dager siden
  • the OPTIMIZATION in this game my fuck

    Amber's Vibe CornerAmber's Vibe Corner11 dager siden
  • use tim

    Plastic Boy GamingPlastic Boy Gaming11 dager siden
  • I understand why the thumbnail was chosen but also I think that 12:23 is a very good runner up

    GrimGrim11 dager siden
  • What is this game called i'd Like to know

    Power lolPower lol11 dager siden
  • Rt: this isnt so bad RT 5seconds later: OH GOD-

    AnimatorBrellyAndGwapeAnimatorBrellyAndGwape11 dager siden
  • Gamer cause nuclear destruction via fireworks

    Riolu StarRiolu Star12 dager siden
  • My grandpa heard this from the other room now he has ww2 flasbacks plz send help.

    FregtzFregtz12 dager siden
  • The PewDiePew makes it look like a warzone

    DragooKnightDragooKnight12 dager siden
  • I swear I've seen that 24/7 convenience store before it kill it with fire.

    DragooKnightDragooKnight12 dager siden
  • You think he’d stop at 21k. Of course not he’s a madman

    Jaysiah 360Jaysiah 36012 dager siden
  • 12:23 looks like that horror movie with nicholas cage, color out of space

    WE Are numBOO oneWE Are numBOO one12 dager siden
  • music at 6:45?

    statowo!statowo!13 dager siden
  • arson

    QuibopQuibop13 dager siden
  • You set off 420,000 individual fireworks you absolute mad lad.

    BaseballlavaBaseballlava13 dager siden
  • Funniest moment to me: 12:24

    the pasta progenitorthe pasta progenitor13 dager siden
  • Imagine doing this irl and just sitting on a roof looking down. You'd go blind, then deaf, then get 4th degree burns

    the pasta progenitorthe pasta progenitor13 dager siden
    • I think at this point it becomes 5th degree burns

      AstraAstra7 dager siden
  • Part 2 when?

    BaseballlavaBaseballlava13 dager siden
  • How to make a nuclear bomb with fireworks:

    AlgebraicFormulaAlgebraicFormula13 dager siden
  • This is just art.

    Sam AlombroSam Alombro13 dager siden
  • 4:40 in case anyone was curious, the answer to that question is 133,333 boxes of fireworks.

    ZeroLifeZeroLife13 dager siden
    • Thanks

      SRmeowSRmeow5 dager siden
    • Incredible

      Anya BrattleyAnya Brattley5 dager siden