Water Balloons in Slow Motion!

21. mars. 2021
12 921 445 Ganger

Water balloons in slow motion are cool. Watch this video to see how cool they are.
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Water Balloons in SLOW MOTION Compilation! (Vol. 1-4)
Water Balloons in SLOW MOTION Compilation! (Vol. 5-8)
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  • Hey thanks for the love boyz 🎈

    Legendary ShotsLegendary ShotsMåned siden
    • Oooo@404 Dookie

      KhaledLGKhaledLG3 dager siden
    • E

      Epic meme NoobEpic meme Noob13 dager siden
    • Boom

      Alicia HunterAlicia Hunter29 dager siden
    • @stevemc 01 just type : awesome:(no space) then refresh

      Gerard AdriantoGerard AdriantoMåned siden
    • @Georgelolfound hi you watch timeworks

      Gerard AdriantoGerard AdriantoMåned siden
  • Piza

    TTVfarhat 0708TTVfarhat 070821 minutt siden
  • I didn't know cows or horses were stronger sowrds

    Ruth JohnsonRuth Johnson36 minutter siden
  • Last react vid was one year ago

    Oakley HalpernOakley HalpernTime siden
  • He is really from america and said that a soccer ball was a football

    xPr3yShark4xxPr3yShark4x2 timer siden
  • 7:53 cows or horses can break ballons with their brain

    Bon Myat KhaingBon Myat Khaing4 timer siden
  • 0:36 G R A P E S

    Bon Myat KhaingBon Myat Khaing5 timer siden
  • he is back.

    A. T.A. T.6 timer siden
  • 6.20 lookin susss

    CrazyGuyColinCrazyGuyColin6 timer siden
  • Your positive energy is legendary .

    Fuck YouFuck You7 timer siden
  • 0:50 is he British

    Robin EastwoodRobin Eastwood7 timer siden
  • Soooo coooooool

    Mr wolfMr wolf12 timer siden
  • Rewatching this I realized it’s on my cat’s birthday

    Not-A-Studio StudioNot-A-Studio Studio16 timer siden
  • Do u know I meant to say

    Melanie MorenoMelanie Moreno18 timer siden
  • Do u now one video they watched has ajr

    Melanie MorenoMelanie Moreno18 timer siden
  • 0:55 😂

    SUPEREME_482SSHSUPEREME_482SSH20 timer siden
  • Yeah chandler your but is in that vidio at 30 sacond of the vidio

    Muhammad ZabirMuhammad Zabir22 timer siden
  • 201 am and I feel like I'm on crack and high

    Aaron BradfordAaron Bradford22 timer siden
  • I guy is Jack from ajr, my brother a fan

    HyperGirlHyperGirlDag siden
  • 💧 🎈

    franco montalvofranco montalvoDag siden
  • They obviously havent seen 50 ways to pop a water ballooon

    MrSpookyPoopMrSpookyPoopDag siden
  • Cool

    Daniel CouncilDaniel CouncilDag siden
    • Wow

  • chris be liking and wearin bob ross XD

    travis cartertravis carterDag siden
  • Is that jack??

    John MurdockJohn MurdockDag siden
  • 0:17 the sound of the stretch. Is that a jojo reference???

    ChenterrChenterrDag siden
  • My last name is bean so I guess my dad is chris

    Will BesnWill BesnDag siden
  • My mouse watched this

    Calcium ManCalcium ManDag siden
  • Why the heck is AJR here

    The victory crewThe victory crewDag siden
  • The paintball one the guys face is like oh yeaaaaaaa

    Gonedead GamingGonedead GamingDag siden
  • I like the nose Jimmy is is the it

    Chalormrat SunjonkhoksungChalormrat SunjonkhoksungDag siden
  • Jimmy and Chris the water ballon experts

    Osamaplayz onipadOsamaplayz onipadDag siden
  • The first water balloon looks like a blob fish

    VART MonsterVART MonsterDag siden
  • Did you tell the fbi

    Adam TorresAdam TorresDag siden
  • horse

    Christopher DayChristopher DayDag siden
  • Logan pail

    Luis SantosLuis SantosDag siden
  • 5:49 that is AJR what?!

    Boden WadleyBoden WadleyDag siden
  • *Hisoka has entered the chat*

    Thiewes & DavisThiewes & Davis2 dager siden
  • Why is jimmy so smart he said we can. Wear water ballons

    ExpertZR _ExpertZR _2 dager siden
  • Happy birthday Jimmy

    Shadow Gammer_fnShadow Gammer_fn2 dager siden
  • The guys in the replies are correct

    Roblox lover420Roblox lover4202 dager siden
  • 2:53 3:01 GASTER!?

    Zachariah DavisZachariah Davis2 dager siden
  • AJR fans at 5:49

    Kanan's KraziedKanan's Krazied2 dager siden
  • Even

    Leo R. Jones jr.Leo R. Jones jr.2 dager siden
  • Was that a parody of Karma - AJR at 5:46? And right after, you see Jack from AJR getting pelted… someone’s sus here but idk who…

    Music MeisterMusic Meister2 dager siden
  • the horse popped the balloon cause it was made by Posiden and Posiden has control over water and it was a water balloon.

    eLetrOmix5LOLeLetrOmix5LOL2 dager siden
  • Bruh 4:02 mr beast see the future

    Cj BettsCj Betts2 dager siden
  • Me watching this while eating pizza be like 👁👄👁

    Lydia FrogLydia Frog2 dager siden
  • Chris: that rock Me: the ROCK!?

    Shin GojiraShin Gojira2 dager siden

    Schwitt (Ping) PanyadilokSchwitt (Ping) Panyadilok2 dager siden
  • 0:47 he called a soccer ball or football

    Samuel ChaffinchSamuel Chaffinch3 dager siden
  • 0:50 Jimmy called a soccer ball or football

    Samuel ChaffinchSamuel Chaffinch3 dager siden
  • I love how they say that's dangerous but meanwhile they are doing stupid stuff

    Muddy boy OutdoorsMuddy boy Outdoors3 dager siden
  • 0:29 ha

    Totally NotkylerTotally Notkyler3 dager siden
  • 0:20 whoa

    Totally NotkylerTotally Notkyler3 dager siden
  • Chris baby name lil bean,wow cool name I guess

    Ali AliAli Ali3 dager siden
  • 6:16 That looks like a cell dividing into two.🦠

    Latexu95Latexu953 dager siden
  • It's a horse

    Freya EvansFreya Evans3 dager siden
  • 5:49 is that AJR?

    Fidget StudiosFidget Studios3 dager siden
  • When Jimmy said wee seen a lot of dose and chirst said "Jimmy shut up this is cool" I thought it was the part of what he say

    sean matthew patriciosean matthew patricio3 dager siden
  • And FAN WILL ONYE KILL BALLOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    challengeifychallengeify3 dager siden
  • Welp a Fricking Fan Is Going To Killing You Bolloon?

    challengeifychallengeify3 dager siden
  • Okay take my fit I’ll take 5 grand

    Fayzan RamzanFayzan Ramzan3 dager siden
  • Done subscribe and bell buttons...🔔

    Kevin vlogs tvKevin vlogs tv3 dager siden
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    Chantal HendersonChantal Henderson3 dager siden
  • Chris: Its a fan Me: I'm a big fan

    benjifoxus 56benjifoxus 563 dager siden
  • 5:50 the reason his fit is cool is cause he's andy of @AJR

    Shaileshwar SureshShaileshwar Suresh3 dager siden

    Alex - RobloxAlex - Roblox3 dager siden
  • You had a slomo camera from destroying Taylor's car video ...👍🏻

    Naman BhatiaNaman Bhatia3 dager siden
  • are you gonna finish the crossanttttttttt

    Jan Roy PintoJan Roy Pinto3 dager siden
  • Thank you you helped my autistic little brother from crying🙏

    Patrick ShabaniPatrick Shabani4 dager siden
  • He says, "This man" This man is either Jack Mets doppelganger, or he is THE Jack Met!!!!

    SmockullberrySmockullberry4 dager siden
  • hey i love slow motion and water ballons

    The blue shieldThe blue shield4 dager siden
  • i like it alot ;)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

    Ares WarrenAres Warren4 dager siden
  • I actually thought it was a foot ball

    rene medinarene medina4 dager siden
  • He Mr beast try to Collab with youtube or do a war in the Mr beast gaming Channel the war should be if you put milk then. Cereal or cereal then milk

    Zap 1548Zap 15484 dager siden
  • i love how you called the soccor ball a football

    DDog DabsDDog Dabs4 dager siden
  • its kirby

    Kmack GamingKmack Gaming4 dager siden
  • Oh I was watching this with my mouse imagine he threw a water balloon at me hahahhahahaa lol

    HTX_TROYHTX_TROY4 dager siden
  • Satisfying

    WLYWLY4 dager siden
  • I’m in google classroom for class

    Cloudy SkyCloudy Sky4 dager siden
  • im just here for the jack met scene

    Destiny MaderaDestiny Madera4 dager siden
  • Chris: ThAt lOoKs lIkE a MoUtH Me: JIMMY ALREADY SAID THAT

    Tyler the glitch wolfTyler the glitch wolf4 dager siden
    • and its horse

      Tyler the glitch wolfTyler the glitch wolf4 dager siden
  • cringe 99% react 1% brain 0%

    Andy GaireAndy Gaire4 dager siden
  • Njk

    Beau RyanBeau Ryan4 dager siden
  • i had a mouse watching it bite me lol

    Matthew MlynczakMatthew Mlynczak4 dager siden
  • I love your channels. This is an amazing vid

    Robyn FeredoesRobyn Feredoes4 dager siden
  • notown.info/two/video/z86iZWmnpKylp9E.html

    your everyday zombified piglinyour everyday zombified piglin5 dager siden
  • he said girlfriend and wife so thats sus

    Jayson MartinezJayson Martinez5 dager siden
  • olo olny ture mega mind find will get it

    Easton BrownEaston Brown5 dager siden
  • . Prsaari

    Viswakiran Kannepalli విశ్వకిరణ్ కన్నేపల్లిViswakiran Kannepalli విశ్వకిరణ్ కన్నేపల్లి5 dager siden
  • Did anyone realize that Chris was wearing a Bob Ross shirt

    Austin SpencerAustin Spencer5 dager siden
  • Does anyone recognize Jack from AJR?

    PhenomynousPhenomynous5 dager siden
  • sick

    Brenda MarleyBrenda Marley5 dager siden
  • Mike Tyson is the best filter

    Bre BelaskiBre Belaski5 dager siden
  • Chris has that bob ross shirt

    Jillian's FidgetsJillian's Fidgets5 dager siden
  • That was ajr

    Mr RaccoonMr Raccoon5 dager siden
  • 😵😵😵wooooooooow????

    Mourad MansourMourad Mansour5 dager siden
  • Chris:lawn mowers are just deadly fans Me:yes my dad hade hos toes cut off cause of a lawn mower

    Adam FullerAdam Fuller5 dager siden
  • I like how he said football instead of a soccer ball

    brook loerabrook loera5 dager siden
  • 1:09 looks like Kirby

    Blake AndersonBlake Anderson5 dager siden