We Almost Wheelied Over Backwards In a CAT D8 Dozer (Extreme Mountain Recovery)

17. april. 2021
815 845 Ganger

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  • And bring me one of your contacts

    TTV try hard at workTTV try hard at work5 timer siden
  • A so bring me that D8

    TTV try hard at workTTV try hard at work5 timer siden
  • SIs bringing me a new deck new 48W dozer bring me the Duckz

    TTV try hard at workTTV try hard at work5 timer siden
  • Takes a hell of a machine to drag a D8 out of the wild like that. I can't think of anything better than another D8 to handle that task. Good on you D.

    Sumo SteveSumo Steve7 timer siden
  • You mean: Mountain Dozer Recovery. You're recovering a dozer and not a mountain.

    Weatherly DCSWeatherly DCS8 timer siden
  • Great video's, enjoyed the clowning around too.

    USSBB62USSBB628 timer siden
  • You made a new road ? Oops….

    G RG R8 timer siden
  • That was cool on the dozer recovery

    Wayne FlettWayne Flett21 time siden
  • Great video

    Henry CottonHenry Cotton23 timer siden
  • should have brought a something to put under track for a skid

    K.K.Dag siden
  • Your channel became my #1 over cruise of Oak Island and time team and How to hunt! 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

    Rick HutchinsonRick HutchinsonDag siden
  • Incredible vidéo men

    Justin FaucherJustin FaucherDag siden

    Heino DippenaarHeino DippenaarDag siden
  • Where in utah did you do the rescue?

  • Man you cats got your hands in all different kinds of things from building vehicles to removing broken down all kinds of vehicles to finding stolen vehicles. Man my hat if I whare one would be off to you cats Man. But instead 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • I really enjoy watching recovery's

    Marc CookMarc CookDag siden
  • Good job fellas!

    Chris HamiltonChris HamiltonDag siden
  • “Those girls are totaled”🤣

    Kyler NapierKyler NapierDag siden
  • Incredible machines no matter the vintage.

    mikemerrill175mikemerrill175Dag siden
  • What's up

    Ryan BeyeaRyan BeyeaDag siden
  • Hi

    Ryan BeyeaRyan BeyeaDag siden
  • Are you a hotel 8 dude or prior service mech

    Xxxx PirateXxxx PirateDag siden
  • I run D-11s. Could’ve just chained that little 8to the blade and packed it out. Great video 👍🏻

    Kelly LuncefordKelly LuncefordDag siden
  • Scrap steel prices are at record highs. Could make a lot of money scrapping if the repair costs are too crazy.

    TheBeingRealTheBeingRealDag siden
  • Bad ass! I’ll pick Dave lol

    Danny WilhelmDanny Wilhelm2 dager siden
  • one of my most favorite jobs was running big equipment ,,,not average equipment BIG ASS EQUIPMENT

    lakesideinclakesideinc2 dager siden
  • How much did he end up paying for this thing?

    MrMEmEmEmEMEMEeeeeeeMrMEmEmEmEMEMEeeeeee2 dager siden
  • Can't free wheel. The whole track frame, sprocket and final gears sit on a dead axle (a solid 4.5- 5" Shaft pressed into the frame) your only options was to push or pull that thing down the mountain or do some heavy duty wrenching by pulling the track frame off and pulling the final cover and gears out then sticking the cover and frame back on (not a job you want to do on a mountain side)

    Cody M.Cody M.2 dager siden
  • Cost of hiring D8T and all the blokes to stand an watch you could have got a macanic to fix clutch or dozed a track in to it had a fue logs under it to move it on to the float

    Vaughn DrewVaughn Drew2 dager siden
  • My son and I watch these video together it’s kind of are son daddy time 🤘🇺🇸 keep doing what you do love and respect

    Day with Silas KidDay with Silas Kid2 dager siden
  • Hi HeavySparks ...im watching all the way from Fiji Islands from the South Pacific....you guys did a wonderful job getting that old dozer on the Low bed....too good.

    Nem TuragaiviuNem Turagaiviu2 dager siden
  • GOOD ONE 👍👍👍👍👍

    Death ValleyDeath Valley3 dager siden
  • My brother in law is one of the most respected CAT mechanics in Ohio. If you want to message me, I can give you his contact info. But bringing him to Utah from Ohio may not be a cheap thing.... But he is a third generation CAT mechanic!

    TRLWNC1TRLWNC13 dager siden
  • 50 years ago we got a 75 yard dragline stuck. Took long time to get it out. Used a lot of trees.

    David RobertsonDavid Robertson3 dager siden
  • I'll like this video if you order the sirloin for lunch. 😁

    Ictpilot IctpilotIctpilot Ictpilot3 dager siden
  • This man is literally playing mud runner irl and that’s pretty sick

    Conor CourtConor Court3 dager siden
  • Would love to see you guys repair the final drive and get it working again !!

    Chris VenningChris Venning3 dager siden
  • Subscribed to the channel love the recovery as a old Army combat engineer 12F love the heavy equipment recovery

    Van TravelogistVan Travelogist4 dager siden
  • Off-road recovery’s are sweet!

    Jerrik PageJerrik Page4 dager siden
  • I love these videos!! Keep these coming where you guys go find old equipment and recover it and get it running, would also be cool to see you recover old Peterbilts or kenworths that have been abandon

    Heath HardcastleHeath Hardcastle4 dager siden
  • Dude that’s my dream job being outside recovering equipment.

    Kyle RobinsonKyle Robinson4 dager siden
  • I also wanna the see the videos of you fixing them and bring them back to full potential

    projectwhiteoutobs 96 6.5tdprojectwhiteoutobs 96 6.5td4 dager siden
  • What about old subscribers ate we entered aswell

    projectwhiteoutobs 96 6.5tdprojectwhiteoutobs 96 6.5td4 dager siden
  • Nice work squad

    Video NewsVideo News4 dager siden
  • I subscribe love watching your guys work amazing video brother

    Elvis BestElvis Best4 dager siden
  • They have pressed In Dead shafts no axles to remove. Not a planetary final drive. You can however cut the sproket segments off the hub and free wheel the chain on the hub. Shit I bet I could have driven it out with the segments off the locked up side and clutch pulled. Towing it would have been a breeze.

    Dalton’s EquipmentDalton’s Equipment4 dager siden
  • Great recovery

    YabbieYabbie4 dager siden
  • so what does one do with a broken bazillion pound hunk of metal now that it's off the mountain? Part it out on ebay?

    AffordBindEquipmentAffordBindEquipment4 dager siden
  • Awesomeness! I used to operate a D7 in Army during the Mid-90's.

    Anthony PerkinsAnthony Perkins4 dager siden
  • This guy obviously loves to hear himself talk and talk and talk. Less chatter and more action and while you’re at it, hire yourself a professional camera operator. It makes a world of difference since you are in competition with lots of really great videos. Keep trying, there’s hope for you, maybe?

    Ron ButlerRon Butler4 dager siden
  • Just subscribe enjoying the show. CAT power ✊

    BushwackerBushwacker4 dager siden
  • really enjoy this type of videos

    Thomas MeeksThomas Meeks4 dager siden
  • I just found your channel and I subscribed right away. Love these old D8’s. My dad operated D’6’s and 8’s in WW2. We had a 1944 8R series on the farm and that’s what I learned on. Keep up the great work!!! Ricky...

    Ricky LittletonRicky Littleton4 dager siden
  • I wondered what ever happened to Vince Vaughan. He grew a beard!

    mickey beammickey beam4 dager siden
  • i have a Cleveland track trencher that you might be interested in.

    FredFred4 dager siden
  • Remove the track

    Pantiger sizzlePantiger sizzle4 dager siden
  • shucks guys ,ok i subscribed thanks

    McIntosh TechMcIntosh Tech5 dager siden
  • Next time, build a sled to put the broken Cat on, or a skid for each track, make it easier to slide it down the mountain with the other Cat.

    Steve ViseSteve Vise5 dager siden
  • Why didn't you split the track and pull it on the rollers?

    Shane KislingShane Kisling5 dager siden
  • Did you have to fix the landowners road when the track locked up?

    camarogs1camarogs15 dager siden
  • Man I love watching these heavy recoveries you put on here, I’d like to see some more videos like the one where you stayed in the butch Cassidy house and explorations

    Nick CornellNick Cornell5 dager siden
  • Does anyone know how to read a tape measure?

    Charles NaylorCharles Naylor5 dager siden
  • 2 new finals, new undercarriage, new tracks. Jup, paying proposition.

    gunga dingunga din5 dager siden
  • I must have missed it but how did both tracks free wheel in the end?

    A Man In A HatA Man In A Hat5 dager siden
  • Hey guys

    Sean CavazosSean Cavazos5 dager siden
  • Would love to see the old D8 brought back to a usable life. Not necessarily restored, just where you can use it as God intended!!

    thegarmanzthegarmanz5 dager siden
  • I love you videos but there is a bunch of ads like I understand why but jesus....😅😅

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  • The new dozer is a beast of a machine, holy cow

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  • You guys are crazy in a very good way

    Steven DeanSteven Dean6 dager siden
  • It's a great recovery and as always you continue to entertain your audience, but brother.... so many ads! I know they help pay the Bill's but it seems excessive. I wish I cold have a fraction of that money to buy a small tractor! Maybe you could find it in your heart to donate me one of your extras? Lol

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  • Let's go !!!

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  • more adverts than actual video.

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  • Camera shake like crazy makes me headage...

    Ong JimmyOng Jimmy6 dager siden
  • The amount of time and resources you’ve invested to recover that broke down dozer is well more than what that ol girl is worth 🙈

    DirtMerc85DirtMerc856 dager siden
    • That's the beauty of advertisers. They pay for us them to play so we can be entertained. We don't pay, they don't pay, the advertisers pay. We all win.

      A Man In A HatA Man In A Hat5 dager siden
  • Love seeing scenic utah in your videos

    Trevor KnightTrevor Knight6 dager siden
  • Take the cap off the rear sprocket and everything will free wheel---Duh!

    Jim WapelhorstJim Wapelhorst6 dager siden
  • good job

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  • Awesome job Guys!!!

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  • Where was this great restaurant?

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  • This is the kind of stuff i enjoy watching on NOtown

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  • Awesome, good job!

    99iwaena99iwaena7 dager siden
  • On April 27, 2021. I found this Channel. It is now my favorite channel on youtube. I am going to like and comment on every post from now until 10 Million. Mark My Words. I suggest you do the same!

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  • You have a differential problem,

    Keith LawlorKeith Lawlor7 dager siden
  • Bad ass rwcovery

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  • Awesome attitude brother u are a great influence love what you guys do

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  • Doing my part to help

    Will SmithWill Smith7 dager siden
  • Definitely love the channel and the tv show keep on keeping on y'all

    Kevin HotchkissKevin Hotchkiss7 dager siden
  • I’m a heavy haul truck driver and equipment operator for 35yrs love this stuff.working in Permian basin now maybe I can come by some point when I’m near y’all.from Georgia

    Steve ChesterSteve Chester7 dager siden
  • You really need to use a tripod. Your swinging back and forth is making me sea sick. You have the old guy shakes. Too much Hollywood.

    Bob CBob C7 dager siden
  • You HAVE to fix it up

    Lucas LambethLucas Lambeth8 dager siden
  • Wicked Awesome !!!

    Eddie MorrisEddie Morris8 dager siden
  • More abandoned recoveries!

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  • Great vidj heavy d more of the same please great to watch that’s one hell of a recovery ✊✊✊✊✊✊👍😎🇬🇧🏴‍☠️

    skipman8yardskipman8yard8 dager siden
  • I like that the diesel brother’s can do different things especially heavy equipment, now that’s what I like to see. I would like them recover one from the mountainside then completely restore it to it’s glory and sell it.

    Roy Martinez IIRoy Martinez II8 dager siden
  • Damn, you guys probably couldn’t have loaded it that well even if it was running.

    Literally ShakingLiterally Shaking8 dager siden
  • This is awesome!

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  • I enjoy watching you recover heavy equipment on a mountain

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  • Off road recoveries are great, and rescuing old equipment is great. Combining the two

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  • Please do more of the heavy equipment

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