We Broke Up 💔 Heartbroken & Stranded at Sea. (Expedition Drenched Ep.98 Season Finale)

21. mars. 2021
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This is a hard episode for me as I'm sure you can understand.
For those that have been following us for years, I'm sure that this will come as quite a shock that we broke up some time ago.
We're not even sure if it was obvious in the videos or not.
Or if new viewers were even aware that we used to be a couple.
But in any case talking about something so personal as a break up in a public setting like NOtown is never easy.
So we had a really hard time discussing or putting it into words.
As many of you have figured out our videos are a bit behind and thankfully they are as covid has made travel for everyone inconvienent including us.
In this episode we land in Papua New Guinea and contemplate life, do we stay here? do we enter the zombie apocalypse that is the new Covid World?
And we finally discuss our relationship.
Jordan & Nate are still and will hopefully always continue to be good friends.
Thank you for your continued support and understanding.
This channel and this project have grown well beyond the beginning, it now involves crew, creators and artists from around the world.
But thought we would open the door to our personal life....just a touch.
Enjoy this episode.
It's beautiful, and to me it's kind of a turning point in our adventure.
It could of gone so many different directions.
Let's see what unfolds ;)
Captain Nate
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  • Just live your life and embrace your freedom. I envy you. I broke up with my wife. Not because we fell out of love. Just circumstances. We still chat even though she's 2,000 miles away across a ocean. I still love her. Now I'm alone at home looking after my dying father. My family have abandoned us with excuses. Dad's in hospital at the moment and I doubt he has much time left on this beautiful planet. He lived his life climbing mountains and serving 30+ years in the Metropolitan Police in London. I'm suffering from depression, anxiety and have terrible thoughts due to the loneliness. I feel like i've let life slip me by and there isn't much time left yet I'm only 53. Live you life. Enjoy your surroundings and don't be like me making excuses just try and be the best friends you can and find happiness everywhere you can. Life is so short and passes too quickly. Don't dwell on your decisions as this life is amazing if you just take control and reach out in all directions. I wish you both the best of luck and happiness. Tony X

    Tony GoodmanTony GoodmanDag siden
  • I remained friends with my ex husband and after several years him and his new partner became neighbors. It can work out to remain friends, although living in that close quarters on a boat would make it more difficult. All the best.

    Tina EdenTina EdenDag siden
  • ..dont you worry man...remember one thing, you will never lose something or someone that is trully yours..

    Ecco SabanovicEcco SabanovicDag siden
  • 30:00; who is that HOTTIE??

    Money for NothingMoney for Nothing3 dager siden
  • You gotta get her back bro. She’s rare.

    Money for NothingMoney for Nothing3 dager siden
  • Sending you a lot of light✨ Hope you will find more peace in your heart & soul with each sunrise 🌤️⛵🌊

    Outdoor GirlOutdoor Girl3 dager siden
  • Ok

    MarkyfishmeMarkyfishme6 dager siden
  • I would have just dropped her and carry on with my life w/o her.

    MOBAJOBGMOBAJOBG7 dager siden
  • You seem like a very genuine soul, God bless you, travel safe, truly the world has gone insane

    GT500 2016GT500 20169 dager siden
  • Wow

    Thomas AlexanderThomas Alexander11 dager siden
  • That lime powder gave me a pucker just watching you. What was it LIKE chewing the betel?

    William DombWilliam Domb13 dager siden
  • Breakups are hard especially when your stuck together on a boat or working together. My advice would be to get new people on the boat and get use to seeing each other with someone else. Another suggestion would be new boat rule, no more relations that last longer than one night .verity is the spice of life.

    fulllfreezerfulllfreezer15 dager siden
  • Sorry to hear this and glad you decided to be honest with everyone. Sad that you felt you couldn’t be for so long. This from a year ago now and wonder how things are going and hope all is well. I was a big fan and supporter in the beginning, but stopped being so when the story became scripted for what you thought people wanted to see versus reality and I guess this is an extreme example of that.

    Greg GuthmanGreg Guthman16 dager siden
  • hahaha.... i'll never forget the day my ex flew the coup, you poor bastard. Hang in there because it gets a lot worse before it gets better. I strongly recommend getting a puppy, that puppy needing you and you training him is the best distraction

    dirtdudedirtdude16 dager siden
  • Wow dude. This is my first time watching your channel. A part of me wants to tell you to kick her to the shore and forget about her. I see the dilemma where she is so fracking awesome that you will cling to whatever she leaves available. Optimally you should let her go, easier said than done, I wouldn't do that myself, but that is the "right thing" to do. A part of me resents her for being so fracking awesome, another part realizes life left her with no other option.

    Brian StevensBrian Stevens17 dager siden
  • That betel nut is a very bad addiction that is destroying many lives. It sits as the 4th most used drug behind alcohol, tobacco, cocaine. But while alcohol can be enjoyed in some moderation and tobacco doesn't always kill everybody this betel nut chewing is a fast track to tooth loss and oral cancer. The wrecked teeth would be reason enough to not use or showcase on your channel, but the oral cancer should have been a bigger reason. Obviously the isolation and being on a boat may lead to ignorance to these issues, but not everything native people do is a more natural holistic and fantastic pursuit of happiness.

    john dunlaveyjohn dunlavey18 dager siden
  • She'll be right mate......and so will you. Cheers

    Christopher HannahChristopher Hannah19 dager siden
  • We met 24 years ago and now married for 17 years and at one point we broke off, he in England (he is Italian) and myself returning to Florida. I was ok until he desired to meet up and visit in The US, we had an epic 3 weeks of hime seeing where I grew up, my parents resting place and at the end when he left it was the worst 3 weeks of my life. I had only been home less than two years. Yet I knew I did not desire to live that life without him so I sold everything and was in the process of hitting the raod when one night he called. When, I told him he was lucky to catch me as I was closing all out to leave and did not know when I would be able to contact him as my first trip was to South America, he asked me to marry, saying that he was waiting for the perfect time, job and place. I said there is no perfect anything in this life and I can say that nothing is more important to me as his happiness! We made it through a very harsh time alone and we knew we did not wish to face this life without each other! I hope you two remain friends, for there is no telling how that will blossom!

    claris drouetclaris drouet19 dager siden
  • So much drama, jeez, looks like even the cruising community can't escape you people.

    Rephlexie StarkinsRephlexie Starkins20 dager siden
  • You are in a community with me, with us, with all of us, the "us" that is the sailing and cruising community of people who are in the margins of the bell curve of humanity because we really live for today, live life as a gift as it should be and fearlessly. We all love you and thank you for documenting your journeys in the way that you do now. I have sailed many places and now call the South Seas my home as well, after being in many latitudes. May you have fair winds and following seas in your journeys, son, and know that we are all behind you 💜

    Tania DavidsonTania Davidson20 dager siden
  • 😂😂 who gives a fuk, the adventure is cool but the baby drama . Jesus fukin christ mate. Is that for the Dopey imbeciles? Or is that what you think of us.

    HindukushHindukush20 dager siden
  • Ah well, the adventures continue, and so does love come back to you. Strengthen yourself and believe in your self. I created a world for myself and I always return to that world so when people let me down, I simply return to that world where I heal and find fulfillment.

    trevor Byrontrevor Byron21 dag siden
  • I’m sorry about your news, however I knew something had changed in your relationship quite some time ago. I just didn’t know if you knew Nate. It won’t be easy for either of you, but I sincerely hope that you can work together and continue to explore the world. These are difficult times as we are now 1 year into the Covid epidemic. For those of you that are young, you have a long time to continue to fulfill your dreams. I wish you much happiness. My husband and I are in our early 70s. We had planned on travelling, and spending time with our family and friends. It had now been 9 months since we have seen our youngest grandchildren. They live in the next province, but even worse it has been 2 + years since we have spent time with our American grandsons.

    Bonnie MoenchBonnie Moench21 dag siden
  • 1 year, zero isolation, never worn a mask or face covering. Not dead. Scamdemic.

    CP HollingdaleCP Hollingdale21 dag siden
  • Try JESUS ınstead of a magıc crystal ball!

    Andrea LarnedAndrea Larned22 dager siden
    • What is the difference?

      Sweet PotatoSweet Potato21 dag siden
  • I think you're being silly. You two are so great for each other!

    Clifford WilliamsClifford Williams22 dager siden
    • if you've had ups and downs - do you expect a relationship (friendship or otherwise) to not have that???

      Clifford WilliamsClifford Williams22 dager siden
  • You think Australia is civilized? I recon someone's pulling ya leg there mate.

    Colin GrantColin Grant22 dager siden
  • I am still friends with two of three of the best relationships that where not meant to be... number three I will love til I draw my last breath, but she died in a car accident a year and a half ago... I hope to see her again in whatever afterlife exists for us... the other two I will likewise love til I draw my final breath, but one... life separated us back in the early 90s, and now she is in a long term relationship that makes her happy, so I am happy for her, and we still chat from time to time but she is in the EU and I am in the states, so timing seldom works out for more than sending messages back and forth here and there... the other we tried twice now (first time in the 90s, and most recently about 10 years ago. we are perhaps not compatible but we still care about each other and are still friends... that you two seem to be able to maintain a professional relationship and friendship is a wonderful thing. I have not always been so lucky as with the two I mentioned above.

    Matt LewandowskiMatt Lewandowski23 dager siden
  • really nice video very touching, thank you for sharing. It is never easy but being on a boat together must have been tough . Way the waves of the ocean wash away any pain and the salty winds bring you two much happiness and new adventures. Full sails and much love.

    mr smithmr smith23 dager siden
  • Thanks for being so honest! We brake up all the time! In fact, I'm not sure if we're technically ok right now or not...it IS hard! I'm sure it'll work out...even if it's not the path you have in mind, good times are sure to come when your honest with yourself ~Beverly on SV Harmony, Voyage Off the Grid

    Voyage Off the Grid : Sailing HarmonyVoyage Off the Grid : Sailing Harmony24 dager siden
  • Just tuned in. if you are still checked into Australia you maybe wanna check out Cocos Keeling. Is beautiful over there.

    TheEdge92TheEdge9224 dager siden
  • We stopped watching months ago because we were uncomfortable with vibe. Really enjoyed this video, like the vibe. It is always best and impossibly difficult to face what you know to be true. Keep rowing it will go where it goes. Fair winds. Keep it real.

    Barry OliverBarry Oliver24 dager siden
  • Honestly while I’m sure there is no malicious intent, I find these types of videos very abusive to the locals. To use them as fodder for clicks so you can make coins on NOtown.... doesn’t sit right with me.

    Shan GreerShan Greer24 dager siden
  • You get high from that weird fruit?

    Donnan HugglerDonnan Huggler25 dager siden
  • I cant find the app predicament. Can you give us link please.

    Marco PoloMarco Polo25 dager siden

    Wayne GrantWayne Grant25 dager siden
  • , well sorry to hear about The Break-Up situation but it is just part of life I guess you all have been able to enjoy some wonderful times together Priceless Memories for sure thank you for sharing your adventure as well as many beautiful encounters with other cultures amazing places and many other facets of sailing experiences that other channels don't share wishing you all the best and fair seas ahead as you continue the adventure hope to see you out there one day maybe in the central South Pacific that's where I'm headed

    Kim BellagurlKim Bellagurl25 dager siden
  • Zero point zero

    yulmp2yulmp227 dager siden
  • Mark of beast is just beginning

    On A MissionOn A Mission27 dager siden
  • I’ve tuned out since you chose to take the pig as a pet. I’ve always been against using animals for entertainment. That said what was once a promising story has devolved into the all Nate channel. Lots of “I”, “me” and “my” along with Nate trying his best to say something profound. I think I’ll take another hiatus from drenched.

    Don BDon B27 dager siden
  • I was married from 1983 to 2014....oh yeah that's right I still am. I often forget that we aren't just friends. We live 13 miles from each other and we are friends. You two can be friends if you want it's other people that don't like it like that. My husband's family actually said to him he should hate me. We are friends and we do things together.

    Eliza SEliza S28 dager siden
  • Thank you everyone! Onward to the horizon.

    justin colemanjustin coleman28 dager siden
  • You guys are fucked. As soon as one of ya starts seeing someone else feelings will get hurt. To be honest after Delos it seemed you guys started drifting.

    Dago MobDago Mob28 dager siden
  • Well there was no promise ever made that life was going to be a Rosie garden life was meant to live in the time that your allow adventures are created each and every day when the clock is going forward taking it away into life there is no way to rewind time to go back to make changes you must always keep going forward because once that second hand clicks that time is gone the only time that you have is as you move into the future....... relationships are like a broken sailboat in order to go you must fix you must take the time to do these things it is great when everything is functioning like it is supposed to be but when something goes wrong I’ll sail tears a Jib fails, you must take the time to fix patiently..... when you are always at Close quarters it is hard to get personal time alone to reflect on your thoughts when you’re on a sailboat and everything is all in motion people are like sailboats working together as a team if a team member begins to falter that means things must come to a stop rest is needed repairs needed to be done...... Times calm when you must spend time alone with each other when no one else is around it may take more than one day if you take a week of special time you must make provisions for these times........ because one thing is not needed when the sailboat runs a ground you won’t have to worry about setting the anchor and you better hope the tide comes in and raises the ship up to get you off the reef ...... that’s why people take the time to get off the boat and go in and spend time with your mate . . And then again this will give you both time to reflect on the adventures that you’ve been on and reflect upon each other. you Went through this together. And how you might not of made it as far as you have gone . Remember how you began all the thoughts that went into this and the goals that you had set for yourself as each day was given to both of you and to all goals that were part of your life as you transition from day to day on each adventure each task repairing the sailboat what you went through to repaired what you went through to make it sellable all the love that went into it and the time you spent on it ..... was it all worth throwing it away. .

    Joseph A Colburn JrJoseph A Colburn Jr28 dager siden
  • ⛵️🤗

    Conny SvenssonConny Svensson28 dager siden
  • Corona virus never isolated. Covid is flu renamed amd fear mongered

    Time BongTime Bong28 dager siden
  • Since you are not married, you’re not serious and it was a temp thing anyway.

    CashBoxrCashBoxr28 dager siden
  • Following you for years. So sorry to hear of the changes in your personal life. Remaining mature and responsible for your own happiness is imperative. Staying friends and continuing to work together will eventually be a challenge, especially as both of you move on to new relationships. Good Luck!!!

    SV DragonflySV Dragonfly28 dager siden
  • Wishing you both well. Changing from one emotion to another , isn't easy , one is hurting more than the other, living together will have its challenges, when one gets a partner will the the killer . Respect

    David WarnesDavid Warnes28 dager siden
  • Oh well...maybe time to go home...get a bank job....and not be so self obsessed

    SRAM DaviesSRAM Davies29 dager siden
  • great way to get cancer - betel nut

    Es GeeEs GeeMåned siden
  • Its awesome you went to Misima Island. Recognized it right away. I spent many child hood years on Tagula (Sudest) island near by. Use to sail on those sailing canoes so much when we were kids. Thank you for sharing brings back a ton of memories from my child hood.

    Wade AndersonWade AndersonMåned siden
  • Do you guys have any idea how much easier your entry would have been if you just put on collared shirts and clean looking attire? SMH

    misoranomisoranoMåned siden
  • I think I missed something in the betelnut segment of the video... how was it? What did it do? What's the big whoop about betelnut? Sorry to hear about the break up but if you're still business partners and friends you still have each other in your lives. How you handle romantic encounters or entanglements in the future with other folks will really determine what happens next. Best wishes to you both.

    oceandrewoceandrewMåned siden
  • I wonder how an Old Sea man....can "hop".in for a few months. (McGyver type)

    JoseRaul VJoseRaul VMåned siden
  • Good 4U both.......focus on other things and maybe........just maybe you two will pick up where you left off.......Life is strange..!

    JoseRaul VJoseRaul VMåned siden
  • Welcome to FNQ. The catharsis for many. We'll let you stay awhile Nate, You're an okay bloke. You need some time to chill away from the toxicity.

    Joe BJoe BMåned siden
  • Godspeed ❤️

    Linda FitzgeraldLinda FitzgeraldMåned siden
  • Yes mate. Been there. Done that. 2017 I changed my relationship from being someone's partner to being my son's father as his mother was not able to do that. I will always choose my son in any event. We are still friends, but I see her for who she really is now.

    Martin RouenMartin RouenMåned siden
  • Hey! Just found this channel...is it the 4 of you on the boat all the time?

    Sarah HoltSarah HoltMåned siden
  • Subscribed 👍❤️so sorry about your relationship, man😢

    Salty MechanicsSalty MechanicsMåned siden
  • love sucks--stick with horses and dogs--dont do love

    Ogham GraOgham GraMåned siden
  • Time to push Jordan overboard. Buh-Bye! She's a nightmare, bro. 🌈🌷

    Edward TeachEdward TeachMåned siden
  • Move on sell the boat. Dont live with relics of your past. Lifes to short M8.

    Ben HarrisonBen HarrisonMåned siden
  • I've was stranded in a house with my Fiancee, and we split up. 'Stranded' on a boat may have the same effect during this lovely time.

    ParShuffleParShuffleMåned siden
  • Much respect for You two. Life is hard so press on love laugh and be kind to each other.✊

    Dean LewisDean LewisMåned siden
  • I went through a brutal breakup aboard during lockdown last May. The boat was his so I had to leave boat life which was honestly harder than the break up. I came back to land and used the time to get my coxswain certificate. I got a job on a charter boat and the last 7 months of my life have been the most magical I’ve ever had. I’ve met so many wonderful people and with those connections am now in a position to choose where in the world I want to work next. You’re stronger than I am to be able to stay onboard together but know from my story that if you decide to completely part ways that the ocean will look after you both and your adventurous hearts x

    Lisha brightLisha brightMåned siden
  • Dude... there's lots of girls on the boat! Have fun! Enjoy!

    Vitality MassageVitality MassageMåned siden
    • @Dona 4 Him x0x0

      Vitality MassageVitality MassageMåned siden
    • Vitality massage! What a surprise! Good to see you xoxoxo

      Dona 4 HimDona 4 HimMåned siden
  • THOSE LEGS! 1:09

    Vitality MassageVitality MassageMåned siden
    • @Dona 4 Him Oh thank you Dona.

      Vitality MassageVitality MassageMåned siden
    • Vitality Masage! What a surprise! I follow you on youtube! xoxoxo

      Dona 4 HimDona 4 HimMåned siden
  • Wow. I'm blown away. I had seen you guys on Delos, never knowing you went on to do your own channel. By complete accident I stumbled across this video...only to learn that A) you have a great channel, and B) that this couple has fallen apart. Good and bad. Up and down. Kudos to you for having the guts to share your life with everyone, the gains and the losses. Driving along later, I couldn't shake how much your story has impacted me. And on the radio came the Annie Lennox song "Why", a song which seemed so intensely appropriate for your journey. There's even a nautical reference in there. Take a listen.

    Hans SchweikertHans SchweikertMåned siden
  • time heals the pain

    Barry LentinBarry LentinMåned siden
  • I appreciate the vulnerability and honesty of your share. Life is full of ups and downs and your rolling and sharing the love and the loss or pain of moving on relationally. It touched my heart. You both will have many new adventures. Best to you both.

    Drew SDrew SMåned siden
  • A break up is always hard, so many feelings and emotions to sort through. Love your honesty. Be safe and strong...

    Mary EasthamMary EasthamMåned siden
  • One love my friends. We’re all in this together. Keep being you 🌞

    Jon TottenJon TottenMåned siden
  • Good luck guys, definitely hard when you are running a project together and in a relationship then want to discontinue the coupling but continue the project. I've been in that situation, sadly, I had to let the project go. I found in the long run, chords needed to be cut in order for both parties to completely move on and create a healthy space for new love partners. See how you go. xx

    Voyage et VirageVoyage et VirageMåned siden
  • Dude she broke up with u over your hair. She wants a man with short hair. And on behalf of men every where. Man up, stop, wearing girls, clothes, and female head bans, 🤯🤡🤪🤡🤪🙀😿😹

    Frank SmithFrank SmithMåned siden
  • If you believe that this social arrangement / experiment is going to work only one word comes to mind. STUMP. Dumber than a stump. If you continue down this road you are dumber than a stump. Don't overthink life. The fact that you're just not that bright is to your disadvantage. Don't be foolish...set sail and move on with your life.

    servicarriderservicarriderMåned siden
  • great vid.

    matthew keatingmatthew keatingMåned siden
  • Nothing profound to say. Just giving love and aloha to the channel, and people, we love! ALOHA!

    sssDecisivesssDecisiveMåned siden
  • It is grievous that you and Jordan have come to this. Know that we, the public, support you and care for you. May you both heal and may the project continue.

    Nicholas GriswoldNicholas GriswoldMåned siden
  • DITTO. Great video.

    Richard ChasseRichard ChasseMåned siden
  • Tough situation! I couldn't do it! Best to the both of you!

    Jerry ForemanJerry ForemanMåned siden
  • I hope things come out well for you both. Break ups are hard, let alone when you have such entwined lives professional and personal. Best advice I can give you is to simply remind yourselves OFTEN that you like each other as people. It's why you stayed together for so long vs burning out in a couple weeks as a crush without substance. When moments of anger and angst cause one of you to flare up, because they WILL cuz you are humans with feelings, tell yourself that this person is worthy of respect and you know t his as you spent 5 yrs of your life with them and you wouldn't have done that otherwise cuz neither of you is stupid. Give yourselves the gift of individual time away from the boat and each other, a day, a week, a month, whatever. Some contiguous time where you don't have to be reminded of your situation and can just breathe and re-grow. Then you can return to the boat, and each other, refreshed and in a new place. I think it would be difficult to move on mentally if you don't get breaks from each other to let emotions release and reset yourselves into friend zone. Best of luck to you two.

    CheerioCheerioMåned siden
  • I’m not sure if I will continue to watch. Just being honest here. I came to the channel for the adventure of two people in love, building a dream together. If it feels awkward from here, I can’t imagine what it’s like on that boat. Maybe it’s fine now since it’s been so long....

    larrimo slarrimo sMåned siden
  • Hey guys sorry to hear about the break up unfortunately life has its Ups and Downs I wish you both well In smooth sailing I hope you both find love. Keep your heads up and keep sailing love 💘 you guys

    Robert JohnsonRobert JohnsonMåned siden
  • fabio!!! word to your selfies!!

    No NicknameNo NicknameMåned siden
  • “Wisdom is knowing I am nothing, Love is knowing I am everything, and between the two my life moves.” ―Nisargadatta Maharaj

    1Alone1AloneMåned siden
  • well! you're not alone in this kind of situation. It does happen even to a married couple.

    Gerome TejadaGerome TejadaMåned siden
  • The only more important thing in life than love is true friendship..

    William HamillWilliam HamillMåned siden
    • And both are so damn hard to find sometimes

      KarlitoKarlitoMåned siden
  • Betel nut: Consumption has many harmful effects on health and is carcinogenic to humans. Various compounds present in the nut, including arecoline (the primary psychoactive ingredient which is similar to nicotine), contribute to histologic changes in the oral mucosa. It is known to be a major risk factor for cancers (squamous cell carcinoma) of the mouth and esophagus. As with chewing tobacco, its use is discouraged by preventive efforts. Consumption by hundreds of millions of people worldwide - mainly with southern and eastern Asian origins - has been described as a "neglected global public health emergency".[2

    Paul OhlsteinPaul OhlsteinMåned siden
  • Nate!!! You been playing the attentive one in the relationship. The GOOD GUY being perfect in any way possible. A Woman needs a challenge, she needs to feel that she had to fight for your attention. You can still get her back, it's going to be all on you to make the change. Be more aloof, interested in other things, even other you now what. Your not married there fore, available to go out with others. She may start seeing you other than a nice guy but a good catch. Lots of Love

    86daily86dailyMåned siden
    • #Worst advice ever

      Michy NatureMichy NatureMåned siden
  • Everybody handles things differently. I know from personal experience that I can manage to end a relationship and continue to live together. When my ex brought in someone else I was cool with it, but when those tables were turned she had a complete and utter meltdown. Good Luck

    Scarlet BegoniasScarlet BegoniasMåned siden
  • Betel Nut will not be good for your teeth. As you saw. Some people "use" it for the "mild narcotic" effect. Good luck.

    Jim SelfJim SelfMåned siden
  • when you break up, you should get away from each other, to heal and to move on, at the end someone going to get hurt, lol i would not want to be on a boat with my X, just my opinion!

    theo van stadentheo van stadenMåned siden
  • Who cares dude..Lol.. Their is worse things happening in this messed up world.. Get over dude..jeez

  • Remaining friends doesn't work. You need to walk away and never look back.

    Scott DScott DMåned siden
    • @Jane No. One of them just cant let go.

      Scott DScott DMåned siden
    • I have friends who remain genuine long-term friends with their exs. I am in awe of them. I tend to think they are more emotionally mature than I will ever be.

      JaneJaneMåned siden
  • Decisions like this have to be made if it’s the best for one or both people. Kudos to you guys for trying to remain friends and continue to work on Drenched together. You’ve grown so much over time and we always look forward to your videos. 😊

    Harbors UnknownHarbors UnknownMåned siden
  • lol bittle nut, light anthetimine used EVERYWHERE in asia from truck drivers to rice field workers they love it, druggies lol

    Yao GamersYao GamersMåned siden
  • Your video just popped up in my feed. Will go back and watch from the beginning. I'm sorry to hear about your breakup. Its never easy. Absolutely wonderful you were both able to part as friends. I wish you both many happy days in the future. 🙏❤🤗

    Anita HardestyAnita HardestyMåned siden
  • Sad times on the relationship guys but keep on sailing!

    Ben HBen HMåned siden