2. mai. 2021
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In this video I confronted an old clown...
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  • These NOtown boxers are so bad hahah all they got is fame I know 100 people that could smash all these cringe tiktok kids including me

    Panda KushPanda Kush3 minutter siden
  • He will knock u out

    brandon velazquez2630brandon velazquez263014 minutter siden
  • But yet he is throwing a water bottle back lol

    Sophia VegaSophia Vega16 minutter siden
  • But why does he always have to bring up The kids when ever he says Austin’s name we get it he’s a family channel but leave the beef between you 2!!!

    Lucinda OsorioLucinda Osorio20 minutter siden
  • I was blurd fuuuuuu

    AxtroAxtro22 minutter siden
  • Go get em bryce 🤬

    Christian DuranChristian Duran24 minutter siden
  • I hope Bryce gets his shit rocked 😂

    シSpoonシSpoon27 minutter siden
  • Why put Austin in the ring with Bryce they should’ve put Austin’s dad he’s bigger then Bryce no 🧢

    KID JESVSKID JESVS38 minutter siden
  • I’m on Austin’s team sorry not sorry 🙄

    Sarah BarrientosSarah Barrientos43 minutter siden
  • bryce will knock him tf out. no other way its gonna go down

    Breanna LynnBreanna Lynn46 minutter siden
  • If I’m being fr, Boxing isn’t what Austin’s about. He should just stfu and flaunt his money in his intros lmao

    Aayush RanaAayush Rana47 minutter siden
  • pie down

    francisco melchorfrancisco melchor48 minutter siden
  • Even tho I don't like Austin at all I want him to win cause then every TikToker gonna get into boxing and it's gonna ruin it and I'll make their ego📈📈📈📈📈

    Diego BuentelloDiego Buentello53 minutter siden
  • Did I just see him do a “cannonball”? I remember doing those when I was about 8 yrs old.😂🙄

    Clay FClay F57 minutter siden
  • i wanna see bryce get knocked out but i don’t think it’s gonna happen

    RevolveRevolveTime siden
  • I’ll knoc white boy out 😂💀

    Johnny ThaoJohnny ThaoTime siden
  • Its funny Bryce thinks he gon do sum he the size of my pinky😐💀

    Klohe murphyKlohe murphyTime siden
  • Bro there no chance austins gonna win he will throw out his back before any fighting happenes

    Super girly gamerSuper girly gamerTime siden
  • Lol Austin mc bom

    JackyJackyTime siden
  • He remind me of a younger Logan Paul

    Michael GreenMichael GreenTime siden

    Griselda RodriguezGriselda RodriguezTime siden
  • We all know Bruce it’s going to win team Bryce 100%👌

    Famous people EditsFamous people EditsTime siden
  • Should have just knocked him out right there. Save us time but of course not money so I get it

    Cecilia CostaCecilia CostaTime siden
  • Bryce hall get back dancing tiktok Austin will knock you out 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Antony MendezAntony MendezTime siden
  • i like both people i dont know wich to choose

    Nayely Brito-LliviganayNayely Brito-LliviganayTime siden
  • Still wondering why Addison accepted to be your girlfriend again

    Abo 6alalAbo 6alalTime siden
  • Still can't take them serious 🤣

    Angel HernandezAngel Hernandez2 timer siden
  • Ik Bryce will win but Bryce sounds like a 9yo gamer rn jaha

    ‽ jainie ‽‽ jainie ‽2 timer siden
  • Not putting safaera hahaha

    Jimena GarciaJimena Garcia2 timer siden
  • If he win against austin someone gonna come along and handle him 100% and he’ll learn to pipe down then 🥱 jake might

    KSP RODOKSP RODO2 timer siden
  • Is there anybody who think he bryce will loose cuz of his over confidence or is it just me 💀💀

    Aaron JacksonAaron Jackson2 timer siden
  • You really shouldn’t bring is kids in to this

    Molly BrinkMolly Brink2 timer siden
  • Face off in a stadium 😭😭😭😭

    The_Offcial_Rowlan JThe_Offcial_Rowlan J2 timer siden
  • Ok ngl bryce is going to win in 5 seconds

    Giselle VargasGiselle Vargas2 timer siden
  • Bruh wtf why would you bring up his kids they have nothing to do with it

    Hey!!Hey!!2 timer siden
  • Didnt jack harlow take yo girl???

    Kevin ChavezKevin Chavez2 timer siden
  • Hes just asking to get knocked out TikTok sucks btw NOtown is better than ur 5 year old comnudity

    Pedro Is crackedPedro Is cracked2 timer siden
  • Bryce bum sounded like he wanted to cry when he tree a water bottle at mcbroom

    daddy domdaddy dom2 timer siden
  • I don’t want Austin to win but I don’t want Bryce to win too☠️

    Muharrem DoganMuharrem Dogan2 timer siden
  • Lol he thinks he can win 💀💀

    John StickneyJohn Stickney2 timer siden
  • God I can't wait

    Zander BZander B2 timer siden
  • The worst part abt this video is talking abt Austin’s kid.... okay I get he can cause at him all he wants but Byrce didn’t have to talk abt his kids abt this

    Kiyara MollKiyara Moll2 timer siden
  • Bruh Austin gonna take out Bryce hella sure

    Kiyara MollKiyara Moll2 timer siden
  • Funny how everyone wants to be jake Paul now. D bags looking up to d bags, hopefully the world ends soon

    Andrew MendezAndrew Mendez3 timer siden
  • How is no-one canceling them for having a mega event in this pandemic are they crazy even though covid test are being done there is still a chance

    juniah slimejuniah slime3 timer siden
  • I would spare u for free 💀

    Silvano GomezSilvano Gomez3 timer siden
  • Bro ur soft chin can support a heavy punch 🥊

    Silvano GomezSilvano Gomez3 timer siden
  • Bryce finna go to jail after the fight cause Austin mcpussy finna be dead

    ADV NovaADV Nova3 timer siden
  • Bro brace hall is gonna get beat up he gonna cry

    Maslah SalatMaslah Salat3 timer siden
  • Bruh after like 20 years Bryce is also going to have kids and HE’S KIDS WILL WATCH AUSTIN BEAT THE FUCK OUT OF HIM

    Catherine ACatherine A3 timer siden
  • I like how Bryce cuts out the parts when Austin talks😂

    Ivan LopezIvan Lopez3 timer siden
  • Ayy bryce lose this and im unsubbing wit all my other accounts

    Vexi ϟVexi ϟ3 timer siden
  • austyn mcPussy 🤣🤣

    Daddy EtherealDaddy Ethereal3 timer siden
  • Right before the last ad “who fights in the nightclub??” Lmaooo

    Hannah BananaHannah Banana4 timer siden
  • bryce hall legit makes me wanna kms tf

    London ReighnLondon Reighn4 timer siden
  • Plsssss to be one of those girls on the boat oml

    Hannah BananaHannah Banana4 timer siden
  • honestly y'all act like babies like grow tf up

    akua atiakua ati4 timer siden
  • All talk

    Alexa PhillipsAlexa Phillips4 timer siden
  • bro get a hobby

    lindsey slindsey s4 timer siden
  • It’s really funny that he thinks he can knock out everyone 😂😂 lmao just go dance 😂😂

    David HernandezDavid Hernandez4 timer siden
  • The person who talks the most has the most to prove... tayler vs austin eouldve been a better matchup BUT bryce just aint it🤣💯

    J GrUBbSJ GrUBbS4 timer siden
  • hm

    ismailismail4 timer siden
  • When Austin was walking he looked like Shrek no offense to Shrek

    no Starbucks no lifeno Starbucks no life4 timer siden
  • Nc who very Danny Duncan was against he would knock anyone out but he's not doing this hes busy

    Tox1c_RainDrpTox1c_RainDrp4 timer siden
  • I have a feeling that Bryce will beat up Austin 100% so I doubt that Bryce is going to win

    Nevaeh VincentNevaeh Vincent4 timer siden
  • I don’t think people know that this shi is allllll entertainment. The shi talking and everything is all for show to get more people to go to the boxing match lmao.

    Emma RoweEmma Rowe4 timer siden
  • Wait do what did Austin do?

    Saydee RoweSaydee Rowe4 timer siden
  • Bryce got a big ass nose

    brooo_vbrooo_v5 timer siden
  • Who even wants to buy tickets for the shittiest and most worthless fight in history

    Ariana Grande vidsAriana Grande vids5 timer siden
  • Both Bryce & Austin are trash 🗑 I only want to watch the Deji & gib fight

    grpt3kgrpt3k5 timer siden
  • i dont like bryce nor austin but i hate austin more knock that bitch out and u got a new fan.

    Kryo KCKryo KC5 timer siden
  • Wtf is this bruh ur making howard county look bad

    Abhik BarotAbhik Barot5 timer siden
  • Bryce is like “I’m about to beet this bich up” but I love Bryce and Austin

    Allen GutierrezAllen Gutierrez5 timer siden
  • When he said Austin McPussy that had me dying. But Austin is gonna win for sure 100%

    Saralia's VlogsSaralia's Vlogs5 timer siden
    • @Lay Yes he is.

      Saralia's VlogsSaralia's Vlogs5 timer siden
    • No

      LayLay5 timer siden
  • Both of them cant fight change my mind

    Jay FilmzJay Filmz5 timer siden

    elle nagelelle nagel5 timer siden
  • bryce is such a child like grow up bro

    Bailey DumasBailey Dumas5 timer siden
  • LMFAO "who fights in the night club ?" 😂😂😂

    Amber PeñaAmber Peña5 timer siden
  • Umm I’m so confused on what happening like can some one update me 🤨

    Anahy AlfaroAnahy Alfaro6 timer siden
  • Alright why do you have to do that like you know that is ronge and I think you are just trying to do some drama like y'all shouldn't do this a lot of ppl are going to hate both of you after you fight or like you do something to each other like no

    Maria LabibMaria Labib6 timer siden
  • Austin: come a little closer Bryce: what u gonna do, u cant do Sh*t Me: Neither can u

    Allison RancharanAllison Rancharan6 timer siden
  • Bryce is winning for sure

    Hesham ElganainyHesham Elganainy6 timer siden
  • Stop acting hard bruh💀💀💀

    jordon quinnjordon quinn6 timer siden
  • austin wins by ko just watch bryce is alllllll talk no walk lil bitch boy

    Hybrid venomHybrid venom6 timer siden
  • You have nothing but young kids as an audience lol.

    Millionaire VlogsMillionaire Vlogs6 timer siden
  • I like how he’s trynna be like Nelk and do the little cuts to women with music in the background🤡

    A KA K6 timer siden
  • “And they can get the work after” Austin does seem like the type to fight a mom at the bout 😭

    A KA K6 timer siden
  • the fact that Austin has a yacht and Bryce has a boat but i am team Bryce.

    Leaureanny FernandezLeaureanny Fernandez6 timer siden
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    AidenAiden6 timer siden
  • Tbh I want mostly yt to win but definitely want Bryce to knock out Austin

    BMorgs 0612BMorgs 06126 timer siden
  • I genuinely can’t believe people actually watch these videos regularly without cringing

    Ali AlogailiAli Alogaili6 timer siden
  • Kids like Bryce hall got rolled at my school, wouldn’t even know it’s coming just a kid who talked to much

    Christian De HoyosChristian De Hoyos6 timer siden
  • We all know bryce is gonna knock the bleep out of Austin 10,00%

    Ariel MillerAriel Miller6 timer siden

    Brandon TezocoBrandon Tezoco7 timer siden
  • I loveeeeeeee Bryce he is itttt

    Madison GelinasMadison Gelinas7 timer siden
  • I like that energy

    DJ-cheese-starDJ-cheese-star7 timer siden
  • I luv Bryce and Austin at the same time.

  • Tiktok is trash

    wrestlingmaster mwrestlingmaster m7 timer siden
  • Austin is creepy especially towards his kids. Please knock him out lol

    Natalie HNatalie H7 timer siden