7. april. 2021
923 517 Ganger

Another season... another Race to Champions League! We hope you enjoy!
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    x2Twinsx2Twins2 dager siden
    • Jordan

      lil uzi vertlil uzi vert2 timer siden
    • @Jashan Sharmalol

      Brenden SmithBrenden Smith3 timer siden
    • u both have it j= Jordan j=jordan

      SBA _JagdishSBA _Jagdish3 timer siden
    • Lol

      CR_PLAYZ RCR_PLAYZ R4 timer siden
    • F

      CR_PLAYZ RCR_PLAYZ R4 timer siden
  • Jordan wins

    lil uzi vertlil uzi vertTime siden
  • "My AR right now is just doing damage" **confused screaming**

    jezzyman09jezzyman092 timer siden
  • Do they not realise Jordan had a bounty on Jesse in the second game

    Sam ThompsonSam Thompson2 timer siden
  • Jesse is better I think

    BXLZZY -BXLZZY -2 timer siden
  • Jordan has bounty on Jessie in game 2

    shaansinghskshaansinghsk3 timer siden
  • They got into the same game

    Mari & Rell: LeagueBoundMari & Rell: LeagueBound5 timer siden
  • I think the next challenge they should is switch pc’s

    SmarteyNubSmarteyNub7 timer siden
    • They did that

      Pira GamingPira Gaming7 timer siden
  • Jessie was so close he neede to win

    SwitchKids7224SwitchKids722411 timer siden
  • I killed u

    X1_m1dn1ghtX1_m1dn1ght12 timer siden
  • Jordan had a bounty on Jesse 😂

    Dylan MitchellDylan Mitchell12 timer siden
  • how do you guys not get banned for teaming , lmao

    OntarioMualOntarioMual14 timer siden
  • They fucking trapped you in storm when you were low

    Fire gamingFire gaming14 timer siden
  • “How many kills do you wanna steal?” Jordan: “yes.”

    Lauren LemonLauren Lemon15 timer siden
  • bro wearing the lighting at the intro. you joining PWR?

    Victoria FreemanVictoria Freeman15 timer siden
  • Epic:Lets just make rockes harder to get Jordan:Going off with the rpg Jordan again:Drops it for harpoon because theres no rockets.

    joseph holajoseph hola15 timer siden
  • I’m car’ing away 😂

    Ozzie DoesGamingOzzie DoesGaming16 timer siden
  • The wicked open immunologically damage because gold mechanically tickle for a next holiday. forgetful, evasive leaf

    chris litardochris litardo16 timer siden
  • I’m sorry I like Jesse better

    Hollywood HudsonHollywood Hudson16 timer siden
  • Hi

    Craig HeckmanCraig Heckman16 timer siden
  • who else agrees that they were beter when they swor

    jame3270 jame3270jame3270 jame327016 timer siden
  • I unistalled fortnite because a sweats like you

    Cameron Da goatCameron Da goat16 timer siden
  • We not going to talk that there was 60 people at the beginning of the second game

    a Aa A17 timer siden
  • The second game u guys were in the same game

    Lost AzzyLost Azzy17 timer siden
  • Jessi best Jordan

    Hugovski RibasteinHugovski Ribastein18 timer siden
  • Aww man

    Layden BeaghleyLayden Beaghley18 timer siden
  • Jordan had a bounty on jesse lol

    epic4realepic4real19 timer siden
  • when you copy fresh and mccreamy

    Dtangi FOOTBALLDtangi FOOTBALL19 timer siden
  • notice how jordan starts of with 71 more points than jesse and when he died in the 1st game he was 1493 but when he started the 2nd game he had 1513

    muhammad darsotmuhammad darsot19 timer siden
  • Insane bros ツ

    ravas ツravas ツ20 timer siden
  • I can’t stand this kids voices

    Free SnagsFree Snags20 timer siden
  • Jordan

    Christopher ZepedaChristopher Zepeda20 timer siden
  • Them:I don’t think I’ll win Everybody else: they are unstoppable

    Chunky MonkeyChunky Monkey21 time siden
  • 4:01 Jordan had a bounty on Jesse

    Dominik McgilveryDominik Mcgilvery21 time siden
  • 4:19 i didnt know ars could do damage

    Owen WOwen W22 timer siden
  • anyone else realise Jordan had a bounty on Jesse on game 2?

    NoVa- strikerNoVa- striker23 timer siden
  • New favorite channel

    That Jack GuyThat Jack Guy23 timer siden
  • Hi

    zayyaan btwzayyaan btwDag siden
  • Hi

    Zaydy btwZaydy btwDag siden
  • Holy 19 year later FINALLY

    its Opacits OpacDag siden
  • Hi

    Zaydy btwZaydy btwDag siden
  • these videos are the best

    AxelAxelDag siden
  • 4:01 He has a bounty on Jesse

    YSN_MR_E_-_-YSN_MR_E_-_-Dag siden
  • Why are they both fucking screaming like that omg

    ohlyghtohlyghtDag siden
  • And the only thing different about y’all is y’all voice

  • Y’all both r really twins y’all play the same n look the same

  • Hay😍❤❤❤

    Amy RatcliffAmy RatcliffDag siden
  • At the start when Jordan died he was like Jessie die!!!!!!!!!!

    Michael the fighterMichael the fighterDag siden
  • I love u

    GL KingGL KingDag siden
  • Guys why do they scream in all of these champ videos

    BagelBagelDag siden
  • 8:55 Jesse: im gonna need a good game to catch up with jordan Seconds later kills guy named jordan Coincidence? I think not

    MosesMosesDag siden
  • X2 twins:this guys a runner Me:So shes a trackstar TikTok:Shes a runner shes a trackstar

    Davies ObiomaDavies ObiomaDag siden
  • What was Jordan playing when he dued

    Chazza !!!Chazza !!!Dag siden
  • I bit all my nails of watching this now I have no more nails

    MC Myst1cMC Myst1cDag siden
  • Jordan got a bounty on Jesse lol and love your vids

    HARRy11HARRy11Dag siden
  • You should play arena to champs with both of you as a duo

    Ultra EvanUltra EvanDag siden
  • This is one of the best things that I look forward to when the points reset

    TxgerTxgerDag siden
  • Jordan: *Has bounty for Jordan*

    J - TechJ - TechDag siden
  • 5:46 werent they in the same game?

    ForzoKnightForzoKnightDag siden
  • make highlihts

    FNsieMFNsieMDag siden
  • This is so nice bro.

    Matjaž MaučecMatjaž MaučecDag siden
  • gg gujs

    David SeracDavid SeracDag siden
  • It wasnt that close

    Thomas HopmanThomas HopmanDag siden
  • Edge map ppl are scared meanwhile them literally land John wick in scrims

    Shaunak GangulyShaunak GangulyDag siden
  • Jordan had jesse as bounty

    Finn van der HoornFinn van der HoornDag siden
  • jeese killed my friend in the first game my friend came 3rd

    blueblueDag siden
  • Ain’t complaining bruh he killed me in the vid

    Yeet 1234Yeet 1234Dag siden
  • Jordan shorly has to win

    VX_maxibushesVX_maxibushesDag siden
  • Jordan where are you running to

    Jai'Vion MuseJai'Vion MuseDag siden
  • Race

    AlfyrisAlfyrisDag siden
  • Bruh Jordan's just chilling while watching Jesse

    Steven MontoyaSteven MontoyaDag siden
  • We’re about to hit 2mil come on let’s getww it

    Maddox GilbreathMaddox GilbreathDag siden
  • 5:39 lolllll if he does montages Ohh Boy

    Timo PlayzTimo PlayzDag siden
  • Does any body just read comments

  • To be honest the graphics on Jesse’s game is terrible wile Jordan is just fine and chillen.

    Hiroshi Herrera-ShimokawaHiroshi Herrera-ShimokawaDag siden
  • im sure they where in the same games all the time not going to lie

    killzzkillzzDag siden
  • In the second game I think they were in same game

    Christopher HenryChristopher HenryDag siden
  • The commentary is insane

    Christopher HenryChristopher HenryDag siden
  • This is my moms account

    Brooke WrightBrooke WrightDag siden
  • At fortnite

    Brooke WrightBrooke WrightDag siden
  • I think Jordan is better

    Brooke WrightBrooke WrightDag siden
  • You are the best

    Brooke WrightBrooke WrightDag siden
  • YEET.

    EptyEptyDag siden
  • I dont understand how you guys still play this game

    Braylen IanitelloBraylen IanitelloDag siden
  • Stop talking that much jordan we could see what's happening

    Zico Ming-WilsonZico Ming-WilsonDag siden
  • Both second place and died to storm LOL

    FlickzFlickzDag siden
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    contrite sinnercontrite sinnerDag siden
  • There was no way because 1 kill is 20 and win is 60 and Jesse had 5882 points

    Olivia ChanOlivia ChanDag siden
  • Somehow somehow u have the god soft aim

    Alan CottmanAlan CottmanDag siden
  • Lol well done Jordan

    Jack RyanJack RyanDag siden
  • OMG ur so close to 2 mil nice job brothers!

    Nicholas WallisNicholas WallisDag siden
  • jordan started with like 90 more points

    NaydzNaydzDag siden
  • Jordan is cheating when he died had 5493 points when the next game come he had 5553

    Shaurya SorryShaurya SorryDag siden
  • he had a bounty on him

    roqgieroqgieDag siden
  • Jesse OMG what do I do Jordan chillin and drinking a smoothie

    SickboySickboyDag siden
  • they both got 2nd place cuz of no mats in storm

    TempolTempolDag siden
  • Hey nice job on being 40th on trending

    Tyler _GamesTyler _GamesDag siden
  • dude they have hacks lol i remember that clip

    XavianerXavianerDag siden
  • aren’t u guys banned

    SE docterSE docterDag siden
  • Um my name starts with a a and my middle name starts with a j

    CrystalizedCrystalizedDag siden