What Ancient Egyptian Sounded Like - and how we know

27. nov.. 2020
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How did Egyptians pronounce the language behind the hieroglyphs?
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~ Briefly ~
From Hatshepsut to Nefertiti to a Coptic Abuna, meet the many forms of the long-lived Egyptian language. Watch as they help us listen back to the original sounds of the hieroglyphs. Then, identify a family full of Egyptian's ancestors and relatives, refine those pronunciations and arrive at an outline of Egyptian pronunciation.
~ Credits ~
Art, narration and animation by Josh from NativLang. Two of the musical scores, too.
My doc full of sources for claims and credits for music, sfx, fonts and images:
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  • My brother said if you learn Egyptian you will find magic but I knew he was lying but it is quite intresting .

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  • 7:02 Listen Close There is a biblical lesson here and a,so the answer that leaves the linguistics scratching their chins in questions? Can anyone guess it? Much Love and God Bless

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  • Exodus never happened. Moses and curses was a myth.

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  • which was the elder Sumerian or Egyptian

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  • Modern english...Ahdindoonuffin.

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  • notown.info/two/video/rqqHp5aFZ9yFr6M.html They where all black and mixed and Hebrew moorish. Egypt language is a later form of aztacan there pyramids are a later form of Peruvian mounds mesoamerica pyramids , there parable language is a later form of hebrew.

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  • Very interesting and complex

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  • ancient egyptian was nothing else but amazigh (berber)

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  • Excellent lesson. However, my expectation was to here a poem in ancient Egyptian. Therefore, my simple mind was disappointed, while my intellectual mind was rewarded.

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  • Think you watched an old "Theory" video. Like half of this is incorrect Xd

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  • half of the modern Egyptian dialect today is ancient Egyptian and not Arabic

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  • I agree with Antoine. The is a remarkable channel. Well researched and excitingly assembled. There should be classes on how to speak early Egyptian.

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  • My thought on ; is that it's an aspirated sound like the dot over Hindi and Sanskrit.

    elisa lukasikelisa lukasik3 dager siden
  • Next time, please recite the Gettysburg Address in Ancient Egyptian so we can get a general idea of expression in that language.

    jacko lanternjacko lantern3 dager siden
  • What most people want pick up on is Ethiopians have long said language came through them. That why it says Afroasiatic. Afro for Africa and some Muslim countries in Asia for asiatic . These were people of color who made the language we speak today. This also gets rid of the theory that people evolved into unintelligible humans.It also tells us that by HOLLYWOOD pictures they duped us as to what history really looked and sounded like.

    Sharron CummingsSharron Cummings4 dager siden
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  • As for Indonesians and Malaysians, you know we can use sulu kata to replace that! Unlike English 😒😒😒

  • Abuna yohanna= our father john In arabic ابونا يوحنا

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  • So, we just going to ignore the fact inside the the pyramids it’s proves they were Africans. I’m sure we can ask other African tribes in Africa how the Egyptians talk and sound 🤷🏽‍♂️

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  • Total rubbish. If you want to know how they sounded then ask the African people who created it in the first place mostly The Ashanti and the Igbo. What Mdu Ntr have you been looking at? It's NOT coptic it's BANTU mostly Akan and Igbo. It's got nothing to do with coptic or the Greco Romans who came thousands of years later after the civilisation had fallen and added a few words to it. How do I know? Well A) Thats where we came from, B) Because we still use thousands of the same words. And C) All The Pharoes have Akan Names. And we left our launguage carved into the walls and the temples so no one can deny it. It's King TUTU not king Tut. His name is Tutu Ancoma. Not Tutankhamun. An Akan name, The current Asantehene (King of Asante) is called Osei Tutu II. We still use that name. It's not Nefetari It's Nfefe Tiiititi. Nfe still means beautiful in Ashanti culture. It's Akenten not akunaten. Akenten still means the first born son of a King in Akan culture. Djedefra is Dade Afre, Khuffu's real Akan name was Akuffu. Kamosi, Netanebour, Amosi are all Ashanti names still used today Thutmose was Tutu Mosi. The Akan were the ruling class of Ancient Egypt. That is know to most scholars. As for vowels we can tell you whgere the vowels go because we still use thousands of the same words today. Here's a few examples; NHP { early in the morning, early morning}= (a)NH(O)P(A) it's pronounced ("Anopa") NN, NN-N , NN N(Y) {this, these, that one}= N(I)n(I) it's pronounced ("nini"). NMTT {stride, walk}= N(A)N(T)I: It's pronouonced ("Nanti" or "ninum") N Ntt : {because; becuase of "the fact"} (E)N(U)(I)NTI it's pronounced ("Enunti") AW: {death, to die} AW(U) it's pronounced ("Awu") Ka still means to speak in Twi. It also means ones Soul just as it also did in Egypt. Ba means your spirit just as it did in Egypt. And the name of out language Twi is an ancient Egyptian word which means I AM. The Ancient Egyptians were modern day west Africans who later migrated to form the KA NA (Ghana) Empire, Then the Mail Empire. The Mali Empire Founder (Djata )was Akan The word Djata still means lion today in Twi the Akan Launguage. And we still worship the same Gods as well. The Abosom, The Orishas, the Voduo are the gods of Egypt with different names. Ogun is Heru for example. We later migrated down into modern day Ghana, Ivory Coast, Benin, Nigeria etc. There are also Igbo and other Bantu words in the Mdu Ntr. So get your facts right. If you want to know how the ancient Egyptian spoke then get hold of an Ashanti/fanti dictionary or an Igbo dictionary and then ask a West African how he or she pronounces Nkrumah. That's how the Egyptians pronounced “N' because we were and still are the Egyptians. No matter how you try and claim we aren't.

    Kwabena PtahKwabena Ptah5 dager siden
  • Just like American English, the Medu Netcher ,was probably spoken differently depending on where you were....in fact, just like Coptic,as well...

    Alan Gillian JrAlan Gillian Jr5 dager siden
  • Typical Eurocentric garbage! First our land name is Kemet, Not "Egypt"! Second our language is called Medo Neter Not "Hyroglophic"! The first ever who disphered the Medo Neter was a Nubian centuries before the colonist European like Chambillion! So stop it, and get the hell out!

    K BashashaK Bashasha6 dager siden
    • It's mostly Akan and Igbo. Tutu Ancoma (Tutankahmun) Akuffu (Khuffu) Fefee Tittiiti,(Nefetiti), Tutu Mosi (Thutmose) Akenten (Akhunaten) Dade Afre, (Djedefra) are all deliberatly mispelt Akan names still in use today. Even the current Asantehene ( King of the Ashanti) is caled Osei TUTU.There are Hundreds of words in the Mdu Ntr which are Akan (Twi) and Igbo. It's a Bantu laungauge no matter what anyone says.

      Kwabena PtahKwabena Ptah4 dager siden

    Thomas ZacconeThomas Zaccone6 dager siden
  • Aboombalacaca

    Psilocybe-dreamsPsilocybe-dreams6 dager siden
  • We can see a similar linguistic change occurring in English today. Consider American English versus UK English. Words such as flavour, armour, behaviour, tyre (and others) are not only spelled differently in the US but also pronounced slightly differently.

    EddieEddie6 dager siden
  • Good video. Thanks for keeping them in their original skin color.

    TG MTG M6 dager siden
  • ancient egyptians in the higher castes were caucasian, studies have shown (as well as simply the hair on the mummies) this is so. In fact Ancient egyptian DNA is more similar to the DNA from Europeans of today than Egyptians of today. Modern egyptians have much more african in them than anicents. Ramses II had red-blond hair and the oldest mummy we have is named "ginger" due to his hair colour while his body was mummified in the sand for >5k years. There were actually africans as well, almost always depicted as being slaves. These concepts are not talked about in the open very often since it goes against the politically correct narrative we suppose.

    dave mdave m7 dager siden
    • @Kwabena Ptah Likely because they dominated Africa and the Africans learned their language, like what happened in the last 2 centuries or so when Europeans colonised africa again. Modern Egyptian DNA is much different than ancient Egyptian DNA, the main difference being the much higher amount of African DNA being present in modern-day egyptians. Funny thing is men in Western Europe are a much closer match (99%) to King Tut than any modern egyptians. Sorry sweetie, the Africans were never pharaohs, they were dominated by them.

      dave mdave m3 dager siden
    • So why do the Pharoes all have Akan (Ashanti) names and why did they speak the Akan Launguage Twi?

      Kwabena PtahKwabena Ptah4 dager siden
  • I love how you make sure they not BLACK

    Theworldismine FreeTheworldismine Free7 dager siden
  • al ke;met alchemist they were the alchemists of the land of black. they were making gold into food for the gods: Egyptology is lies. Jordan Maxwell said Isis-Amun-Rah-Hiylell not sure on the spelling, then he said Israel, made sense to me. He is the one I'm quoting ...I am not that smart.check him out ..the gold stuff is my own research

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  • This video is more important to Copts than you would think. Thank you so much!

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  • good job Dr.Jackson!

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  • why are europeans giving themselves the credit by saying they discovering/deciphering a ancient african language still spoken by africans today ..

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  • I was expecting to hear some full sentences..

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  • anok sounds like ani, or anochi, the hebrew for "I."

    Ariel BelmaresAriel Belmares8 dager siden
  • What about sanskrit?

    Jay Gauranga Das RobertsJay Gauranga Das Roberts9 dager siden
  • why insisting on adding vowels? say or shortening some vowels In Bidhawyeet we call the leader or the chief Faroo our leader = Farooyoon also leader is Hat'aab = old person or chief you can see we the similarities in both languages for example Nafertiti =the Beautiful one has come in Bija language (bidhawyeet ) means nafirt= the sweet titi = can be the one who looks like or if we change the way we say it can be eeta = came so the name is Nafirt tiiti = the sweet like or nafirt eeta= the sweet one came

    Alamin OhajAlamin Ohaj9 dager siden
  • In Tibdaawi (Cushitic language ) the words make sense to me nafrt = sweet feminine and nafir = sweet masculine deb or T'ab = horn or a horn . Tubidaawi still spoken in south Egypt north Sudan

    Alamin OhajAlamin Ohaj9 dager siden
  • What if Egyptian sounds exactly like how it does without the vowels

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  • Very interesting presentation. Thank you for your sharing your discoveries. Do you have an interest in the study Sumarian languages?

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  • There is this art project that we did in elementary school, we had to draw a pharaohs tome and then we had to put our names in Egyptian it was a pretty fun project

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  • Thousands of years from now, scholars will discover how we used emojis, and think we were all a bunch idiots.

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  • It's pity that egyptians replaced their language with arabic..

    ImènImèn10 dager siden
    • @Fummy Very poor analogy, the white americans brought advanced civilisation and the ancient egyptians in the upper castes were "white".

      dave mdave m7 dager siden
    • They didn't. True egyptians still speak coptic. the Arabs are to Egypt like the white American colonists are to America.

      FummyFummy8 dager siden
  • I wonder what does “Nafret” mean cause in my language it’s mean “hate” and I don’t know why I’m thinking in that way but maybe they were using “f” letter/sound in negative words I mean this horned snake shape

    Özge AkalınÖzge Akalın10 dager siden
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  • Here: notown.info/two/video/tLqQmZmdatZ9ypI.html

    Andrei RăzvanAndrei Răzvan11 dager siden
  • In my language nafrat means hate.

    Egg chikanEgg chikan11 dager siden
  • Hmmm 5:42 im pretty sure the last word says penis! Sorry i had to get that out lol

    Jay taga BantayJay taga Bantay11 dager siden
  • the MATRIX its man use not man creating.... not the movie but they mention there also..the one hidden in temple of osiris or the one encoding in to abracadabra or in the famous story of adam and eve... or even in to a virus..or the one from crop circles.... used in to occult by different cultures on this planet..it can't be changed nor destroying...only using & its indifferent by who.... the matrix fit in many things.... even in to occult or a virus....(just keep in mind the english language it never existing 2000 years ago..... but the matrix been here forever).. if you use the matrix to give the virus an spiritual meaning.. than you get.... AuAg.... the virus code.... (the visions about the matrix as man use....not as man creating) .... c o v i d 19 3 15 22 9 4 .. 19 (3+15+22+9+4+19 ) 72 X 37 is 2664 that is 666 X 4.... where 37 its a star number after 13.... both holding & hidden the matrix.... and 111 its the sun number.... (also use as a powerful portal... but it get to abstract .... __abstract communications) if you take j e s u s for example....as spiritual healer.. than you have.... j e s u s 10 5 19 21 19 74 X 9 is 666 the magic square of the sun..... (37X2X3X3) Mark 9:11 gives 9 x 11 = 99 Matthew 20:16 King James Version (KJV) 'So the last shall be first, and the first last: for many be called, but few chosen. ' 2X1X6 X 2X1X6 is 144 where 6X6X6 is 216... 33X2X6 where the sigil of saturn its using today by the masons... in hertz freq liberating guilt & fear.... 123456789+987654321 is 1111111110 X 1111111110 is 1234567898765432100 / 37 is 33366699966633300 where 37 it's a star number after 13..... it's all encoding in to 'abracadabra'.. or in the famous story of adam & eve... or in many others stories on this planet... 🌏 📡🌏 👣🕖 💎👽☠☼☾☄ゞど・ㇺㇾㇽ₪𝖎𝖙𝖎𝖇𝖎𝖗𝖆₪なめㇺㇾㇽ✶☥✨🌛🌄⊀✶⋊🐺🐾♓️☆🐜🐜🐫▲▴◭ the matrix(unfolding).... used as an occult vision in to humans history by different cultures on this planet.... ....6X6 is the symbol of the sun....SUN (6*6) 6+ 32+ 3+ 34+ 35+ 1 =111 7+ 11+ 27+ 28+ 8+ 30 =111 19+ 14+ 16+ 15+ 23+ 24 =111 18+ 20+ 22+ 21+ 17+ 13 =111 25+ 29+ 10+ 9+ 26+ 12 =111 36+ 5+ 33+ 4+ 2+ 31 =111 111+111+111+111+111+111=666 The "magic square of the sun," was one of the most important symbols used to represent the sun in antiquity because of all the symbolism it possessed involving the perfect number "6." There are six sides to a cube, the numbers 1, 2, an 3, when added or multiplied together are equal to "6," and the sum of all the numbers from 1 to 36 arranged in a 6x6 magic square are equal to the number "666." The square is "magic" because the sum of any row, column, or diagonal is equal to the number "111." After the Church became the state religion of the Roman empire, possessing the diagram below could get you burned at the stake! When the risen Jesus (8880) is superimposed over the 6x6 gridwork of the Magic Square of the Sun some amazing things happen. (corners 1,6second row 8,11,third row 15,16 nr are together,21,22 nr together 4th row form the group in a midle with 15,16 then 26,29 and last corners 31,36) T̹͓͍̻̬̜͆̈́ͫͭͪ͠H̫́̂͌ͦE̼͐̽͊ circled numbers on the magic square form the Greek letter “X” which is the “sign” of Christ. The circumference of each circle by calculation is 1480 units, the exact gematria value of the title Christ (CristoV = 1480)! The sum of all the numbers in the field of the magic square of the sun (666) added to the sum of the numbers in the twelve Christ circles (222) is equal to the number of Jesus (888)! Finally, the diagonal of each square that holds a Christ circle by calculation is “666” units! 6X6X6+6X6X6+6X6X6+6X6X6+6+6+6+6 Generate Outside Dimension.... (merry Xmas ....) in the picture the matrix (unfolding) represent by the star number 13... & the cube structure...the symbol of atlantis ...and the black sun.... not to seen here..... but well in abstract communications.... all the visions (videos) there contain matrix sounds..... .so don't use headphones to loud or your mind can get in to receive mode... don't worry needs lot of sacrifices & exercises & meditations to do this...no one become doctors or shamans in one day.... atiki taki tiki tu.... 🌏 📡🌏 👣🕖 💎👽☠☼☾☄ゞど・ㇺㇾㇽ₪𝖎𝖙𝖎𝖇𝖎𝖗𝖆₪なめㇺㇾㇽ✶☥✨🌛🌄⊀✶⋊🐺🐾♓️☆🐜🐜🐫▲▴◭

    Tibi STibi S11 dager siden
  • ok but what did Nefertiti sounded like in Ancient Egyptian=?

    Ramón Jurado BorreroRamón Jurado Borrero11 dager siden
  • Ancient Egyptian language is close to the Somali language. Just watching this video I heard a lot of similar words. E.g. Anaku means US in Somali and the same in Egyptian. Rah is the word for sun god in Egyptian and you guest it, In Somali the word for sun is Qo-rah meaning neck of Rah. You will be surprised how similar we are. Somalia was known as the ancient kingdom of punt and is even mentioned in the bible. The Egyptians regarded that kingdom as the land of the gods

    MohamedMohamed12 dager siden
  • I am Egyptian and very good video

    saif elbesharisaif elbeshari12 dager siden
  • I find it fascinating that in Egyptian, 'rome' literally means 'person'. I think the Roman Empire is the European version of the evil Babylon the Great, and 666 is literally the "number of a man".

    Mary TieckMary Tieck12 dager siden
    • I think Meghan Markle is a full-fledged "Queen of Babylon", in every sense. In the eyes of human beings, she is white, and she has the lifelong wealth to go with it. Mediterranean nations even had a legal term for people like her: assimilados. However the Roman Empire also has diplomatic interests, and her supposed black ancestry is a useful tool in this regard.

      Mary TieckMary Tieck10 dager siden
  • Shoutout to Rick Riordan, from whom i knew all about the Rosetta Stone (The Kane Chronicles series)

    Zeyad AlbadawiZeyad Albadawi13 dager siden
  • Very interesting. I prefer the pronunciation CU-ne-i-form (accent on the first syllable).

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  • Lets all be realistically honest the language probably has never been translated more then likely logical guess work at best because the people translating want fame and also to get paid so they probably would guess and make up allot of it this is what I get not even 5 minutes into this video

    Shane LinkShane Link14 dager siden
  • look at world east and west africa if your trying to see the preserve langauge and culture of ancient egypt, I am somali our langauge is 60% identical some would say 100, but culture 100% the same as the ancient egyptains because they were cushitc people before the mixing happaned in new kingdom

  • alot of people wonder how do they know what the words sound like and i’ve been told that they are modern egyptians now who know ancient egyptian passed down by many generations by there own families 😌 this sounds so similar to berber languages!

    Natalie AhnouchNatalie Ahnouch14 dager siden
  • Instead of wasting 11 minutes of my life, I just went to this clip notown.info/two/video/l9CRYGynoKeh0s0.html

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    유리 세제곱 주님Lord of the Glass Cube유리 세제곱 주님Lord of the Glass Cube14 dager siden
  • I don't know if this counts, but in some dialects of any spoken languages, the spoken vowels become lazy when you shift from the economy center. Such as when the letter A gradually sounds like the letter O. Also in the Arabic language, W is more like 'woueh'. Which is a vowel. So WNWT would be wounewet.

    xDR1TeKxDR1TeK14 dager siden
  • Ancient languages and how they sounded notown.info/two/video/l9CRYGynoKeh0s0.html

    A. LambruA. Lambru15 dager siden
  • Wait, the egyptian word for "person" is/was "roma"? As in the thing Gypsies call themselves? Gypsies who are called "gypsies" because they were believed to be egyptians?

    th3freakieth3freakie15 dager siden
  • what about that time the scientists 3d printed an egyptian larnyx and it made a godawful wheeze

    KINGDOM of AUKINGDOM of AU15 dager siden
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  • valuable information but unfortunately not all correct. Ibn Wahshiyya is the first man to decipher the ancient Egyptian language, born in 985 and Champollion in 1790. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ibn_Wahshiyya and this is the link to his book on 80 ancient languages including Old Egyptian. drive.google.com/file/d/0B0y48cK-d9bDZW9JN3oxS2ZRTjA/view please re-edit this episode to make everything historically correct and to the information presented to the public. Thank you for your effort

    abd arrahmanabd arrahman16 dager siden
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  • Very good vid! if anyone else is interested sir Ivan sertima goes very much in depth on this topic

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  • When did Hebrew come into being??

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  • In the human future will be people born with no fingers - just thumbs. That's all that seems to be needed each time I see people communicating by texting - even when with people sitting right next to them and at their table!!

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  • The letters are not only greek, абвг etc are from bulgarian 🦋

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  • "Kuma", in Hebrew, means "Arise" ... I wonder if there is any connection.

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  • I like your videos, but I would love them if you would make them just a little longer and speak the language. Maybe a few sentences?

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  • Nafrat...of course. It means 'hate' in Hindi and Urdu.

    Prachi PandeyPrachi Pandey17 dager siden
  • Disappointed Egypt has not taken any measures at preserving and reintroducing Egyptian in modern times. Imagine having recorded history spanning 6000 year back from now, with a somewhat presrrved language and culture and doing nothing to promote it. There are many examples I could give but Egypt is the most significant for me. Other significant ones would be their neighbor Sudan with Nubian, all of South and central America with native American, Scotland by doing barely any efforts...

    Живко ЯннкулоскиЖивко Яннкулоски17 dager siden
  • Is Coptic related to Slavic?

    Neaera DeMuriNeaera DeMuri17 dager siden
    • Coptic is Afro-Asiatic language just like Arabic and Hebrew

      Pradeepa B.pPradeepa B.p5 dager siden
  • As far as I know there is another variant language source for pronunciation. Most probable from XVIIth to XIX th dynasty. According to Cheikh Anta Diop, the Wolof keeps extremely resemblance with Ancient Egyptian in both aspects: grammatical and vocabulary decency. We also have many old ancient fables preserved in Mali, in griot's tradition. Both gave us clues of intense presence of Egyptians merchants in all North Africa. Few believe that maybe such merchant routes were established by Egyptians themselves in time Sahara was not desert. In this case, the depicted swimmers would be proof of prehistoric presence of Egyptians. But those are conjectures until now.

    Luiz AlbuquerqueLuiz Albuquerque18 dager siden
  • Ay doc,.. you don’t tell me.

    Al DontworryAl Dontworry18 dager siden
  • cool

    jon paul scullyjon paul scully18 dager siden
  • Speaking of preservation, I am impressed to see how the various recitations of the Koran have been transmitted generation after generation to us, 14 centuries down the line. Some people also have the names of the teachers in a chain going back to Prophet Muhammad 😱... (ص)

    Abdullaah DillionAbdullaah Dillion18 dager siden
  • Can you do Hebrew and Phoenician?

    DJ LOOSHDJ LOOSH18 dager siden
  • I have always been fascinated with Egypt ever since I learned about them in school..and I still am. More so after watching this video

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