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Professions will be changing quite a bit, and legendary crafting will definitely make a big impact on which professions make the most gold.
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    SignsOfKelaniSignsOfKelani5 måneder siden
  • How did you get into shadowlands so quickly?

    Logan BanksLogan Banks3 dager siden
  • I’m an spriest and I took eng back in wotlk for Jeeves and the general QoL items like moll-e and such during raid, it’s nice not to have to a reusable auto hammer that you can vendor your trash to as well, and in bfa when they gave us a brez I really enjoyed that, getting to brez the druid healer in a key or something, nitro boost is nice too esp as a not so mobile class. I’ve felt pretty underwhelmed with what we have in SL for eng so far though, still gonna keep it for the brez, Jeeves, etc, but I think I’ll be a bit happier when they give us the blingtron for SL to craft lol. My favorite thing to do is to go to Oribos and place them all over the map so people may think “oh man, what are all these new daily quests?!” ...or pop them all at once and watch them fight to the death for my amusement.

    Tuscani JTuscani JMåned siden
  • oat farming for blanchy

    Jungle WarfareJungle Warfare2 måneder siden
  • this did not need to be 18 minutes

    chris Robinchris Robin2 måneder siden
  • legendary crafting is worthless. currently on my server, you need to be crafting rank 3 gear just to break even...

    DurrutiDurruti3 måneder siden
  • no timestamps

    WomenNICOOORWomenNICOOOR3 måneder siden
  • Only problem with enchanting at the moment is that to get to highest level you need to use at least 10 of the orbs to make scrolls which sell for a lot less on AH. So it is a big gold hole to be able to make those higher level items...

    Neil DoerdanNeil Doerdan3 måneder siden
  • By the time the crafters mark II comes available most people will already have gear above that level. Blizz have allowed pvp gear to be the easiest way to gear up.

    Neil DoerdanNeil Doerdan3 måneder siden
  • Engineering .... it´s so forgotten by Blizzard, the usual stuff with one single useful battle rez gadget. Can´t sell because it requires engineering to use and we are back to being rather useless, gliders are still number 1.

    The SparkThe Spark3 måneder siden
  • Gathering professions... the mats for crafting are already worth more than the craftables on my server.

    SaurlexSaurlex3 måneder siden
  • Hmmm... what about my legendary bow?

    TreesOnTheBeachTreesOnTheBeach3 måneder siden
  • Fucking trash guide dude my base mats in my server go for 10-20g wtf u lied to me...

    IsleofMANIsleofMAN3 måneder siden
  • How accurate is this still?

    Anthem TDAnthem TD3 måneder siden
  • Engineers can craft gunshoes which can be used by anyone. Until flight is unlocked, it’s the fastest way to travel.

    Nick ThompsonNick Thompson3 måneder siden
  • So now WOW is a full time job (but not a paid one).

    psour33psour333 måneder siden
  • best profession to get gold in any wow xpac is get a real life job and then just buy it at slave labor prices from the chinese gold farmers

    DontSuspend IonlyspokemymindDontSuspend Ionlyspokemymind3 måneder siden
    • although i never bought gold but that is probably the best way

      Master TryMaster Try3 måneder siden
  • Huh? Scraps of herbs? I didn't see any of that. Full herbs only.

    Andre WilliamsonAndre Williamson3 måneder siden
  • you they absolutley dicked engineering amazing. thanks bliz why didnt they get any legenday gadgets or mounts to build.

    illumaguppiillumaguppi3 måneder siden
  • "HHHerbs"

    david deacondavid deacon3 måneder siden
  • i'm about to mage: tailor enchant // shammy: alchemy inscription at early of exp, then i have my blacksmith on my pally that is set to go with jewelry but probably not gonna use it until later on and the last crafter that i have is my Demonhunter with skinnning and leatherworking for crafting purposes. Finally my dudu is miner and herbalism

    x Seekerx Seeker3 måneder siden
  • what are the best professions for pvp

    Quentin JulienQuentin Julien3 måneder siden
  • SO ALChemy is useless?

    Joe jojoJoe jojo3 måneder siden
  • im keep my engi cause its fun on my mail goggles, belt trick, and worm hole. ill be able to sell ore fairly well. 1 alt will have to be herb/enchanter cause its sells well. past this i dont gather much till we get flying so thats okey.

    Sierra PenmanSierra Penman3 måneder siden
  • Does alchemy still double flask during in shadowlands?

    Alex WongAlex Wong3 måneder siden
  • My suggestion is: don't stress about making as much gold as possible early, you will ruin your gaming experience drastically.

    DhspeedyDhspeedy3 måneder siden
  • Rip swiftpotion for 170% swim speed and light foot for 170 movement speed. And I just crafted over 100 of each with goblin gliders

    Quick StepzQuick Stepz3 måneder siden
  • mmmmh i see the legendary items at rang 1 selling für 2 million gold at the auctionhouse :)))) NIIIICE se ya soon inflation

    JonasJonas3 måneder siden
  • So basically everything is good buy jewelcrafting

    Pompom ManiaPompom Mania3 måneder siden
    • @GlamourDonkey WoTLk was incredible for JC.

      Tiago PereiraTiago Pereira3 måneder siden
    • I feel like JC was cool in TBC when it was first introduced but has really fallen to the wayside since.

      GlamourDonkeyGlamourDonkey3 måneder siden
  • The way the world is divided makes traveling around a nightmare.

    Pompom ManiaPompom Mania3 måneder siden
  • I wanna ask a question. does alchemy proc still work in SL? I mean can it proc x5 flasks etc..?

    celikblackcelikblack3 måneder siden
  • If i am kyrian could i farm some ore in maldraxus or characters will be restricted to convenants?

    Jorge Bellido lavadoJorge Bellido lavado3 måneder siden
  • guys, when shadowlands comes out does all profession start from lvl 1? or should I max our professions now to prepare for shadowlands?

    Eric SantosoEric Santoso3 måneder siden
    • It will probably have its own type like they did to the others.

      Distro32Distro323 måneder siden
  • Great video! Thanks for making this.

    Jared ConeJared Cone3 måneder siden
  • Did he just not even talk about Engineering? Or did I miss it?

    Todd GizziTodd Gizzi3 måneder siden
  • "Every profession will be important" -laughs in inscription

    Christopher HooperChristopher Hooper3 måneder siden
    • *cries in engineering*

      Joshua SloanJoshua Sloan3 måneder siden
    • @Urstruly I mean, solid idea. But leveling Inscription now isn't going to help you tomorrow. Shadowlands inscription is a whole other leveling process :/

      KhristinaKhristina3 måneder siden
    • @Khristina That's why I always level Inscription the day before the expac (doing it now) then swap back to Alchemy after the raid releases.

      UrstrulyUrstruly3 måneder siden
    • Darkmoon Card shit will make scribes A LOT in the beginning..

      KhristinaKhristina3 måneder siden
  • Are there any prerequisites to picking up SL level gathering/crafting? Could a fresh toon with no profs just grab level 1 SL profs any time?

    Inigo MontoyoInigo Montoyo3 måneder siden
    • No requirements at all mate

      João SilvaJoão Silva3 måneder siden
  • Hi ! Any chance for beta key ?

    Robert TRobert T3 måneder siden
  • Great video, thanks! Just so I'm clear, it looks like I don't have to bother maxing professions right now in pre-patch since the SL system will be completely unrelated. Am I right?

    TPKTPK3 måneder siden
    • You are right, sir

      biggidealbiggideal3 måneder siden
  • I find worth keeping gathering professions on most active characters so I can gather while waiting for queues for PvP or waiting for raid to form:). So crafting goes mainly for alts

    Nikita SidorenkoNikita Sidorenko3 måneder siden
  • so if you want to start with 2x gathering like you the 2 to start with is enchanting and herbalism or herbalism and inscription? Also if i have 12 characters should i give them them all gatherings or should i give some armor and some gathering? I am new to gathering and crafting.

    Rimuru RRimuru R3 måneder siden
  • What are the signs of kelani?

    Jeswin SamJeswin Sam3 måneder siden
  • Mage main - alchemy/enchanting (in case I only have time to play the one character) Priest - Tailoring/Inscription (to supply main and main alt with legendary stuff) Death Knight - Blacksmithing/Goblin Engineering (DID racial) Rogue - JC/Gnomish Engi (lockboxes, pickpockets, all things shiny) Those are my first four characters, one for each covenant. That just leaves a hunter and druid for rounding out the other professions. Hunter - Skinning/LW Druid - Mining/Herbalism dual gathering This set up means I have every profession covered. The only "extra" toon to level up specifically for legendary stuff is my hunter to give the rogue legendary materials. Every other alt will have herbalism and either mining or enchanting to funnel more mats to my crafters. If all else fails and I only have time for my mage, then I'll just use alchemy and enchanting to make gold and buy my legendary stuff. Mage also has portals and other farms for gold if I need it.. Also picked races that complement my profession choices (such as the DID racial for blacksmithing). I enjoy efficiency, but games like WoW make me want to have at least one of everything, so this is the best way I have found to do that on the least amount of characters as possible

    Visdormr HjartaVisdormr Hjarta3 måneder siden
  • "Herbs" is pronounced ERBS. Not hhhhherbs.

    Alsax1985Alsax19853 måneder siden
    • If you are American

      Jamie DarchJamie Darch3 måneder siden
  • Damn why cant engis craft legendary goggles?

    newjerseyjustinnewjerseyjustin3 måneder siden
  • Man this is so grindy

    Levi OorLevi Oor3 måneder siden
  • The best profession is just farming random drops

    Spartacus547Spartacus5473 måneder siden
  • but legendaries are soulbound so how is that easy gold

    DwanaścieDwanaście4 måneder siden
    • The base item for the legendary is tradeable. Make sense?

      MotiveMotive3 måneder siden
  • Thank you for this video.

    hairyballsagna420hairyballsagna4204 måneder siden
  • I hate loving engineering

    ArrosArros4 måneder siden
  • should i have max level professions allready when i enter shadowlands ? so do i have to level them now to max 175 i think bevor release?

    Daniel HorakDaniel Horak4 måneder siden
    • you dont need anything

      KhyrozKhyroz3 måneder siden
  • Should you do all gathering and buy needed crafted items? I wanna do crafting but ingredients are too expensive for me and traveling from area to area for just a few specific ingredients to level the profession is so annoying and time consuming.

    Dead ManDead Man4 måneder siden
  • You lost me after Hey folks, this is Kelani

    Ara BovenAra Boven4 måneder siden
  • isn't it best to have herb/skinning or mining/skinning rather than herb/mining because you can't track both nodes together? or did that change?

    Dean MontagueDean Montague4 måneder siden
    • it got changed years ago.

      Hoven165Hoven1654 måneder siden
  • Make engineering goggles usable for everyone!

    L. A.L. A.4 måneder siden
  • You dont need to level up your twink to skill a profession? So i can farm herbs with my main and send all to my 50 twink to craft and i wont miss anything?

    Kaylep1Kaylep14 måneder siden
  • bad news for me. in all mmorpg played since ragnarok 1, i hated any type of professions or crafting. they bore me to death like watching baseball or golf. i just wanna kill things to earm gold n buy what i want. preordering SL was a mistake. very sad news, such a boring system.

    SwampySackSwampySack4 måneder siden
    • This is how professions used to be in WoW, though. Most people ran alts with differing professions to make lots of gold, and funnel mats to each of their toons to maximize crafting... then that all fell off in WoD when you could gather and craft everything in your Garrison, no professions really needed for the most part. It's nice to see a return of useful professions for those who enjoy it... if you don't, that's fine, there's still other ways to make gold, just like always. If you're basing your opinion of a not yet released expansion on the professions system, you likely didn't want to play SL that badly to begin with.

      Elle TeeElle Tee4 måneder siden
  • there's little sense to do this now right? im a newcomer when it comes to professions inbtwn expansion changes.

    laupoisanlaupoisan4 måneder siden
    • Set up TradeSkillMaster addon and learn to create groups (Just putting lists of herbs,ore) and look a bit into gold making guides like from zaaif on yt - With a mindset around this and TSM as an addon to help, you will set yourself up to have key info on what sells, and make so much gold

      Lapis LazuliLapis Lazuli4 måneder siden
  • As a returning player my eyes are older and maybe raiding 6 to 10 times a week on multiple alts is not workable anymore. I always have enjoyed professions and with 16 alts on 2 connected servers many with fully leveled professions, Shadownlands may be perfect!

    Troy MannTroy Mann4 måneder siden
  • Hi there. If i want to switch to enchanting in shadowland do i need to skill everything up to available now or can i start upon release with zero pre-skills. Thank you very much

    PouringArtExperience -PouringArtExperience -4 måneder siden
  • But where is the point from blizzard that u need to craft the legendary base item to upgrade it like, lets say, 50 times - then on your server 1000 other tailors want to upgrade it and craft also 50 pieces. Who the fuck would need 50.000 pieces of that item? maybe 20% will be bought of that lol

    Mad MaxMad Max4 måneder siden
  • Hey, I'm going to try out WoW when Shadowlands comes out. What professions would you recommend for a first time player?

    Xenn000Xenn0004 måneder siden
    • Personally. I would go inscription/herbalist, or two gathering professions if I was a new player. Wow is very expensive for first time players where many players have gold from past expansions. So professions that make gold should be your focus. Once you have enough gold to pay for everything you need in production professions, or to buy what you want out right your in a good place.

      Mark SMark S3 måneder siden
    • Same situation here. Always loved wow and the lore I just never played on PTR. I'm gonna play a rogue, any recommendations?

      Fakers PlagueFakers Plague4 måneder siden
    • @jody hollamon Demon Hunter looks cool and fun, even if it get's shit on for being a "nooby" class. I just like the amount of mobility.

      Xenn000Xenn0004 måneder siden
    • What class are you thinking about playing ?

      jody hollamonjody hollamon4 måneder siden
  • Bfa 2.0 shitlands here we go!

    Michael NygrenMichael Nygren4 måneder siden
  • Those gold tokens gonna sell like hot cakes, this will only get worse

    Kyuso KKKyuso KK5 måneder siden
  • what professions are you going to be running on your warlock ?

    NidusFMNidusFM5 måneder siden
  • I thought to upgrade from Legendary Rank 1 to Legendary Rank 2 you'd just need the soul ash, not rebuilding the legendaries? Might be incorrect.

    James PurcellJames Purcell5 måneder siden
  • Awesome video, thanks!

    Míša DoležalováMíša Doležalová5 måneder siden
  • Gonna stick with double gathering. Are there still enchants for faster mining and herbing? And stirrups from blacksmithing to stay mounted while gathering? If so im going to level 50-60 just from gathering

    Skelly HellSkelly Hell5 måneder siden
  • Does this mean i can upgrade the iLevel of darkmoon card decks?

    dario orbitadario orbita5 måneder siden
  • Fingers crossed I can get the next goldsink Mount lol

    Archon Of GamingArchon Of Gaming5 måneder siden
  • Multiboxers need to be banned

    hqguard2hqguard25 måneder siden
  • So legendaries will be BoP? If you want one, you'll be forced to have the profession that makes your gear in that specific character?

    StayAliveFren _StayAliveFren _5 måneder siden
    • @Neuromancer thanks for clarifying that out

      StayAliveFren _StayAliveFren _5 måneder siden
    • No, you can buy all the base items from the AH and then build the legendary in the new system. I assume when you build the legendary it is BoP

      NeuromancerNeuromancer5 måneder siden
  • I also recommend getting the flying sky golem mount, that’s made from eng you can gather herbs without getting off the mount

    mmboy2010mmboy20105 måneder siden
    • Dual gatherer druid > sky golem 😜

      altrarioaltrario4 måneder siden
    • Or be a Druid 😍

      KaylaKayla4 måneder siden
    • 😱

      Eric CarrEric Carr5 måneder siden
  • I'm thinking of maining a fresh mag har dk which starts lvl 8 or 10, but ill go mining and blacksmithing is it worth to be specific about leveling zone to use my profession? or is it useless until I make it into the shadowlands?

    ManzugManzug5 måneder siden
  • Hi.

    Knarf LaneyKnarf Laney5 måneder siden
  • Herb And Mining is OP if u just like run around and picks all herbs and mines!

    Esko MEsko M5 måneder siden
  • Hey fowks, this is COLONI! I sing it with you at this point xDDD

    HizaBassHizaBass5 måneder siden
  • Pfffft. Engineering will be the gold maker. 2000.00 per glider. 10k for 5

    Armindo GomesArmindo Gomes5 måneder siden
  • Kelani mentions that they are "saving greens to jumpstart their enchanting in Shadowlands". I have had an enchanter for a couple of years and when I disenchant I only receive materials from the expansion the item came from right? BFA greens won't give me SL materials once I am in the new expansion right? So there is another reason to do this? Thanks so much

    MelodyRose SewsMelodyRose Sews5 måneder siden
  • I was thinking about running with herb/skinning with my druid main... Then run inscription and leatherworking on alter. but I am not sure, it feels weird.

    ReeseReese5 måneder siden
    • It looks logical. get enchant and and achemy ot 3rd char and u're finished)

      Nikita SidorenkoNikita Sidorenko3 måneder siden
  • I've always enjoyed professions and the gold hunt. So this for me works awesomely well

    Icarus StudioIcarus Studio5 måneder siden
  • I love how u dont even mention fishing and cooking for making feast and food buffs lol 😂 thank god every1 forgot about em so i can put my bot on auto farm and make insane afk gold. Ty

    Abdulah SvenssonAbdulah Svensson5 måneder siden
  • Do I need to start leveling my professions now? Or can I pick them up at the start of SL on a fresh toon?

    Ross SummerellRoss Summerell5 måneder siden
    • @T. Janz ahh ok makes sense, thank you

      Reidy ReidReidy Reid5 måneder siden
    • @Reidy Reid Each expansion's profession level is treated individually, and I don't think that will be different in shadowlands. You can have an alchemist that is lvl 150 on tbc and lvl 75 on bfa for example. Farming bfa profession level will therefore not give you any reward or bonus for shadowlands.

      T. JanzT. Janz5 måneder siden
    • I wanna know this too!

      Reidy ReidReidy Reid5 måneder siden
  • I’ll be going herb/mining for the first week then levelling Alchemy in time for the raid tier. I’m always tempted by engi but the shroud item turned out to be rubbish so alchemy is more reliably useful.

    RichRich5 måneder siden
    • @dstmars1 I've made 1.5 million from alchemy so far... such a waste of time. Me think you just a noob

      RichRich2 måneder siden
    • Shadowlands alchemy is a total waste of time. You can get healing potion and embalmers oil at level 10 and 20 but after that there are nothing but useless utility potions all the way up to level 115 and you won't get any battle potions until level 150 and the guardian battle elixir at level 170. So forget it if you think it's a quick grind because you can't get enough herbs to make enough healing potion even for yourself let alone sell any on auction. Herbalism is a painful grind too as you can only get a few herb petals when you start out but gradually are able to loot a full herb only after weeks of farming herbs. It's a waste of time. If you wan't to make gold, I'd go with enchanting.

      dstmars1dstmars13 måneder siden
  • i dont like the system where all have to farm over 6k cloth / leather / ore to make a BiS item. im sure 6k of the needed mats are optimistic btw

    Alexander PrimelAlexander Primel5 måneder siden
  • Herbalism and Mining are multiboxing professions.

    John DoeJohn Doe5 måneder siden
    • sad but true.

      Kyster SweatsKyster Sweats5 måneder siden
  • I think it would be cool for everyone to automatically get all gathering professions but be limited to one crafting profession.

    Michael DarmoussehMichael Darmousseh5 måneder siden
  • I only have 2 120 and 30K gold right now... what professions should I pick to make decent gold 2 gather or a crafting one, usually I play around 20H a week ? Id like to pay my monthly sub with gold :P

    MusokaMusoka5 måneder siden
    • I'd go with double gathering

      OgreJoeOgreJoe5 måneder siden
  • Just my opinion but, this new system looks awful for me, its the most time-consuming ive ever seen, based on this video i just have 2 choices, either play 2 chars to try and make things by myself, or use only 1 but farm 24/7 just to sell stuff and make gold, and it doesnt even matter anyways, i will be sitting 20 hours a day trying to click an item in open world before bots and people who havent sleep in days ... no hate tho, just concern... i was already doubting if ima keep playing the game at all... i just hate so much having to farm stuff, i dont even care about gold...

    Hecate_IIHecate_II5 måneder siden
  • Engineers got shafted again...why am I not surprised.

    Johan PoolJohan Pool5 måneder siden
    • Remember the old engineering tools for gathering elemental materials?(Primals etc)

      octapusxftoctapusxft5 måneder siden
  • What does "double gathering" mean?

    Bert JonesBert Jones5 måneder siden
    • You pick two gathering professions on one character (Skinning and Mining for example).

      OgreJoeOgreJoe5 måneder siden
  • My main used to be herbalism/mining. I had two alts which one had Alchemy/Inscription and the other had Blacksmithing/Jewelcrafting. I changed it to Mining/Engineering to make gold from old expansion mounts... now engineering won't have anything good? -.- what a bummer but I won't change it anyways lol

    Angel ObandoAngel Obando5 måneder siden
  • do you know where we get orbereal shards from?

    UnnefableUnnefable5 måneder siden
    • profession vendors sell them

      OgreJoeOgreJoe5 måneder siden
  • I'm not changing professions. I have a few alts with different profs so I'm hoping I'll be covered. The challenge is going to be keeping up with everything. We'll see.

    LadyDorsLadyDors5 måneder siden
  • Actually, you can source in one character all you need, if you're a cloth user : tailoring + enchant. You'll be able to sell a lot, rely on nobody and only need to buy stats scroll for your own legendaries.

    Bakusaiga BakusaigaBakusaiga Bakusaiga5 måneder siden
  • Do you need a max lever character for the tailoring/lw/blacksmithing? Or just a dead alt that just stays in oribos and crafts will do the job? (if you buy all the mats or farm them from other alts)

    mrantonispapamrantonispapa5 måneder siden
  • Is it possible to hit lvl cap in Shadowlands on an alt just from Gathering?

    KibboshKibbosh5 måneder siden
    • Technically yes, but practically no. They give much less XP in SL, and are rarer too. It's not like BFA were gathering nodes were plentiful and gave a lot of XP.

      OgreJoeOgreJoe5 måneder siden
  • So does that mean, i need to level up the professions to max before shadowlands?

    ArkanChrisArkanChris5 måneder siden
  • prove it

    RhilRhil5 måneder siden
  • engi might noot be the most profitable but will be by far bis for every non druid that takes keystones seriously

    Timo MüllerTimo Müller5 måneder siden