When you're late for work

8. april. 2021
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happens to the best of us

  • we know this land well and we have lots of experience with vehicles. Fucking around with cars is how you get killed, don't try and copy us please

    Fairbairn FilmsFairbairn Films22 timer siden
    • love you too guys :D

      not a bruh girl just an idiotnot a bruh girl just an idiot3 timer siden
    • @MrDilgames yeah I've lived in rural towns my whole life and I can back up your statement

      Patrick QuintonPatrick Quinton6 timer siden
    • I do that everyday

      Jared HillsJared Hills6 timer siden
    • Yes

      James_FNJames_FN6 timer siden
    • It do be like that tho

      Judson ParkerJudson Parker9 timer siden
  • Whistlin Fairbairn

    Lars StordahlLars Stordahl39 sekunder siden
  • The Mighty AU !!!!! 😂😱

    james robertsjames roberts2 minutter siden
  • Really love the fact that Jaxon is toasting the car for a video

    Tahsib FaiyazTahsib Faiyaz13 minutter siden
  • Who else started randomly watched this you tuber and now watches the everyday

    lachlan elkerboutlachlan elkerbout15 minutter siden
  • Darcy totally outdid himself in the role he played as Lachlan's excuse of a beard. Get him on hollywood, pronto.

    Naomi PandeyNaomi Pandey23 minutter siden
  • Lol this video was a good excuse to do some paddock bashing

    lamarckianlamarckian28 minutter siden
  • This is one great advertisement for 2000 Ford falcon

    VlaineVlaine29 minutter siden
  • Can't spell beautiful without AU

    Will KWill K29 minutter siden
  • That car is really good all it need is just little tunning engine , gears & suspension

    Genetic VectorGenetic Vector29 minutter siden
  • fairbairn films with the au falcon letsss gooo

    BunningsWarehouse7BunningsWarehouse730 minutter siden
  • Fuck yeah the au

    Xshortaay 21Xshortaay 2130 minutter siden
  • Just a normal drive in Australia

    SDSD30 minutter siden
  • Add 3ft of snow, and that's how grandpa got to school everyday

    Dr_ B-radDr_ B-rad37 minutter siden
  • At least he showed up for work. I have so many people that don’t show up at all.

    infallibleblueinfallibleblue39 minutter siden
  • Someone sign Jaxon to the audi rally team

    Nick BurgessNick Burgess44 minutter siden
  • Bloody hell, classic Aussie cars, can go through anything 🤟🏼

    Michael WhiteMichael White48 minutter siden
  • It was a 3 hour hike on foot _4 hours of circle work_

    Paul StarkeyPaul Starkey50 minutter siden
  • Suggestion:when you say your mum doesn’t scream at you and next minute she screams at u in front of the boys

    XenocratesXenocrates51 minutt siden
  • Fuck I didn't watch these boys for a month then i came back with a bearded lachlan

    Sealtiel Angelo ReyesSealtiel Angelo Reyes52 minutter siden
  • Kinda shitty they didnt film the helicopter dropping the car in

    DiligentDrewDiligentDrew53 minutter siden

    XDMEMEXDMEME55 minutter siden
  • I spotted a Hickey 💪💪💪

    matthew samuelsmatthew samuelsTime siden
  • Proudly sponsored by the. . . . "Mexican Hoon Cartel"

    Cea-Jay MalesCea-Jay MalesTime siden
  • Finally someone who uses the right Your,You're

    Frozon GamingFrozon GamingTime siden
  • Darr owt dzzz boooiiiiizzzzzz... NZ Luv

    matthew samuelsmatthew samuelsTime siden
    • F

      matthew samuelsmatthew samuelsTime siden
  • U guys had so much fun filming this ahhahahaha

    DomiDomiTime siden
  • Show me your cows.

    Eduardo TerriquezEduardo TerriquezTime siden
  • Up the deadly au

    BigBadWolfBigBadWolfTime siden
  • Video idea: When someone who you don't like invites you to their birthday party

  • 1:34 I know you guys see that hickey

    Nat BlairNat BlairTime siden
  • Darcy plays a really good car

    bumblewort 64MWbumblewort 64MWTime siden
  • The good old falcon

    Deegan CondonDeegan CondonTime siden
  • When you ate to much vegemite

    giorno with moustachegiorno with moustacheTime siden
  • What are you doing to that Fairmont?

    Big RiceBig RiceTime siden
  • ahh the land

    That One GooseThat One GooseTime siden
  • Good old backyard bashing

    Revive ArvoRevive ArvoTime siden
  • okay but where is the video with all the fun car bashing

    brandon duttonbrandon duttonTime siden
  • New world rally champion

    Abraham Gonzalez DuranAbraham Gonzalez DuranTime siden
  • WARNING: The stunts in this video were performed by professionals or under the supervision of professionals. So neither you nor your dumb buddies should attempt anything from this video.

    Mr.OuestMr.OuestTime siden
  • Good to see the pinnacle of Australian comedy AND engineering come together!

    Boydo RidesBoydo RidesTime siden
  • This video was an excuse to buy a bush basher and have it as a tax right off wasn't it?

    ChaoticChaoticTime siden
  • Ah yes the au falcon

    Hypersonic TurdHypersonic TurdTime siden
  • I have some strange ads at the start

    Finn WarnerFinn Warner2 timer siden
  • Video Idea: When you book the same room with a stranger in a hotel

    LGN wharfLGN wharf2 timer siden
  • Yeah the au!

    Pure SeshPure Sesh2 timer siden
  • big sick puppy energy

    HeyBananasHeyBananas2 timer siden
  • Fuck Tokyo Drift. All my homies have Australian Drift

    Random AccountRandom Account2 timer siden
  • Damn, should've used a junker. Those are nice cars

    RustyRusty2 timer siden
  • An au falcon!

    Cp3lowCp3low2 timer siden
  • Au Falcons doing incredible things. Just slowly

    ooohryooohry2 timer siden
  • I feel like this was just an excuse to fuck around in a car, but still a g video

    Henry EamesHenry Eames2 timer siden
  • Is that an Australian crown Vic

    Car Lover PhotographyCar Lover Photography2 timer siden
  • Ah the land

    Luke SinnLuke Sinn2 timer siden
  • I like how it took him 4 hours to drive the distance of a 3-hour hike. Too many sick drifts

    Brandon JackyBrandon Jacky3 timer siden
  • Jaxon, when I get vaccinated I will go to Australia just to give you some sopping head

    brown_ gurlbrown_ gurl3 timer siden
  • The only thing a fords good for, paddock bashing

    Mediumrare27Mediumrare273 timer siden
  • More like getting called in instead of just being late.

    Mason MeyerMason Meyer3 timer siden
  • Only an Australian vehicle with an Australian driver could have done this

    LowSensLoganLowSensLogan3 timer siden
  • Lemme guess they basically just wanted to total a car lol

    FruityMCFruityMC3 timer siden
  • Shoulda just walked, saved that extra 30 mins to get lunch with the boss

    Rosie PoolsRosie Pools3 timer siden
  • He was told to drive through a bunch of random shit

    Jasper SmithJasper Smith3 timer siden
  • Uppa the au falcon

    Slayall2Slayall23 timer siden
  • That was amazing guys good job 👍

    FUTUREpilot267FUTUREpilot2673 timer siden
  • Steerling wheel on the right side, must be fake

    Dan MarshDan Marsh3 timer siden
  • This video is just so they can show off their car mods and sick driving skillz

    Max WilsonMax Wilson3 timer siden
  • You know you hit the fuckin big time when you have a falcon as a paddock basher

    DanielDaniel4 timer siden

    SammiiXxCareSammiiXxCare4 timer siden
  • ah the land

    Bobdylan12121Bobdylan121214 timer siden
  • video idea:sleeping over at your mates house but they snore and moan

    Blue CraneCraftsBlue CraneCrafts4 timer siden
  • Video idea: when

    Jonathan FrielJonathan Friel4 timer siden
  • Jackson’s the best off-road freestyler

    Mixer RANGERRANGZMixer RANGERRANGZ4 timer siden
  • Vroom vroom

    Mixer RANGERRANGZMixer RANGERRANGZ4 timer siden
  • Up the AU falcon

    LO*913LO*9134 timer siden
  • he went from ahhh the land how beautiful to Jackson ur fired

    ZeBoi_YTZeBoi_YT4 timer siden
  • "One female owner" "Never drifted in" "Works a treat"

    Isaac SkinnerIsaac Skinner4 timer siden

    JTBRUZJTBRUZ4 timer siden
  • Australian Fast and the Furious

    Thomas BrophyThomas Brophy4 timer siden
  • Jackson: Starts aggressively driving. Deep voice Ford guy: I have won. Also Jackson: 4 hours late. Deep voice for guy: but at what cost.

    Paige Van BeekPaige Van Beek4 timer siden
  • The old AU copping an absolute BATTERING however I have no sorrow for it, one of the best engineered but poorly designed cars

  • Wait, they didn't make up this vid just to write off a car just like Gus taught us, did they?

    nikofon007nikofon0075 timer siden
  • LOL astralians are born with drifting powers

    RIZERRIZER5 timer siden
  • Who did you get for Jaxon's stunt double? Looks just like him

    Night NinjaNight Ninja5 timer siden
  • Is this WhistlinDiesel down under?

    Should I Get It ReviewsShould I Get It Reviews5 timer siden
  • Your steering wheel is on the wrong side mate

    Should I Get It ReviewsShould I Get It Reviews5 timer siden
  • Seems like an add for a new car

    MizuHiMizuHi5 timer siden
  • I just got a message the same time the call came in

    TheArrowJediTheArrowJedi5 timer siden
  • Yeah the minty AU

    tarkyn MTBtarkyn MTB5 timer siden
  • You boys had way too much fun filming this

    Tye7xTye7x5 timer siden
  • Holy moly

    Charles LuetjeCharles Luetje6 timer siden
  • Mum: Where are you going that you need to borrow my beautiful car? Us: Uuhhh...work? Mum: Hmmm, okay, drive safe now, wear your seatbelt! Us: Sure!

    Luke TrustLuke Trust6 timer siden
  • Fun that's what I like about nz and aus being able to leave farm cars in the paddock after shredding it and getting in trouble from nan 😂💝✌️

    Kaylah Waiti UtutaongaKaylah Waiti Ututaonga6 timer siden
  • I don't care how good this Ford commercial is. Never going to buy an AU again.

    njords77njords776 timer siden
  • New Aussie rally stage in the fairbarns backyard

    Jack HewettJack Hewett6 timer siden
  • Gives off earn to die vibes

    EpicaryEpicary6 timer siden
  • none of us needed the whole late for work premise. you could have just said we wanted to fuck around in our car and film it like a couple fuckin bogans and we woulda watched

    BusinessMusclesBusinessMuscles6 timer siden
  • Jaxson is the Aussie Padick baser

    Burk 68Burk 686 timer siden
  • Just found this channel a few days ago and frankly I'm thrilled. Cheers from Florida fellas.

    Zackary FenderZackary Fender6 timer siden
  • I was questioning why they had a broken side mirror... The video explains it all.

    Annie DAnnie D6 timer siden
  • damn, jaxon can wheel!

    tyson505tyson5056 timer siden