Wilbur's Revival Dream SMP

1. mai. 2021
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Wilbur's Revival Dream SMP
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  • Reply with your own timestamps! - Rudylmao (the titles grammar is what tommy wanted, its not a mistake :) )

    TommyVODSTommyVODS5 dager siden
    • 42:58 recap of everything that just happened

      Amazon AlexaAmazon Alexa3 dager siden
    • E

      Jυʂƚ HιƙαɾιJυʂƚ Hιƙαɾι3 dager siden
    • Yo

      imaniman3 dager siden
    • U could have killed him! U fucking could have swam to his prison cell like fuckng bruh!

      Susan RyrieSusan Ryrie3 dager siden
    • Commenting before its to late

      ____3 dager siden
  • He is not Wilbur.. He is not ghostbur.. he is Alivebur

    BungerBungerMinutt siden
  • I cried

    dababy dababydababy dababy4 minutter siden
  • Wilbur Stole Jason Todd’s iconic white stripe after he got revived!!!!!!

    BeanBean5 minutter siden
  • RIP Awesamdad

    XxPuppyMadnessGamingxXXxPuppyMadnessGamingxX15 minutter siden
  • Good Lore, but couldn’t have ghostbur just jumped into the lava.

    NotSoSadDonkeyNotSoSadDonkey19 minutter siden
  • 17:17 *pure quite panic*

    Bad BleepBad Bleep25 minutter siden
  • Are you ok you where breathing to much

    Dauphin WilliamsDauphin Williams31 minutt siden
  • i’m crying over a stupid fucking block game, fuck this man

    A RyanA Ryan37 minutter siden
  • Tommy is such a good actor. He puts so much emotion into this. And it’s amazing. The desperation in his voice brought me to tears. Ghostburs pleads going on Sam’s deaf ears. Tommy has gone from not only a really funny person, to someone who puts emotion into the SMP. He’s breathed so much life into it, and it has become an amazing work of art. (I’m not giving him all the credit. But! This is his VOD and I really respect him)

    Gizzy GizmoGizzy Gizmo41 minutt siden
  • I’m soooo stoked for Wilbur to be back But gosh dang hearing ranboo curse... o.O

    I am KahI am Kah45 minutter siden
  • :(

    Lt PepeLt Pepe47 minutter siden
  • At this point i think Sam owes something to Dream and that's why he won't let him die

    Ein CaliburEin Calibur49 minutter siden
  • i’m imagining of ghostbur and friend ran into an eviler and friend was turned red, ghostbur would be devastated : (

    ytirarytirarTime siden
  • I feel like this is scripted

    That One KidThat One KidTime siden
  • Why is Dream so bad I haven’t been on for a while -n-

    Kayla PanoKayla PanoTime siden
  • Sam’s character when he realises he fucked up. “Ah shit, here we go again”

    Tastelessಠ_ಠTastelessಠ_ಠTime siden
  • Smae was kind of an arse

    Tastelessಠ_ಠTastelessಠ_ಠTime siden
  • Is blue like a drug?

    Tastelessಠ_ಠTastelessಠ_ಠTime siden
  • This was sad but like tommy breathing into the mic was killing me and for what??😭

    Ava Innit08Ava Innit08Time siden
  • But, couldnt sam just send ghostbur back?

    Ruth DoyleRuth DoyleTime siden

    Freeze!Freeze!Time siden
  • 17:29 ghostbur: "I've got the key" me: AND HE'S JUST A DORMAT-

    adorable beanadorable beanTime siden
  • Awsumedude was being dumb for no reason JUST BRING HIM BACK now thats 2 deaths because of him

    Your MomYour MomTime siden
  • Sam's acting is just grate

    Zac EvansZac Evans2 timer siden
  • when tommy forget theres a option to mute his mike

    MrPvpManMrPvpMan2 timer siden
  • We need glatt to return

    Freddie EvansFreddie Evans2 timer siden
  • Tommy.... what have you done?


    hqjimezhqjimez2 timer siden
  • I miss Ghostbur :

    Xx Kokichi OumaxXXx Kokichi OumaxX2 timer siden
  • Its funny when Tommy joined in it was day and than it just started to rain its obvious that dream made it rain lol

    toontown ducktoontown duck2 timer siden
  • hes backkkk lesss gooo

    NukookaNukooka2 timer siden
  • Roleplay is amazing

    Kevin NguyenKevin Nguyen2 timer siden
  • nah Tomathy I am subscribed

    veronica fedorchukveronica fedorchuk2 timer siden
  • my heart weeps for ghostbur

    VitriolVitriol2 timer siden
  • ghost go burrrrrr

    Zachary WattsZachary Watts2 timer siden

    CantonCanton2 timer siden
  • May fools

    imDurpyimDurpy2 timer siden
  • the jubilee line reference- and the thought of ghostbur pulling in on the train sobbing is just :((( pain

    gh0styy_gh0styy_2 timer siden
  • You was can put water and go to dream

    IshakMf AMVIshakMf AMV2 timer siden
  • Can't wait for SAD-ist to animate this shit

    Wilbur FootziesWilbur Footzies2 timer siden
  • why did i cry

    Bambi the BeardieBambi the Beardie2 timer siden
  • I can’t let go of the fact that this could’ve been avoided if Tommy just waited like 5 more seconds to take out the axe.

    JayceWasTakenJayceWasTaken2 timer siden
  • I cried worse than the fanalie

    Kristen PrahlKristen Prahl2 timer siden
  • I am........... speechless

    evwitevwit2 timer siden
  • HUUH???

    myianomyiano2 timer siden
  • drama: is going on chat: *yAy SiX mOnThS!!!!!!*

    pogwhistlepogwhistle3 timer siden
  • "Lets not use the R word" *Famous last words*

    TylerXPTylerXP3 timer siden
  • If friend dies I will riot.

    Max RatMax Rat3 timer siden
  • im lesbain

    wuntunwuntun3 timer siden
  • 43:33 What do you mean???

    JovanSPJovanSP3 timer siden
    • It’s because he blew up manburg

      Christopher FloresChristopher Flores2 timer siden
  • When Ghostbur said he lives in L'manburg I genuinely started crying.

    A PersonA Person3 timer siden
  • Train platform = TubeLine WILBUR NOOO

    Wilson RooWilson Roo3 timer siden
  • Honestly, I feel like Sam has started to become as corrupt as Dream. In the fact that he's hungry for power over the server. He's holding the strongest member on the server In the most secure prison. That gives him authority over basically everyone. And I think Sam knows this, so he does everything he can to keep Dream inside the prison; even if it's preventing Tommy from killing him. Because what's a warden without a prisoner? Sam even said himself "everything was perfect when it was just me and Dream." It's almost as if Sam needs Dream to keep his position of power. And even after Tommy explicitly stated that he tried to kill Dream, Sam covered it up by accusing Tommy of trying to break him out, which he knows from experience that isn't what Tommy would do.

    Cabbage BoiCabbage Boi3 timer siden

    Cris_The_DevCris_The_Dev4 timer siden
  • Wilbur was dream's vassal before death so I am wondering if he will remain loyal to him.

    Insfiring_ stanInsfiring_ stan4 timer siden
  • This is the most cringiest crap I've ever watched but I'm watching it so they must be doing something right

    Sgt KayoSgt Kayo4 timer siden

    MonoMono4 timer siden
  • sure i was worried for ghostbur and all.. but friend was stuck in the nether?!

    IanDaBoizIanDaBoiz4 timer siden
  • tommy has fricken fire rez HE COULD GO GET GHOSTBUR

    Jeffrey FleurimoneJeffrey Fleurimone4 timer siden
  • Honestly Wilbur is such a good actor, i thought the rest of it was kinda meh but then Wilbur busted in and popped off

    Zephyr ScofieldZephyr Scofield4 timer siden
  • super pog +

    Jack bundyJack bundy4 timer siden
  • very pog

    Jack bundyJack bundy4 timer siden

    trashbelltrashbell4 timer siden
  • I'm not crying over a over a man with a yellow shirt in a videogame you are!

    Mickey BekeleMickey Bekele4 timer siden
  • For every like on this comment, ghostbur gets 1 more blue...

    Mickey BekeleMickey Bekele5 timer siden
  • if he only had an ender pearl

    Erikas MaciuleviciusErikas Maciulevicius5 timer siden
  • the entire time I'm just screaming "YOU HAVE A WATER BUCKET" and then I remember the plot is more important than the bucket

    Owen PhillipsOwen Phillips5 timer siden
  • No one: Nobody other than Boris Johnson: Tommy and Wilbur: BLOOOOO💙💙💙✨✨

  • what makes my blood boil is that had Tommy not taken out his axe so early and impatiently, stuff wouldn't have went wrong. But still quite sad

  • 27:42 oh fuck ya

    LERIKSLERIKS5 timer siden
  • Me when Wilbur who’s fucking friend 😳

    My Roblox username is yasersunMy Roblox username is yasersun5 timer siden
  • how did turbo know that sam saw the axe????

    thesingluarmusketeerthesingluarmusketeer5 timer siden
  • 21:21

    Georgia CampbellGeorgia Campbell5 timer siden
  • It would be kind of cool if a new character showed up who was hunting Wilbur and tommy for coming back to life. They would also want to get the revival secret back from dream. Maybe they could even talk to already dead people.

    TNT OcelotTNT Ocelot5 timer siden
  • Anyone notice tubbo knew he held the axe in front of Sam without him saying it?

    Eli DenBesteEli DenBeste5 timer siden
  • Why didn’t Tommy break the block in between him and dream and why did he start holding his axe for no reason

    Juan RasilloJuan Rasillo5 timer siden
  • tommy just keeps friend, ghostbur really meant a lot to him.

    gl00m cl0udgl00m cl0ud5 timer siden
  • ok tossing an axe before the the gate opens is the most unrealistic thing that can happen. if he wants to really kill him then he would wait and kill him when the gate's down. this is the stupidest possible way how he could get kicked out of prison.

    Androidc4Androidc45 timer siden
  • Ik this is just roleplay but shit this made me mad,

    David GarciaDavid Garcia5 timer siden
  • You should've let him ded

    Varfed BoyVarfed Boy5 timer siden
  • Wrong lever x machina

    Zippier IvyZippier Ivy6 timer siden
  • Of course the pokimane statue still stands.

    ClayClay6 timer siden
  • Dream is serving his master well. Dream is giraham and wilbur is demise.

    Crowded CroutonCrowded Crouton6 timer siden
  • i will make a youtube channel and grow it untill i get invited just to take all of willbur and dreams cannon lives so dream is dead and ghostbur is back

    GalaxiGachaGalaxiGacha6 timer siden
  • bro this is so gay lmao

    Marko EMarko E6 timer siden
  • emotional ride this was wtf

    Ange BlakeAnge Blake6 timer siden
    • wilbur's acting always gets me

      Ange BlakeAnge Blake6 timer siden
  • He was actually right, I was unsubscribed

    A WrkrA Wrkr6 timer siden
  • Nice

    TheBigGamerTheBigGamer6 timer siden
  • Why is everyone crying it’s Minecraft? Nothing sad is happening jeez you guys are soft

    Kelly KinkadeKelly Kinkade7 timer siden
  • This would have been good but sam's acting is soo bad

    Meme ReviewMeme Review7 timer siden

    foxx huggsfoxx huggs7 timer siden
  • Is it just me that wears the revived Wilbur skin?

    kids Goodwinkids Goodwin7 timer siden
  • Why didn’t I realise it was acting...

    sophiesophie7 timer siden
  • such good actors honestly

    ella timmella timm8 timer siden
  • *This lore is so confusing What the like-* *Did will lost his memories?*

    ԂιαɳαԂιαɳα8 timer siden