World’s Largest Explosion!

7. april. 2021
32 621 227 Ganger

We set up a bunch of TNT and worked our way up the the world's largest TNT blast! Also if the boys survive they get a prize every round because why not
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  • 2:12 lol

    King of RailfanningKing of Railfanning2 timer siden
  • 2:36 that made zero scenes

    Jacko Shmako11Jacko Shmako112 timer siden
  • 0:05: when you lie

    SparrkSparrk2 timer siden
  • My dad really likes Milk Duds...

    Shale Man Comic GuyShale Man Comic Guy2 timer siden
  • This boy said no one likes milk duds when my grandma is buying milk dud shares

    RogueRogue2 timer siden
  • I actually like Milk duds.

    Damian GrillotDamian Grillot3 timer siden
  • I don’t get the money Karl your a shame

    Holly BlantonHolly Blanton3 timer siden
  • Carl when you said I needed something to block my door I hate you now

    Marcia TeeplesMarcia Teeples3 timer siden
  • How

    puthisak chanputhisak chan4 timer siden
  • i was eat milk duds and i like them

    alisha sanchezalisha sanchez4 timer siden
  • 2:00 Me: Oh that's not so bad. Me after eating milk duds: HELP I NEED ANOTHER BARF BAG!!!

    Blake Matthew StanfordBlake Matthew Stanford4 timer siden
  • Ikr milk duds are disgusting!

    Nereida SellersNereida Sellers4 timer siden
  • Jimmy: whoever survives gets a briefcase of money for their father black kids: --__--

    JonJon4 timer siden
  • Let’s go

    X DevilX Devil4 timer siden
  • omg im a fan.

    Jacqueline MartinezJacqueline Martinez4 timer siden
  • Moms 👩‍👦‍👦👩‍👧👩‍👧‍👦👩‍👧‍👧👩‍👦💕💌

    Sayori dokiSayori doki5 timer siden
  • I live on milk dubs man 😭

    RSP SubZeroッRSP SubZeroッ5 timer siden
  • Mr beast: milk duds are a punishment Me: WHAT?? >:(

    Mr PickleMr Pickle5 timer siden
  • ༼◉_◉ ༽

    lime gachalime gacha5 timer siden
  • What mod is this?

    Lxt GamingLxt Gaming5 timer siden
  • i dont mind milk duds

    Benjamin the gamerBenjamin the gamer6 timer siden
  • hmmm nice?

    meofthmeofth6 timer siden
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    David BrianDavid Brian7 timer siden
    • Wats@app👆

      Adams WeiAdams Wei6 timer siden
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      Adams WeiAdams Wei6 timer siden
    • @David Borkan How do you earn alot of money in bitcoin mining

      Lima AdrianaLima Adriana6 timer siden
    • Am i the only one who doesn't understand Bitcoin? Watching a documentary videos about it and still don't make higher profit

      Lima AdrianaLima Adriana6 timer siden
    • @Patrick Linda You're not well informed about bitcoin mining instead of blowing up your account you can hire an expert and even allow them manage your trade, that way you won't have to lose money

      David BorkanDavid Borkan6 timer siden
  • J love milk duDS

    Feathers fall lightly FeathersFeathers fall lightly Feathers7 timer siden
    • I*

      Feathers fall lightly FeathersFeathers fall lightly Feathers7 timer siden
  • Jimmy I love milk duds you hate them and I watch you *cries for real*

    Derek SchmidtDerek Schmidt7 timer siden
  • What do you mean milk duds are BUS TING

    Adam RutkowskiAdam Rutkowski7 timer siden
  • I loved the map nuke town

    Sebastian _the butlerSebastian _the butler7 timer siden
  • *Umm Excuse Me Sir I LOVE MILK DUDS*

    Lil HelpLil Help7 timer siden
  • Must be nice being Mr beast friend

    Ashlee AliceaAshlee Alicea7 timer siden
  • You might think I’m crazy but I like milk duds

    Hex bright 6000Hex bright 60007 timer siden
  • Accept god in your life

  • The legend has it that that map is still exploding

    Joanna FabenJoanna Faben8 timer siden
  • I love milk duds

    Aidan RansickAidan Ransick8 timer siden
  • Jimmy: “NO ONE LIKES MILK DUDS” Me who has never had milk duds:👁👄👁

    RoseHeart_Stars!RoseHeart_Stars!8 timer siden
  • Wow

    Dream YtDream Yt8 timer siden
  • Mrbeast i really like how u play Minecraft I’m a huge fan of u

    Aaron playzAaron playz8 timer siden
  • Too bad theres already been a video on this😔

    WeempWeemp8 timer siden
  • Ow we have to wait for the real life version

    carlos gamingcarlos gaming9 timer siden
  • I like milk duds ;)

    Martymcfly FanMartymcfly Fan9 timer siden
  • Mr beast: know one likes milk duds Ty from dude perfect: milk duds are the number one candy Me: milk duds are bad and good

    mr video gamermr video gamer9 timer siden
  • Shut up Karl

    Dude’s it’s RellDude’s it’s Rell9 timer siden

    Mr. CartoonyMr. Cartoony9 timer siden
  • Yes I don't like milk duds to

    Shortie_SnackShortie_Snack9 timer siden
  • Mr beast pls shout me out I liked and subbed

    Muhammad Yusuf TARIQMuhammad Yusuf TARIQ9 timer siden
  • I love milk duds

    Rhiannon DilibertoRhiannon Diliberto10 timer siden
  • My mom loves milk duds...

    Amarissa HowardAmarissa Howard10 timer siden
  • I like milk duds

    Dixon JacksonDixon Jackson10 timer siden
  • I like milkduds :(

    GD g0dlo1zGD g0dlo1z10 timer siden
  • I like milk duds

    simon barrsimon barr10 timer siden
  • ;)

    Laurie SpencerLaurie Spencer10 timer siden
  • I like milk dudes

    Dezeray SandersDezeray Sanders10 timer siden
  • Ok I Love milk duds >:(

    Robyn GloydRobyn Gloyd10 timer siden
  • I love milk duds

    Owen KilcupOwen Kilcup11 timer siden
  • I hate channdler

    Demon asta gaming channelytDemon asta gaming channelyt11 timer siden
  • El pee

    Angel LozanoAngel Lozano11 timer siden
  • My mom like milk duds

    Terri McClearyTerri McCleary11 timer siden
  • this is actually how the "sheesh" started 8:19

    saphire lunasaphire luna12 timer siden
  • Pls can I goin Mr beast crew?

    Nicola HinceNicola Hince12 timer siden
  • Stop gambling

    HUSSAIN OMGHUSSAIN OMG12 timer siden
  • I like milk duds

    Ksush SKsush S12 timer siden
  • 3:04 Nice 69 Villagers head..

    One Man EditorOne Man Editor13 timer siden
  • I love milk duds

    tyler holttyler holt13 timer siden
  • No one likes milk duds Me: U HAVE DESTOROYED MYY LEGASEE

    AshleygachaAshleygacha13 timer siden
  • Chris a magnet to tnt

    Joseph jJoseph j13 timer siden

    King lKing l13 timer siden
    • omg

      Myanmar Kelvin GAMINGMyanmar Kelvin GAMING13 timer siden
  • XD

    King lKing l13 timer siden
  • 🕛✔

    Raji SomanRaji Soman13 timer siden
  • 😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇🆑🔑🔑🔓🔓🔒🔒🔐🔐🔸🔸➰➰〰◽❔❔❔❔❔❔◽◽◾◽◽▪❔❓

    Raji SomanRaji Soman13 timer siden
  • I did this on my Xbox 360 4 years ago

    Marek KubiakMarek Kubiak13 timer siden
  • i love you karl

    adamrossfeet2009adamrossfeet200913 timer siden
  • gg among us sus :)

    leimark coyocaleimark coyoca13 timer siden
  • @/spyninjasforever

    Bassam Gaming & VlogsBassam Gaming & Vlogs13 timer siden
  • Next time you say not that suck I am unsubscribing

    Shelby BessShelby Bess14 timer siden
  • Chris was in critive

    Tamer RashdanTamer Rashdan14 timer siden
  • “Ohh server crash” -Chris, 2021

    WARZONE GamerWARZONE Gamer14 timer siden
  • 4:27 I love how Chris nearly died

    Neeson DrummerNeeson Drummer14 timer siden
  • a

    Xian GalanoXian Galano15 timer siden
  • milk duds r good

    Sloane ThommaSloane Thomma16 timer siden

    IonutuIonutu16 timer siden
  • ho no ............

    thaovy phamhuynhthaovy phamhuynh17 timer siden
  • Chandler died in jail Double negative

    Shyann BrannamShyann Brannam17 timer siden
  • Love you vids i watch every day

    Koolscout 9Koolscout 918 timer siden
  • Happy birthday big bro

    CLT Kill3CLT Kill318 timer siden
  • Plot twist... I like milk duds

    Holden IvanichHolden Ivanich18 timer siden
  • This is one of my dream to have a proper gaming setup with all the steering wheel and the stuffs and to start a youtube channel just like yours. But I have got 0 in my savings. I really love playing emulator and racing games. Please hook me up with this whole setup so that I can start a gaming channel too.... MAYBE like 6k dollars will be fine for me.. ::)

    Flamingo GarageFlamingo Garage19 timer siden
  • I love milk dud

    Cain VCain V19 timer siden
  • If you see this, have a nice day!

    KMplayerKMplayer19 timer siden
  • That's nothing one pack of taco bell sauce Could crash the entire game

    Andinda AlvinAndinda Alvin19 timer siden
  • Thanks for 72🥳 ab bus 80 Kerva dijiye love you guys 🤗

    AFF - GAMINGAFF - GAMING20 timer siden
  • The truck and the bus in there looks like call of duty cars

    Lez Go ChaperonLez Go Chaperon20 timer siden
  • Black whole looked like a eye at first

    Spire NothinSpire Nothin20 timer siden
  • Rip carl

    veeraditya Bishnoiveeraditya Bishnoi20 timer siden
  • this is why chandler never wins challenges

    Firelord ZukoFirelord Zuko20 timer siden

    TimeLord D2TimeLord D220 timer siden
  • Mr Beast give me PS5 Please please

    O P M -FFO P M -FF21 time siden
  • 0:13 Chandler gets stuck on nazi symbol

    Jack BarnettJack Barnett21 time siden
  • mmmmeeeeeeeessssttrrrrrrr beeeaaaassssssstttt 66666 mmmmmmiiiilllliiiioooonnn dolllllaaaarssss

    AiehmAiehm22 timer siden
  • "but u cant break bedrock!" wither storm: you got that wrong

    the gamer oofihatedcthe gamer oofihatedc22 timer siden
  • I wanna hear a full version of Chris screaming 0:11

    Dmitriy SolovyevDmitriy Solovyev22 timer siden