WoW Burning Crusade Classic Class Picking Guide

11. des.. 2020
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A guide on the basics of each class, and how they change from the vanilla state of the game to TBC. What class will you choose?

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If you have any suggestions, requests, or just general feedback let me know in the comments or with a message. I try my best to answer or at least read as many as I can.
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  • Probably a bit early, but a big request and something I wanted to get an early start on. Will also cover races & professions just like vanilla. Might be a bit for those though. Vote! What class are you? . I will also update this post with errors as people find them. 5:10 Hunter 12:36 Woyer(Warrior) 17:42 Mage 22:29 Priest 26:52 Warlock 30:58 Druid 37:00 Rogue 41:00 Paladin 48:54 Shaman Errors: Shadow word death is usable on targets of any health level(must have been another expansion it was changed to an execute ability) Dwarves and draenei get chastise(2 sec root) to replace fear ward

    MadSeasonShowMadSeasonShow2 måneder siden
    • Now i`m in a pickle. Want a warlock or shaman to relive the experience but was thinking about a druid so i dont have to beg every tank to come do dungeons for rep or quests. I think i`ll just roll.

      Karol StopinskiKarol Stopinski6 dager siden
    • madseason can you do a video on what classes are good matches with professions

      Matt101gamerMatt101gamer7 dager siden
    • I cant access the pve rotation playlist can you fix that

      James CrookJames Crook20 dager siden
    • I am gonna play what I did back when it originally came out, BE Hunter and hope to get that bow, because that would be amazing

      UNSCspartanshadowUNSCspartanshadowMåned siden
    • I really can't decide, this is the expansion I started with and I have a lot of nostalgia for the classes I played back then (Paladin, Hunter, Rogue), but all classes seem fun and worth playing in BC

      AbundyAbundy2 måneder siden
  • Druid forever and always

    Dylan HooperDylan Hooper3 timer siden
  • Druids were the best off tank in game in tbc

    PyroPyro14 timer siden
  • spell reflect in tbc and also wotlk actually countered any spell cast against you while you had the buff up. So a mage casting frostbolt and instant icelance had both of them reflected on him.

    JvcJvc14 timer siden
  • I used to play Vanilla & BC. Kings of PvP (both bgs & Arenas) were restodruid, warriors, warlocks, rogues. Mages & hunters were good. Chamans , paladins were rare.

    Sandtrooper seven o fiveSandtrooper seven o five18 timer siden
  • BC and LotLK are kings of the game, before was mundane after was just awful

    E. W.E. W.23 timer siden
  • sorry but extremely irritating voice.

    Utku YazıcıUtku YazıcıDag siden
  • I was rogue back in tbc, i wonder if i should go warrior or feral(mainly in pvp) which do you find it more interesting?

    XyraXyraDag siden

    Jj SwiggerJj SwiggerDag siden
  • Joy to the world, I prefer retail weeeee

    Shokadezz GamingShokadezz GamingDag siden
  • The description of warrior vs mage made me cackle. 10/10 vid

    Rain BoRain BoDag siden
  • I remember holy paladins being extremely annoying in 2v2.

    Benjamin BlaineBenjamin BlaineDag siden
  • This Risk of Rain music tho

    Oden JOden JDag siden
  • Madseason is the voice of classic, his stoic words will guide us all to a wonderful TBC

    CondorCondorDag siden
  • Sinister cause presents sequoia blues on NOtown

    Stazia KiberaStazia KiberaDag siden
  • Damn. I havent played tbc. But this one im coming back for. Vanilla aint my type of game and im a wotlk fanboy but tbc ill be playing all day for sure

    Pau GasolinaPau GasolinaDag siden
  • I love the Final Fantasy X background music

    Michele MazziniMichele MazziniDag siden
  • I watched this Video for the 20th Time... i think i am addicted to tbc now

    AlyistarAlyistar2 dager siden
  • Loved the Brang clip you used for silencing shot! He's one of my favorite NOtown hunters!!!

    bobapep20bobapep202 dager siden
  • I'll play Hunter for PvE and Warrior looks funnnn for PvP too wait maybe Mage also they look really strong and hmmm Priest looks great but Warlocks are so good in both PvP and PvE maybe I should make a druid too they look like gods in PvP and feral tanking maybe I'll make a Rogue too they look unbeatable in arenas and I need a Paladin for AoE boosting for gold and a Shaman for 5s too OK I'll just play everything


      WraithzWraithz5 timer siden
  • sub as hemo spec not daggers

    Wei zhe HuangWei zhe Huang2 dager siden
  • When was typhoon added for druids? I remember being a snot nosed kid during TBC and I always sent people flying off cliffs with that

    Stokes WallaceStokes Wallace2 dager siden
  • Great work as always! Can't wait to jump into TBC once again and look forward to running into you Mad! Much love

    KasumiKillsKasumiKills2 dager siden
  • that mage diss made me LOL

    LoktonLokton2 dager siden
  • Prob won't touch tbc to be honest. Good vid anyway broki .

    AzothAzoth2 dager siden
  • At the part where you’re talking about the mage and wondering if I even need to continue the video...

    RontheProtonRontheProton2 dager siden
  • That sound track at 22:57

    Tyler HughesTyler Hughes3 dager siden
  • i cant play.. i went way too fucking hard in classic and retail ... for the last 2 years

    treyb1etreyb1e3 dager siden
  • seal of blood is better for pvp but isnt seal of vengeance better for tanking?

    blackfalcon1324blackfalcon13243 dager siden
  • 21:10

    Clark HClark H3 dager siden
  • Final fantasy music?

    Jesse AJesse A3 dager siden
  • pala tank with kings defender olol :D

    Benj SperraBenj Sperra3 dager siden
  • Damn this is a good one

    Codence SCodence S3 dager siden
  • seal twisting is still a thing 46:10 he doesnt know ;>)

  • The clip of the prot Paladin using Kings Defender was enough to make my eye start twitching.

    MashTheKeysMashTheKeys3 dager siden

    Bilbo BagginsBilbo Baggins3 dager siden
  • You are by far and away my favourite content creator for Classic info, you are incredibly knowledgable without the ego that usually goes with it, it's clear you love the game and your voice is perfect for relaxed listening, and we share a good sense of humor. So thanks

    Aidan KeaneAidan Keane3 dager siden
  • Stuck between mage warlock Hunter or warrior

    Nicky CnoNicky Cno3 dager siden
  • Someone with a lot of decision power in blizzard must have a raging, bulging boner for mages. I mean, they were an utterly broken class from the get go in vanilla, and while I havent played every expansion since then, I cant remember in my time that mages have EVER been shit.

    RJ MacReadyRJ MacReady3 dager siden
  • i will main demon hunter.

    Lubinator 666Lubinator 6664 dager siden
  • I recall Paladins being amazing tanks in BC. Taking over the scene.

    BigSteelThrillBigSteelThrill4 dager siden
  • smallest wiener size = def rogue. mages close second xD

    TraveyTravey4 dager siden
  • All new MMOs are f@cked. TBC ruled them all and will again!! Sad note billions maybe even trillions will spent on power-leveling items and gold.

    Scott JamesScott James4 dager siden
  • Warrior all the way for ever and ever

    The KrocsThe Krocs4 dager siden
  • Alright boi time to run sl/sl warlock again and Faceroll everyone

    richard valdezrichard valdez4 dager siden
  • I see MadSeason also fancies the History of Man. (: @12:45

    Cameron SandersCameron Sanders4 dager siden
  • Played Druid to 60 in classic my favorite class in the game, amped that they preform well next xpac

    Spencer McCabeSpencer McCabe4 dager siden
    • You’re gonna have a gooood time

      ruggbyrovruggbyrov4 dager siden
  • wlock/Rogue most op classes in tbc

    naali Rnaali R4 dager siden
  • Priest at 22:30. That Skyrim music though!!!

    Dale StrifeDale Strife4 dager siden
  • As a hunter main im pumped for bc

    Truppe4Truppe44 dager siden
  • Easy peasy. I'm remaking my old belf shockadin for PvP fun. I signed up for wow classic exclusively to be a data point showing interest in a vain hope that they'd release TBC classic. Now it's been announced, and I can't wait to get started!

    Cruzz999Cruzz9994 dager siden
  • An awesome guide :) Thank you for all the work.

    NebarusNebarus4 dager siden
  • TBC re-release will be patch 2.4.3 apparently. Also, Paladins of both factions will gain access to the opposite faction's seal at max level.

    Steele GriffithsSteele Griffiths5 dager siden
  • i love the FFX bgm for Shaman

    Vince EmmaVince Emma5 dager siden
  • Im only here for the fire background music !!!

    CodeMurderOneCodeMurderOne5 dager siden
  • Wait I'm pretty sure Victory Rush did get the heal component in BC. I distinctly remember picking that up around Nagrand and having it drastically increase my leveling speed due to needing way less food and bandages.

    LemmiatemLemmiatem5 dager siden
  • Huzzah ally pally on classic fearing jo seal of blood but the MS prediction the overlords of blizzard heard and now my sword hobo will get seal of blood

    szadec2375szadec23755 dager siden
    • Sword hobo 😂

      DrQuadmaster4000DrQuadmaster40004 dager siden
  • Do I play priest or druid? Have a level 60 priest now and a level 30 druid.

    Z RZ R5 dager siden
  • mage master race

    Nicholas TaylorNicholas Taylor5 dager siden
  • Are druids worth playing in TBC

    E MelE Mel5 dager siden
  • How long until WotlK Classic where Naxx comes out AGAIN?

    Dor ShmueloffDor Shmueloff6 dager siden
    • My guess is between 2 and 3 years from now

      Nicholas TaylorNicholas Taylor5 dager siden
  • I love bc. The best expansion but just 1 thing if they could bring dual spec, please!!!

    VechkingVechking6 dager siden
  • Paladin update: both factions get both seals so yay :D

    FJooDFJooD6 dager siden
  • Great vid thanks!

    SV ConsultantsSV Consultants6 dager siden
  • Well now that TBC is confirmed to come in 2021. I cant truly decide what i want to play. As a kid who started in mid bc but only experienced 2 lvls of bc content (lvl 62 in hellfire Pen) before wrath released. I played an orc hunter and was a proud horde-boy But in Vanilla classic i've been a human warrior and gnome mage but warrior never felt 100% right (and i kinda suck at it and ive awful gear rng), Mage is pretty fun but it has gotten boring to me. Im at a proper crossroad, Part of me wants to go Horde but that means leveling from scratch but a part of me wants to continue on my warrior but since i play with default UI, fatfinger constantly and i suck at having 1000keybinds i probably won't manage a warrior too well in BC.

    Smiling ManSmiling Man6 dager siden
  • Where my Trees at!?

    Calen WilliamsCalen Williams6 dager siden
  • Who else is back here after the TBC Classic announcement? lol

    Gabriel CestariGabriel Cestari6 dager siden
    • the seal of blood change is pretty cool

      Evolution deniers are full of bullshitEvolution deniers are full of bullshit3 dager siden
    • yup lmao

      VegardVegard5 dager siden
  • you forgot hunter dont need the rating required to get the Vengeful 2h Axe

    Ti_Guy_420Ti_Guy_4206 dager siden
  • Today Blizzard announced that they will nerf Seal of Blood so it's not OP

    xStarsAlignedxxStarsAlignedx6 dager siden
  • Good video and effort, but there were quite a few inaccuracies

    blackjack47 _blackjack47 _6 dager siden
  • Regarding Paladin. During Blizzconline, it was announced that Alliance Paladins will receive “Seal of Martyr” at level 70, which is a direct copy of “Seal of Blood” that Horde Paladins get. The opposite is also true; Horde Paladins will get “Seal of Vengeance” at level 70. So both factions will get both Seals. One at level 64 and the next at level 70.

    Michail XirouchakisMichail Xirouchakis6 dager siden
  • anyone here plotting after Blizzconline last night

    dan medeirosdan medeiros6 dager siden
  • I hope they dont let classic characters keep their gold, the economy will already be ruined if they do...just imagine all the epic flying mounts hogging all the resources getting even richer.

    nunonunes13nunonunes136 dager siden
    • They won’t

      Viccenzo LeonardoViccenzo Leonardo3 dager siden
  • "Burning Crusade is coming..." It's 15 years ago... my time machine works! xD

    BorsuqBorsuq6 dager siden
  • Can't decide between my classic mage, or go lock or shaman

    DanielDaniel6 dager siden
  • Druid(Feral PvP) and Hunter as always and Mage to do my farming

    Brandon ZieglerBrandon Ziegler7 dager siden
  • Here we go again after Blizzcon

    Zonnil TVZonnil TV7 dager siden
  • Wow the QQ about mages was strong in this one.... Where did they touch you?

    Jacob ReddingJacob Redding7 dager siden
  • Balance druids can top damage meters at the end raids. I like to be punished so I will just start with the oom boom.

    Randy SRandy S7 dager siden
  • Warlock's championed TBC & So did Arcane Mages

    Ray VenturaRay Ventura7 dager siden
  • When did they make it to where rend is spread with TC? That's when tanking got fun for me and ez I want to say it was wrath but also sounds like a cata thing

    Devin TylerDevin Tyler7 dager siden
  • love that you used red XI music for shaman

    Darren ThomsonDarren Thomson7 dager siden
  • my favorite amsr vids!

    Darren ThomsonDarren Thomson7 dager siden
  • Everybody has a plan until they get back to back mace stun

    JobForACowboyJobForACowboy8 dager siden
  • I gotta ask, why do you hate mages so much?

    Patxiku93Patxiku938 dager siden
  • This settles it! I will have to play them all....

    Niclas PetersenNiclas Petersen8 dager siden
  • I’m leaning to main shaman in pve, and ether warlock or warrior as a alt

    Ryan GardnerRyan Gardner8 dager siden
  • Well im here for the leak

    MadsMads8 dager siden
  • Dude sounds fkin bored of his own videos

    meganaliciabmeganaliciab8 dager siden
  • Macalania woods ost in there mmmmmm

    MrLightlike78MrLightlike789 dager siden
  • i hadnt watched any video in long time from madseason and as soon as i opened the video and the music started i felt home

    kelminaattorikelminaattori9 dager siden
  • People crying over not having seal of blood and wanting it on Alli for the rerelease don't need to be playing this game lmao Alliance always the ones crying "not faiiiiiir!"

    Blue TrollBlue Troll10 dager siden
  • The juicy airbus initially whisper because airmail internationally warm vice a screeching step-father. ill-informed, accessible adult

    Ericka StaffordEricka Stafford10 dager siden
  • "the Outland"

    WhyareallWhyareall10 dager siden
  • Thanks!

    Sean FlanaganSean Flanagan10 dager siden
  • with access to tremor totem fear ward is eeeeh

    Ryan TwomeyRyan Twomey10 dager siden
  • windfury gets nerfed in bc gets a 3sec internal cd and only activates on white hits and not on melee abilities like heroic strike etc

    Ryan TwomeyRyan Twomey10 dager siden
  • paladins we have a taunt now AHJAHAHAAHHAHAHA its threat swaps now my son everything is immune to taunt now Also you cannot Do anything once the mob is not hitting you anymore so you can't raid tank anyways ahahahaha

    Ryan TwomeyRyan Twomey10 dager siden
  • and cannot be trinketed it was stupid broken

    Ryan TwomeyRyan Twomey10 dager siden
  • you actually get to play prot in tbc i dislike fury/prot immensely in classic its sooo fucking borring i much prefer impale prot to get the most threat out of it takes a bit more skill but numbers wise its behind alot

    Ryan TwomeyRyan Twomey10 dager siden