You Really Got Me | Cinematic Trailer - League of Legends: Wild Rift (ft. 2WEI)

27. okt.. 2020
45 981 488 Ganger

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“You Really Got Me”
Original song by: The Kinks, Ray Davies
Featured artists: 2WEI, Hanna Leess, Kataem, Marvin Brooks
Produced by: 2WEI
Vocals performed by: Hanna Leess, Kataem, Marvin Brooks
P/C Riot Games 2020
Video created in partnership with Blur Studio
You really got me
You really got me
You really got me
You really got me
Yeah, you really got me goin'
You got me so I don't know what I'm doin'
Yeah, you really got me now
You got me so I don't know what I'm doin' now
Oh yeah, you really got me now
You got me so I can't sleep at night
You really got me
You really got me
You really got me
You really got m--
You really got me
You really got me
Go, go, go, go
Go, go, go, go
I’ll win the war and the battle bro
We’ll take your home for collateral
They like to call us some animals
I know they mad that we crafting the manual
Know, this ain’t for weak or for hate this for soul
Tell them retreat cause they ain’t even close
Seek casualties cause they can’t leave with hope
Keep ‘em reminded, they tryna let go
Yeah, you really got me now
You got me so I don't know what I'm doin'
Oh yeah, you really got me now
You got me so I can't sleep at night
You really got me
You really got me
You really got me

  • checked this again and found alotta new comments woah

    WcroWcroTime siden
  • I just now realised that yasuo is still chasing zed like an airhead at the end lmao

    Patrick StarPatrick StarTime siden
  • I like the pentaboom trailer

    Gwen rosita IsidroGwen rosita Isidro2 timer siden
  • Lux visuals in cinematic: wow this visual update! Lux in game: Do I look like a joke to you?

    PracticallyNutsPracticallyNuts5 timer siden
  • Ясуо особенно рад встрече с зедом

    DovaSosh TVDovaSosh TV7 timer siden
  • No nipple yasuo

    xA*[Cat]xA*[Cat]8 timer siden
  • Jung yok

    kaan yücetepekaan yücetepe10 timer siden
  • never was I a LOL fan but I sure do appreciate the effort put into this short cinematic

    AntarcticAntarctic11 timer siden
  • Only about this movie, not the game.. I think this movie is awesome!

    박식물의 野生野死박식물의 野生野死13 timer siden
    • Maybe but they where planning about a series about league of legends Champs called arcane

      Nothing to See here FolksNothing to See here Folks13 timer siden
  • holy shit they got outdrafted so hard

    KurtElKurtleKurtElKurtle13 timer siden
  • Lux just wanted to kill that rock monster thing XD she was soo happy seeing it on the other side xD lux reminds me of the mei memes of her beeigna stone cold killer xD

    No oneNo one15 timer siden
    • Rock monster = malphite

      LuvJuizLuvJuiz3 timer siden
  • Just release it in NA already. Please

    JacethemaceJacethemace15 timer siden
  • this is teh only league of legend trailer that actually shows off what the game looks like xD

    No oneNo one15 timer siden
  • 저새끼 탑럭스네

    요네연구소요네연구소16 timer siden
  • i wish riot can make lux cute in game as she is in the cinematic

    KimchiisJohnKimchiisJohn17 timer siden
  • Ahhh braum the best supp that can protect anything. A book writed by riot games

    Tudor XDTudor XD19 timer siden
  • Brush mobile legend ? Hilarious

    poketrainerpoketrainer22 timer siden
  • I thought this is lol movie trailer 🙅

    poketrainerpoketrainer22 timer siden
  • Blizz so cute

    EwenaeEwenae22 timer siden
  • Hati2 di jeplak ma ML lagi kwowmwow

    Atlanta TantaAtlanta Tanta22 timer siden
  • I’d really like to see this from the other sides perspective

    Samuel FawellSamuel FawellDag siden
  • 실제 픽이라고 생각했을때 정상은 징크스 뿐이야..-_- 미드럭스 요즘 보기도 힘들고...그리고 누가 정글이야? 탑이 누구야?

    배효진배효진Dag siden
  • yasuo jungle? fkn report this troll

    黄jeff黄jeffDag siden
    • It can because yasuo CD Is so low it can easily Clear jungle camps For me

      Nothing to See here FolksNothing to See here Folks13 timer siden
  • 적팀 : 유능한 케릭이 다 모인 팀 우리팀 : 진심 쓰레기만 다 모였내. 딜 찍고 q 못 맞추는 깡통 포함해서 겜 초반 : 서로 욕하다가 겜 중반 : 딜러 끼리 서로 쌍욕하고 ( 티모는 당연히 딜러고 같은팀 정글 블루+레드 스틸하는 금발 여캐 포함 ) 겜 후반 : 일단 2명 도주하고 한타 때마다 야스오 쑈하다 앞에서 죽고 티모는 한타 참여 안하고 탑만 보다가 팀에게 쌍욕 처 먹고 꼬라지가 아주. lol은 이게 국룰 아니냐?

    BaamBaamDag siden
  • Yasuo in cinematics looks kinda good ... By the way awsome animation...

    Prem KumarPrem KumarDag siden
  • 한쪽은 1티어챔으로 잘 픽했는데 한쪽은 야스오에 티모에 꼴픽밖에없네

    미래일기미래일기Dag siden
  • *Gets this as an ad * - I sleep *Gets this recommended as a video * - Real shit

    Matthew ShawMatthew ShawDag siden
  • ㅋㅋㅋ조합 개구려 ㅋㅋㅋ 6렙싸움 이겼다고 좋아하는 수준 ㅋㅋ

    백호요미백호요미Dag siden
  • Il gioco più merdoso e corretto non esiste. La classificata è una merda totale.

    Nenad StevanovicNenad StevanovicDag siden
  • 1:46 I know nothing about LOL, and this isn't me trying to joke. Is it just me or did that laugh sound just like Reinhardt from OW?

    Collin SchoonoverCollin SchoonoverDag siden
  • 탑 = 티모 탑 = 말파이트 정글 = 럭스..? 트롤이네! 정글 = 카밀 미드 = 야스오 미드 = 제드 원딜 = 징크스 원딜 = 아리 ???? 그나마 정글 럭스보단 정상이네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 서폿 = 블츠 서폿 = 브라움

    주의TV주의TVDag siden
  • 럭시네 조합 봐라 아주 그냥 씹창을 내놨네

    급식왕김가온씨급식왕김가온씨Dag siden
  • 1:46

    파pa고파pa고Dag siden
  • Lux in the trailer: Cute, hella funny, and aesthetically pleasing. Lux in game: *GG trash noob push mid lmao*

    iustificariiustificariDag siden
  • this is league of legends :)

    KaBayeTVKaBayeTVDag siden
  • And still the game isn't released worldwide.

    Juan Pablo HonoratoJuan Pablo HonoratoDag siden
  • it's a shame that there are only toxic players in the game :/

    MsNazulMsNazulDag siden
  • Its funny how this trailer makes the game look so happy and wholesome but its notorious for having the most toxic community of all time.

    Dominic SaavedraDominic SaavedraDag siden
  • whos jungle tho on like either team

    nikolas masonnikolas masonDag siden
  • for ps4? :C

    Dodgeon08Dodgeon08Dag siden

    JustAJoyfulLadyJustAJoyfulLadyDag siden

    Joshua FuhrmanJoshua FuhrmanDag siden
  • Gogogo

    Zidan ZidanZidan ZidanDag siden
  • Nice

    Zidan ZidanZidan ZidanDag siden
  • Nice

    Zidan ZidanZidan ZidanDag siden
  • Nice

    Zidan ZidanZidan ZidanDag siden
  • Gg

    Zidan ZidanZidan ZidanDag siden
  • B

    Zidan ZidanZidan ZidanDag siden
  • A

    Zidan ZidanZidan ZidanDag siden
  • G

    Zidan ZidanZidan ZidanDag siden
  • U

    Zidan ZidanZidan ZidanDag siden
  • S

    Zidan ZidanZidan ZidanDag siden
  • P

    Zidan ZidanZidan ZidanDag siden
  • A

    Zidan ZidanZidan ZidanDag siden
  • T

    Zidan ZidanZidan ZidanDag siden
  • N

    Zidan ZidanZidan ZidanDag siden
  • A

    Zidan ZidanZidan ZidanDag siden
  • M

    Zidan ZidanZidan ZidanDag siden
  • I like this

    ジェニファー・フィロソフィージェニファー・フィロソフィー2 dager siden
  • 오 섹스

    조재호조재호2 dager siden
  • I love wild rift

    Thua TranThua Tran2 dager siden
  • 別做遊戲了 改行做動畫吧

    運氣運氣2 dager siden
  • Am I the only one who think that Jinx here looks like Sasha Grey?

    Никита КупцовНикита Купцов2 dager siden
  • que poronga de juego!!!!

    juanjuan2 dager siden
  • This is so unrealistic, yasuo should of fed the entire game

    R DUMBR DUMB2 dager siden
  • Gambar cartun dia cantik lah nak download lah cuda walaupun game ni dah lama

    DesmondArthur gameDesmondArthur game2 dager siden
  • I hate that this game looks better than the pc wersion... Damn this cinematic is good....

    NoName WormNoName Worm2 dager siden
  • Why am I feeling sad for an old ass robot

    XenoXeno2 dager siden
  • Honestly I-these amazing, insane animators need more recognition I can’t-

    somecheesybreadsomecheesybread2 dager siden
  • I got the reference on the final ;)

    LeoLeo2 dager siden
  • Teemo jg?

    Daniel YoloDaniel Yolo2 dager siden
    • Malphite tram doesn't even have adc.

      Topan SunaryoTopan Sunaryo2 dager siden
  • I wish they made a version that was like Paragon I miss that moba

    Ben OliverBen Oliver2 dager siden
  • Rip Van Halen

  • Toxic comunity gets to phone

    lucas vergara gonzalezlucas vergara gonzalez2 dager siden
  • 꺅 시바 티모 개귀여워ㅠ

    난귀요미다난귀요미다2 dager siden
  • Free gold III account, DM me, I'm sending out my personal account for free. Just change email/password. I'm tired of playing

    Luca ValenteLuca Valente2 dager siden
  • Why do I feel like I enjoy these trailers more because I dont play league?

    DragonpLordDragonpLord2 dager siden
  • XD

    Danex85Danex852 dager siden
  • Riot please stop with games MAKE MOVIES OR ANIME! PLEASE !

    Adicted to GamesAdicted to Games2 dager siden
  • Jinx one goal in life is to have fun and I love it

    Harrison PhillipsHarrison Phillips2 dager siden
  • Completely unrealistic yas didnt die 10 times..

    Martin HepburnMartin Hepburn2 dager siden
  • 야스오 070 꼴아 박지 말라고

    솔뻣팽솔뻣팽3 dager siden
  • Who's Watching Here because Riot Games FINALLY Released the Cutiest Devil, Teemo in Wildrift? 🤗❤️

    AdamXDAdamXD3 dager siden
  • Bla bla bla

    perCehTleaRperCehTleaR3 dager siden

    Neko NaoNeko Nao3 dager siden
  • i just realized they are araming in norms

    jrpr jasjrpr jas3 dager siden
  • 5th

    John Leonard AgotJohn Leonard Agot3 dager siden
  • 티모 졸귀

    김해마스크사재기범김찬호김해마스크사재기범김찬호3 dager siden
  • 1:46 브라움 무한 재생중....

    수류탄수류탄3 dager siden
  • 탑 티모 정글 럭스 미드 야스오 원딜 징크스 서폿 블츠 탑 카밀 정글 말파 미드 제드 원딜 아리 서폿 브라움 픽 꼬라지가 왜이래

    햄찌단도덕쌤0 0햄찌단도덕쌤0 03 dager siden
    • 탑 티모 정글 야스오 미드 럭스 원딜 징크스 서폿 블츠면 괜찮지 않은갘ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

      신수빈신수빈3 dager siden
  • who is the adc in the other team?

    MakoreMakore3 dager siden
  • Trailer 3D pra game 2D 🤔

    Bolacha •Bolacha •3 dager siden
  • Los de México si los quieren instalar el juego está en apkpure solo lo instalan y entran con una VPn de corea , no hagan cuenta de riot porque los pueden banear , tratan de inicar sesión varias veces hasta que les dejé entrar

    CRYMPILOLA 73CRYMPILOLA 733 dager siden
  • Lo logré instalar y no me gustó , está muuuuuuy pequeño y es prácticamente un Mobile legends disfrazado de lol , comparen los controles dentro de la partida y es lo mismo xd

    CRYMPILOLA 73CRYMPILOLA 733 dager siden
  • Why that game can't look and play like this???

    ArteArte3 dager siden
  • It seems like the other team is just there to goof around too. I wonder who their collector was, like Jinx (I'm gonna guess Braum).

    NopeNope3 dager siden
  • Muy impresionante pero no hay wild Rift en Latinoamérica lol

    Eduardo SantamarinoEduardo Santamarino3 dager siden
  • If games were only like their Cinematic Trailers...

    Barren WolfsbaneBarren Wolfsbane3 dager siden
  • for the sake 1,9 Giga bite, don't think what need

    Закат НочиЗакат Ночи4 dager siden
  • Teemo so cute...

    john mark miayojohn mark miayo4 dager siden