Yumytv Coaches M+ Resto Shaman [Necrotic Wake +14 Video Review]

13. jan.. 2021
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This is a live video review of a viewer submitted run for +14 necrotic wake. I talk a lot about what mistakes you may be making in keys and how to improve healing mythic+ dungeons. Don't forget to like and subscribe so that you're notified of my new videos! Read more below:
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I aim to create high level, yet easy to understand content for mythic+ in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands and beyond. If you have any feedback, questions, or ideas for new videos - I'd love to hear it in the comments.

  • Hey growl. Amazing videos. Can you do a shaman raid healing video similar to the one you made one for discipline priest? Mostly just want to know what kinda spells should be used and conduits

    Wahabna MalikWahabna Malik2 timer siden
  • Learned a lot on this video, ty guy who recorded and Grom

    Lucas OliveiraLucas Oliveira4 dager siden
  • thanks for this

    JayJay6 dager siden
  • Why use Healing rain over Surge? is Wave not way more amana efficient + bigger heal and surge faster cast / way less mana efficient???? never heard anyone say surge -> wave

    Sylvester PedersenSylvester Pedersen6 dager siden
  • This is a great video. I learned so much from watching it!

    Hank AskinHank Askin7 dager siden
  • Amazing video. I learned wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy more than I thought I would. I thought that Shaman had poor single target healing, but I'm just not being efficient at all. I have a question, is Cloudburst Totem necessary for M+? I find it quite difficult to use properly, and I like the set it and forget it of Healing Stream. Downpour probably isn't that good but I do like the animation lol.

    Rarecuisine GamingRarecuisine Gaming8 dager siden
    • @yumytv is the UI a weakaura or something? It would help me remember to use my skills

      Rarecuisine GamingRarecuisine Gaming7 dager siden
    • @yumytv thanks for the input. I will give it some more use in M+ and try to pay more attention to getting value out of it.

      Rarecuisine GamingRarecuisine Gaming7 dager siden
    • I definitely think so, shamans aoe healing struggles a bit especially in pugs when everyone is spread apart and its hard to get any value from healing rain. Cloudburst is equally as set and forget as healing stream - I wouldn't overthink its use. If you are pressing it and it isn't getting value than everyone is just fine anyway. On heavy aoe healing fights like 2nd/3rd boss of sanguine or prideful the cloudburst is noticeably much better.

      yumytvyumytv8 dager siden
  • i never understand videos like these, cuz the amount of addons ppl use. I'm a not addon player, soo.... yeah, pretty hard to get it

    Gabriel Lima AzevedoGabriel Lima Azevedo8 dager siden
  • first one of these ive watched, but i hope youve given credit to Preach, He did this review thing YEARS ago.

    King KonfliktKing Konflikt8 dager siden
  • it is long... however it is very helpful.

    Levi SwanLevi Swan9 dager siden
  • Has probably been mentioned but this guy seems to be a raid healer as healing wave is the go to there.

    scottstw456scottstw4569 dager siden
  • You told that we should be surging and not using wave, why tho? Wave have better int scalling, and after a few surges you're out of mana. I'm mainly using riptide and wave, good usage of cloudburst makes everything easy. I'm using surge only in case someone is dying or tank sits at

    Krystian OrzechowskiKrystian Orzechowski11 dager siden
    • Surge is always going to be more hps and shorter cast time. Generally we aren't worried about mana efficiency in m+ since we can drink in between pulls and have prideful buff. If you are feeling mana starved (maybe group is chain pulling or tough healing affix like grievous) then you can throw in some more waves but usually I default to surge until I see a reason to switch.

      yumytvyumytv11 dager siden
  • I would love to get into paladin healing but I suck at it. It feels so different to my heal druid back in vanilla and I actually feel overwhelmed most of the time. I would love a video like this for palas if you can be bothered to make one :-)

    Benjamin KoszykBenjamin Koszyk11 dager siden
    • @yumytv That makes me a very happy WoW returner. Really looking forward to that :-)

      Benjamin KoszykBenjamin Koszyk10 dager siden
    • Hpal and Disc priest videos coming soon!

      yumytvyumytv11 dager siden
  • You should do more of these, I learned so much from watching this!!

    Yannick RichardYannick Richard12 dager siden
  • This is golden. Dude gets best coaching that he could ever pray for. And the rest of us. Thank you.

    Onlyforlol LolonlyforOnlyforlol Lolonlyfor12 dager siden
  • This video has helped me with my resto more than any other guide video - this is so helpful... I been holding onto my CDs FAR too much.

    TridgeTVTridgeTV15 dager siden
  • Holy Pally next :D

    Zackary ShoenfeltZackary Shoenfelt15 dager siden
  • First pull, he gets nature locked despite WA telling him to cancel (ok sure it happens, but first pull ? without any aoe, any pressure, nothing else to look at ?), and what's worse, he then spends 4 sec waiting, and looking around, when he could have applied flame shock and lava bursted a mob :s Does he even know about spell schools ? Doing lightning chain on pull when he should apply flame shock and then lava burst, trying to spread shock as much as possible to get more free LB cast. Then spam healing wave instead of using surge (unless you play necro with primordial wave, don't think healing wave should ever be used in m+ as we have generous mana thanks to pride, use quick heal and the time you save is spent dpsing). TBF I stopped there ^^ Don't want to be mean but this feels like a really really new rsham playing and i'm surprised it's a 14, even though they don't represent a mad challenge. Also, not using earthen wall totem especially in a fortified weak ... ugh.

    Mathieu FlandreMathieu Flandre16 dager siden
  • Thank you for making a video like this, it has really shined a light into my personal desire to start a resto shaman and provided a lot of useful tips to help guide me along the way, keep it up man!!!

    Bryan CanoBryan Cano18 dager siden
  • I play holy priest but still learnt quite a bit from this this. Incredible video. Respect to the guy for putting himself out there like this too

    Ben GreenbankBen Greenbank19 dager siden
  • 12:30 "you wanna be able to even cleave mobs ALL of the time, you dont wanna just focus one mob at a time this isnt pvp" then literally the next part at 13:57 "when you walk into this pull you want to focus the mage for the volley..." ok then contradicting yourself every few seconds.

    Smite WowSmite Wow21 dag siden
    • focus target refers to something other than what you are attacking, its for interrupts.

      yumytvyumytv21 dag siden
  • Hey nice vids man. A small tip that goes a long way is communicating with the team during rp events or walks. Of course dont flame but communicate what cds you intend to use for example

    Louis JaffeuxLouis Jaffeux22 dager siden
  • I just started shaman healing this expac loving it, this video is really helpful.

    Geriatric GamingGeriatric Gaming24 dager siden
  • He barely uses chain heal. That's so sad. Is chain heal not good? It's why I want to be a shaman!

    ShamdeShamde26 dager siden
  • Do a resto Druid!

    Tom RagnarokTom Ragnarok26 dager siden
  • awesome video very helpful!

    Jason LowryJason Lowry28 dager siden
  • Didn't really see him use any healing totems at all.. o.o you should have at least 2 totems out every fight as a shaman.

    Wester BennyWester BennyMåned siden
  • very nice video

    LowProfileHDLowProfileHDMåned siden
  • Great way to learn. Great vid!

    Damek LDamek LMåned siden
  • Would you be able to do something like this again for other healing classes? I really like this format! Useful critique throughout :)

    jamescs13jamescs13Måned siden
  • Long is good! Pause.

    Richard SantiagoRichard SantiagoMåned siden
  • pretty sure this is what you would see if reviewing the far majority of wow players. maybe they are better at using cds or something else, but they are probably forgetting something else that they arent focused on.

    JhazzrunJhazzrunMåned siden
  • Gould you do a holy paladin review ??

    MrSkeggyMrSkeggyMåned siden
  • Awesome vid!

    RJRJMåned siden
  • Not blowing smoke up your ass, this is phenomenal content. I have many of those same issues and read lots but to have you going over it like this is so helpful. I’d watch more.

    The GoatThe GoatMåned siden
  • I learned a ton from watching this. Great format!!

    MoxAlphaMoxAlphaMåned siden
  • “What do you guys think, did he get loot, or did he get 35 anime?” 😂

    Justin CottleJustin CottleMåned siden
  • Do a druid one please

    Derek GyaaseDerek GyaaseMåned siden

    B DB DMåned siden
  • Just saw the vid, some pretty spot on advice there! I'm a priest main but mostly been Shaman-ing recently and if there's one thing that I've seen a lot of newer Shamans (don't) do is just using cooldowns mainly, and 'forgetting' to dps, CC and interrupts. Resto Shamans are very very forgiving when it comes to cooldowns, even if you're aggressively using Riptide or Primordial Wave on cooldown, it's actually very rare that you'll get punished because of it. Also, Healing Rain and Riptide are important not only because of the heals but because they allow you to DPS. In keys, any sort of healing over time effects are important because it allows you to do something else besides healing. And if you're still learning, try to get used to always keep in mind that you have Capacitor Totem, Earthgrab, Elemental and Hex. These are godsend abilities that's one of the biggest selling point of Shamans.

    NicoNicoMåned siden
  • Super helpful I see alot of the stuff I do and dont do in this and its great to have direction for areas I can work on. Yay

    Brandon YeahBrandon YeahMåned siden
  • Could you do one on protection paladins? Can’t get the hang of it.

    Patrick SmithPatrick SmithMåned siden
  • are you still doing those kinds of videos? I also have some videos I would like to get reviewed

    Marcel CallsenMarcel CallsenMåned siden
  • Why is there an emphasis that we should be using healing surge? New to Shaman, so would love to hear.

    Steven RockettSteven RockettMåned siden
  • Awesome video, but it’s a bit confusing when you are skipping forward.. I would much rather see the whole fight

    Molise Molly LarsenMolise Molly LarsenMåned siden
  • I loved this please do more, this is exactly what I have been looking for. I totally agree with the other's , getting your play critiqued by other's is really harsh and I hope you got as much from this as me.

    Shaun Maertens-ColyerShaun Maertens-ColyerMåned siden
  • Coah for resto druids pleaseee

    Mariano GianniMariano GianniMåned siden
  • if you could do some for resto druids, would be apprechiated. good series!

    rhys smithrhys smithMåned siden
  • This concept is amazing. I'm a tank to my core but watching this is so helpful to assist my guild healers when we're keying. Thanks a ton, Growl!

    Ryan BowserRyan BowserMåned siden
  • love this please do a resto druid one!!

    Pink StarPink StarMåned siden
  • coaching videos are great content thank you

    FoodEaterFoodEaterMåned siden
  • i learnt SOOO much from this.. thank you very very much, truly.

    Duane ReillyDuane ReillyMåned siden
  • my problem is this. as a resto druid I'm very unlucky with groups so in all of my keys I heal between 5-6k average on each run. I'm currently trying to do +13s but I always have to carry the group by healing more than other healers on that key level. anyone advice? the worst key I've ever had was +12 HoA with 7.8k hps on the entire run

    lucianylucianyMåned siden
  • These videos are SO HELPFUL OMG PLEASE DO MORE

    ErikErikMåned siden
  • that guy literally 1 didnt have hands mabe lackin keyboard or just hasnt turned on the monitor XD holy shit i dont expect more than a vulpera player

    rikashayrikashayMåned siden
  • I would love to see this on resto druid on higher keys. Since resto druid popularity drops off and people don't invite them on higher keys. I love playing resto druid, but after testing resto shaman I get why people prefer resto shammys in dungeons over resto druids.

    SeanSeanMåned siden
  • I would love to see more coaching videos i always get enjoyment out of watching them for league overwatch wow would be great also!

    Archaon The EverchosenArchaon The EverchosenMåned siden
  • Honestly this was great content. Learnt so much from this, please do more!

    Sean O'GradySean O'GradyMåned siden
  • This coaching videos are great!

    Julian Lopez GalanJulian Lopez GalanMåned siden
  • Healed my first HC nathria yesterday on my 198 ilvl resto shaman, i healed so well, sometimes popping up at 5.5k healing, love this class to bits!

    TereithTereithMåned siden
  • Alright this is two videos in a row now where I notice shamans in high keys spamming healing surge rotating through the party rather than casting chain heal. Is this the move?

    Auri KvothingtonAuri KvothingtonMåned siden
  • As far as kicks go as a healer, I find it best to wait until the 2nd cast, as everyone else seems to burn theirs on the first.

    Chaz FernandesChaz FernandesMåned siden
  • Also, dont condense these! For vod reviews I think the whole thing is great.

    Chaz FernandesChaz FernandesMåned siden
  • I would love this! Is this something you'll be doing regularly?

    Chaz FernandesChaz FernandesMåned siden
  • Absolutely, yes, PLEASE do more coaching videos!! I learned SO MUCH from this detailed breakdown explaining the "whys" and "hows" of everything! I think one of my biggest shortcomings right now is having too much a "Whack-a-mole" healing style as you describe it. I"m looking so much at my bars I'll miss stuff in the environment, and things like bleed or DoT stacks catch me off guard. You and the player in this video both have icons that pop up on or next to your Vuhdo bars to track bleeds, debuffs and such. Is that a WeakAura, or set up in Vuhdo? (and can you share a link, if possible??) One last thing: What I love most about you and your channel is the humble, open-minded attitude you have. There is so much toxic, elitist attitudes out there in the game that it's relief to come here and have someone validate more than one route and way of doing things. And making mistakes doesn't mean someone sucks as a person; that's just as far as they've gotten thus far, or there were more things going on at the time. So thank you for you, and PLEASE yes, do more of these coaching videos!! I'd hug you if I could!

    ZyenthilliasZyenthilliasMåned siden
  • I stopped watching after the first minute of footage without a single flame shock being cast. I get that healers should heal but still, a flame shock GCD now and then is not that hard to weave-in.

    SombregoSombregoMåned siden
  • I tend to save my big CD's for when I really need to as well. However I once used SLT to save the tank who jumped into a pull when I was drinking and instantly lost 90%hp. Next fight was a tyranical boss and ascendance wasnt enough to save the team I really needed SLT and we wiped 3 sec before it came off CD.

    LaerendorLaerendorMåned siden
  • its so sad that as a disc priest i need the cycle through my cds to heal tough packs, while a shammy can get away using nothing :d

    Paris AllthewayParis AllthewayMåned siden
  • I would love to see you go over MW. Fotm healers are cool and all, but for those playing the underdogs its even more important they're performing well.

    Loose GlassLoose GlassMåned siden
  • What is the addon showing friendly players CD on the party frame?

    Paul JohnsenPaul JohnsenMåned siden
    • Believe it’s Omni CD

      Matty HMatty HMåned siden
  • One of my greatest frustrations from playing rsham is indeed people seemingly dodging healing rain better than most other mechanics.

    Teardown DanTeardown DanMåned siden
  • This is insanely good content. 👍

    Seth DaileySeth DaileyMåned siden
  • The biggest thing I had to overcome in m+ keys in any role is being more liberal with my cooldowns had/have a horrible habit of hording cds

    Cameron LewisCameron LewisMåned siden
  • thanks for the vid, was great to help with my m+, and to those Resto sham out there - I use Wardrums on my weak aura for Prime Wave and it sounds fuckin COOL! :P I never forget Prime wave then

    Benjamin RobinsonBenjamin RobinsonMåned siden
  • Growl, your coaching sounds alot like what I'd imagine dorki sounds like when he coaches. Probably a good thing though 🙂

    brandon9689brandon9689Måned siden
  • Love that giggling when the shaman brought up the bag tho😅

    Tram MoenTram MoenMåned siden
  • cloud burst bc of swirling currents should always be down, no matter 99% what -.-

    Adam OwczarekAdam OwczarekMåned siden
  • Hey as a new player and healer I was told to check out focus target and FT kick but I cant find one. Everyone always seems to have a different macro. Where can I read about it? Also is it possible to have different UI profiles, so that I can have one setup for my Shaman and another for my Holy Priest? Thanks for any help

    Tony614Tony614Måned siden
  • now do holypriest, al lot of ppl stuck with this class....

    Andreas HennAndreas HennMåned siden
  • This was extremely useful, Your insights are fantastic.

    BelacKrivBelacKrivMåned siden
  • Can't believe i just watched a fotm reroller getting Carried on a 14 key, lol

    Juanma PosadaJuanma PosadaMåned siden
  • Hey I love this type of video can you do this for other healers? Keep up the good work! Greetz

    Fabian SchürmannFabian SchürmannMåned siden
  • In summary for me: I'm completely able to heal 14 keys because I do everything Growl said should be done and this guy dont do. Gonna apply for higher keys.

    vamboralavamboralaMåned siden
  • Am I wrong if I don't use Healing Wave like at all? I feel like I can get more dps in only using surge as directed healing. I do aggressive drinking and manatide usage.

    A MA MMåned siden
  • As a Dr00D healer "sit down and drink" I see you haven't played many pugs =P I sit down and drink and the tank decides this is the time to make the biggest pull of his life

    Uchiha SilverUchiha SilverMåned siden
  • How do people get the camera so zoomed out?

    lou plou pMåned siden
    • Leatrix i believe

      Tram MoenTram MoenMåned siden
  • Haha, I wouldn't mind mine getting reviewed but I already know what the first thing he'd point out would be. I don't keybind besides my heals with VuhDo. I've always played that way and it's hard to force myself into trying to remember the keybinds when I'm doing just fine clicking the spells.

    Zach HastenZach HastenMåned siden
    • I think this video is the perfect watch for someone who feels they're "doing just fine" - I bet you are! But you could be doing great!

      Jeremy WeirichJeremy WeirichMåned siden
  • I really like the longer format for formal coaching because you get into the real details. Love love love it. These videos will make better healers.

    Hacker3588Hacker3588Måned siden
  • Hurts to watch this ngl. Not using cds, not doing dmg, no mouseover macros, barely using covenant abilities, using inefficient healing spells or not using certain spells at all... but glad they bless us with that vod for others to learn from. Great idea Yumy!

    maddy 29maddy 29Måned siden
  • Okay, first of all a Huuuuge thank you for this shaman who let us all watch the clip. Congrats on the dungeon/achivement! And a big thank you for calling these things out! I really like the format of the video, can't wait for the rest of the healers! :)

    Tass the DKTass the DKMåned siden
  • That was the best healing video I’ve seen. (and I’ve watched a lot). I’m new to healing, and I learned SO much. Actually getting the chance to hear your thought process is amazing. Guides are ok for introduction, but this was REALLY amazing. Hope to see more. Maybe various levels in dungeon difficulty too. Keep up the great work, I’m now a big fan of your channel.

    Hedgey McgeeHedgey McgeeMåned siden
    • Growl is one of my favorite healers to learn from for M+ If you ever want arena / pvp stuff cdew is a good go to

      Chaz FernandesChaz FernandesMåned siden
  • As someone who picked up shaman at the end of BFA this is really useful stuff! Great seeing mistakes I make myself and also knowing what I'm doing right. More of this kinda content!

    wevanslywevanslyMåned siden
  • review some rdruid if you get a chance to

    Veo 16Veo 16Måned siden
  • Growl, it sounds like you're using this series to practice for becoming an MDI host! Keep it up

    Rob MRob MMåned siden
  • great video good content. keep this up

    Sinergy GamingSinergy GamingMåned siden
  • hello mate, great commentary as always.I have said it before but I will do so again, you are one of the few NOtownrs /Streamers that push very high keys and always taking the time to commend and teach things to the rear of us. Most of the others just make a quick guide video and then you just watch them stream. not very helpful. It was bugging me for a while and I wanted you to do something more for us. you said about for adding a focus target and using a focus interrupt macro works wonders and it does. is it possible to make a video listing the most important cast mobs and bosses you think that needs to be focused? I know it may be common knowledge for some ppl but there are a ton of us without so good dungeon knowledge. Even better if you could modify a weak aura, like the ones that put auto markets on certain dungeon mobs, but something that would add them as focus target. Thanls in advance :=) keep up the good work.

    Nick AgrianitisNick AgrianitisMåned siden
  • I love it how you have diction of a normal person, instead of your average run of the mill NOtownr, many thanks for the exhaustive and quality information you share!

    Bruno LipovacBruno LipovacMåned siden
  • I love these commentaries so much, and this is especially helpful as you highlight a lot of mistakes I know I make myself (resto shammy main as well)! Great content, you're easily my favourite WoW content creator since I discovered you (which admittedly was only a few weeks ago)! It's a shame you don't play MW much (although I understand why), because my alt is a MW and I could really use some tips on that too. :(

    Rev -Rev -Måned siden
  • damn nice video and commentary, appreciate it ! helps every casual heal on the way to 15th intime

    BääänBääänMåned siden
  • Tettles put out a video similar a day or so later. I noticed he's using playback software that allows him to draw on the video. Not sure if that's something you'd be interested in. Great video as always Growl, I like this format.

    Charles RichardCharles RichardMåned siden
  • So I havent played in forever. Is Mythic + basically just a Diablo 3 greater rift?

    Reclusiarch GrimaldusReclusiarch GrimaldusMåned siden
    • Yes it is :)

      Tram MoenTram MoenMåned siden